tagNonConsent/ReluctanceProfessor Hot One: The Term Paper

Professor Hot One: The Term Paper


Rena Foster stared blankly at the computer screen at 7:18 am waiting for the printer to finish and her coffee to kick in. Going back to school at 26 was a dumb idea. She wasn't built to stay up until 4:00 am and then get back up at 7:00 am for her class. There was no way that she would miss that class though, not with Professor Hot-One himself teaching.

Professor Michael Hobson was 37 years old and delicious. Tall, dark and hot, with deep brown eyes, wavy black hair and a dimple that peeked out very rarely he was her personal walking fantasy.

Being an erotic romance addict, Rena had felt compelled to write a little fantasy about the good teacher. It was a story about a certain professor and a sorority girl that earns her grade the old fashioned way. Rena looked at the clock. She sprang from the desk chair to go get ready for class. If she didn't get moving she was going to look as tired as she felt when she got to class.

She dressed and groomed, then ran down to pull her paper from the printer. She quickly put her paper in the cover and placed it in her pack. She ran out the door and straight to class.

Two weeks later:

Rena copied the notes from the board frantically. Professor Hot-One was very quick with his lectures normally but today he acted as if he were being prodded with electricity. He was writing so fast and talking so fast that the entire class was struggling to get all of the information.

"He must have plans for the weekend." The lanky guy next to her said under his breath.

"No doubt." Rena answered. She looked up from her notes to find the man in question glaring at her. She glanced around trying to find the object of his glower. She looked back to him. He met her stare for a moment before turning away to get the class's graded papers.

He set the papers on the table. "Class is dismissed. Please pick up your term papers as you leave. See you all after the weekend."

Rena packed her notebook and texts and started moving with the general exodus. She stopped at the table and searched though the stacks of graded papers. Hers was missing. She searched through the entire stack three times before she moved over to speak with the professor.

"I am sorry to bother you Dr. Hobson but I cannot seem to find my paper." Rena said brightly. "I just wanted to check to make sure that you received it."

"Yes, Ms. Foster, I did." He said frostily. "I am afraid that I will have to ask you to come with me to my office so that we can discuss some questions I have about your paper." He watched the remaining students straggling out.

"Oh, sure no problem. Would you like me to set up an appointment for later or are you free now?" Rena asked a little surprised.

"Now, Ms. Foster. These issues will not wait." The professor grabbed his things and headed out the door with Rena following quickly behind. They made it to his office door and went in. He closed the door and locked it securely.

Rena stood warily by the desk. For some reason the professor seemed angry. What could she have possibly written about Gamma Rays that would have caused that kind of reaction? She wondered silently.

"Ms. Foster, I would like to preface this conversation by saying I have never had an affair with a student." He spoke blatantly. "So if you are hoping to blackmail me, it won't work. I have no idea where this came from but it is not true in any way."

"I'm sorry, what?" Rena said in confusion.

Mike glowered down at her. He had never been more angry or more turned on in his life as he was when he read her paper. "Gamma Pi," he didn't even think about the title when he had opened it, but apparently it was the name of the sorority the girl that had done amazing, if untrue, things with him.

Now Rena Foster stood in his office playing dumb. If she was going to print this or give it to administration she would have quite a fight on her hands. He planned to sue her for libel, slander and pandering.

The only reason she would give this too him is if she wanted to get a better grade in the class. Her attempts at blackmailing him were not going to work. He had done nothing that anyone could find useful enough to blackmail him with. He would be damned if some young, hot girl would ruin him with lies.

She stared waiting for him to explain his weird behavior. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about." Rena sighed.

"I am referring to your paper, Ms. Foster. The one you apparently hoped to blackmail a better grade out of me with." Mike snarled.

"I have an A- in your class. I have no need to blackmail you for anything. Now what is going on?" She snapped.

Mike walked over to his briefcase and pulled the well read pages out and handed them to her. She took them and opened the cover.

"Oh, my god." She groaned. Her cheeks heated with a blush so hot she was practically on fire. "Oh god, I am so sorry. I am so—oh, god!"

