tagGay MaleProgressive Learning Ch. 03-05

Progressive Learning Ch. 03-05


Chapter 3

Bud took a swig of the whiskey and washed it down with a swallow of beer, cleansing his mouth of the taste of my cock and cum. He laid on his back on the sleeping bag and beckoned me to him, to his hairy body, his lowhanging balls, ass for rimming as he had done me, to his big hard cock.

Bud had just sucked me off and swallowed my cum; the first time I had ever been sucked. The first time I had any kind of sex. I was young; he was in his 20s. We were on a camping trip together, had been hunting, ate a meal together of fresh game - squirrel, rabbit and quail - we had killed. Bathed together naked in a creek, went into our tent and shared some whiskey and beer he had brought for us, to relax me, to seduce me. Now I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to suck him off and swallow all his cum, to feel his big cock in my mouth, to taste his cum.

I knelt between his legs, took his cock in my hand, wanting it so much in my mouth. Then I remembered he had done some other things to me first. I leaned up over his body. He brought my face to his, our mouths together. We kissed. Our tongues intertwined. I moved my mouth down, nuzzled his neck, kissing, licking his warm flesh. I kissed, licked, sucked his nipples. He fondled my cock and balls. I fondled his. I kissed and licked on down, tongued his navel, followed his treasure trail of hair to his thick, wiry pubic hairs. His cock swiped against the side of my face. It wet my cheek with his slimy pre-cum leaking copiously from the slit in the head of his big cock. I turned my head, took his mushroom crown between my lips and licked the slit, tasting and feeling the slime of his pre-cum on my tongue.

I wanted to take his cock right down right then, but I remembered again what he had done with me. I raised his cock and licked down his veiny thick shaft. I kissed, licked his balls in their hairy sack. He raised and opened his legs further. "Lick my ass, sweety," he said. "You are a quick learner. Doing me just right. Lick my ass."

I swiped my tongue up and down his ass crack wetting it with my saliva, tasting his man musk, mixed with the smell and taste of the soap we had used earlier to wash in the creek. I went right for his crinkled ring and kissed it, licked it, tongued it. He groaned and expressed his approval as I stroked his slimy cock with one of my hands while rimming his asshole. His balls rested on my nose. His cock throbbed in my hand and leaked more pre-cum.

I wanted his cock in my mouth. I tried to raise up to take it, but he held my head in place. "Eat my ass some more, baby," he said. "Lick my hole, rim me good. You can have my cock in a minute."

True to his word, Bud let me raise my head after a minute or two, maybe more. I kissed and licked up over his balls, licked his cockshaft, relishing the feel of the thick veins on its width and the taste of his pre-cum drooling from his cockhead. I went up further. Stopped for just a moment, held his hard cock and gazed at it, its thickness, length, the mushroom flared head. I slurped a string of clear juice from his slit and covered the head with my lips, still swiping at the oozing slit with my tongue.

"Oh, umnh, umnh, you are so good, baby, suck me. Take my cock in your mouth and suck me," Bud urged me.

I moved down on his cock with my mouth trying to take it. I had to spread my lips wide with his girth just to take the head inside my mouth. I held his length in my hand, my fingers wrapped around his shaft but unable to close them together due to his thickness. I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, went down on it slowly, gulping, gasping as more and more of his cock entered my eager face. I was determined to take him all the way to the root as he had done for me, but was not at all sure that I could. His cock was so big - thick and long.

Eased by his slimy pre-cum and my own saliva I went deeper and deeper on his cock. I gagged.

"Easy now, baby. Take it easy," Bud said. "You don't have to take it all. Hardly anyone can," he reassured me.

I raised my head quickly. "But I want it," I said. "I want to suck you the way you sucked me. All the way."

"Go for it then, man," he said. "Take it all if you can."

I put his cock back in my mouth and forced down on it, past my gag reflex.

"Relax and swallow, relax and swallow now," Bud instructed me. "Relax and swallow."

I gulped at his cock.

"Unnnngh, oh yeah," Bud groaned. "That's it, baby, you've got it all," he said, as his cock lodged down my throat.

I held it for a few moments, holding my breath. "Glub, squish, glub, glub, squish," I gasped and jerked up off his cock, a flood of my saliva and his pre-cum gushing out of my mouth.

"Yeah, oh yeah, more," Bud urged me.

I did it again, again, again. Each time his wiry pubic hairs were crushed against my upper lip and nose, his hairy ballsack against my lower lip and chin. I was sucking his whole cock.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh, I'm gonna cum," Bud grunted.

