tagErotic CouplingsProfessor Black Does Two More

Professor Black Does Two More


It was the hottest summer in recent memory. Temperatures had been in the high 90s all week, and it was so humid you could cut the air with a knife. Charles Black was soaked with sweat by the time he completed the walk across campus from his office to the lecture hall where he held forth everyday from 3 to 5 pm. Summer sessions were a real grind. Classes met everyday, and were twice as long as during the normal semesters. It was always hot, but never this hot. He and his students, all 125 of them, spent their first 5 minutes in the lecture hall everyday recovering from the heat. He used the time to chat with students, take questions about the assignments, or anything else his students had on their minds. He also used it to check out the astonishing number of very attractive young women in the class, dressed in skimpy summer attire. The cold air in the lecture hall made their nipples harden. Many of them spread their legs a bit more than usual, or let their already short skirts ride up just a little higher, to cool off. The steep rake of the lecture hall meant that the sixth row was at eye level for Professor Black. He could see straight up the skirts of every young lady in that row, and for several rows beyond. Everyday he would see at least three or four panty-clad crotches. He liked the thongs best; they covered so little. He liked the occasional bare pussy even more. If the panty-less young lady was at all attractive, she might become his target for the summer. He rarely missed his target.

This summer, there were two rather beautiful young ladies coming to class panty-less, and shaved. Charles never understood how the shaved pussy fad got started, but he was grateful it did. He loved to eat pussy, but hated choking on hair. He also loved to watch his cock sliding in and out of a young, wet pussy stretched wide to accommodate his girth. The redhead in the seventh row, Kim O'Conner, and the blonde in the sixth row, Sandy Richards, were both showing him pussy everyday. After the first week of class, he stopped trying to be subtle about looking, and they stopped pretending they didn't know he was looking. They started spreading a little bit wider when he looked. Sandy sat on the edge of her seat and hooked one foot under it so her knee was elevated. This gave Charles a clear view of a very wet set of lips, with just a hint of a pink, aroused clit peeking out of its hood at the top. When he looked up at Sandy's face, she was smiling broadly and shaking her head very subtly, "yes." When Charles looked over to Kim, he saw she was watching the whole exchange, and had shifted in her seat to aim her pussy toward him. She rested her right arm on her right thigh and turned her wrist so that she could touch herself without much movement of the arm. She stroked and spread her lips with her fingertips without taking her eyes off the professor. It was time for Charles to make his move.

Walking out of the lecture hall, Charles moved next to Sandy as she worked her way up toward the exit at the back of the hall. "Miss Richards, do you have a moment to discuss your performance in class?" he asked. "Certainly, professor," she answered, breaking out into a dazzling smile. "Great. Why don't we head over to the coffee shop in the commons, if you have the time, that is," he suggested. "Oh, I have plenty of time for you, professor," she replied in a husky whisper. Her deep blue eyes bore into him, and dropped briefly to gaze at his crotch. "Whatever you want, professor," she added.

Charles paid for their cappuccinos and they settled into a circular booth in the far corner of the corner shop.

"Is there a problem with my 'performance'?" Sandy asked, with a sly, hesitant emphasis on the word 'performance.'

"No. In fact," Charles replied, "I love your performance. I look forward to it everyday. But I want to see the rest of it."

"I'd love to show it to you, professor. But not in class, of course."

"Of course, not, Sandy. If you have time, we could go to my office. If you'd like to take the rest of the day off, we could go back to my house. It's not far from campus, and we could be much more comfortable."

"Let's go, then," Sandy declared, grabbing her backpack and getting up.

The professor followed her out of the coffee shop. They arranged to meet across the square from the main entrance to campus. She would walk there. He would get his car out of the faculty parking lot and drive there to pick her up. He didn't want to be seen walking with her to his car.

Sandy hopped into his car quickly. He pulled out as she slammed the door shut.

"This is great, professor," Sandy said with a slight giggle in her voice. Charles noticed her short skirt had ridden up to her hips, exposing her bare pussy. She saw him looking and turned slightly in her seat to face him more directly, and spread her legs.

"You know, it's much easier for me to 'perform' when we're alone, Charles," she said. Her eyes were half-closed, and her voice breathy with lust.

