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Programmed Ponygirl


"Sarah, you know I love you, and want to spend my life with you."

Sarah and Jim cuddled in each others arms. Sarah, having turned 18 the day before, was dressed in her boyfriend's favorite outfit, her cheerleading uniform. She had her hair in a ponytail, and was laying her head up against his shoulder, as he reached over and cupped her C cup breasts and rubbed her pussy over her skirt.

Jim was 23, and a junior in college. He had met Sarah on a blind date, following some heated and rather erotic role-play fantasies they had shared on the internet. He was very excited about some plans she had shared with him, and he had come up with for her. Now, as they sat sipping drinks, and petting each other, he decided to see just how eager she really was.

"I also know how much you desire to become a ponygirl, and learn what it feels like to be controlled and made helpless. I have been doing some research, and I have found a company that can make your desires come true. But I want you to be fully aware of the consequences if you decide to do this. If you do, you will loose all memory of what it was like to be a free girl. You will be programmed with only the knowledge deemed worthy of a ponygirl. Your body will be modified however I decide to make it. Are you sure you really want this for yourself?"

Sarah squirmed as she listened to her boyfriend explain about her new life, and her pussy quivered and moistened as she imagined herself as a helpless ponygirl. She snuggled deeper into Jim's arms and purred, already feeling herself becoming super aroused from his talk.

"Jim, if it is true, then of course I would want to be your ponygirl. If you know how this can be done, I'll sign whatever documents, or do anything, to get to be your loved ponygirl. Please Jim, make me yours."

Jim reached under Sarah's cheerleading top, and squeezed her breasts. He loved the way her body reacted to his touch, and could easily imagine her helplessly bound and harnessed, prancing for her owner. His cock grew hard at the thought of fucking this lovely girl all night long. But he had work to do, to make her ready, if the transporters were going to take her away as he scheduled.

"Sarah dear, let me refresh the drinks, ok? Then we can make your dreams come true, and I can fuck you senseless, my pretty ponygirl."

Jim got up and took his and Sarah's glasses into the kitchen. He put in some ice, and the soda, and then he added a powerful sleeping drug into Sarah's glass. He stirred it up, to mix the drug into the drink before carrying them both out to his waiting girlfriend. He handed Sarah the drugged drink, and sat down next to her, and resumed petting her body.

Sarah drank part of her drink, and sagged into her boyfriend's arms, her vision going black as the drugs took hold of her body, sending her out like a light. Jim felt Sarah drift off to unconsciousness, and smiling to himself, he laid her down on the couch, and began stripping her body of her clothes. Jim started by pulling off her top and skirt, laying them on the table next to the couch. He admired her white bra and panties, and her slim and pretty body, before removing her undergarments, and leaving her naked on the couch. He knew one thing he needed to fix, before she was taken away from him for a month.

Jim walked into the bathroom, and took out a razor and some shaving cream, and a wet washcloth. He walked back into the living room, and moistened Sarah's crotch, before spreading the shaving cream over her pussy. Taking the razor, he shaved her pussy smooth, smiling as she was made hairless as the day she was born. Having finished, he went to the bedroom, and pulled out the packing equipment the reprogramming company had sent him. He laid everything out, and began binding Sarah up for her pickup and transport.

Jim started by fastening a ball bit gag around her head, smiling as he forced the ball past her teeth. He loved the way the bit emerged, looking like a ponygirl already. He then fastened a stiff posture collar around her neck, and rolled her over onto her belly. Jim then took Sarah's arms in his hands, and forced them into a single sleeve arm binder, slipping the straps over her shoulders, and pulling them tight, trapping her arms helplessly behind her. Jim then fastened on the leather ankle cuffs around her ankles, and turned his attention to the transport frame.

The transport frame was designed to keep the victim on an easily movable platform, while still giving access to the workers to their victim's body. Jim began by making sure the wheels on the bottom were secured to the padded base, and then he attached the metal poles, forming a crude but effective frame on top of the padding. Seeing that the frame would hold, Jim turned back to Sarah, and lifted her up, and placed her onto the padded base. He took her bound arms, and put them over the horizontal bar at the top of the frame, and connected the ring at the bottom of the arm binder to the back of the frame. Jim then pulled her ankles apart, and connected them to the back of the base. He looked at his sleeping girlfriend in her bondage, and began rubbing her exposed pussy with his fingers, smiling as she quivered in orgasm despite the heavy dose of knockout drugs.