Rena glanced down again at her well written erotic fantasy that she had apparently printed instead of her term paper on Gamma Rays. She wanted to die. She stood there so embarrassed she did not know what to do. Run, her mind screamed. Don't look at him, just run.

She tried to follow the dictates of her brain but he cut her off and blocked the route to the door. He stood in front of the door and forced her to face this monumentally embarrassing mistake. She looked around frantically trying to find another way out. There was nothing, not a window or even a low air duct.

"What is this? Do you work in a cave?" Rena screamed with frustration.

Mike was surprised to find himself laughing. He could tell that she was not acting. She had no idea that he had gotten that paper. He was deeply relieved that she was not planning to blackmail him.

But where did the paper come from, then?

"Calm down, Ms. Foster. Let's sit down and discuss what happened." Mike gestured to a chair.

"Why? Why do we have to talk about this?"

"Please Ms. Foster." He motioned again.

Rena walked over and slumped dejectedly into the chair. He smiled at her antics as he moved around to his chair.

"So who told you that I was doing these kinds of things to my students?" Mike asked calmly.

"No one." Rena sighed trying to keep the panic at bay. "Oh, god." Rena took a deep breath trying to think was hard with her world crashing down and all.

"Alright, where did this paper come from?" Mike waited patiently for her to quit moaning. "Ms. Foster where did you get this?"

"If I weren't so tired... oh, god!" Rena moaned. She was actually going to die from embarrassment. She was just going to cease breathing at any moment.

"Ms. Foster, calm down and explain how you got this paper." He demanded forcefully. "Ms. Foster I can wait all day... Where did you get this?"

"I wrote it!" Rena yelled unable to take the strain. "I did it. I wrote it." She confessed.

"What do you mean?" Mike could not have heard correctly. His brain denied what his cock already knew. He scooted closer to his desk to disguise the raging hard on that her confession evoked.

"Oh, SHIT! Oh, God!" Rena began to panic again. "I wrote a harmless fantasy! When I saved it to my computer I named it 'Gamma Pi.' When I save my term paper I saved it as 'Gamma Ray.' I was so tired, I didn't even know my name. I must have printed the wrong paper." She bit her lip and refused to look at him. "I will drop your class immediately."

"Why?" Mike was astonished at her abrupt turn in conversation.

"I can't be in your class anymore. I cannot believe this happened." Rena's fight or flight instinct was welling up again. She stood and bolted to the door.

Mike followed right behind and placed his hand flat against the door over her shoulder, preventing her from opening it. He leaned down to her sniffing her hair, looking her over and got even harder as he watched her chest heave.

"You can't go, Rena," he whispered close to her ear. She tensed. He used her first name for the first time. The sound of it on his lips combined with the feel of his breath on her neck caused her to shiver with desire. "We haven't discussed your extra credit."

"Oh, god," Rena's head fell against the door as she moaned. He was quoting from her story, her fantasy. Instantly her panties became damp. "We can't do this." She spoke forcefully to remind both of them.

Mike ceased to care what was okay and what was taboo. The minute that he found out that she had written that story from her own imagination he was a goner. He was not even the slightest bit angry any longer. All that was left was overwhelming arousal. She had written twelve pages of incredibly graphic sexually depraved and down right pornographic fantasy.

Mike was completely undone know that he was the inspiration for the main character. He wanted to act out every line she had written like a porn star. He wanted to bring her fantasy to life. It had been a year since he had last has any sort of sexual encounter. He was ready to burst. As a matter of fact there were probably cum stains on the paper. He had read every word and been so angry that she would dare do this to him yet it still turned him on to the point that he was forced to masturbate just to get some relief.

Now she was standing before him admitting that she had thought all of those things and had written them down so that she could revisit those thoughts again and again. She had imagined doing things to his body that even thinking about them made him want to cum in his pants. Deviant sexual fantasies about him had consumed her.

"Did you play with your pussy when you wrote that story?" He was so close she could feel the heat coming off of him but still he did not touch her.

"We can't. Please."

"I can't wait to hear you say that with my cock in your cunt."

Rena moaned.

"Did you touch your breasts? Did you play with your nipples, twist them till they were hard sweet little candies?"