"Why don't you touch yourself, Sandy?" he suggested.

"Oh, you are a naughty boy, professor. I saw Kim doing that for you in class. I thought your cock was going to burst right out of your pants."

"Do you know Kim?" he asked.

"We have gotten to know one another being in your class together, if you know what I mean."

"What do you mean?"

"We both want to fuck you, Charles."

"I'd love to fuck you, Sandy, and I plan on doing that as soon as we get to my house, which is just about two minutes away now. And, I'd love to fuck Kim, too. Are you two friendly enough to share?"

"You mean a ménage à trois?"


"Exciting, very exciting, professor. I can call Kim on her cell right now if you want."

"No. I want you now. Alone. So we can just enjoy one another however we want. I'm not ready to share, yet."

"Oh, that's even better! Let's go," she responded, squeezing her thighs together tightly. The look on her face suggested the strong burst of pleasure that resulted.

Charles pulled his car into his driveway and came around the car to show Sandy the way to the side door. They entered a mudroom, and then the kitchen. It was a large, Victorian-era kitchen. It had never been modernized since the house was built in 1890, and now was no longer "old;" it was chic. Charles opened the refrigerator and took out a half-full bottle of Chardonnay. He took two wine glasses out of a cabinet, and motioned to Sandy to follow him into the living room. They sat on a large couch, facing the fireplace, with a low coffee table in front of them. Sandy turned to face him, spreading her thighs and sliding her skirt up to reveal her pussy again. It was glistening with wetness.

"Show me your cock, Charles. I've heard it's really big. Take it out for me, so I can suck it," she commanded him in a throaty half-whisper.

Smiling at the fact that his cock was the subject of girlish gossip on campus, he pulled off his shoes, stood up, pulled his shirt off and unbuttoned his slacks, pulled the zipper down, and pushed them and his boxers down his legs, kicking them off his feet into a pile with his shirt. He took a step closer to Sandy, so his hardening cock was within easy reach. It was already beginning to stiffen. It would soon be 9 inches long and pointing right at her. He loved the feel of being hard, and the look on the face of a girl when she first saw him hard, and thick, and pointing the large, plum-shaped head of his cock at her mouth. Sandy's eyes widened and she took a deep breath while licking her lips. She pursed her lips as she exhaled, enveloping Charles' cock in the warmth of her breath. Without saying a word, she opened her mouth, extended her tongue and slipped his cock into her mouth, sucking gently and moving her tongue to provide wet, warm, friction.

"Oh, yeah, Sandy," Charles exclaimed, "you are quite the little cocksucker, aren't you!"

"Mmm hmmm," Sandy moaned, her mouth too full of cock to be able to speak.

"Take it deeper, girl," Charles commanded, as he put his hands on the back of Sandy's head and pushed his cock into her throat. Sandy extended her tongue and relaxed her throat muscles to accommodate the full length of him. After a few seconds, however, the size of Charles's cockhead, wedged deep in her throat, threatened to set off her gag mechanism in a big way. Afraid of throwing up all over both of them, Sandy pushed on Charles' thighs and pulled her head back, releasing his cock.

"Oh, man," she gasped. "Wow, that's a real monster you have there, Charles. I can't wait to feel you in my pussy."

"Why don't you lie back and you'll find out right now."

Sandy laid back on the couch, hooked her right leg over the back of the couch, and placed her left foot flat on the floor.

The bare lips of her pussy were swollen with excitement. Charles got down on his knees between her thighs and slowly licked the length of her pussy, savoring the taste of her juices, until he reached her large, thick clit. He clamped his lips around it and flicked his tongue back and forth across the end of her clit, driving Sandy wild with excitement.

"Mmmm, you taste fantastic Sandy!" Charles told her in a hoarse whisper, his throat thick with her juices. He buried his face in her pussy again, working his tongue deep into her, licking and sucking on her lips, and massaging her clit with the tip of his tongue. A gentle bite of her clit made her jump.

"Oh yeah, Charles, that's it, that's exactly it. Give me that cock now, Charles, give it to me," she begged.

Charles turned to open the small drawer in the coffee table behind him to take out a bottle of KY jelly. He kept one there, and in the night table beside his bed. He squeezed a healthy glob out, coated his cock with it, got up onto the couch on his knees, and aimed his throbbing cock at her pussy.