Jim heard the men knock on his door a few minutes later, and let them in. He smiled as the men had him pick out his preferences for his bound girlfriend, and watched them box her frame into a shipping box, stuffing the inside with foam insulation to keep her protected, then watched as they put her box onto a hand cart, and wheeled her out of the house for her new life.

Sarah remained out of awareness for nearly 5 hours. She awoke lying on a hay bed in a stall. She took a few moments to try to remember where she was, or how she got here. Suddenly, she felt a tingle in her mind, and images and memories flooded her mind. She saw herself being bridled, and put into her hoof boots for the first time. She remembered her childhood, being forced to become a ponygirl, just like her mother. She remembered her mother nuzzling her to encourage her to trot, and even her mother's scent as she grew older. She remembered the times her ass was cropped, her thighs feeling the sting of the trainers crop as he demanded higher knees, and better posture. She continued to get the memories from her life, a life of bliss and training as a ponygirl. She felt her pussy moisten as she finally remembered her new owner, and how she was going to be decorated for him. She looked down, and she let out a very loud, excited whinny of delight.

Sarah's body had been dipped into a vat of mild acid, burning away her hair below her neck, and making her permanently hairless. Her need to shave was gone. After the mild acid was washed away, she was dipped into a vat of nanites and rubber compounds, which molded themselves to her body, giving her a second skin. As the rubber dried, the nanites within the rubber began receiving commands from the computer controlling her transformation, coloring her second skin with a bright purple coat, highly shinny. Her pussy and ass were stuffed with rubber as well, as the rubber dildos made her holes open, so she could be fucked, without a risk of becoming pregnant until her owner decided it was time.

After her skin was set, robotic arms fastened a black corset around her waist, and pulled the laces tight, giving her a more defined hourglass figure. The robotic hands also slid on the hoof boots, lacing them tight before pumping in a hardening agent, to make them permanently part of her feet. Her hands were slid into an arm binder, and rendered useless, trapping her. The robotic hands then went to work with her pony attire. They started with a chastity belt around her waist, with a dildo up her rubber covered pussy. The arms then draped a leather bra over her shoulders, and fastened it tightly, making her breasts poke up and out, showing off her nipples. The computer made sure her body was secured, before beginning on her head. First into her skull was injected a micro computer, designed to be programmed and alter her memories to those selected by the master computer, or by her owner. The computer connected with her brain, and took an hour to make the neural connections. While that was happening, the robotic hands began fitting her bridle about her head. A strap went under her chin, and connected up to a head band over her forehead. The straps wrapped around her head, and for good measure, the computer arms made sure it was fastened tight, before riveting the bridle straps closed, making the bridle permanent. Robotic hands slipped in a ball bit gag into Sarah's mouth, and connected it to the bridle, and then they took her hair, and threaded it thru a metal ring on the top of the bridle, making a pony tail mane on her head.

Once her harnessing was complete, Sarah was moved over to a treadmill, and was tethered to it with a waist belt and reigns to her bit. The treadmill started slowly, and the nanites in her body began programming her gaits as she walked, trotted, cantered, and high stepped. The computer in Sarah's brain was quickly networking with her body, learning how to bring her knees up to the proper height, and also how to make her act and sound like a pony. Within 5 hours, she was indistinguishable as a human, and looked like she had been born in harness, which is what her owner had demanded. Having decided she was ready, the computer marched her to her temporary stall, and put her on the bed, and began downloading her computer generated life. Then the master computer disconnected from her mind, allowing her to wake up naturally.

Sarah pranced around her stall, wiggling her ass, and feeling her tail swishing behind her. She whinnied and pawed the ground, loving the sound of her metal horse shoes on the concrete floor. She tossed her head, and felt her mane fly. She loved her new skin, and the new tack her new owner had put her in, as any good ponygirl would. She kept up her prancing and exploring, till she felt sleepy. She dropped to her hands and knees, and bowed her head, and fell asleep.

