tagIllustratedProject: Ghost

Project: Ghost

byMy Erotic Trail©

"Shawn, telephone, line three," a voiced yelled out from the forward desks of the Research and Development's work arena. Shawn sat entranced in his work, bent over a white laminate table touching miniature circuits with an electrode detector. His eyes were opened extra wide while peering through a large table mounted magnifying glass through his 'pop bottle bottom' thick glasses.

Shawn reached across the table for the telephone, instinctively, without looking, knocking over a pencil and pen holder, a stack of papers atop folders that sailed and lay strewed across the table and floor, while fumbling to pick up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Honey! Did you pick up a costume for the Halloween party tonight?" Liza, Shawn's wife asked. Her voice pierced his ears through the telephone receiver. His eyes shot open wide and his mind searched for an answer like a Witch rummaging through her cupboards for a certain ingredient.

"Uh! You know I don't like going to your company parties. Your boss's wife is always flirting with me and I don't think your boss likes me very much." Shawn pleaded. His face turned white as a ghost when he realized he had forgotten that very task.

"I know you don't like going but it is mandatory for employees and I am one of their most valued employees." Liza stated firmly. "So, what kind of costume did you pick out?"

"Huh! Oh... " Shawn closed his eyes and thought real hard. He opened his eyes and glanced around the work arena for some type of help in giving her a good answer. There on its pedestal was the Defense Department's latest Top Secret project; The Ghost, a state of the art spy uniform. The suit was futuristic, metallic gray, elastic and made so that one size fits 'almost' all. "Yeah, I have a space age suit."

"Well, that's better than last years, anything is better than a pink flamingo. I have to go, it's five o'clock. I'll meet you at the party in one hour, okay?" Liza rattled off her good byes and they both hung up.

"Oh, what have I done?" Shawn grumbled, pulling his hair as if that would help his brain think of a way out of his predicament. Employees were leaving as the clock chimed an 'off duty' ring. He sat at his work station paralyzed at what he had just said. He contemplated his avenues of reprieve. Perhaps he could race to the costume store before he went to the party. Maybe he could sneak the suit out of the Research and Development Department for the weekend and have it back by Monday.

Shawn waited till the area was vacated of any other soul and he raced to try on the suit. The top easily slipped on but his pants felt rather large and demanded a much more focused wrestling match in order to wear them.

He looked at himself in the triple-sectioned mirror like a school girl on prom night and liked his new look. The suit enhanced his physique with broader shoulders and hid his spindled legs. The boots were bold and as he put the helmet on, which allowed plenty of room for his thick glasses, he thought he looked more like a futuristic robot than a spy.

"Now for the real test." Shawn reached down and flicked a button on his belt's control panel. He looked into the mirror. Shawn saw that there was no reflection what so ever. He could not see himself in the mirror. He then proceeded to leave, went directly to the Halloween party, invisible as a Ghost.


The Halloween party

"There you are!" A woman's voice shrilled as Shawn walked into the hotel's ballroom. The sign by the door; 'Laden-odor Company's Halloween Bash' was sitting on an easel. Shawn turned, because the woman was talking to him. "You're late!" The woman said as she walked up, peered into his helmet, making sure it was him; placing her arm through Shawn's and began walking him towards the dance floor.

The bosses wife, Evelyn, was voluptuously pushy. She always seemed to find Shawn and rope him into a dance; rather he wanted to or not. He reached down and flicked the switch which made him invisible, and pulled his arm free, delicately.

"Where...did he go?" Evelyn snickered as she drew her arm back from thin air. She did a semicircle spin, looked for Shawn, then darted after another poor, unsuspecting soul.

Shawn remained transparent while he searched the ballroom for his wife, hoping to evade Evelyn. He made a complete circle through the crowd, table, and chairs. Unable to see her on the dance floor nor the dining area, he thought perhaps she had not made it yet. He made his way back to the entrance and checked the sign in sheet and noticed that Liza Roberts had signed in.

Shawn's bladder demanded to be relieved so he made his way towards the bathroom area. Noticing that Evelyn was scouring the dining room like a hawk after a meal, he quickened his pace as he turned the corner and ran into a man standing in a line.

"Hey," the man snarled as he turned around and looked directly at Shawn, but saw no one there. Shawn was frozen as a Popsicle; he wasn't sure if the man had seen him or not. He had not adjusted fully to the idea of being invisible.

"So far, this suit has worked wonders," Shawn thought. He noticed that there was not a line leading to the women's restroom. In fact, there wasn't a line at all. Then came a shoving push from behind him.

"Excuse me... " a man slurred as he swayed from intoxication. Looking right at Shawn and blinking his eyes, the drunken employee did not see Shawn but was certain he had run into something. The man reached out and put his hand right on Shawn's chest and felt it as though it was an invisible wall. He squinted his eyes to see if he had run into a glass door.

Shawn quickly moved out of the line and the man stumbled forward and fell into the other man who turned and snarled, "Look where you're going!"

