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By Haramiru

Once, I was a man. I lived, loved, laughed - and died. Along the way, I performed all the requisite functions and suffered all the little trials and triumphs of life. When I died, I expected to see angels or demons - to be honest, after my life, I could've belonged with either.

You may imagine my surprise when I awakened surrounded by slender beings with gray skin and large heads. A voice in my head assured me that they were neither angels nor demons - I was simply not going on to the afterlife just yet. I protested, as I knew that the cancerous mass in my chest was well beyond treatment, and I'd spent the last three months in increasing agony as the pain spiralled up beyond the ability of medication to be able to keep it under control.

It was then that the beings pointed out to me that I hadn't felt anything at all for a bit. That worried me a bit, and then I looked down to discover that my body barely resembled the wasted, shrivelled husk I'd previously worn.

I was nude, although being seen by the little gray guys didn't bother me, much as your dog probably doesn't bother you. My body was young and muscular, apparently in its late 20s or early 30s. I noticed a translucent 3D projection of some sort standing in front of me, which appeared to be of me. I touched my head, and discovered I was entirely bald.

One of the beings stepped forward, and words formed in my mind. "Your new body is a gift, but you must use it to adjust your species. Your species has certain genetically coded responses which will assist in this purpose."

I raised my eyebrow. "I'm going to adjust what with this body?"

"You are the Progenitor of version 20", the gray being stated simply. And then it gestured at the projection of my body, and to my embarrassment its penis became erect. Then the gray touched a tablet in its hand, and a wave of images cascaded through my head. Most of them were intensely erotic, but there was an undercurrent of data behind it all that felt like it was just barely beyond the limits of my comprehension.

What I learned was that I wasn't even close to being the first human this had happened to. It turns out that what we think of as humanity is actually a genetically engineered, devolved version of the gray beings standing before me. The aliens were too fragile to survive on a freshly terraformed planet, but we're a tougher, hardier, shorter-lived version of them. They deposit us first on a planet as primitives, designed to breed and proliferate. Once we reach the necessary population density for the next stage of our evolution, the aliens come back to take us to the next stage. They capture one of our souls as we die, drop it into a more-evolved body coded with special pheromones, and send it back to earth to spread the upgraded DNA. If you're reading this you are probably Human version 19, while my children and I are version 20. My children will live longer, be smarter, and be healthier than yours - unless of course you managed to sleep with me along the way. There are only 32 steps in this process - version 32 is identical to the alien species standing before me - ready to join our stellar parents in society, etc.

There was a brilliant flash of light - and before my eyes recovered, I heard seagulls calling. As my eyes adjusted from the light, I could tell that I was standing on a sandy beach, probably somewhere in California. I was also still naked, and drawing some amused attention from a small group of college kids.

"Hey Rocky, you gonna stand there at half mast all day?" a female voice called out.

I looked down and noticed that my massive erection was still going in its full raging glory. I felt blood rush to my, and I covered myself with my hands as I looked around for cover. I looked back to the voice - it belonged to a busty young blonde in a bikini with visible tanlines standing about 10 feet away on the sand. She was probably around 23. I couldn't remember ever seeing this clearly before, although surely I must have in my youth. It was as if I could see every drop of moisture sliding around her curves, and I could see her pert nipples straining against the fabric of her thin top.

"I'm sorry, I don't know how I got here," I stammered.

The blonde smiled saucily and stepped towards me, a towel in her outstretched hand. "I think you might want to cut back on the booze then, buddy. Spring break's no fun if you can't remember what you got into!"

I took the towel and thanked her, wrapping it around my waist. The embarrassing bulge still persisted, but at least it was covered. "Think you can remember my name if I tell it to you?" she asked, smiling impishly.

Now that I could see her up close, I knew she'd be impossible to forget. I could smell the faint kiss of the ocean on her, mingled with suntan lotion and the dusky remnants of some perfume from last night. "Just try me."

"Kimberly Donovan," she purred, tracing her finger down the center of my chest. I started to wonder if I was dreaming or something - although my new body did look great, I've never seen women come on to me like this. I noticed some of her friends giving each other odd looks.

