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Professor Kale


I almost never go to Starbucks. I actually hate coffee, all coffee. I don't even like the gritty, dark smell of it. Generally, I think Starbucks is a plague.

Their muffins, however, are fine if you're starving, which, on that day, I was, and you don't have any other options, which I didn't. That's why I was standing in a place I never go, waiting to pay for a thing I never buy, when I heard someone ahead of me in line say to her friend that she loved to be fucked and her hair pulled. Hard, she said. Hard and long and deep until she collapsed in a sweaty, panting heap. Her friend giggled in a way that was low and shrill at the same time. Then, she said, she wanted him to blow his load on her tits. She said his name and I recognized it from someplace. She loved it when he spanked her ass, she said, when he manhandled her. She had bite marks on her tit, she said, a colorful circle right on the side. Her friend giggled again. Freaks.

Then she turned and saw me, and we both went pale. She was my physics teacher, Professor Kale. "Kelly!" she burst out.

Oh Jesus. The name. The name she said. I remembered where I'd heard it before. He was in her class as well, a big dumb jock with no business in an upper division physics course.

Suddenly it made sense. He was nailing Professor Kale, and she, in turn, was passing his stupid, lazy ass.

Her friend was someone I didn't know, a short, pear-shaped blonde in a black sweater and jeans that were too high-waisted and too snug for someone built like her. She was the Yin to Professor Kale's tall, slender, busty Yang.

Kale looked at me trying to figure out if I had overheard her. She must have realized I had because she started blushing like crazy. That made me blush too. Well, that and the fact that my nipples were hard as rocks from thinking about her getting fucked from behind with the jock's fist knotted in her hair. Or maybe my fist in her hair as I pulled her face into my pussy.

I had to get out of there.

"Nice seeing you," I said quickly, and then I turned around and bolted.

I got to my car and fumbled with the keys.

She came up behind me. "Kelly," she said.

I turned around.

"You know, don't you? You heard me. You heard what I said."

I didn't say anything.

"You aren't going to tell anyone are you?"

I shook my head. "I could give a shit if you fuck a student." Though I sort of wish it was me, I thought. I was pretty sure Kale was arrow-straight though, not even bisexual, so it was never going to happen. It was a nice thought though, Kale eating my box, looking up at me with my juices all over her cheeks. My pussy tingled briefly at the thought.

She looked at me a moment more and then went back into Starbucks. I figured that was the end of it.

I didn't think about Kale fucking that kid again until class the following Monday, and then only briefly at the start of her lecture. But then she asked me to stay after class.

"What is it?" I asked as the rest of the students filed out of the room.

She sat on her desk and took off her glasses and waited until the last of them were gone before looking at me and replying. "I don't like this."

"You don't like what?"

"You knowing about my little...indiscretion."

"I told you I could care less. It's your business. I don't care what you do as long as..." Then something occurred to me. "Hey. You're not going to fail me or something are you?"

"If I did, you'd go to the dean. You have me in a tight spot." She smiled thinly.

I shrugged. I could see why she was nervous. "That's not how I work."

She bit her lip. She was old enough to be my mom (almost), but she was sexy. Medium brown hair held in a loose bun by a pair of chopsticks, white blouse under a dark blazer and matching skirt. No hose, but her crossed legs were tan and smooth down to her graceful, strappy pumps. It made me feel self-conscious, the rings in my ears and nose, my ponytail, my jeans and sneakers and baggy tshirt, braless small B-cup tits . It made me angry, thinking about it.

"Maybe you could give me a little something to reassure me," she said.

Gibe her something? What the hell was she talking about? "Wait. You want me to give you some dirt on me so you can feel better about me knowing you're getting nailed by a student?" I laughed. "Not. Happening." In my mind I was already out of there.

She moved slightly, leaned to the left a bit. Her blouse gapped, showing a bit more cleavage. "You're gay, right? You like women."

That stopped me. My anger dissipated. She was looking at me and I met her eye, then I nodded, glancing at her full, graceful chest.

She looked me up and down. "You seem like the aggressive type. More...butch? Right? Even though you have a very sexy, feminine body. And such a pretty face."

Not the first time I heard that. But she had my attention. "Yeah, I'm pretty much butch though."

