tagFetishProject Sister Pt. 02

Project Sister Pt. 02


My plan to turn my sister into a smoker was off to a great start. I went to my room and coaxed out three loads thinking about my beautiful sister smoking. The long white cigarette perched in her perfect lips, her increasingly deep inhales, and the streams of smoke clouding around her angelic face.

The next morning I awoke and headed downstairs. Entering the living room I was elated to see one more of my sister's cigarettes in the ashtray, she had smoked by herself, Yes. I was met by Siobhan in the kitchen.

"I made you breakfast bro." She said giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. All three

Of these things never happen.

"Great, I'll be right back I'm gonna go out and have a smoke first."

"Hold up I'll join you." She said to my delight.

We went out on the patio and my little sister flicked the lighter to life touching the flame to the tip of her cig and inhaled. She then held the flame up so I could light mine.

"So I guess smoking is not so bad?" I asked her.

"No I guess not, I mean I don't want to become a regular smoker but I have to admit I do like it."

My morning wood was harder than ever watching the smoke create a glow around her in the morning sun. Her inhales were really getting deep pulling more and more smoke into her young lungs.

We went in and ate breakfast actually enjoying each other's company for the first time in a long time. We finished eating and I cleaned up for her.

"Ready for another cig bro?" She asked already having a cigarette dangling from her full lips and one of mine in her outreached hand.

"Let's stay in there's really no reason to go out if we're both smoking." Lighting up as she spoke.

Who was I to disagree we sat on the couch talking, laughing, and smoking. I had to go to the university to do some updates to the system while most people were gone for the holidays.

"You want to take a ride into the city with me, it should only be about an hour." I asked unsure of what her response would be.

She blurted out "Sure." With a little giggle causing smoke to come out her nose.

"Holy crap I blew smoke out my nose, How did I do that?"

"I'm not good at smoke tricks but that's pretty easy, just inhale and blow out through your nose." I answered.

She tried and delighted in her success repeating the skill two more times. We finished smoking, showered, and headed to the train station. To my delight Siobhan slipped her pack of cigs in her purse before we left.

We caught the train to the city about forty minutes later we were at our destination. The walk from the station to the computer lab is exactly one cigarette long. I lit up exiting the door and waited to see what Siobhan did. She fished out a cig and followed suit.

"Look at you smoking in public." I teased, but she looked great.

"Yea I'm just addicted you know." Taking a big drag and blowing smoke towards the sky.

I found it hard to concentrate thinking about my sister smoking but I managed to get my work done. Heading back to the train we both smoked again but Siobhan realized she only had one cig left. We got back home when I heard her ask.

"Can you get me another pack before we get home."

"You have money and your 18 get them yourself." I told her really testing to see how much she really wanted them.

"What if someone I know sees me, and I don't know what to ask for." She whined.

"Ask for a box of Marlboro menthol lights 100s." I said.

I could see the nervousness in her face, I didn't know if she would do it. She gathered up her courage walked in the gas station and exited with a brand new pack of cigarettes and a pink "Hello Kitty," lighter. She had such a look of accomplishment it was cool.

"I did it." She beamed.

"Good job." I told her.

I set up micro cameras all over the house, including her bedroom. This would allow me to watch her and judge my progress. I knew this was wrong in every way but I convinced myself the reward was well worth the risk.

Two days later while lying in bed I decided to see what she was up to. I was ecstatic to see her in bed smoking a cigarette. That was enough for me to grab my dick. Then I realized she was masturbating. I could only see the vigorous movement from under her bedspread. Only stopping to crush out her cig and quicky light another. I was so ready to cum watching her work her pussy while drawing in more and more smoke. I could barely hold it in each time her cigarette glowed as she filled her lungs I nearly lost it. There was no sound but her writhing body indicated her orgasm, followed by my own cum coating my chest.

Her smoking started increasing over the next two weeks, even making almost daily trips to buy cigarettes. She was at just about a pack a day but now school would be starting. We were also getting closer, doing a lot more together and enjoying each other's company. It was time for me to start phase two of my plan and try to get in her pants.

The Saturday before she went back to school she had gone to the mall with friends to get school clothes. I left empty beer cans all over the living room and had rigged the TV so when she turned it on she would see videos of schoolgirls smoking while masturbating and having sex. I was in my room watching everything on my computer.

At 10:30 I heard her arrive the first good sign she ran in dropped her bags and immediately lit a cig. It was probably six or seven hours since she smoked as I don't think any of her friends knew of her new habit. She took multiple deep drags filling that nicotine void.Then the moment of truth she reached for the remote and turned the TV on. Met with the sight of porn she pushed the button to change the input select. However I had disabled the selector, a perk of being a nerd.

The video caught her attention and she began watching. Looking around she took the cig in her mouth as she lowered her jeans. Slowly she began rubbing her teen pussy. She finished her first cigarette and quickly lit another after her shirt and bra were removed. I had a perfect view of her young naked body. I had control of the videos so I switched to a smoking blow job with a young girl caught smoking by her brother and forced to blow him for his silence. Her finger was pounding her pussy and she was dragging on her cig while her other hand massaged her tits.

I decided to take a chance I snuck downstairs making just enough noise grabbing another beer, to give her time to throw a blanket over herself and turn off the TV. I walked in the living room she was sitting in the dark, just enough light to see her face red from fear and exhilaration.