Shawn spun around and found himself facing the women's lounge. He glanced over his shoulder and observed that no one was looking so he entered the door. He quickly jetted into the room and the door closed. He glanced all around for a sign, sound or sight of a female. Finding the coast was clear as a cloudless sky, he trotted to a stall and disappeared into it.

The sound of an echoing water fall was hushed by the sound of the door opening and women talking as they entered. "Did you see his cock?" The girl snickered. "I swear I felt it grow while we were slow dancing, so...close."

"Well, that is as close to dirty dancing as I get on the dance floor. The real show...is in the bedroom." The girls giggled while standing before the large mirror, powdering their noses and refreshing their lip stick.

Shawn peered through the slat in the stall's door. A slivered view allowed him to see their hair across their backs; round rears with alluring curves; legs, long and tantalizing all the way down to their spiked high heels. Shawn was pinching his penis, holding his urge to relieve his bladder's pressure. Limited of options he pulled down his pants and sat on the seat and tried diligently to piss, soundless.

The two ladies left chuckling about a deviate act they planned to tease their lovers with as Shawn completed his mission of lightening his organ's load. He came out of the stall quickly, fastening his suit and looked in the mirror; He could see himself, plain as day.

He waved his arm back and forth to ensure that it was him in the mirror, which was as obvious as a pink dildo in a jar of pickles. He checked the switch and saw that it had been moved to the off position, by accident. His sigh was replaced with a gasp, as the bathroom door opened again. His fingers flipped the switch as he stood motionless. The woman that entered walked right by Shawn as if he was not even standing there. You couldn't see it, but Shawn smiled an invisible smile, while exhaling as silent as he could.

He exited the women's lounge and began his search for his wife once again. He noticed a set of wide spiral stairs and thought he would have an advantage from a bird's eye view. As he made his way in and out of people then up the stairs, he flipped the switch which made him visible again, in hopes that maybe his wife would see him and call out to him.

Shawn walked to the large handrail that marked the balcony, offering a view of the dance floor and lower level. Peering like an Eagle for its nest; he scoured the room with his eyes. He caught a glimpse of what he thought to be Liz. She had said she was going to the party as Marilyn Monroe. There in the distant foyer was, Marilyn Monroe.

Shawn knew she was too far to call out to. He was about to turn and dash her way when; he caught a glimpse of a man's arm that reached around his wife, or Marilyn Monroe. The man leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Shawn leaned over the rail for as close a look as possible, while noticing that they were not only still kissing; they were embracing and swapping tongue rolls.

"Maybe there are several Marilyn Monroe's here tonight!" Shawn said in a whimpering whisper. He pulled his gloved hands from the rail and whisked down the stairs like a bat out of hell. "There's only one way to find out!" He mumbled as he made his way back towards the entrance, which doubles as an exit.

Shawn raced to where he had seen Marilyn Monroe kissing a strange man, and there was no one there. In a slight glimpse, Shawn saw a white dress sway wide as it disappeared around a turn, down a distant corridor. He raced to that corner and peered down that hallway. At the far end was an elevator; the doors were shutting. He spied a slight portion of the white dress within the elevator bank as the doors closed.

The doors 'dinged' as they shut fully and the light above the doors began to grow in illumination as it ascended, marking which floor the elevator was currently at. It stopped on the fourth floor.

Shawn pressed the elevator button again and again as if it would make the contraption run faster. The light glowed, three, two, one, ding.

Shawn rode the elevator as nervous as a parachute jumper looking at an open door. When the doors dinged again and opened, Shawn went out of there like a witch flying away on a broom stick. His mind didn't even acknowledge he had feet, instinctively racing for an answer, his thoughts filled with hopeful misunderstandings and heart crushing possibilities. He shot his eyes open wide as jack-o'-lanterns, looking down the hall in hopes of seeing a glimpse of his wife or a white dress. There was not a soul to be seen.

He started walking forward, slowing his pace, listening attentively for any clues where to look, as a closed door came up on his right. The numbers 410 shined; a polished gleam, from the center of the door. Shawn stood before it and listened. He looked down the hall one way and then the other once again to see if the coast was clear, then he glanced down at his belt's control panel.

"Now to try out the other option!" Shawn thought, while his fingers flipped the alternate switch on his belt; flipping the invisible mode as well. She shrugged his shoulder and took a deep breath, then stepped forward. Shawn entered the room by walking through the door, invisible and without a sound or disrupted molecule. Shawn looked back at the door he had just walked through like a ghost, in amazement.

The room was completely dark. Shawn stepped forward and walked towards the bedroom. It was completely vacant. His sigh was loud and clear. Shawn turned and went back the same way he came. He went through the door, then down the hall, walking briskly and determined to find, Marilyn Monroe.