"Are you ready to be fucked, hard?" He teased her.

"Yes, please, fuck me now, hard," she moaned

Charles rubbed the head of his cock up and down and around the wet, red, and swollen lips of her pussy, swiping her clit a couple of times as he passed.

"Oh, please, Charles, don't tease me any more, give me that fucking thing."

"It certainly is a fucking thing, Sandy," he teased, as he pushed just the head of his cock into her, holding back against a powerful desire to plunge all the way in. he wanted to tease her. He rotated his hips, rubbing the thick shaft of his cock against her clit.

"Stop teasing me," Sandy commanded, in an angry, frustrated voice. "Fuck me, now!"

Charles obliged her, thrusting himself deep into her, until his pubic bone met hers.

"Ohhhh, yessss," she cried out. "That's so big, and hard. It feels sooo goood!"

"You're nice and wet, and hot, and tight, Sandy. Ughhh, yeah, feel it girl," Charles taunted her. "Feel it! Look at it, Sandy!" he commanded her as he grabbed her ankle off the floor and placed it on his shoulder, so her pussy angled upward and she could see him plunging in and out.

"Oh, yes, Charles, fuck me. Just like that."

Charles increased the pace of his fucking, driving himself deep into her in hard, fast thrusts, and pulling out slowly, making sure to rub his cock against her engorged clit. Her pussy started overflowing with her juices. They were mixed with the lube and flowed down to cover her tight rosebud. Charles couldn't resist fingering her ass, wetting his thumb with her juices and pushing it through the tight muscle and into her ass.

"Oh, god! That's hot!" Sandy cried out.

"You like my finger in your ass?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Here's something better," he told her, as he pulled out of her pussy, rubbed some more jelly on the head of his hard, wet cock and pushed it against the opening he had loosened with his thumb. "Much better than my thumb," he grunted as he thrust himself into her ass.

"Oh god! Easy, Charles! Slow! I've never done this. It hurts!"

I"t won't hurt for long, baby. Here, just feel me inside you," he urged her softly, stopping with his cock deep inside her, to let her feel the full length and thickness of him.

"It's so big! I feel so full."

Charles began to stroke her clit gently with his thumb, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"Oh, that's good. Just like that!"

Charles began to pull himself out of her ass, slowly. When he was halfway out, he thrust back in, hard, while he rolled her clit between his thumb and forefinger.

"Ohhh, geeezzz!" She cried out. "I'm almost there, Charles. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Sandy moaned, her eyes shut and her head thrown back.

Charles was getting close, too. He pulled out of Sandy's ass and plunged himself deep into her pussy in one hard thrust, squeezing her clit between his thumb and forefinger and pushing it hard against his thrusting cock.

"Yes, oh god, oh god, I'm cummmmiinnng!" Sandy yelled. "Cum for me Charles. I want you to cum for me."

"Don't worry, here it comes," he laughed, as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and climbed up to straddle her chest and aim it at her face.

"Open wide, Sandy," he commanded. The first burst of cum splashed on her cheek and jaw, but she managed to catch the second and third shots in her mouth. For the last couple of smaller bursts, Charles aimed his cock at her forehead. He wanted her face completely covered in his fluid. He squeezed the last drop of his cum onto the tip of his softening cock and rubbed it across Sandy's lips.

"I don't want you to miss a drop," he joked.

"Mmmm, I love your cum," she moaned, licking it off her lips and scooping some off her face onto her finger and licking it clean.

Watching Sandy was exciting for Charles. He loved women who could really "let go" and enjoy sex. College girls like Sandy were the best. Their bodies were still firm and supple, their skin silky smooth, and their pussies wet and tight. Charles loved eating young, wet pussy. He was more than 20 years older than most of the students he fucked. Whenever they told him he was the biggest, hardest, longest-lasting, "best" fuck they had ever had -- and they almost always did -- it seemed to take years off his age. He turned 45 this past spring, but he felt 25, especially when he was buried deep in the pussy of a 21- or 22-year old.

"You look very proud of yourself, Charles," Sandy chided him.

