tagExhibitionist & VoyeurProfessor Follies Ch. 01

Professor Follies Ch. 01


She was there every day, had been all semester. He found himself looking for her, one hour a day, three days a week, she was his present. His reward for dealing with his bitchy wife and needy children. She was his prize. And she was beautiful.

Long brown hair, the kind that made a man think indecent thoughts. It curled waves of chocolate down to her perky breasts, curled just under them when she wore her tight tees. She had blue eyes, deep and soulful, dark, long lashes and a perfect mouth. Full lips, designed for wrapping around a man's hard cock and sucking until it was dry. She had that hour-glass figure that only college hotties could have. Hips that filled the chair, encased in denim or filmy material, they would fit in his hands wonderfully as he thrust his throbbing cock in her sweet pussy. Or so he imagined.

But what got to him were her legs, long curvy and lightly tanned. Or rather, the things she did with those legs.

Ah! There she was, right on time, with a smile on her full lips. She grinned at him, before taking her seat in the middle of the front row. Today she wore a button-up blue shirt and a blue and green filmy skirt. At the end of her long long legs were the converse that had become her trademark, lavender low-tops. Before standing, he adjusted his hardening cock in his slacks and did a quick mental roll. All of the 24 students were present, so he addressed them, "Today we'll be watching a slide show on the bimolecular structure of the blowfly."

Once the lights were off and the slide show was beginning on the white board, he took his seat again and turned his eyes to her. She was there, waiting, her long legs crossed. Within moments, she opened her legs, slowly letting the right one slide to the floor, her feet about a foot apart. In the shadows he couldn't see her panties, he wondered if it was the silky black ones, or the lacy red ones. Maybe blue to match her outfit?

A particularly bright slide appeared the voice over covering his low moan as she let her legs fall open further and he could see her pale blue panties. Or rather, see through them. He could see the slit of her pussy, hair free and so young looking.

Semester was almost over; he hated to lose this with her. She eased her feet wider, dropping her hand to her skirt. Her long fingers eased over her thigh, the index finger reaching the top of her slit. There she toyed with her clit, creating a damp spot on the panties.

He sat up a little straighter in his chair, feeling his cock harden, the tip pressing painfully against his zipper. After a moment's adjustment, his cock was pressed against his lower stomach, the tip now peeking from the waistband.

A movement in the back of the room caused his attention to waver, but upon looking back, he found that her top two buttons had come undone. Cleavage was in abundance, the edge of lace peeking out of the side of the neck. Her other hand slipped along her neckline, a long finger easing under the cup. Slowly, back and forth, until her whole finger was inside and her nipple was pressing hard against her shirt.

He licked his lips, resisting the urge to touch his hard cock. A drop of pre-cum left the slit in the tip, to ooze down onto his stomach. It was warm and he could easily imagine her tongue flicking out the lick it off, then she would flick that leaking slit, tonguing the pee hole until he burned with the urge to shove his dick down her throat. Another low moan elicited him to cough to cover it. Few students noticed, nor cared. However, she heard and smiled broadly, the tip of her tongue peeking out as she eased her hard nipple out of the darkness of her bra.

His mouth watered with the desire to suck that hard little nubbin, to bite it until she squirmed, gasping under him. God, he wanted to fuck her.

She toyed with that nipple, but his eyes had drifted lower, to where her long finger had slipped under the edge of her panties, rubbing over her clit. She slid down in the chair, spreading her legs wider. Her lips gaped just a little, and he swallowed hard as she slid her finger inside her pussy. Her panties were soaking; he imagined burying his face between those long legs and inhaling her aroused scent, licking his tongue over her wet panties, tasting her fluids.

For the rest of the slide show, she teased him, her long finger in her pussy, slowly moving in and out, flicking her clit. When the slide show ended, he remained sitting, gave the assignment, a 1 page summary of the video, and released the class. She stood, her skirt falling back over that beautiful snatch and he called her name, stopping her. "Yes, Professor?"

"Could I have a word with you, please? In my office?"

"Of course!" She preceded him into his office, her ass swaying provocatively. Sporting a huge hard-on, he followed her and shut the door, the lock clicking into place. She looked up, "You locked the door?"

"Wouldn't want to be disturbed, would we?"

"Uh, sir, what are you doing? Is this about the paper?"

"No." He brushed her long hair back, relieved to find she hadn't buttoned her shirt up, he could see right now the valley between her breasts. "Have a seat, please."

Once seated, he stood beside her, looking down those breasts. So easy to picture his hard dick fucking in and out of that dusky valley. "All semester, you've teased me."

She gasped, "Wait..."

"You've touched that pretty pussy, fingered it! Right in front of me, you've left me hard and wanting, pre-cum on my slacks all semester."