The next door he came to read; 420. He stopped in front of the door then walked through the door as if he were a ghost. When he entered the room he immediately heard a shower running and noticed that there was a light 'On' in the bedroom. He went forward without fear of being seen. The bedroom was empty of any person but a slight humming sound came from a human's throat, in the bathroom. Shawn crept closer and closer, for a better look.

He peered into the bathroom of this hotel room and made an assumption that there was a person in the shower. The steam hung on the 'fogged glass' wall of the shower like a sheet across an open window. Movement could be seen but not understood. Shawn walked ever so slowly, closer to the shower. The sound of the water being turned off stopped Shawn, his forward momentum ended like a freeze frame as the shower door opened and an elderly woman stepped out of the closet of rain.

Shawn was stunned and nearly blinded by her elderly bare pale skin, yet itching with curiosity as he looked at her from her head to her toes then turned and darted out the door.

Shawn went across the threshold as if it were a swinging door, walking right through the door, then back into the hall and in a half run went to the next room. He never even slowed down. He went through the next room's door so fast, he did not see what number was on the door.

The sound of heavy breathing and playful moans rang out from the bedroom. Shawn never slowed down, he entered the bedroom on the wings of haste and stopped in a statue stance when he saw a woman, naked, having sex with her back to him. Medium length brown hair flowed down her back while she rode a man with wild passion. Shawn looked down at the man's large flat feet sticking out from under the covers, then looked past the woman to see that the man was in fact; Liz's boss. His fingers were grasping the woman's waist tightly as she wiggled up and down.

Shawn looked down and saw a white dress lying on the floor and a white wig sitting on the night stand. He looked long and hard as his anger boiled. The woman's hair, frame, ass and riding abilities, were identical to his wife's; Liz. Shawn could hardly believe his eyes.

He stepped back into the other room and stood, shaking with hurt and anger. His wife, with her boss. This was devastating. Shawn reached down and turned off the invisibility and the ability to walk through walls. They were not needed any more, he was going to march right in there and tell them they are caught.

Shawn jumped from his stance and marched back into the bedroom. Just as he reached the door he heard, "Oh baby, by next week, you'll be my new secretary. Good bye Liz Roberts and hello Bambi Mannix."

"With a raise...like I'm giving you a raise now?" The woman asked. It was clearly not Liz's voice. Shawn stumbled backwards in relief. He leaned against the wall a moment, and thought for a second, then darted towards the door. He had forgotten he had turned his suit off and ran smack dab into the door like a hammer hitting a nail. The sound of his body's impact against hard wood rang out as much as Shawn's "Oh shit!"

"Who's there?" Liz's boss called from the bedroom. Shawn flipped the two switches 'on' then in a crippled stagger he walked through the door and began walking back to the elevator. He felt like he had just been defeated in a boxing match as he walked slowly, invisibly and with a transparent heart.

He went down to the main lobby and while in the elevator he no longer felt the need for the suit's special features and turned off both switches. As the elevator door opened, there stood Evelyn.

"There you are!" She said as she fell into Shawn in an over exaggerated drunken state just to get closer to him.

Shawn held the door open and advised her she needed to; "Go to room 430," that; "Your husband is, ready, willing and waiting."

Shawn lazily made his way toward the ball room. There in the foyer sat Liz. Marilyn Monroe, stooped over, wearing a frown as if she had just had her trick or treat bag stolen.

"Hey baby!" Shawn said in an imitated happy tone.

"You're late!" Liz bellowed out at Shawn as she looked up at him with puffy red eyes. Sniffling slightly, holding a hanky in one hand and a broken high heel in her other, she whined, "There are about six Marilyn Monroe here tonight. I broke my high heel and nearly broke my neck. Then some drunk guy slobbers all over me, while two crazy females doing a dirty dance routine, made me spill my drink all over me..."

"Aw hun," Shawn sat next to her and wrapped his arm around Liz and gave her a loving squeeze. "You want to get out of here?" Shawn asked hopefully. Liz just shook her head; yes. They left the Halloween party, arm in arm, under a moon that appeared as a mime's face with a smiling glow.


Shawn sat at his work station as other employees filtered into the Technical Research and Development Department arena. His colleague walked up with a steaming cup of coffee.

"How was the party?" he chuckled with a splash of sarcasm, knowing how much Shawn hated to attend such functions.

"Oh, It was like I was invisible, I went as a Ghost; nobody even knew I was there." Shawn gleamed. He instructed his colleague that he had some thoughts about the secret project, like; "Removing the switches and replacing them with safety buttons, to ensure against accidentally turning them on or off and perhaps a light on the inside of the helmet, that relays rather the suit is on or not."

His colleague was intrigued and loved the ideas. "Oh yeah, one more thing," Shawn said as he went back to his work area. "If nothing else, that would make a great Halloween costume."


(Pictures drawn with windows 98 paint program)

(Thank You; Lou Lou; for the edits, additions, ideas and help that you gave me, in order for this story to... (~_*) come to life )

Happy Halloween to all


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