tagGay MaleProject Phoenix Ch. 04

Project Phoenix Ch. 04


Hi Guys! Sorry it took me so long to post this chapter. Life still goes on and mine has been very chaotic lately. I've also been focusing on editing, since it's my weakest link. I tried to keep the personalities of Dex and Mitch intact and as realistic as possible. This chapter involves the National Federation and the men who work for them. And word to the wise, Sten's involvement in this story is not quite done yet ;) As always comments, feedback and suggestions are welcomed. Enjoy!


Three Years Ago, St.Agnes Hospital

"Sir. Sir?"

Captain Dex Ordenal looked up from his seated position in the surgical waiting room. His eyes were red rimmed, dried tears leaving pale streaks on his face. His strong hands clenched together, half in prayer half in anger.

"Y-yes." Dex's throat was dry and his body ached as he stood up to face the middle aged surgeon who addressed him.

The Surgeon was a tall, handsome black man with short hair and a long face. His dark eyes were sunken in like he hadn't slept for awhile . His body was slouched, deflated; a sad expression on his face.

"Your wife came into the Emergency room today just after 2pm. She was in a lot of pain and had heavy uteral bleeding. She exhibited the signs of Environmental Degenerative Tissue Syndrome so we put her into surgery right away. We did the best we could to stop the bleeding, but sir I'm sorry... she died." The Surgeon looked away like he was ashamed, like it was his fault.

The cases of EDTS were streaming in by the dozens an hour and 80% were fatal within the first 24 hours. So far the skilled surgeon had operated on 15 women, all died within a day. He didn't think he could take telling another family member that their loved one bled to death and no one in the world knew how to stop it.

Captain Dex's hands were shaking and the tears started to flow freely again. Kay couldn't be dead. It wasn't possible. Dex collapsed into the chair and laid his head in his hands and cried silently for a few minutes before speaking to The Surgeon again.

"Can I see her?" Dex could barely get the words out.

"It's against NF protocol but I don't see the harm in it. EDTS doesn't seem to be contagious in males so....this way." The nameless surgeon lead Dex down a series of hallways and corridors until they came to a room with a hospital curtain pulled across it. The Surgeon turned to the Captain.

"Take all the time you need." He said then was gone.

Dex took a deep breath before he moved the curtain and stepped into the room. It was an operating room, walls were lined with surgical kits and necessities. A large overhead light hung above a polymer operating table. And on the table was the outline of a body covered by a sheet.

Dex slowly walked up to the table and moved the light away so it didn't shine directly down on the figure below. He removed the sheet and let out a low, whining moan as the face of his young wife was revealed.

Her face was paler than usual, her lips blue. Her hair was stringy and wet. They had shut her eyes but Dex opened them, their once vibrant color forever dulled. His whole body shook as he pulled Kay into his arms and cried. He mumbled and apologized for what she had walked in on earlier, his words so soft and pleading. Dex repeated her name over and over again as he rocked her body in his arms, almost chanting.

Blood started to seep threw the thin material of the sheet from the swaying motion and Dex only cried harder as the stain grew.

It was 4 hours later when he final left that room and went to the front desk to make arrangements for transportation of the body.

"Ahhhh!!!! Dex!!!!!!" Mitch was on the floor of the bathroom, naked, clutching at his sides. He had just gotten out of the shower when another flare of pain hit him. Ever since the modification surgery he'd been plagued by these debilitating bouts of intense pain. His doctor said since the surgery was experimental nothing was really expected. He just prescribed Mitch doses of an intense pain killer called Nuroxitin.

Captain Dex ran into the bathroom to see his companion hunched on the floor, gripping at the tiles and gritting his teeth. Dex had took a leave from the Helm to help Mitch recover from his surgery and tried to help Mitch as best as he could, but Mitch always seemed to be pushing him away.

A horrible scream snapped Dex back to the present and he rushed over to Mitch, the Nuroxitin shot in his hand. He crouched down next to his screaming companion and pressed the purple circular tube against the flesh of Mitch's thigh and pressed the white button on top. Six needles filled with the drug dug into Mitch's skin providing instance relief. Mitch sighed and his hands unclenched. His eyes glazed over and his breathing slowed.

Dex was concerned about this new pain killer. It was introduced recently and though it worked miracles it was rumored to be highly addictive. Mitch had only needed the shots maybe once or twice a day but now it was up to almost triple that. The Captain didn't like it but he couldn't deny Mitch.