"Shut up!" Rena was desperate to block the effect he was having on her body.

"Why?" Mike whispered. "I know you like it when I talk about your tits, your ass, your tight wet cunt, don't you?

"You know I do!" Rena broke under the overwhelming pressure of his seduction. Fight his pull on a normal day would have been hard for her, but he hand a handbook of exactly what she wanted and needed from a lover. Her resistance was futile. "You know everything. I don't know anything. It is not fair."

"You want to know what gets me hot?" he asked seductively.

"Yes." Rena whispered giving in unable to fight him and her own body anymore. She had spent months in his class wondering what turned him on. She had speculated endlessly.

"Seeing you like this, knowing that you are hot and wet. Knowing that you are going to worship me and my cock, because you told me you would and do in that paper." He moved closer to her so that her back was pressed against his chest. She could feel his erection pressing into her back and it made her shudder.

She noticed for the first time how tall he truly tall he was. He towered over her making her feel tiny. It was hard to imagine ever feeling tiny at 5'8", but she was surrounded by him. There were warring feelings of being protected and hunted running through her.

She tried once more to create distance. "Professor Hobson..."

"Call me Mike."

"No. We can't do this," Rena cried. Mike moved even closer, pressing into her. "Work with me here."

"No. I won't get to lick you cunt if I work with you." Her shudder echoed through his body as he spoke. "I won't get to fuck your throat. You remember the way my cock slid past your tonsils?"

"Stop it. You weren't supposed to read that. You weren't supposed to know." She let her head fall against the door in frustration.

"But I did read it, I do know. I know what you want as much as you do. I know what you want as well as what you need." Mike said cryptically. He stepped back and leaned against the side of his desk. She faced the door tensing for the attack that was sure to come. He was going in for the kill and he knew he had her. He would never have moved away from her if he was not ensured of victory.

Rena knew instinctively that once he played his hand she was doomed. She struggled with the door but no matter how she tried it refused to open.

"Come here, Rena," his voice took a commanding edge. She bit her lip willing herself not to submit. "Come here. Now," he said in the same even yet forceful tone. "You know better than to resist my will. Now, Rena."

Obediently, she turned and stood before him. He touched the golden brown hair at her temple. Currently her hair was twisted into its usual knot, as she never left it down. He reached behind her and released the clip holding it in place. Her hair tumbled down and down and down until it touched her lower back. Her wavy locks surrounded her like a glistening cape. Mike inhaled sharply. "It is a crime to hide this away. Do not put it up while you are with me."

She peered at him. She seemed softer now, her green eyes more vulnerable behind the curtain of hair.

"Take off your shirt," he watched her waiting for her compliance.


"I told you to call me Mike. Now do as you're told," he growled. He might as well have licked her clit. His domineering tone and sexy orders were having the same effect. Suddenly she realized that every page he read had shown him her desire to submit. He was using her sexually-submissive nature to trap her. He was tapping her deepest desire to have a man strong enough to know what he wants and confident enough to demand it from her.

She watched his face as she slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. When the shirt was unfastened she pulled it from her shoulders hesitantly. When she let it slide to the floor she stood before him in black slacks and a white lace demi-cup bra that barely covered her nipples and strained to contain her flesh. Her breasts were pushed tightly together creating enough cleavage for several women. Her breasts were much larger than the boxy blouse had hinted at. He held his breath as he gazed over her exposed flesh.

Mike swallowed several times to relieve the dryness of him mouth. "Now your slacks," he was riveted by the movement of her hands on the fastenings she was working. He smiled slightly still stunned at how well this whole domination thing was working. He had always been so gentlemanly with his lovers, willing to let them go where they liked and he would follow. He knew that in finding their pleasure he would find his own. But something in her story had sparked something in him. It was as if his long dormant instincts were awakened within him. All he could think about was owning Rena the way that the teacher in her story had owned his co-ed.

While he was musing about the sudden turn his life had taken Rena had removed her flats and was now skimming the fabric from her long glorious legs. She stood before him in her bra and matching white lace thong. His mouth went dry again as he stared at her.