Kim let out a little hum, leaning in to smell my neck. Where her skin touched mine, it felt like an electric field. My penis was made of molten steel at this point, quivering with anticipation. She wrapped her arms around my torso and assaulted my lips, drawing herself to her tiptoes and kissing me passionately. Still a bit surprised, I wrapped my arms around her lower back and kissed her back. I could feel her body molding itself to me, and then something else entered my awareness... her friends. I opened my eyes and looked up as one of her guy friends approached.

I pulled back and Kimberly pouted for a split second, as if a spell was broken. Her friend inquired if she was all right, his eyes narrowing a bit as he scrutinized her reaction.

"Yeah, I'm fine - I actually just realized I met this guy here last year and we really hit it off," Kimberly lied.

Her friend raised his eyebrow. "Well, he's welcome to hang out with us if he wants to," he offered.

Kimberly gave a mischevious half-smile. "Thanks John, but I'm just gonna help him sober up and get some clothes on. I'll call you before dinner, though, ok?"

John looked back at me, clearly concerned for Kimberly. "Want one of us to come along?"

Kimberly shook her head. "Nah, you guys enjoy the beach. I'll keep my phone on me - I've got Latitudes turned on, so it isn't like you won't know where I am."

John nodded in resignation. As he started to walk away, he turned to me and said, "Make sure she calls, ok? She's like family to me, and if anything happens - let's just say my father's a lieutenant in the sheriff's department, ok?"

"I'll make sure she does."

Kim turned to me. "John gets a little protective sometimes. He's sweet, though." She pulled in a little closer to me. "Now, where were we...?", she asked, her hand tracing my chest again.

"I think you were going to take me to a hotel, Kim - but I don't have one. I don't even know how I got here."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "My room's over this way. C'mon and follow me." She held my hand and led me towards the sidewalk. I found the sensation of the hot beach sand painful but pleasant - it was a relief to feel anything below my knees after years of diminished sensation due to lower circulation. I welcomed every scorching grain of sand, savoring the way it shifted between my toes. When we stepped onto the cement, I treasured every bit of texture I could feel in the sidewalk - from the smooth cement to the seams in between the slabs. And then there was the view. I'd forgotten what it was like to be on a busy beach in the summer - woman after woman paraded by, heaving bosoms on display for the world. I couldn't help but notice - and I was being noticed in return, by almost every woman under 50 who passed by.

Kim gestured at a beachfront rental; one of the many two or three bedroom houses rented out to college students for spring break. She reached into her bikini and pulled out an artfully concealed key. As her hand snaked back out with its prize, I caught the briefest flash of a tantalizing nipple. She undid the lock and said, "Now, I hope you don't think I'm easy, or that I do this often..."

I stepped inside with her and drank in the view. It was a well-furnished and functional abode, clearly set up for temporary living. "Do what often?" I asked.

"THIS!" she nearly growled. She practically tore the towel off of me, nearly taking me off my feet. I turned around to see she had an animalistic, feral look in her eye. My hard-on came back with a vengeance, springing back into furious life. I barely had time to face her before she jumped on me, wrapping her legs around me like a spider monkey and kissing me as if she were drowning and I were her only source of air. I returned the passion, wrapping my own arms around her as I felt her shifting. Her bikini bottoms were rubbing against the tip of my penis, simultaneously smooth and rough. They were still damp from the ocean, but from the burning heat I could feel through them I knew they'd be wetter in a matter of moments. I moved my right hand to her lower back and squeezed, thrusting at her as she ground against me. I could feel my tip pressing against the fabric, again and again, and a growing wetness where my penis had found her vagina and pressed the fabric against it. Kimberly sighed and ground her breasts against me, yearning for more skin contact.

"Where's your room?" I asked. She pointed towards a door at the top of the stairs, and I carried her upstairs. She was still wrapped around me, still grinding her hips furiously and trying to get my penis to drill right through her bottoms. She reached down and began to fumble around with one of her hands, trying to push the bottoms aside to take me inside her, but I made it to the bedroom first and leaned over the bed.