Mitch's face still haunted him from the day of his surgery. The look of betrayal and fear on his face had reminded Dex so much of his wife Kay's final hours that he'd been almost in a constant state of emotional shock since then. He'd left most of the flight duties to Nate and the navigating computer INES. He wanted to talk to Mitch, explain to him what had happened but Mitch just always gave him a deadly stare and that stopped Dex from saying a word.

"Ahh, much better." Mitch said as he sat up against the shower door and pulled a towel over himself. His face was sweating but he was calmer.

"Do you need me to call Dr.Welsh?" Dex wanted to see if maybe there was something else he could give Mitch for the pain.

Mitch shuddered at the thought of seeing his creepy primary physician and facing that blinding white hospital room. He'd woken up with nightmares ever since the surgery.

"No, no. I'm good now thanks. Plus, I see him tomorrow for post anyways." Mitch stood up. Dex tried to help but Mitch shrugged him off, he's hadn't let Dex touch him.

"I've got to go to the Control Room and make sure we're still on course and everything's fine." Dex hadn't been to the Helm in a week.

"Sure, whatever." Mitch just turned and limped out of the bathroom, clutching his side.

Dex dropped his head in frustration and just walked out of the suite. Mitch couldn't have cared less.

Mitch went to stand in front of the wardrobe mirror and look at himself. He didn't feel sexy anymore. The scar was a symbol to everybody that he was no longer a man. He felt like everyone who saw him could tell what had been done to him and what he was. He was no longer hot, no longer desirable, just some freak designed for breeding. Mitch sat down on edge of the bed.

The only thing that stopped those thoughts was the Nuroxitin. At first Mitch had used it as prescribed for the pain, but eventually he started using it whenever the walls closed in on him. He could tell Dex was becoming suspicious, but fuck him. He'd let them do this to him.

Mitch thought about how at first he wasn't afraid of having the modification surgery. But his feeling changed when he walked into that lobby. All those terrified faces. What had really scared Mitch was seeing companions together and realizing that Dex wasn't there. Dex was never going to be able to handle any of this. The reality that Mitch was facing this alone broke him and all he wanted to do was run...and the one thing Dex should at least have been able to do was let him.

Mitch was tired of feeling like some freak medical experiment and decided he wasn't going to wait around for another awkward dinner with the captain. Mitch went into the wardrobe and pulled on the tightest pair of dark jeans he owned and a black, long sleeve, sheer shirt. He left a note for Dex saying he had went out and would be back later. Mitch was determined to get his old self back.

Captain Dex spent a couple hours in the Helm checking over flight plans and navigational boards. His crew were highly skilled and had handled things well while he had been caring for Mitch. Dex got back to the suite later that night and found the note on the bed that Mitch had left.

"God damn it." Dex growled. Mitch shouldn't be out in his condition. He'd just been through an experimental procedure and anything could happen. He should be in bed.

Dex changed out of his uniform and put on back slacks and a white shirt then walked over to the ships locator. He punched in Mitch's Name and ID number. A green pulsing dot appeared on the map showing that Lt. Mitch Stone was at the Opulence Bar on R Deck Level 1.

Dex was furious! He was clubbing?! Dex grabbed a jacked and left the room.

Dex appeared on the ele-port pad on R Deck with a flash of green light. His skin always tingled when he was instantly transported. R Deck Level 1 was full of bars and clubs. There were sports bars like Strike and posh officer clubs like The Common. But the real action was at the thumping, techno clubs like UTurn, Fist, and of course the Opulence Bar.

Captain Dex walked past the the rows of entrances until he came to The Opulence Bar. He could feel the vibrations from the music coming through the door. A bouncer dressed all in black was standing in front, his hands behind his back.

"Can I help you?" The bouncer said. He was about the same size a Dex but a bit wider at the shoulders and sported a thick beard and spiked hair.

"My companion's in there." Dex tried to go around the guy. The bouncer put a firm hand on Dex's chest.

"Listen, I don't give a fuck who's in there. We're full so fuck off." The guy said as he stared Dex down.

Dex grabbed the bouncer's hand with his free left and twisted it hard at the wrist and punched him in the stomach once his right was free, making the bouncer double over.

"No you listen! I'm Captain Ordenal of this ship and your going to let me in or I'll have your ass jettisoned into deep space with the trash!"

