tagLesbian SexPromenade in the Park Ch. 02

Promenade in the Park Ch. 02


After the ice was broken between my eighteen-year old daughter and I, we made love every evening since that fateful Friday night. However, I soon became worried that Katrina might become sexually dependent upon her mommy and that might restrict her options later in life. I therefore decided that it would be best for her if we could bring in an other woman or two so she could learn how to enjoy sex with someone besides her mom.

When I broached this delicate topic with my daughter she immediately reminded me of the two hotties we had seen making out on the park bench last Friday evening. So we hatched up a plan as to how we might reel them in. We figured that the following Friday evening would be the most logical time to catch the two again in the park, and so here's how it went.

"Katrina?" I called out from my bedroom. "Could you come here a moment and help your mom get dressed?"

"Yes, mommy. Be right there!" Katrina yelled out from her own bedroom.

After finishing my shower I had put on my make-up, and still completely naked had selected the items I wanted to wear and placed them on the bed. And, it wasn't much. A button-down white blouse, garter belt, nylons, and a bright red latex mini skirt several sizes too small for me.

As Katrina entered my always open bedroom door, her freshly-bathed smell filled the room mixing with mine. My daughter stood at the doorway for a moment looking my naked body up and down with approval and love in her eyes. And, a rush of warmth sped to my pussy when I saw how my daughter had decked herself out. She had on a plaid school girl's skirt so short that her white panties peeked out from underneath even when she was standing up. On top she had on a skin tight T-shirt with the words "Jail Bait" blazoned across the front. Her already erect nipples made it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. She had her hair done up in pig-tails with little pink ribbons tied on each one.

"Oh, my God," I said. "You bring lumps to mommy's throat in that outfit dear."

"I hope it'll bring us more than lumps, mommy." Katrina giggled.

I slipped into my garter belt and slid it up my legs and over my butt. "Now that you're all ready can you give me a hand with my stockings?" I sat on the bed, laid on my back and raised one leg in the air.

"Love to mommy," Katrina said, moving up to me and picking up one of the nylons. She pressed her body against my outstretched leg, embracing it. The heat from her crotch pressing snug against the back side of my thigh sent my own crotch to boiling. She rubbed her firm little titties back and forth against my calve muscle as she caressed my foot stuck up in the air. The sensation of her pert nipples growing ever more erect through her T-shirt as she rubbed them against the bare skin of my calve muscle and the back of my knee sent hot honey gurgling throughout my body and made my own nipples ache with desire. Gently, and oh so slowly, she slipped the nylon material over my foot, then lovingly and oh so gradually unrolled the stocking down my leg, kissing and fondling every square inch along the way.

I played with my nipples while my daughter worshiped my leg as she smoothed the sexy nylon material over my calve, and then my thigh. Then she repeated the whole process with my other leg, hugging it close to her body, rubbing her panty-covered cunt against the back of my thigh and her now very erect nipples teasing my calve. This time, as she kissed and caressed my foot, I let my other, now nylon enshrouded foot tease her legs by rubbing up and down on them.

By the time my daughter had both of my stockings completely unrolled and smoothed over my upper thighs I was about ready to grab her and start fucking her right then and there–but there would be time for that later. Right now we had work to do. "Thank you sweety. Now help mommy attach the garter straps." I stood up and pulled the stockings up a tad higher on my thighs while Katrina fumbled with the snaps at the ends of the garter straps. The dancing of her sweet little fingers all over the smooth bare skin of my upper and inner thighs made the goose bumps ripple all up and down my body.

When she was done, I patted her on the head and said, "and now for the mini-skirt." Katrina grabbed the latex mini off my bed and squatting down helped guide my feet into it, then she began sliding it up my legs. By the time she reached my upper thighs the skirt was stretched so tight that it took both of us yanking on it with all of our strength to get it up over my hips and ass.

"Wow!" I said, as I made the final adjustments to place it just right. "This is one tight skirt." It was also so short that not only did it expose the tops of my nylons but a good portion of the garter straps as well. "Look what it does for your ass, mommy," Katrina giggled. "It makes your butt look like a couple of balloons ready to burst."

As I checked my ass out in the mirror verifying my daughter's view that my butt cheeks looked like a couple of over-blown balloons ready to burst, Katrina began playfully slapping them.

"Smack! Smack! Smack!" Went my daughter's hand on my ass. "They jiggle just like big bowls of Jello," she said, giggling. "Smack! Smack! Smack!"