Kim let go for a split second, falling onto the bed. The first thing she did was tear frantically at her top - she fumbled at the front clasp as if it were on fire, then let out a little scream of frustration and just yanked hard, breaking the clasp and tearing it free of her chest. Her magnificent, natural 36" bust was free at this point, nipples pointed at the ceiling. I could actually see a trail of wetness marking her bottoms for the split second they were on her before she yanked them off and threw them enthusiastically against the wall. "FUCK ME!", she commanded.

No part of me could resist, or even begin to think of a reason not to obey her. I pounced on her, skewering her immediately with my 7" pole. She let out a shriek of pleasure as I penetrated her and ground back against me, taking me as far inside of her as she could. I drew back and thrust again, clutching her firmly as I felt her arms and legs coiling around me like steel cables - she was python and tiger combined, scratching at my back as she wrapped herself around me, desperate to keep me in her grip. I gasped for air as the heat built and we started to sweat, moisture sealing us to each other like a single being struggling to achieve something. She ground herself into me determinedly and kissed me hard, with her tongue - I looked into her eyes and could see nothing but pure, unbridled desire. Seeing that in her eyes kindled a fire in me that quickly moved down below my waistline, and I could feel my orgasm building. I returned the kiss and felt power building up - from what I could remember of my last life's sexual exploits, the pre-orgasm I was having was better than the best orgasm I'd had in my life.

Suddenly Kim blinked, startled. "Wait a - what the hell?" she shrieked. I was startled, looking into her panicked face with my penis still inside of her, my climax still building. Her hips were frozen in mid-thrust, and her brain was apparently still processing the fact she was busy fucking some man she'd just met.

"Let me go! Get out of me!", she yelled, not noticing that her arms and legs were intertwined with mine and it would be outright difficult to get out of the position. I loosened up just a little, letting her disentangle - but my penis was still inside her, and I could still feel it tightening. The orgasm was about to be the best one I'd ever had.

In an impressive feat of strength for her size, Kim pressed at my shoulders, lifting my torso up off of her and looking down, to where she could see my penis protruding from within her hot, slick pussy. "Pull OUT!", she commanded.

I couldn't do it. My hands clenched around her firm buttocks, trapping her as I gave one final downward thrust, fully embedding my penis in her as she shrieked. Her own body betrayed her as I thrust, triggering her own orgasm, and her vagina clenched hard around my penis. The answering explosion felt like I'd just fired a shotgun. I could HEAR it spurting into her, and it felt like I'd released enough in the first shot to completely fill a condom. "FUCK!" she shrieked, as her own orgasm took her, against her own protests, as another shot of semen blasted into her contracting vagina. The pleasure transported me to somewhere else entirely, as I unleashed wave after wave into Kim. I could feel it seeping up around my penis even as more flowed into her. As I let go of her hips and supported my torso at an angle above her, Kim let go of my shoulders and ran her hands down her body, pausing on her belly where she could probably still feel more of my hot cum flowing into her.

"Oh shit", she said, "you did NOT just do that!"

I pulled loose with a wet sucking noise, then tiredly flopped down in bed next to her. "I'm sorry, Kim - I just couldn't let go. You were so passionate until the very end..."

Kim spread her legs a bit, laying stretched out on the bed with a river of my sperm flowing out of her vagina. "I was, wasn't I? If I think back, I remember it just fine - but it's almost like I was someone else, up until the very end."

I raised an eyebrow. "I give you my word, I didn't give you any" - I began.

"No, I know you didn't drug me. Hell, you were stark naked when I saw you on the beach, so you didn't have anything you could've used. In fact, you just appeared out of no where. One moment there was just air where you were, and the next moment I saw a man I was determined to fuck, even if I had to rape you to do it. I don't blame you -" she ran a finger down to her pussy, and wrinkled her nose at it as she saw it covered in my white goo. "much, at least." She closed her eyes for a second and ran her finger back down, and started sliding it in and out of herself.

"Kim?", I asked.