The bouncer nodded quickly and stepped aside. Dex swiped his Pass Card and walked into the bar.

Opulence was one of the most popular hang outs on the FSC Prudential. The drinks were cheap, the music was current, and there was always a great selection of sexy man meat to feast your eyes upon.

Dex looked around the club. It was dark and neon lights were flashing all around making it hard to see. Dex bypassed the crowded dance floor and made his way to the yellow, glowing bar. He signaled the bartender over.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender was a typical twink. Skinny, with bleach blond hair and small frame. Dex thought he recognized him as one of the servers in the mess hall.

"Nothing. I'm looking for this guy." Dex held up a copy of Mitch's Pass Card with his picture on it. "Seen him?"

The bartender took the picture and looked close then nodded. "Yea he's in the VIP room, in the back. But he's with his companion though." The bartender said handing Dex back the ID copy. Dex ground his teeth and muttered a thanks before heading off to the back rooms.

Dex made his way to the back VIP area. It was sectioned off by a red velvet curtain. Dex ducked inside and was standing in a hall with more curtained off rooms on both sides. Some were closed but you could hear people inside, others were open and empty. Dex peaked into each one searching for Mitch.

He found him in the last one straddling a guy he couldn't see and making out with him. Dex ripped back the curtain.

"Mitch! What the hell are you doing?" Dex stormed into the room and pulled Mitch off the guy he was lip locking with. The glass table behind him was littered with empty glasses and a couple Nuroxitin containers. Mitch had his pants undone and his shirt was partial open up top. The other guy was topless with only jeans on.

The other guy was Sten.

"You!!" Sten stood up and swung at Dex hitting him in the jaw. Dex let go of the intoxicated Mitch. Mitch slumped to the floor, feebly trying to get up. Dex punched Sten in the stomach and grabbed him and threw him against the wall.

"How fucking dare you touch my companion again. I warned you didn't I?" Dex was hollering at the top of his lungs.

Sten dug his fingers into Dex's eyes and pushed him back then punched him in the chest.

"Fuck you! He wanted it. Your companions a slut don't fault me for it!" Sten was advancing on Dex as Dex was rubbing his eyes, trying to get his vision back.

Mitch was slowly standing up.

"Hey fuck you man! I'm not a slut." Mitch slurred his words and pushed at Sten. Sten back handed Mitch knocking him down.

Mitch may have been drunk and high but hell if he was going to let some prick beat him up. He pulled himself up and twisting his hips landed a hard right hand to Sten's temple. Sten crashed down onto the red couch almost unconscious. Mitch dropped to his knees his energy gone.

Dex shook his head as he gained his vision back and pulled Sten up off the couch by his hair not knowing that Mitch had just landed a killer punch. Dex positioned Sten over the glass table in the middle of the room.

"I should kill you for touch Mitch! I SHOULD FUCKING KILL YOU!!" Dex was yelling into Sten's face but Sten was out of it.

Mitch screamed as a series of sharp pains shot down his side. He scrambled for his pockets trying to find another Nuroxitin injection.

Dex still was yelling into Sten face as a flushed and terrified Sergeant Nate Zimms came into the room. Nate was in a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt. His gasped as he took in the sight in front of him. Sten was in a death grip by the Captain over a glass table and a moaning, topless Mitch was jabbing an injector into his arms.

"Dex don't!" Nate ran up to Dex and pulled on one of his arms. Sten kicked away from Dex. Dex caught sight of Mitch on the floor and walked over to him and bent down to him. Nate went to Sten and went to reach out to him.

"Babe, are you okay?" Nate's big eyes were filled with concern.

"Don't fucking touch me." Sten grabbed Nate's forearm roughly and tossed him aside. Nate let out a yelp.

Dex heard the sound and his head shot back up to Sten and he rushed him. Dex's shoulders hit Sten in the gut as they went crashing into the wall. Dex threw Sten down on the ground and started kicking him in the ribs, feeling some shatter at the impact.

"Captain please don't! Let him go." Nate crawled over to Sten and layed on top of him stopping Dex from landing any more blows.

"He just hit you! In front of me! How can you defend him?" Dex roared. Mitch started moving around somewhere to his left.

"I'm not. I'm defending you! If you kill him you'll go to jail." Nate looked up at Dex's angry face, crimson with rage and freckled with bruises and small cuts. "I care about you too much to have you jeopardize yourself like that."