I backed off just a bit, just enough to remove his cock from the depths of my throat. I sucked on his cock, nursed it, moved my mouth up and down on it. He squirted in my mouth. I tasted his first blast of cum, felt the sliminess of it, the thickness of the white wad, the next string of jism, another, another, another. Swallowing as fast as I could I took his cum down my throat and into my stomach. His cock throbbed in my mouth. It was thicker, longer and harder than before. I backed off and looked at it. A clear string was running out of the slit. I took it and swallowed, another, another, another.

Bud writhed on the sleeping bag and pulled his cock out of my mouth with one of his hands. "No more, baby, enough," he hissed, "can't take anymore, tingling too much."

Reluctantly I gave up his cock, let it slip from my gasping mouth.

I fell over on my side beside my manlover, breathing heavily, tasting the tartness of his cum, feeling the slickness of it on my tongue, down my throat, on my lips.

"Oh, so good, Roy," Bud praised me. "You are one good cocksuker, baby. You learn fast."

For the rest of the weekend we sucked each other several times a day, and almost all night most nights. We got little sleep. As we progressed in my learning, Bud taught me to 69 with him. By Sunday he was fingering my ass while sucking me, me sucking him, and I was returning that favor too.

A few days after the camping trip Bud taught me how to fuck him. Then he taught me how to take his cock in my ass.

Chapter 4

With the help of some whiskey, beer and months of questions and suggestions about sex, Bud had introduced me to cocksucking on a long weekend camping and hunting trip in the woods behind our adjoining farms. I loved him sucking my cock, loved sucking his cock. It was both hard and soft in my mouth, and he always gave me a big load of creamy cum to swallow. His cum was tangy, a little salty tasting but mostly like clorox in flavor. I loved the feel of his cum's thick, slimy wads of white cream in my mouth, then the clear flow of juice he gave me - much like his pre-cum - as I sucked him off time after time.

One hot summer afternoon we were putting up hay in my family's barn. The chore completed just at dusk, we were sweaty and covered with dust, bits of prickly grass, and little seeds from the hay. We agreed to go to the spring on my family's farm that fed the creek where Bud and I had camped several months before. I drove our tractor; Bud sat on the wheel shield. As we bounced along he held on with an arm around my neck. He let one hand feel one of my nipples and rubbed his crotch with his other hand.

"I am so horny," he said when he noticed me watching him rub his cock through his work jeans. "How about you?"

"I'm okay, Bud, but you know I'll suck you anytime you want," I answered him.

"I know," he said, "and I think it's time you learned to fuck."

Thinking he wanted to fuck me, I said, "I don't know, Bud. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Isn't it kind of dirty. Something we do only with girls?" I asked.

"It's not dirty if we are clean," he said, "and, no, we can do it with girls in their pussies and their assholes. We can do it with each other in our butts."

"Doesn't it hurt though?" I asked. "I can't even imagine your big, hard cock going up my butt. The hole is so small. Even when we put fingers in each other while sucking it is so tight. I've only ever put one finger in you as you have put yours in me."

"It feels good doesn't it," he asked, "when I finger your ass while sucking you?"

"Yes it feels good, and the way you do it, it makes me cum so hard and so much."

"I know," he said, "same for me when you finger me while sucking me."

"Okay then, let's try it," I agreed, "after we bathe."

"Sure buddy, you will like it a lot," he promised.

All the time thinking while we bathed in the spring that he was going to fuck me I was careful to clean my hole good. I put my own finger in it and washed my crack with the soap and water. I noticed he was doing the same.

Then he soaped my cock. I soaped his. We washed and stroked each other. The good feelings started, and my cock twitched in his hand, leaking pre-cum that mixed with the soap adding extra slickness. I was about to cum when Bud stopped stroking me. I let his cock go also and resigned myself to being fucked right there on the ground by the spring.

Bud guided the action as usual. He helped me out of the spring by pushing on one of my buttcheeks with one of his hands. Naked with him, I stood facing him ready to protest being fucked. I was going to tell him I would suck him but did not want to be fucked in my ass.

He went to his knees, took my cock in his hand brought his mouth to my knob. Stroking my shaft he licked around the head of my cock, wetting it with his spit. He went down on me working my length to the back of his mouth and into his throat. He cupped my balls in one hand and massaged my nipples, chest and stomach with his other hand. I had grown a patch of fuzz above my cock root, and he curled his fingers there, caressing my pubes. I felt the tingling of pre-cum oozing out of my cock slit and the extra sliminess in his mouth as he moved his head back and forth sucking me.