The only response was a moan - apparently normal-Kim was gone again, and the frantic fuckbunny Kim was back in charge. I watched as she rubbed at her clitoris with one hand and scooped at the sperm that'd run out of her, opening her legs wide and angling her hips so that she could keep as much of it inside her as possible. It wasn't long before I was hearing moans of pleasure from her, with a rapture on her face only barely exceeded right before the end of our frantic lovemaking session. I propped myself up on my side to enjoy the show, as well as to wonder what kind of strange life I'd been reborn into.

Kim had her hips thrust upwards, deep in the throes of her third orgasm when she suddenly stopped mid-moan, freezing in place with her fingers deep within herself. Her eyes went wide open, an expression of horror on her face.

"What - the - FUCK?" she called out. It seemed an appropriate expression, expressing both the general situation and her shock at it.

As she settled down to the bed again, normal-Kim in control, I observed, "That was an interesting episode."

She shook her head in amazement, wiping her hand on the bedsheet. "I have no idea what's gotten into me today. This really isn't like anything I've ever done before."

I shrugged. "If it's any consolation, neither have I." I was finding the afterglow to be somewhat of a relief - for the moment at least I didn't feel the overwhelming drive to mate with Kim, which had been tough to fight ever since I first saw her.

Kim furrowed her brows and brought her hand up to her navel. She scooted up in the bed so that she was half-sitting up against the headboard. "I guess all that sex must've upset my stomach a little," she theorized.

"Wouldn't surprise me," I replied.

Suddenly she bent forward a little, feeling intently around her navel with a concerned look on her face.

"Are you ok, Kim?" I asked.

"Not exactly", she gasped out. She stretched, turning onto her side, and I could see that her once-flat belly now had a distinct bulge to it just below the navel.

I looked in surprise as the bulge steadily increased in size. I thought back to my experience with the grays. "Oh, shit - I think I saw this movie a while back."

Kim locked her eyes on me, terrified and - worst of all - begging, pleading for me to at least explain what I had just done to her. I looked at her eyes, at her expanding belly, and back. Some small stretch marks formed as her belly continued to distend - then it started to slow. The fear and anguish on Kimberly's face slowed as the rate of growth settled down. If I had to guess, I would've guessed she looked around six months pregnant.

Her expression changed to accusation and disbelief. "What, exactly, is THIS?" she demanded, pointing at her now-swollen belly.

I sighed. "Honestly, I'm not even sure. All I know is that it has to do with the next stage of human evolution."

Kim struggled to sit up, finding it nearly impossible with the new center of balance she'd acquired over the course of the last few minutes. "Human evolution, huh? What part of human evolution is supposed to get me - ohhh!"

Kim's mouth opened in pain and her hand flew underneath her bulging belly. She jerked as if she'd had an electric shock, breathing roughly for a few moments. "Contraction, I think," she said grimly.

I grabbed a nearby towel and patted at her vulva, cleaning my sperm away from her so that I could get a look. I could hear her breathing sharply as the pain mounted again. It was only a few seconds before I heard an audible pop, and fluids began gushing out of her birth canal. "Looks like you were right, Kim" I said, still amazed at what I was seeing.

Her only response was a sharp grunt of pain, as the next contraction hit and I saw something shift in her belly. Suddenly, Kim's expression changed - it went from agony to bliss, as if she were experiencing another orgasm already. "Oh!", she called out, "don't stop, don't let it stop!" I watched as a bulge began to make its way down from her belly towards her formerly slim bikini area, pushing down through her birth canal and dilating her vagina.

I looked intently - what was coming out was fairly white, and it slid out of her with a slurping noise. I looked up at Kim, just in time to see the ecstacy fade from her face. "What is it?" she asked.

I held up the ovoid shape, roughly the size of soda can. "It's an egg, apparently."

"An egg? What the - ohh!"

I saw her face start to screw up into a rictus of pain again as the contraction mounted, but then transition into another orgasmic mask of ecstacy as another egg slid into her birth canal. I took the time to feel her belly, checking to see if I could tell how many eggs she was carrying. It seemed that she had several, judging from the bulges inside of her.

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