Dex looked over at Mitch, intoxicated on the floor; Dex dropped Sten. Opulence security came into the room and saw it destroyed. Dex identified himself as the Captain and told them to have P&E put Sten in overnight lock up. Nate said he wanted to go file for a different companion so Dex assigned him an escort.

After everything had been cleared up, Sten was in laser cuffs and Nate was on his was to the Project Office Dex went to deal with his companion. Mitch was still sitting on the floor but was leaning up against the red couch and holding a piece of ice to his head. Dex reached down and dragged him up by his arms.

"Ow your hurting me, Dex!" Mitch was trying to pry Dex's finger's loose as Dex dragged him out of the crowded club.

"Its Captain Ordenal to you Lieutenant." Dex shoved Mitch outside and onto the ele-port with him and they disappeared in a haze of light.

"WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?" Dex hollered at Mitch who was sitting on the bed while Dex stood, towering over him.

"And telling them that he was your companion? Sten? You could go to jail for that you know!" Dex was livid. Here he was feeling guilty this whole time since the surgery about betraying Mitch and in the meantime Mitch was getting it on with his Navigating Officer's Companion.

"I don't care!" Mitch yelled back as he stood up. "Arrest me! It's better than being here with you!" Mitch pushed past Dex and went to the wardrobe to change his clothes.

"Oh really? I'm that bad am I? I've been the one taking care of you since you got out of the hospital! It's me who wakes up to your screaming in the middle of the night to give your your fix!" Dex was shouting at Mitch's back.

Mitch whirled around with anger in his eyes.

"My fix? I'm some drug addict now? Well tell you what Captain Oh-High-And-Fucking-Mighty maybe I wouldn't need the drugs if YOU had been the one to get the surgery! Ever thought about that you selfish ass?! It wasn't you who was stripped of their manhood. It was me! ME! I'm the one who's expected to be fat and pregnant by some guy who doesn't even care about me; who looks at our relationship as just a mission, work!!"

Mitch went to swing at Dex but Dex caught Mitch's fist and pinned him up against the wardrobe with his body.

"Your manhood wasn't taken away! Your still sexy. Your still hot. Jesus I've wanted you since the first day I saw you. And yes I'm and asshole for saying those things about this just being a mission but Jesus Christ give me a break!!" Dex had his whole weight against Mitch; their hard, angry bodies smashed up against each other.

"I've given you enough breaks! You haven't let me in once Dex! I'm now able to carry a child inside of me do you understand what that means? And I have no I idea who the hell you are! Your a stranger and you seem perfectly happy to keep it that way." Mitch could feel Dex's muscular chest against his and his hard thighs wedged between his own. He was furious at Dex but his body always betrayed him. He shook suddenly and side stepped out of Dex's grasped. He relaxed as he felt his body cooled down.

"You know who I am Mitch. I'm the Captain of the - "

"No! That's your title, what you do. I know that but who are you? Where were you born? Do you have any other family?" Mitch hesitated for a moment. "Who's Kay?"

Dex sighed and dropped his head down then walked past Mitch and sat on the lounge. Mitch joined him and slid in close then put his hand on Dex's thingh. He tried to put his arm around Dex's shoulder but his side still hurt too much.

"Dex I'm sorry I made out with Sten. I just needed to feel wanted. Like I was still desirable. I've gone my whole like being this sexy guy and I feel...felt like the surgery took that away from me. I just needed to feel that again. That I wasn't just some lab rat." Mitch spoke slowly as he caressed Dex's thigh.

"Dex who's Kay?" Mitch asked again.

The Captain looked up and stared straight ahead staring at nothing. He didn't speak for awhile and then a single tear fell from his eye.

"She was my wife." Dex spoke low, almost in a whisper. "She died on the 4th day of the EDTS outbreak. She caught me cheating and later on that day she was infected." Dex hung his head, tears falling onto the carpet.

"Oh my god Dex. I'm so sorry." Mitch squeezed Dex's hand and kissed his neck, feeling him shiver.

"The worst part was that she suffered, alone. I wasn't with her when the bleeding started and the pain hit. I got a call from the hospital a coupler hours later telling me she was at the hospital and in surgery. I found out later that she'd been... been..." Dex choked on the last few words.

"What? What else did they say?" Mitch tightening his grip on Dex's clenched fists.

"That she had been 7 weeks pregnant at the time and the baby had been destroyed when she was infected." Mitch rushed out.

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