"Well...what if I said I wanted you to fuck me?" She said it with her voice lowered. She uncrossed her legs and spread them as far as the skirt allowed. Didn't show anything, but it was a very hot gesture. She reached out and ran her fingers over my nipple through my shirt. It was already as hard as a glass bead. Then she gave my tit a gentle squeeze, looking at my face. I couldn't hide it...it felt good. She smiled, squeezed again, started slowly caressing my little tit , running her fingers over my hard, burning nipple.

I was speechless, paralyzed, which is unusual for me. I am not the most experience dyke in the world, but in the past I've been much more aggressive, more confident. One touch and she had me at her mercy. I could just watch her face as she was squeezing my titty. She looked like she was enjoying it.

I had to do something though. So I slid my shirt up, baring my hard tit, and then put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward. She got the idea and started sucking my nipple, doing something with her tongue I couldn't figure out but that felt awesome. My head tipped back and I moaned. Then she moaned. By the way ladies, a sexy woman moaning while sucking your tit...if you haven't tried it, do.

Then I took her hands and guided them to the buttons of my jeans. Once again she was quick on the uptake, and unfastened them, sliding her hand inside. My junk was all slippery under her fingers, my clit hard. She took her mouth off my tit and smile up at me. "You're all wet." Then she took her fingers away from my junk and licked them. "And shaved. Nasty girl." Then back down my pants, stroking my slick, swollen box. I moaned again, standing with my legs apart.

My hands were trembling as I unbuttoned her blouse. She took her hand out of my pants so I could strip it off her, and then he bra went as well. No tan lines, by the way. I think tan lines are sexy, but I wasn't complaining. I could see the teethmarks her boy toy had left. He definitely got a big mouthful of tit.

I put my hands on her tits, squeezing them kind of hard. She gasped, and when I pinched her brown nipples she squealed. I shit you not, she squealed with this sexy sort of wincing smile on her face. I pinched them again, tugging, and kissed her mouth. I caught her squeal with my lips, and she dissolved into a moan, draping her warm arms around me, pressing those big, soft sexy titties against my little hard ones, wrapping her legs around my ass, drawing me in.

Our mouths slid against one another, tongues teasing. She sucked mine a bit, biting it gently. I moaned again, loving the feel of her body. I pulled away and whispered "Lay down on the desk."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Lay down." I repeated. My voice was breathless. "I'm going to sit on your face." Her eyes widened with a mix of surprise and delight. I pulled down my jeans as she laid down, and I straddled her face, sitting on her tits, my box just above her face. I grabbed her head and pulled it up, her mouth against my twat, and that slut went right to it. Tongue-fucking me, flicking and sucking my clit, sucking my cuntlips, like she'd been doing it for years. I ground against her face, moaning and telling her she was eating me so good, so fucking good.

I reached a hand back and tugged her skirt up. Kale had a g-string on, and I slid my hand in there and started rubbing her slow and easy, teasing. She raised her hips up, trying to get more pressure, but I backed off. She couldn't do much with me sitting on her face, but she kept trying until I smacked her pussy and said "Hold still!" Then I kept teasing her clit, driving her batshit just cause I could and I liked it.

She took her mouth away and panted "God you fucking tease." Her lips and cheeks were coated and shining. I pulled her face against my box and shoved two fingers in her twat, curling them up inside the way I know I like and rubbing just so...ladies, it helps to have the same equipment as what you're working on.

She kept working on me even though she was bucking and moaning like crazy, and I knew I was going to cum soon. I was so on fire, a drop of cold water on my bellybutton would have sent me.

Then she came. Kale let out a wail against my twat, and that was all she wrote. My legs clamped like a vice around her head and I moaned and hissed, shuddering like I do when I cum hard. Yes it was that fucking good. Kale moaned and wailed and shook like she had swallowed a paint-mixing machine.

Eventually we both relaxed, and I climbed off her. We helped each other get dressed, not really talking, just kind of smiling. As she finished buttoning up, she said, "How will we top that next time?"

I told her, and she squealed again.

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by Anonymous01/12/18

A girl who gets her way

It was just what I needed so that I could finger myself and pretend that it was me getting tounge fucked.
My only complaint is that it was over so quickly.
I'm sure that there could have been anothermore...

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