"Oh, Sweety," I said, "Stop. You're gonna make mommy cum right here and now if you keep doing that."

"Oh, goody! Goody!" She giggled. "Smack! Smack! Smack!"

"Please, sweety." I grabbed her and pulled her into an embrace. "We can play later honey. Right now we have to finish dressing mommy so we can go out and have some fun." I kissed her on the forehead.

Katrina picked up my blouse and held it for me to slip my arms through the sleeves, then she fondled my rubber-coated ass while I buttoned the buttons down, leaving a few undone on the top to show off my ample cleavage.

"You're driving me crazy with those roving hands of yours, sweety," I said turning around to face her. "Give mommy a hug and a kiss."

She kept her hands on my ass as we embraced. I held her face in my hands as I brought our mouths together. Our lips met sending tingles skittering all over the inside of my skull. Moisture touching moisture, I savored the innocent taste of her open lips, as she surely tasted the sweet cherry of my lipstick.

We breathed each other's breath, then soon our tongues were dancing the most erotic of ballets inside each other's mouths sending bolts of electricity surging through every cell of my body.

Afraid of losing all control and blowing our well-laid plans for the evening I reluctantly broke off our kiss and slipped my feet into my five-inch bright red (matching my skirt) pumps. Then, after spraying each of us with a touch of lilac-scented perfume, I put my arm around my daughter's waist and we both looked into the mirror standing side-by-side. My pumps, increasing my height advantage over my daughter, made me now tower over her.

"What a pair we make," I said, "we're bound to attract attention in these sluty outfits."

"Sexy, sexy, sexy!" Katrina said.

"It's time for mama Cheetah to teach her little cub pussy how to hunt," I said with a grin, "how to bring home fresh meat."

Giggling at our own naughtiness, we hopped and skipped out the front door and headed hand-in-hand towards the park. There was a slight breeze blowing that evening and the way it frittered and whisked under my ridiculously short mini and caressed my panty-less pussy with all the life of late spring made me feel sooooo deliciously wicked and alive.

When we reached the area where the two twenty-somethings were last week, sure enough there they were again on the same bench smooching like a couple of lovebirds. One, a voluptuous blonde, and the other slightly more petite with dirty-blonde hair–and both wearing nothing but sneakers and T-shirt minis hiked to their hips. Their erect nipples poking through their T-shirts announced to the world that they weren't wearing bras. At first they didn't see us approaching, they were so entranced with each other. So we waited until we were directly in front of them, then Katrina stopped me and pointed at the two girls and in a voice loud enough for them to hear said, "Mommy, look! There's those two naughty girls again making out on the bench!"

"Katrina!" I said, feigning anger. "How many times have I told you never to point at people and say naughty things. Is mommy going to have to spank you?"

"But, mommy, they're so sexy!"

"Alright, that does it young lady. I guess mommy's just going to have to give your impudent little fanny a spanking right here in front of everyone."

By this time, of course, the two hotties on the bench had stopped making out and were looking at us with their mouths wide open. I bent over in a way that made my ass point at them knowing that my latex mini skirt was sliding up my ass rather obscenely and exposing the bottom of my butt and the lower edge of my dripping pussy. I reached my hands up under my daughter's skirt and yanked her panties down to her knees, then lifting her skirt up with one hand to expose her entire bum I placed my hand on one of her ass cheeks kneading it slightly, enjoying the erotic feel of the firm muscle underneath the protective layer of fat.

While fondling my daughter's pert ass check like that, I glanced back at the two hotties, letting my tongue split my lips to one side of my mouth in a lewd gesture while the other side of my mouth gave them a sexy grin.

"You've been a bad, bad girl, Katrina," I said, looking back to my daughter. I gave her cheek a quick slap. "Smack!" And withdrew my hand to watch it jiggle knowing that the two hotties could also see it jiggle.

"Ooooooomommy!" Katrina feigned great discomfort..

Then I did the same with the other ass cheek. Fondling it first while giving the two two hotties a steamy look, then "Smack!" Jiggle. All together I gave her ass only about ten smacks, but that was enough to turn it a nice shade of pink.

As I spanked my daughter she toyed with her erect nipples through her T-shirt while looking at the two hotties and licking her lips.

"Are you going to be a good little girl now?" I asked, massaging her hot little cheeks.

"Yes, mommy. My bum hurts. Owweeeee! It burns and feels all hot."