She blushed a pretty rose color. He touched her cheek, then smiled, "I've gone into this office after every class with you, and jacked off, shooting my wad into a Kleenex, thinking about how much nicer it would be if it were in your mouth, your pussy, your ass, all over those full breasts. And now the semester is almost over."

He slipped his hand down to cup her breast and they both shuddered. Her nipple pebbled against his palm and he smiled. She didn't even protest; just let her head fall back with a soft moan. He pressed his mouth to her, licking into her hot little mouth. She moaned, kissing him back. He groaned when her hand pressed against his hard cock. "Oh, Professor!"

Pulling away, he quickly opened his slacks, letting his hard cock stand proud. It seemed to point to her, the top shiny with pre-cum. A large vein pulsed along the length, leading to the slightly purple head. Just as he'd imagined, she leaned forward and flicked up the drip of liquid with her tongue. He groaned as she cupped his balls and wrapped those full lips around the head of his cock. Cupping the back of her head, he fought the urge to thrust as she sucked all 8" into her mouth, her tongue caressing its way to the base and back to the tip. "Oh, fuck yeah, baby. Suck my hard cock."

She moaned, and he lost the fight to restrain himself and shoved his cock into the throat. She swallowed his dick, her throat flexing and caressing his inflamed cock. For long moments, she bobbed on his dick, until he felt his balls tighten and his dick grew even larger in her mouth. Pushing her back, he said, "Get up, you little cock-whore." She stood, her chest heaving. "Let me see you, all of you."

She pulled her shirt open, and released the front clasp of her blue bra. Full, rose-tipped breasts tumbled out into his waiting palms. Kissing her, he pinched her nipples until she squirmed, plucking them and pulling them gently. Then he dipped his head and tongued her hard tips, sucking one after the other into his mouth and slid his hands down to her firm ass, cupping it and lifting her into him, rubbing his hard, hot cock against her smooth stomach.

Flipping her skirt up, he tugged her panties down, revealing the damp spot, which was considerably larger now. The first touch of his fingers to her hot pussy, he knew she was as into this as he was, he slipped his fingertips over her clit, then eased one thick finger into her bare, dripping pussy. Liquid immediately poured around his finger, down into his palm, then down her thighs. He smiled against her breast as he began to finger her, fiercely. After a moment, she gasped and clenched his head to her, cumming all over his hand; he could hear the liquid hitting the floor. Below her, a wet spot in the carpet formed, spreading as clear juice hit it from her climax.

"Oh, I love a wet woman!" He pulled his fingers away, bending her over his desk. Her ass was in the air, her full hips and pink lips peeking out at him as he took his place behind her. "Oh, Professor! Fuck me, hard! I need to cum again!"

"Oh, I plan to." Without hesitation, he thrust his hard cock into her soft, hot, oozing pussy. She was burning and tight around his cock and he began to fuck her in earnest. "Oh, oh oh oh!"She moaned her head on the desk. He reached around and frigged her clit, wanting that hot liquid all over him again. Within moments, she reared back, "I'm gonna cum!" And her hot juice spurted out, hitting his hand and running all down her thighs and his.

After fucking her for a minute, he felt the familiar tingle in his balls and knew the end was near. Pulling out of her, he flipped her over and thrust his dick back into her, watching his soaking hard cock disappearing in her soppy pussy, he grabbed her thighs and fucked her hard, loving her moans and cried of pleasure.

Thumbing her clit, he knew she was about to cum, her cunt walls clenched on him, and he shoved deep, watching her pussy shoot its warmth all over her, a high arch falling over her breasts and even on her full lips. Her tongue flicked out to lick it up and he groaned, thrusting his dick even deeper, shooting his load in her hot, pulsating pussy. She moaned, her hands rubbing her cum into her breasts. "Oh, Professor! I love the feeling of your hot cum so deep in me."

Weakly, he thrust a few more times, feeling the slosh of their juices around his softening cock. Moments later, she was dressed, smelling of sex, with their mixed juices running down her thighs. He offered to clean it for her and she shook her long hair. "No, I like it." With that, she kissed him deeply and left him with her juice on him, the floor and the desk. Smiling, he sat back in his desk chair, his eyes landing on the framed photo of him and his family. Almost blotting out his wife's face was a huge droplet of her cum.

He gave a tired laugh and changed his pants from the spare suit in his desk drawer. Checking his email, he found his class roster for next semester, and was pleased to see her name down for his Lab class. His dick gave a twitch, despite having just been fucked dry. The lab offered a lot of privacy for a little peep show and he knew that now that he'd fucked her, he had to have her again. Her mouth, her breasts, her ass...he would cum all over her. With a smile, he leaned back and patted his hardening dick. Oh yes, it looked like a good year for them.

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