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Professor Joshua


It was my second semester that I met Joshua, or rather, Professor Wood. Yes, his name was Professor Wood. Professor Wood was a great teacher, teaching an interesting American Studies class at night. I remember going to his classes Thursday nights at 7pm, getting out at 9:30pm and being ready to burst out of his classroom and go drink and party with my friends. That was the beginning of the semester, but by the end, things had certainly changed.

At first, his soft demeanor, J. Crew style, and strict disciplinary classroom etiquette didn't give him away. It was a month or so into class when I finally heard someone mention how he was probably gay. A slut in our class had apparently tried to sleep with him, to no avail. I laughed off the story and thought to myself, he's cute, but no way.

Joshua, well, Professor Wood at this point was a 5'10 160lbs skinny mixed guy. He looked half African-American, half Caucasian. Good looking, in shape, wearing glasses that made him look dorkier than he needed to, Professor Wood was very much the cute older guy who girls stared at out of the corner of their eyes at Starbucks.

I caught up with him one day and talked to him about a book we were reading in class about the life of a transgendered MtF woman. We spoke about the book and I told him how I really enjoyed his class. He was so friendly, but I was still caught off guard when he asked me to join him in the library if I wasn't busy. I said yes and we went on our way. We talked the entire time he sat at a computer. My friends texted and called me while we conversed, and I ignored all their attempts to get into contact with me.

After that night I made it my determination to sleep with him. Professor Wood was good looking, and half black, who knows, maybe he had a huge cock?

The way it happened was astounding. As I sat at home, 45 minutes away from school, I skipped through the ad site I frequented looking for a sexual partner. One guy had rented a suite at a local Marriott near where I lived, so we exchanged some pics, some emails, a phone conversation, and soon I was on my way.

Wearing a fitted hat and a hoodie over my head when I arrived, Joshua didn't recognize me, but I recognized him instantly. I froze at his doorway, he smiled and said

"It's cool come in, take off your hat and stuff."

As soon as I did he knew it was me. I guess we should have traded face photos, but both of us wanted to remain "discreet" so it didn't happen.

"Wow, Tom, I never would have guessed..."

"Well yeah, I'm a bit surprised too."

We were both lying through our teeth. After we spent that night talking at the library, it was obvious we found each other attractive. I took off my hoodie and walked up to him. He put his arm around my waist and smiled.

"So let's get into this, I've never fucked a student of mine."

Josh grabbed the back of my neck and forced me down to the ground. On my knees he instructed me to take off his pants and play with his cock through his tight boxer briefs. I pressed my face against his hardening bulge, rubbing my nose in his fragrant crotch. His cock and balls smelled like he had just showered, anticipating my arrival.

I put the head of his cock in my mouth through his underwear.

"Don't tease me Tom, be a good student."

He pulled them down to reveal the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was about 8 inches long, not too thick, but certainly not thin. I took his shaved balls in my hand and brought his cock all the way into my mouth. I gagged as his head touched the back of my throat, tasting a drop of his precum on the way. He was sweet. I couldn't wait to taste and swallow his hot cum.

Joshua, as he told me to call him, skull fucked me in the foyer of the suite for 5 minutes, leaving my eyes crying, my throat sore, and his cock dripping with my saliva. He slapped me and told me to get up, strip, and bend over the couch and show him my ass. On all fours, my ass facing him, i swayed back in forth, hopefully enticing him to come rape me like a bitch.

"Yeah that's good Tom. You're kind of a slut. I love slutty Latino boys, i've never had one in real life though. Show me that ass, spread yourself for me."

I held my cheeks apart and he came up close behind me. Turning my neck as much as I could I saw him stroking his hard cock, looking down at my spread hole as if he was looking at a piece of desert pie he was about to devour. He slapped my whole with his hard cock, lightly pressing the head into my rim, teasing me, making my rock hard cock jump. He leaned down and shoved his tongue in me so hard I felt him tickle my stomach.

"This ass tastes good. Are you ready to get fucked silly."

I shyly looked at him and nodded yes. He finger fucked my asshole with one, then two, and then three fingers, going slowly at first, and then practically fist fucking me with his three fingers. I moaned and yelped as I stroked my cock, already eager to pop.

"Cum whenever you want, but not on the furniture. Don't waste it on this hotel, I want it on my chest."


"Say Yes Joshua."

"Yes Joshua."

He pressed his cock on my ring again. I didn't even know if he was wearing a condom or not, but I couldn't care less at the moment. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. His head entered me, slowly. It stretched my asshole, making me wince with pain and pleasure, a tear forming in the corner of my eye. My cock oozed precum, it leaked off of the pointer finger of my hand and spilled onto the couch in a long thin shiny stream. He forced his cock fully into me, and I could feel his cock head inside me, raging and punishing me.

I could smell the condom. Thank god, I always promised myself I'd play safe, for my girlfriend's sake.

With one thrust, Joshua pulled his long hard member out of my ass, pulling me by the hip into the bedroom. He ripped off the condom, grabbed a cup of water and a hand towel and rinsed his cock. He dried himself and sat on the bed.

"Come suck me again you hot slut. I love your mouth"

I kneeled on the bed and began performing more fellatio.

"Get in a sexy pose, lie on your stomach and dangle your feet behind you."

I did as I was told and sucked on his cock. I licked up his long shaft, teasing the head with my lips. I slapped myself in the face with it, tapping his head on my eyelids. I inhaled his balls, attempting to put them both in my mouth at once. He reached for a condom and strapped up, telling me to get on him and beat off onto his chest in stomach while he filled my ass. I masturbated furiously, as he stroked his cock in me with long deep strokes. I felt myself getting close. I told him. He made me stand up at the edge of the best and jack off all over his cock.

"Yeah baby, cum all over my cock." He had taken the condom off and used my cum as a sort of natural lube. He then told me to get on the ground. Once on my knees he jacked off over my face.

"Do you want this cum Tom?"

"Yes Joshua."

He sprayed a giant load, two massive squirts of it covering my face, the rest falling to my thighs as i sat on my ankles, blinded by his warm semen. He tasted delicious. I put my mouth on him, slurping up the rest of his nut, and tasting my own mixing with it, swallowing what I had in my mouth after showing it to him.

"Good boy Tom. I think we just found a new extra curricular for you to get into."

Joshua was the quiet, polite, well natured teacher in class. Out of class he was my big dicked cock daddy. We would meet a series of times, but before I get into more of that, I want to talk more about that book by a transgendered woman I read...

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