"Who did you wear this lingerie for?" he bit out jealously.

"No one," she responded immediately puzzled by his forceful outburst.

"Oh, really?" Mike growled as he rose from his perch to tower above her. "You don't put on this kind of 'date-night-fuck-me' underwear ensemble for no reason. Who were you planning to flaunt yourself in front of?"

"No one!" Rena flushed guiltily.

"Tell me now!" Mike command was deadly in its intent.

Rena blushed and looked at the ground. It seemed that every piece of her soul was going to be laid bare before him today. "I wear sets like this to all of your classes," her voice a mere whisper of sound.


"Because they make me feel sexy," irritation subdued the embarrassment and gave strength to her voice. "Then I sit in class and I watch you and I get hot thinking about you. When I get home my panties are always soaked. I peel them away from my pussy and then I touch myself while I think about you." Her breath caught at the fire that blazed in his eyes. The embarrassment returned even greater when she realized what she had revealed. "Why are you doing this?"

"You know why." Mike's voice was husky and slid over her like silk. "You know how hot you will be when I finally fuck you. You know how powerful your climax will be. I am doing this because you want me to, because I am making you so hot right now and you love it. Stop fighting this and submit."

"We shouldn't do this though." Rena fought the haze of desire to bring logic to the situation. "If you had never read my paper, you would never have known. You would never have seen me as anything but a student in you class. This was never supposed to happen."

"Fate has funny ways of forcing the issue. Destiny has ways of fulfilling itself. I am glad, because nothing that feels this right can be wrong." Mike brushed a finger across her cheek.

"Mike, don't you foresee the trouble this will bring? I mean you are my teacher. Aren't there rules about this?"

"Yes there are. Now ask me if I care. We are going to break some rules...quietly." Mike felt a thrill of the forbidden shot through him. "No one will know that I am fucking you all the time, whenever, wherever I want. No one will know that I have a beautiful sexy slave awaiting my every desire when we are in class." Rena moaned. "You will be my very good little slut and submit to everything I want and we will be the only ones who know. I will look at you in class and be the only one there who knows how wet you are."

"I don't want to want this." Rena panted.

"But you do, so you will do as you are told." Mike inched forward so he was practically touching her. "You are very beautiful."

"Thank you," Rena blushed.

"I want you to remove your bra."

She reached up to the front clasp and unhooked the bra slowly peeling it away from her soft breasts.

"Oh holy fuck!" Mike whispered in awe. "You are divine."

"Thank you." Rena closed her eyes against the embarrassment and the overwhelming arousal. Her panties were soaked and her thighs were getting wetter with each passing moment.

"Now your panties." Mike whispered against the shell of her ear.

Rena slid the panties down her legs feeling the wetness smear against her thigh. She shivered as his breath puffed against her ear. "The things I am going to do to you... The sweet sounds you are going to make while I do them. The dirty shame of being my little slut secret, combined with sitting through my class filled with my cum, is going to drive you crazy."

"Yes, it is. This is not a good idea."

"And we are doing it anyway, because..."

"You want it and I give it to you. It is my duty to obey." The whisper of the words echoed from the story and caused his dick to pulse.

"Bend over the desk, grab your ass and show me my property, my slut." He growled.

Rena immediately moved as he ordered. He moved behind her and sank to his knees. He pressed his mouth into the soft wetness and felt like he was going to drown in the pleasure. He did not know what had possessed him but he was not fighting it. Her cunt was the soft sweet warmth of fantasies. He pulled back and looked at her pulling her lips wide. His gaze moved from the dewy hard pearly of her clit, over the beckoning wet hole of her cunt, to the puckered rosebud of her ass, then up her spine to the silken fall of her hair. MINE!! That was the only thing he could hear through the roaring in his ears.

He growled low in his throat then attacked the vulnerable flesh before him. He pressed his tongue flat against the hard little clit wiggling the nub until she moaned. Moving to the sweet source of her nectar he thrust his tongue as deep as he could and swirled while pressing the clit with his bristled chin. She cried out and pressed back against his face trying to get more of the sensation. Groaning he started thrusting his tongue as deep as he could.

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