"Mommy didn't want to hurt her little precious, but sometimes when you're naughty I do have to spank you." I repositioned myself so that when I squatted down behind my daughter's ass my knees were pointed directly at the two hotties. As I squatted down my micro mini slid even further up my hips and when I parted my thighs a little the two girls had a bull's eye view right up between my legs to my naked drooling cunt.

"Here," I said, "mommy'll kiss your bum for you and make it feel better."

"Ummmmmmm, yesssss, mommy!" Katrina purred.

As I kissed my daughter's ass while flashing the two hotties I glanced over to make sure they were still looking. They were, and by now their lower jaws were just about hanging to the ground.

I pulled my daughter's panties back up, gave her rear one final, but gentle slap, and stood back up. I pulled Katrina into an embrace, stroking her hair. "Mommy's sorry she had to spank her little precious, but sometimes when you're naughty, I just have to."

"I'm sorry mommy," she said, embracing me back, her hands finding their way to my ass. "I'll be a good girl."

"That's okay sweety. Give mommy a nice kiss now." I bent over slightly to touch my lips to hers. Then, directly in front of the two hotties we tongued each other's mouths out while fondling each other's butts.

Then when we broke for air I said. "Sweety pie, you know what happens every time mommy has to spank her little precious?"

"What's that mommy?" Katrina got a mischievous grin on her face.

"Mommy's breasts get heavy with milk until they ache and hurt. Would you like to nurse a little now to make mommy's breasts feel better?"

"Oh goody! A milk shake!" Katrina skipped with joy, taking my hand and leading me over to the bench where the two hotties were sitting.

"Maybe these two nice young ladies won't mind if we sat next to them for a moment," I said, glancing at the two with a grin on my face.

"N-n-n-n-no, uhh, p-p-p-please," they both stammered in unison.

I sat down first, crossing my legs making sure my rubber mini-skirt was exposing all of my legs from the hips on down. "Undo mommy's blouse now sweety."

Katrina pressed her crotch into my knee as she fumbled at the buttons of my already partially open blouse, her trembling fingers teasing my throbbing nipples with seemingly random touches. After undoing my blouse down to my belly button I pulled it apart while she reached her hands in and freed both of my huge boobs.

"Okay, come up onto mommy's lap now, sweety." I uncrossed my legs and patted my lap.

Katrina got up on the bench, with a little help from me, and lay down across my lap, extending her legs across the laps of the two hotties who were still gawking with their mouths open. Then I bent forward slightly to feed one of my erect nipples to my daughter's waiting mouth.

As my daughter suckled my tits I reached across the front of the hottie closest to me and slipped my hand down between Katrina's thighs to play with her pussy. "My little precious really loves it when I do this," I said to the two young women.

G-g-g-gosh!" The two hotties said in unison

By now the two young women were beginning to get over their initial shock and they began to stroke my daughter's legs while I rubbed her pussy and she sucked my tits.

Turning my face to look directly into the eyes of the hottie sitting next to me I said, "and mommy loves it too. It makes my pussy so fucking hot when my daughter sucks my titties like this. Ummmmmmm." Then I licked my lips and flicked my tongue at the girl.

With a glassy eyed look on her face, the blonde next to me leaned towards me and tentively let her own tongue slither out of her pretty mouth to gently touch mine.

"Ummmmmm," I purred again, flicking the tip of my tongue against hers. That encouraged the girl and she stuck her tongue out a little further so our two tongues could do an erotic sword dance while I played with my daughter's pussy and my daughter sucked my titties off.

The blonde's dirty blonde friend then got into the spirt and twisting around in her seat she put her arms around her friend to fondle her ample tits while leaning forward to try to get her own tongue into the sword-fighting action.

I withdrew my hand from my daughter's crotch and my tongue from the girls' faces and said, "maybe we ought to continue this at home. Would you two gals like to follow us home for some real fun?"

"S-s-s-sure," they responded in unison.

"Okay, let's do it," I said, pushing Katrina's face away from my bosom. "It's okay sweety, we're going to go home now."

We all got up from the bench then and without even bothering to rebutton my blouse Katrina and I led the two girls back to our house with my boobs bouncing freely in the night air for all to see--with the recently sucked nipples all red and swollen.

On the way back we learned that the voluptuous blonde with the long hair was named Gretchen and her more petite friend with the shorter dirty-blonde hair was Wendy. Gretchen and Wendy both attended the University but they still lived at home so the only way they could be alone together was to sneak off to the park on weekends.