"I am proud. You're a tremendously beautiful and sexy young woman, and I feel very proud of having satisfied you, and myself."

"Your cock's getting hard again, Charles. Does the professor want to give his student another lesson so quickly?"

"Yes, indeed, Miss Richards, I do. Turn over, and get on your knees. Ass up, and face down on the couch. I want to do you doggy style."

"Will you fuck my pussy, or my ass? Or both?"

"Both, of course," he replied matter-of-factly.

Charles began by pushing himself all the way into Sandy's wet pussy in a single, long, hard thrust. Her moans told him she was loving it as much as he was. She was the perfect combination of a tight pussy and lots of lubrication that made penetration easy. He was tempted just to enjoy it until he came again. But he wanted that ass again, too. He wanted to pound it with his cock, to dominate her and make her beg for him to cum deep inside her. There was no greater turn-on for him than to have a woman beg for him to cum inside her ass. He knew Sandy would not disappoint him.

"Oh baby, Charles, Charles, baby, you feel so good in my pussy. You're so deep. I can feel you pushing all the way up inside me! Oh, don't leave me," she protested as Charles pulled out. "Do my ass again, Charles. I want you to fuck my ass, hard."

"Be careful what you wish for, Sandy," he growled, as he thrust himself deep into her ass and began pounding her with long, hard strokes. It took only a dozen or so hard thrusts to make himself cum. He drained himself into her ass, and stopped to allow himself to start to shrink so he could pull out easily. The brief sight of her enlarged sphincter, dripping with his cum, before she fell flat onto the couch closing her cheeks, was deeply erotic for him. He laid down on her back and kissed the back of neck and shoulder.

"That was great, Sandy."

"For me, too, "she whispered.

"You know we're going to have to do this again, soon," he told her as he stood up. "Again, and again, and again," he laughed.

"Mmmm, sounds good to me," Sandy replied, sitting up and placing a gentle kiss on the end of his now-soft cock. "Kim is going to be sooo jealous," she declared happily.

"Are you going to tell her?"

"Oh yeah, every detail. I want her to get all wet for you, and to be willing to do that threesome we talked about."

"Will you eat her pussy?"

"I already have."

"Oh, that's nasty, and hot!"

"Wow, look at you, you're getting hard just thinking about me going down on Kim, and eating her sweet little pussy."

"Yes, but we both have to get back to campus."

"Too bad!"

"Don't put those on," he told her, taking her soaked panties out of her hands. "Just clean yourself off with them and give 'em to me."

"You keep souvenirs?" she asked, with a coy smile as she used the panties to dry herself off.

"Something like that," he replied.

Later, after almost everyone had left work for the day, after the air conditioning had shut down, and the building was just about empty, Kim stopped by Charles' office. He had removed his jacket, loosened his tie, and rolled up his sleeves in an effort to stay cool. Kim was practically hyper with excitement, which made it impossible for Charles not to start getting hot.

"Sandy told me all about what you guys did this afternoon, Charles. I'm terribly jealous. And very horny!" She moved quickly toward him, circling around the corner of his desk and lifting herself up on his desk to sit facing him as he pushed his desk chair back to make room for her. "See?" She asked, lifting her knees and spreading her thighs to reveal her wet, swollen pussy to him. The small triangle of red hair above her shaved lips glistened with wetness.

"She's been playing with herself," Charles thought. A smirk of self-satisfied ego crossed his lips.

"Oh, so you like what you see!" Kim growled in a low, throaty voice. Her throat is swollen with arousal, Charles realized, and her face is all flushed, too, he noted to himself. This one gets even hotter faster than Sandy.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, do me, professor Black! Fuck me right now. Give me that big hard cock Sandy was telling me about. I want to feel what she felt."

Charles hurried over to the door to his office and locked it. He resumed his position, standing directly in front of Kim. He quickly undid his pants, pushed them and his boxers down his thighs. He wasn't going to take time to remove them completely. He was hard and horny for Kim's pussy. So he lifted her ankles to his shoulders and plunged into her without any preliminaries. Just a hard, deep thrust into her wetness.

"Ugghhh!" She moaned. "You ARE big, Charles. And soooo hard! My god! This feels great. Sandy was right, baby. You do know how to fuck!"

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