The computer controller had been watching Sarah in her stall, and saw she was ready. The computer initiated the transport programming, and put her to sleep, then directed the robotic hands to begin packing her up for her return to her owner. Sarah's body was backed up to a metal pole, and secured to it by leather straps. Then the computer put a plastic cylinder around her body, and pumped in some liquid insulation, filling the cylinder and covering her body completely. An air tube was placed over her mouth just before the insulation reached her head, giving her a supply of air, but otherwise making her totally immobile. The computer then boxed the ponygirl, and placed her in the delivery line, along with about 10 other boxes.

Jim was at home the following afternoon, and saw the truck pull up. He watched the men unload the box, as well as a second. Both boxes he directed to the garage, where he signed for them, and had the men help him unpack the cart, stall equipment, and install the neural interface software on his computer, before unpacking Sarah. Jim watched as the men quickly built the stall, and furnished it with the bed, a restraining pole, and a machine to handle her body wastes. Thanking the men, Jim watched them unpack his new ponygirl, and smiled as he saw her for the first time. He loved her new look, and wished she could see her transformation without the ponygirl programming. As the men left, with an extra $400 in their wallets for the delivery and setup help, Jim walked to the computer, and turned on the neural interface.

It took the computer a few minutes to locate Sarah's transmitter in her brain, and configure the computer's network to handle the complex task, but Jim was sure of what he was going to do. He accessed her memory files, and loaded in her original template, and had the computer give Sarah her memory back, and he went into the garage, to see his pony's reaction.

Sarah squirmed and moaned as she saw Jim enter the strange room. She tried talking, but her mouth was gagged, and she could only mumble and whimper. Sarah watched as Jim placed a mirror in front of her, and her eyes went wide as she saw her bound body.

"Welcome home, Sarah. Now look at yourself. You always wanted to be a ponygirl, and I gave you your wish. You are my ponygirl. I have given you your memories for now, because I want to give you one last chance. If you nod, I will return the fictions memories, and you will be the happy, carefree ponygirl you have always dreamed of. Shake your head, and I'll send you back, and have them transform you into something else. But forget your freedom, your nothing but a slave now. Now, relax your jaw, and I'll let you talk."

Jim walked up to Sarah, and removed her ball bit gag, smiling as he saw her work her jaw briefly before talking. "Jim, my love, When I first saw myself, I was scared and afraid. But my pussy is dripping wet, and despite my immobility, I am still humping the dildo in my pussy. Please, give me back my pony memories, and make me your happy ponygirl. But please, one request. Will you let me talk to you, occasionally as a pony?"

Jim smiled, and nodded. "Of course, as a special treat. Now, open your mouth. It is time for you to begin your new life."

Sarah opened her mouth, and felt her bit slip into her mouth. She closed her mouth around the ball, and smiled as Jim fastened it to her bridle. Jim walked to the computer, and entered her new ponygirl life, and had the computer delete her old life from its files, leaving only her speech ability on a special reward program. Sarah's eyes went blank as the computer returned her to her life of ponygirl service, and deleted her old life. Jim watched as she came back, and he unstrapped her from the transport frame, and patted her ass, smiling as she high stepped around him.

Jim decided it was time to show her off, and he led her by her reigns to the pony cart, where he backed her into the shafts, and hitched her up, draping the reins over her shoulder, before picking up a driving whip, and the reins, and sat in the cart's seat. He opened the garage door with the remote, and gave his ponygirl's wiggling ass a light snap of the whip. She let out a whinny, wiggled her ass, and pulled with her body, setting the cart in motion. Jim smiled as he watched his ponygirl's ass wiggle as she pranced, her tail swishing to tickle the backs of her legs. Jim guided her down the driveway, and pulled on the right rein, turning her onto the street. He cracked the whip across her ass again, bringing a whinny from his ponygirl, and an increase in speed. Jim saw his neighbors come out, some smiling and waving, others looking curious. He smiled, proud to have his own ponygirl.

Sarah pulled on the cart, her ass wiggling as she pulled, occasionally getting a smack from the whip, or a pull on her bit, as her driver drove her around the community. She whinnied happily as she felt the wind on her face, her tail swishing behind her, and her mane blowing in the breeze. She also felt the dildo in her pussy shifting as she walked, making her pussy wet. She shuttered and quivered as it brought her to an orgasm, and she tossed her head in delight. Her pace didn't break, however, and soon, she was cumming again. Yes, computers could make anything possible, and Sarah loved her life.

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