"Why don't the three of us sit on the couch," I said to the two young women once we were inside our house.

"What about your daughter, Sally," Gretchen addressed me by my first name.

"Katrina has been a very naughty girl, I don't think we should let her sit down just yet," I said with a wink as I sat in the middle of the couch and Gretchen and Wendy sat on either side of me. I laid a hand on both of their laps. "Since you two girls were the ones whom Katrina insulted today, I think that both of you should help me out in disciplining her a little more."

"If you say so," Wendy said, and both girls giggled.

"Come here Katrina, and stand between mommy's legs," I said scooting to the edge of the sofa and parting my thighs. This movement caused my skirt to jack up around my hips exposing my cunt and erect clitoris. Our two guests just stared all open mouthed again, too shocked to speak.

My daughter stood between my nylon enshrouded thighs with her face looking at the floor.

"You've been a real naughty girl today, haven't you Katrina?"

"Yes, mommy, I've been very bad."

"Let's see just how naughty you've been," I said reaching my hand under her skirt to feel her panty-coated cunt. Her panties were sopping wet and as hot as a summer sidewalk in southern Arizona. "Just feel how naughty my daughter has been," I said to the two girls as I removed my own hand.

Gretchen and Wendy then both with trembling fingers reached their hands towards my daughter's honey pot. While one fondled her inner thigh, the other let her hand explore the hot wetness up under her skirt. Then they traded places. "Yeah, she sure is wet," Gretchen said when it was her turn to stroke my daughter's pussy.

Katrina trembled and quivered in her extreme sexual excitement, but she stood her ground like a good trooper knowing there was more fun and games in store for the patient.

"Maybe we'd better take those panties off her, then, before she completely ruins them." I reached both my hands up under her skirt to remove her panties. When my daughter had stepped out of her panties I held them up to my face and inhaled the musky horniness.. "Yes," I said, holding the panties up to Wendy's face, "my daughter's been a very naughty girl, here, see for yourself."

After Wendy sniffed and inhaled my daughter's naughtiness, I held the panties up to Gretchen's face and she did the same. Then I tossed the soaked panties aside and addressed my daughter once more. "Okay, young lady. You know what's coming next don't you."

"Yes, mommy. I've been very naughty, I deserve another spanking."

"You're gonna get a good lickin' young lady, but first we'd better get all these clothes off you." I pulled Katrina's skirt down exposing her shaved pussy to our guests, then I lifted her T-shirt up and off her body. "Ummmmmm, such sweet little titties you have," I said, sucking each one in turn and leaving my lipstick marks like a target around both of them.

"Oooooo, mommy," Katrina giggled.

"Okay now young lady, show these nice young women you know what the wheelbarrow position is."

Giggling my daughter climbed up onto my lap, her back towards me, then she bent forward until her face was down towards my feet while wrapping her thighs around my hips. She positioned herself so her wet pussy lips teased my throbbing clit.

"That's a good girl, sweety," I said, grabbing a hold of each of her hips to hold her cunt firmly in place against my clit. With a knowing grin I looked first at Wendy, then at Gretchen. "Are you girls ready to do the honors?"

They both giggled, then tentatively each laid a hand gently on my daughter's ass cheeks, kneading them and fondling them like I had done in the park.

"Ummmmm," Katrina purred, giggling and wriggling her ass in the air.

"Go ahead and slap her," I encouraged to two girls. "See how sexy her butt looks when it jiggles."

They each gave my daughter's butt a soft smack. And Katrina just kept on giggling and wriggling her ass at them.

"She likes it just a little bit harder than that," I said, as I moved my daughter's hips back and forth making her cunt grind against my raging clit-on. "Just hard enough to make her ass cheeks jiggle all over the place."

"Smack! Smack!" The two college girls swatted a little harder, and then giggled when my daughter's ass cheeks jiggled provocatively. "Ooowwiiii," Katrina said, still wriggling her ass.

"Smach! Smack!" "Smack! Smack!" The two girls got into a rhythm. The force of their blows, though still fairly gentle, jiggled my daughter's entire body and the vibrations caused my own tits to jiggle with each blow. "Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!" The jiggling of my daughter's body went right to my own lap, and especially my clit. Flexing and pumping my own butt muscles I fucked my hard-on clit into my daughter's pussy as hard as I could while rocking her hips back and forth on my lap.

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