"Oh I didn't hear you come in." I said.

I reached into my cigarette pack pulling out a fat joint. I didn't smoke weed very often but anything to help Siobhan lose her inhibitions.

"Do you want to try some weed?" I asked lighting the joint.

She didn't answer but when I handed it to her she took a hit, coughing and almost losing the blanket covering her exposed body. She tried again with much better results. We passed it back and forth when it was almost gone I flipped the TV on. Siobhan's eyes were wide with fear.

"Do you like having your sisters mouth on your cock?" The voice on the video said.

"What are you watching Sis?" I questioned.

"I wasn't watching it, it was on when I got here, I tried to change it." Her voice cracking.

I lit a cig for her and placed it between her lips. She inhaled deeply and her right hand slipped under the blanket towards her pussy.

"My whole body is tingling." She said the weed taking effect.

Her eyes focused on the screen there was just enough light to make out the movement below her blanket. I took the cig from her lips and flipped the ash, then returned it to her waiting mouth. I guided her left hand to the bulge in my shorts and held it there rubbing my cock. A gasp escaped her lips as the rubbing of her pussy intensified.

I took her cigarette and crushed it out. Pulling my shorts down to expose my hard cock. It is eight inches but not very thick. I guided her hand to grab a hold of the shaft.

"What are you doing, your my brother?" She asked but continued to stroke my cock.

"This is so wrong." Her eyes locked on the screen and both her hands busy.

I pulled her blanket off exposing the two fingers buried in her cunt. Her teen juices glistening in the light of the TV. Moans escaping involuntarily, I reached over rubbing her amazing chest. Her head flopped over the back of the couch her legs spreading wider.

The girl on TV took a load in her mouth and Siobhan starts to cum. Her moans matching the bucking of her body. I put a cigarette in her mouth and offered her a light. She inhaled deeply trying to catch her breath.

Kneeling between her legs, her body twitching every time my tongue hit her sensitive clit. She finally recovered enough to allow me to start licking her wet pussy, draped by a perfectly trimmed red carpet. Looking up over her mound, past her tits, to her lips dragging on a cigarette my greatest fantasy was coming true. As she came close to another orgasm her athletic legs tried crushing my head. Finally I felt a flood of the sweetest pussy juice in the world. Her body flailing uncontrollably.

"Oh my God, Yes!" She cried out several times.

She continued smoking as I placed my dick near her lips. She licked the tip and slowly opened her lips enough to let her brothers dick enter her mouth. I gave her instructions as she began to take more and more in her mouth. She took a drag of her cig and with her green eyes looking right in mine exhaled a long stream of smoke. I was ready to burst but had to fuck her. I took my cock and pulled her to the edge of the couch. With her pussy inches away from my cock I asked.

"Do you want your brother to fuck you?" I asked rubbing the tip on her wet mound.

"Yes do it fuck me, fuck your little sister." She yelled between moans.

I entered her slowly there was to hymen to pop as athletics had long since taken care of that. My balls now flush with her lips I slowly pulled the whole length in and out. She was so tight I knew I wouldn't last long but I wanted her to cum with me.

"Take your brothers cock, I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum." I said quickening my pace bottoming out on every stroke.

"Tell me to cum in you, tell me to cum in my sister's pussy." I yelled.

"Yes fill me up fill my virgin pussy with your cum." Her thrust now assisted by her powerful legs wrapped around my waist. Her nearing orgasm obvious I stiffened up unloading jets of cum deep in her hole. Holding my dick in her I leaned over kissing her deeply.

Regaining our strength I lit a joint inhaling deeply and kissing her, allowing the smoke to be pulled into her lungs. We continued smoking without anything being said. After the joint I lit cigarettes for both of us.

"That was amazing." I said.

"I can't believe I have your cum in me." Rubbing her leaking hole.

"Do you regret it bro?" Her question surprised me.

"My only regret is were not in my bed starting Round Two." I replied.

"Let's go." She said blowing her smoke right in my face and giggling.

We reached my room allowing me a full view of her body. My cum clinging to her pubic hair. Laying in bed she surprised me by going down on my cock. Sucking it deep into her velvety mouth. The rhythm of her lips now matching the stroking of her hand. She reached over lighting yet another cigarette. Exhaling again directly in my face. Returning to her sucking she looked up taking a big drag and saying.

"You like having your little sister's mouth on your cock." Spoofing the video.

My hand reached down grabbing the curls of her long red hair. About to lose it I sat her up to straddle my cock. I watched in awe as she slid down the length of my rod. She began riding me harder. I watched my dick disappear into my sister's pussy. Glancing up I saw her tits bouncing in unison with her thrust, her gold cross bouncing of them, and red glow of her cig as she inhaled deeply.

I wanted to have her doggy style so I positioned her on her knees, her perfect ass in the air. I pushed my cock in slamming away. I slapped her ass cheek with good force, a loud moan escaping. A second slap and I could feel her body pushing back even harder, my dick buried in her hole. A third harder slap and her pussy tightened around my cock. I exploded deep inside my sister's hole, her screaming orgasm coaxing more cum from my dick.

We drop onto the bed as I hold my sister in my arms. I stroke her hair as we try to catch our breath.

"Oh God." Is all she can say.

Holding her close to me heat still radiating from her just fucked body. We both slip off to sleep exhausted but elated.

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