Wet with his spit and my pre-cum his middle finger went in the cleft of my buttocks. He felt for my hole and rubbed it with his slick finger. He pushed his long finger into my rectum, still sucking my cock.

"Oh, unh," I groaned in pleasure. I had abandoned any idea of telling him no. I was going to let him fuck me. I was sure now that was his intention.

He surprised me when he pulled back his lips tight on my cockhead and sucked it strongly then released it from his mouth with a wet, juicy plop. He turned away from me and went onto his hands and knees. Looking back at me over his shoulder, he said, "Better let you fuck me before you cum."

"You want me to fuck you?" I asked.

"Sure. Yes," he said. He chuckled. "Did you think I was going to fuck you tonight?" he asked.

"Yes, I did," I answered him.

"We'll save that for later," he said. "I am horny to be fucked. That's what I meant when I said I was horny. Besides I want you to know how good it feels by fucking me first. I'll fuck you when you're really ready for it, and as if he was reading my mind again, added, "I don't think you are ready now."

"I want to do everything with you, Bud," I assured him. "I do want you to fuck me someday, but I am afraid of it right now. I am afraid your big cock will tear my ass."

"I won't tear you, honey," he calmed me, "when I fuck you. I don't want to do anything to hurt you, only teach you all the pleasures we can have together. Now spit on your hand and put it in my crack. Wet my hole."

I stepped toward him, spit in my hand and smeared it in the crack of his ass.

"Do it again," he said. "Put some right on and in my hole this time." He reached back with both hands, his shoulder and the side of his head resting on the grassy bank of the spring, and spread his cheeks for me.

I could see clearly his ring, crinkled, browner than the white skin in his cleft. I spit in my hand again and smeared my saliva on his hole, then eased my wet middle finger into him.

"Now on your hard cock," he instructed me. "Get it wet with your spit and pre-cum."

I spit again and grasped my cock. I stroked it, milking down a string of clear juice. I slimed my cock with the mixture.

Still looking over his shoulder at me and smiling, he said, "Good. Now rub it all around on my hole. Slick it more with your pre-cum."

I knelt behind him and steered my cock knob to his puckered anus. I worked my knob around and around smearing the spit and pre-cum into his crinkled, brown folds.

"Umnh, that's it," he approved. "You learn fast. Now push it into me. Stick it in my ass."

Still holding my cock shaft, I humped forward with my hips. The crown of my sock slid right through his wet sphincter and my shaft went in him to the root.

"Aaaaah, oooh," he grunted.

I felt his tight, hot asshole flex on my rod.

"Ummmmnh," I hummed, "that feels so good. You're so hot in there. So tight."

"Umnh, huh," Bud agreed, "but you surprised me by ramming it right up me. Give me a moment to get used to it."

I held my cock in place. Bud breathed deeply, relaxing, adjusting to the feel of my hard cock in his tight hole. Then he moved forward sliding my cock along the inner walls of his rectum. He rocked back. Forward, back, forward, back, he fucked his own ass on my cock.

I was shuddering. Holding onto his hips, I looked down to watch my rod going back and forth in him, feeling the heat, the grasp, the velvety insides of Bud's ass channel. I had never felt anything this good in my life. Even Bud's mouth sucking my cock, taking my cum did not feel this good. I started moving with him, rocking my hips, pushing and pulling my cock in and out of his asshole.

"That's it, Roy, fuck me good. Fuck my mancunt. Make me your pussyman. Use me. Fuck me like you have seen the dogs fuck, the bull on the cow, me fucking Linda (his sister)," he urged me.

I drew up tight against him, my thighs touching his hairy upper legs, my balls against his. I laid over his back and reached around his waist. I fucked him with long, slow, deep strokes.

"Umnh, oh yeah, oh yeah," Bud moaned. "Fuck me good. Feel my titties."

I brought my hands to his nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers, massaged them, moved my fingers up and down on them as they grew harder, more erect from his body.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh," Bud grunted in response to each of my thrusts into his rectum. "Oooooooh," he shuddered. "My cock now. Stroke my cock," he begged me.

