Prom Pt. 01


It was that time of year again. Everyone was running around hoping to find a date for the senior prom, and I was stuck alone again. It was about mid April, and prom was the first week in May. Girls were buying dresses and guys were renting tuxes. The last two years, I decided to rent a tux, even though I didn't have a date. I was hoping to find the crying girl ditched at the last minute, like in the movies, but that only happens in the movies. I decided to give up this year, as no one would ask me. Who could blame the girls? I'm 18 years old, 5'5 and slim built with medium length dark brown hair. Not the kind of guy girls would go for.

I had some friends, not many, just a few close ones, guys and girls, who I hung out with. Now, since I wasn't a ladies man, I became best friends with a few girls at my school. 2 in particular, Kelly and Danielle. We had been friends through middle school, and always have been close. Even as legal adults now we still talk about cartoons and video games. We even lived close by, only a few blocks away from one another. Due to that fact, I would walk home with them everyday.

Today was a Friday, and as soon as the first bell rang, I went to my locker and dropped off my books. Kelly came over to me. "Hey!" she exclaimed.

A bit startled, I turned around and said hi back. We chatted about out day as we started walking to Danielle's locker. We quickly pick her up and carry on the conversation as before. Eventually, they start talking about girl things as I slowly drift into the back of the group. We exit the school and start walking home. I hear them talking about prom, and who they hope asks them, and their dresses and so on. I, on the other hand, get carried away in watching the girls walk ahead of me.

Kelly is much shorter than even me, about 5'3 and is beautiful. She has long flowing light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. For her size she has an impressive bust of c cups and a nice tight butt. She also has a very good sense of style.

Danielle is taller, around 5'7 with light brown hair to the middle of her back. She often wears leggings or skinny jeans, which is great because she has an amazing booty. Her feminine figure is almost perfect in every way.

I'm quickly snapped out of my daze when I feel a rain drop hit my face. The girls seemed to notice too. We hurry up out pace and make it to Kelly's house, the first stop. The rain keeps coming down harder and harder, and by the time we reached her house, we were soaked.

"You guys can stay here till the rain blows over!" she says. Obviously, we agree as the rain starts coming down in buckets.

We make it inside Kelly's house and head to her room upstairs. I've only been in her room a few times, and it was briefly at that. She has a queen sized bed and nice white dressers and night stands in her room. Along one wall is a closet filled with tons of her clothes. "So what should we do since we have some time together?" Danielle asks.

"Well I want to go see that new movie out in theaters! You know, the romance one? I can call up a guy I've been talking to and he can bring a guy for you!"

"That sounds great! But what about him?" They turn an look at me. "He's soaking wet with no clothes to change into."

"It's fine! I mean I could just run home quick. I don't wanna ruin your girls night!" I said.

Danielle pulled Kelly to the side and started whispering to her. A few moments later, she says, "what if you joined us? We never really get to hang out with you anyways! This'll be a fun time!"

"I would, but really, my clothes are soaking wet. I can't sit in a theater like this."

"Well, since it is a girls night, how would you like to borrow some of my clothes?" Kelly gleams.

"Uhh, what?" I stammer.

"Yeah! It'll be fun! We can turn you into a really convincing girl!"

"How far are we talking?" I ask hesitantly.

"You have to do it all or you won't be convincing!" Danielle explained.

"I'll try it, and if I don't like it I'm stopping. Got it?"

The girls squeal together. "Deal!"

"Okay, first things first! We need you to shower clean and shave your body hair!"

"All of it? What if people will see?"

"That's the point! And yes all of it because we don't know which outfit you'll be wearing!"

I sigh. "Fine.." And I head to the bathroom. I close the door behind me and turn on the shower. I take a moment to think about what I'm about to do. I decide there is no going back, especially with these two in control. I undress and get into the shower. I look around as I let the water wet me down. I find the razor and the shaving cream. Starting from the bottom, I shave up my leg. After a few minutes, my left leg is completely smooth. It feels weird, not having anything there, but also nice. I quickly shave the other leg, my butt, chest, and crotch. For the first time, I'm completely smooth. I grab a towel to dry off in and step out. The cold air sends shivers down my freshly shaven body.

I grab a bathrobe that is hanging up, and make my way back to Kelly's room. The girls can see my shaven legs about knee down, and give me a nod of approval. They quickly turn back to Kelly's opened laptop. I peek over their shoulders, and see instructions with images.

"What's all this?" I ask.

"It's going to help us hide your dick from your panties! It's called tucking!" Danielle explains.

They go through explaining how to push the testicle up and taping everything back. I enter the bathroom and perform the task. I look in the mirror and a quite surprised to see no penis, but only a small bump. Barely any tape was showing. I put the robe and return to the room.

"Okay! So now, you get to choose your first pair of panties!" Kelly excites. Laid out on her bed, were many styles and colors of panties. I saw all from thongs to boy shorts to bikini cuts. I made my way over to the boy shorts, figuring I should have some extra support for my first time. I picked up a pair of black panties, with black lace around the edges. The only color was a pink bow in the front.

"I love your choice!" snickered Danielle. I was quickly thrown a black matching bra. I started to head for the bathroom to change, but was stopped. "You can just change here! We are all girls here!" Kelly persuaded. I shrugged my shoulder and figured my package was hidden anyways. I slide up the panties.

A feeling passed over me like nothing I felt before. I felt amazing to have my ass cupped like that. The tightness of the panties caused my member to strain again the tape, but it held. Kelly helped me put on her bra. "Here, you can use these! I had to use them in dance class when I was a kid and not fully developed yet! She hands me two B cup breast inserts to put on. The attach onto me and are help firmly in place. The added weight feels odd, but also good.

"She's really starting to come together, huh Kelly?"

"We haven't even started!" Kelly throws open her closet, and a bunch of clothes come to sight. She grabs a pair of blue skinny jeans, along with a red, tight fitting top and a tank top. "These should do well to give you a good look, but also hide your man bits!"

I pull the skinny jeans on, and after a minute or two of struggling, I get them on. In the mirror, I see myself, and see how much my butt really does stick out. It's almost like a girls butt. I pull the tank top on and the shirt over that. Danielle helps me straighten everything and my outfit is complete.

A few minutes later, a car horn beeps outside and we head downstairs. Kelly says, "Oh by the way, you're name is Ellie for tonight."

As so begins my journey as Ellie.

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