I moved a hand to his cock and grasped his slimy pole. I moved my hand up and down smoothing the steady stream of pre-cum running from his slit up and down on his shaft, coated his big, mushroom crown with the slimy juice. I was cumming already, but I stayed hard. I fucked right on through my cum, pumping my cock back and forth into him, pounding my jism into a froth, raking it out of his hole, feeling it running down over my balls, on the front and insides of my legs.

"Oh, oh, oh, unh, unh, unh," Bud continued to grunt. "You came didn't you? You shot a load into me?"

"Yes," I breathed into his ear. "I came but I am still hard, gonna cum again. Can I keep fucking you?"

Bud laughed, his body shaking, making my cock feel even better going back and forth in him. "Of course," he answered. "Fuck me more. Cum in me again. Jerk me off. I want you to feel it when I cum."

I stroked his cock faster and kept fucking him. Squishy sounds filled the air, our sticky bodies slapping together, my cum spraying out of his tight asshole onto both of us, matting down my pubic hairs, drooling over my ball sack and down both my legs and his. The smell of our sex reeked strong with my spit, pre-cum, cum, his pre-cum, and ass musk. The sounds, smells, feel of his rectal walls sliding on my cock excited me so.

Suddenly Bud's cock jerked in my hand, a wad of cum burst from the head of his cock onto the grass, another shot, another, another. As he came his channel gripped and released, tightened and loosened on my pistoning cock in his ass. I released a second load of cum into his bowels, adding it to the sloppy mess I had made of his mancunt - he called it.

I was still hard and wanted to keep fucking him, to keep feeling the sensations, but the tingling was too much for me to stand. I collapsed onto his back, my cock buried balls deep in his rectum. He eased down onto the grassy bed beneath us.

"Ooooo-ooo-oooh," he shuddered. "That was so good Roy. You are such a good lover."

He rolled out from underneath me pulling his asshole off my cock. He rolled me over and put his head between my legs. He cleaned my cock with his lips, tongue and mouth. I brought his wet, smelly cock to my mouth and cleaned him too. With him on his knees above me, my cum leaked from his hole onto my face, into my ears, down my neck. He rotated around and cleaned my cum from my neck, ears and face. He kissed me, slid his tongue into my mouth, and we swapped our cum back and forth. Completing our sloppy wet kisses, he helped me to my feet. We went back into the spring to bathe again.

As we bathed and dressed I babbled like the xxx I was telling him how good it felt fucking him and cumming in his ass. Even how much I wanted him to fuck me soon. It felt so good for me, I wanted him to feel as good fucking me. Soon came within a few days. That is where I began this series, but it does not end here. Bud had said he would help me have sex with other men, and I was looking forward to that too. That will be the next story in the series.

Progressive Learning 5 - Prelude

After sucking my cock, teaching me to suck his cock, fuck him in the ass, and take his cock in my mancunt, Bud said he would help me have sex with other men. True to his word, as always,

Chapter 5

After that first experience, he took me to a party with him one weekend. We told my family it was a group campout in the evenings and daytime hunting. I was so excited.

The trip was a campout and hunt, but also a major sex party. Bud drove us in his truck to the campsite near one of the many lakes near our farms. When we arrived it was clear to me that we would be camping in a field by the lake, probably hunting and fishing some, and partying day and night. Some of the men were already into the partying. Thay had arrived before us and were heavy into drinking beer and several kinds of liquor - vodka, gin, bourbon and white lightning.

Bud introduced me around to almost a dozen guys - all older than me by many years, some older than Bud, in their 40s, 50s, even one 60-something-year-old. I doubted I would remember all their names, but that didn't matter at the moment. After the weekend I sure would know some of the names, their phone numbers and where they lived.

We located our designated campsite and started unloading and hauling our gear to the site. As we walked by one of the larger tents, I could not help but see five naked men making out in the open tent. Two were embraced in a passionate 69. The other three were together. One of them was on his hands and knees being fucked in the ass and the mouth by the other two.

Bud and I set up our tent and stowed our gear. By the time we finished those chores we were ready for some cold beers. We cracked a couple of cans from our cooler. Finishing those two we had a couple more, then a third. I was getting a buzz on and wanted to suck Bud. I wanted him to fuck me too. Since the first time he had fucked me that was what I wanted the most - his long cock fucking my xxxpussy and filling it with his hot, creamy cum.

We had fucked enough by this time that I considered our cocksucking as foreplay for him fucking my ass. Nothing made me feel better than being under him or sitting on top of him and riding his cock. I always came while he fucked me, often several times in succession.

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