Promenade in the Park


Feeling my daughter's fingers fumbling around between my thighs and around the bottom of my pussy, and then my ass, sent new waves of delight through my body.

"Okay, now what do I do mommy?" She said once she had helped me secure the strap-on in place.

"Just bend over with your hands on the couch to help support your weight, and mommy will do the rest."

"Oh, goody!" She giggled again, bending over and offering her ass up to me.

Katrina giggled again as I slapped her bum a couple of times just to make it jiggle. Then I reached my hand up under her ass and between her legs to fondle her cunt. Satisfied that she was more than wet enough I inserted the cock between her legs. "Okay sweety, you can reach back with one hand now and help me guide the cock into your pussy."

With the cock planted firmly inside her pussy I began to pump in and out, making my stomach slap against her ass with each thrust. "Smack! Smack! Smack!"

"Ooooomommy, this is fun!"

"Just you wait sweety. Now comes the surprise I was telling you about." I flicked a switch on the belt and both cocks and my clitoral stimulater began vibrating.


"Oh, God, mommy! Yesssss, fuck me please mommy!"

Feeling my own pleasure spiraling out of control I began fucking her harder, slamming my stomach into her ass harder as I shoved the vibrating cock in and out of my daughter's horny wet cunt. "Smack! Smack! Smack!" Went my stomach against her ass.


"Ngngngngngng!" I moaned. "Buzzzzzzzzzz!" "Smack! Smack! Smack!"

My daughter bucked and thrashed as I fucked her with the contraption. My own knees were so weak they made my legs feel like spaghetti, so I leaned forward to rest my body on her back and play with her tits while I fucked her. "Buzzzzzzzzzzz! "Smack! Smack! Smack!"

"Nghghghghghghg!" We both moaned in unison as we came together.

As our bodies shuddered in the final throes of orgasm, I flipped off the vibrating mechanism, then I put my arms back around my daughter's torso and held her tight as she slowly floated back to earth.

"Oh, mommy," Katrina said. "That was wonderful. I can't wait until we can do it again."

"Maybe a little later, sweety. But right now I need you to help me take it off."

After my daughter had helped me remove the contraption from around my waist, we sat down on the couch to cuddle and rest a moment. We began to lightly kiss each other, and I stroked her bare skin with the backs of my fingers. I stroked her arms, legs and tummy, then her breasts and watched her nipples grow hard again. We pressed our faces together and sex-kissed like a couple of nymphos.

"And, now," I said during a break in the action, "mommy has an even better surprise for her little sweety."

"But, what could be better than a vibrator and a vibrating double strap-on?"

I smiled at my daughter and reached back into my purse. "The little blue ball."

"A ball? Really?"

"Yes, dear, but this isn't just any ball, watch." I pressed in on it from both sides. "See it squishes into all kinds of different shapes."

"Oh, that's neat." Katrina giggled. "But what's it for?"

"Let's find out." I sat the ball down on the floor, laughing inwardly anticipating the pleasure she would derive from this new toy. "Why don't you lie down on top of it sweety and see what it will do for you."

Giggling, Katrina got down on the floor and laid down with the ball directly under her tummy. The ball kind of squished and spread out under her weight.

"Now, sweety, roll forward on the ball until it is directly under your pussy."

"Like this?" She rolled forward as instructed. "Ummmmmmmmm."

"Notice how the ball squishes and changes shape so that part of it squishes right up into your cunt, part of it squishes around your clit and the rest of it spreads around your crotch and puts presure on your pussy lips."

"Ummmmmm, yes, mommy. This feels so good."

"Now move your hips around from side to side, and around and around, and up and down as if you were fucking someone and notice how the ball will change its shape accordingly--all the while keeping contact with your pussy."

"Oh, mommy, this is so nice. I really love this toy," Katrina said as she worked her cunt this way and that over the squishy blue ball.

"That's good sweety, you just keep doing that. Notice how it stimulates your entire pussy area both inside and outside." I reached inside my purse for the remote control device, then flipped a switch. "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Mommy, mommy, Ooooooooo!"

I turned the vibrating mechanism off. "Did you like that sweety?"

"Oh, mommy, that was heaven. Please turn it back on."

"Okay, in a second. But first mommy wants to sit on your back because the more weight you place over the ball, the further it will squish up your cunt and the more pleasure it will give you." I sat down on her, my dripping hot cunt on the small of her back. Drooling at her cute, pert ass cheeks I turned the vibrating mechanism back on and sat the remote on the floor. "Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

"Mommy's going to lean her hands on your butt, sweety, to put more weight on the ball." I kneaded her ass checks as I leaned forward to apply more weight.

"Oooooo, mommy!"

The writhing of my daughter's lithe young body in pleasure between my thighs and under my cunt sent wave after wave of kinky illicit heat through my own body. It was the most exquisite pleasure a mother could ever hope for. It made my own cunt gurgle with its over-flowing girl goo, the hot sticky love-juice dribbling on to the small of my daughter's back. Her firm, round butt in my hands was sheer delight. The flexing and contracting of her ass muscles under my hands as she fucked the little blue ball raised double goose bumps all up and down every inch of my body.

Her pert, sweet ass was so tempting, I couldn't resist giving it a little swat. "Smack!" Not too hard, but just enough to make her ass cheeks jiggle in a maddeningly erotic way. "Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!"

"Aiiiiiiiiiiimommyiiiiiiii! Mommyiiiiii!"

"Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" went the vibrating mechanism inside the little blue ball. "Smack! Smack! Smack!" Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, went her ass cheeks.

When I sensed my daughter going into orgasm I stopped slapping her butt and resumed just leaning on her bum, my hands digging into her ass cheeks and pressing her cunt harder into the buzzing, fucking little blue ball.

"Nngngngngngnngngodfuckkkkmommy!" Katrina's body convulsed into her heaviest orgasm yet."

I turned off the vibrating mechanism, then laid down on top of my daughter, my hot dribbling cunt on her ass, and my tits pressed into her back. "Did you like that sweety?" I whispered into her ear.

"I loved it mommy. I've never felt anything like it before in the whole world."

"I'm so glad for you sweety," I said, kissing her face. "You just lie here for awhile and enjoy the aftershocks sweeping through your body."

But Katrina wasn't to be satisfied with the aftershocks of her orgasm, she wanted the real thing once more. Her body was still on fire and she began to work her hips on the little blue ball again, the flexing and tensing of her buttocks against my crotch cranking up my own motor to new pitches of pleasure and lust.

"Mommy, I want to fuck the little blue ball again, with you on top of me like you are now, could you turn it back on?"

"Certainly sweety." "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

"Th-th-th-thanks mommy," Katrina said as she began fucking the little blue ball in earnest.

My daughter's efforts poured kerosine on my own fire and soon I was thrashing in pleasure on top of her body. Every vibration she felt in her body from the little blue ball, I felt in my own with my body pressed on top of hers like it was.

As I humped my hot, sloppy wet cunt against her ass cheeks, I fucked my over-sized clit through the crack between her upper cheeks striking it against the tip of her tail bone. My hard-on nipples raked up and down on her back as I fucked my daughter's bum and she fucked the little blue ball.

"Buzzzzzzzzzz!" Went the little blue ball.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck yessssss mommyiiiiiiiii!" Moaned my daughter

"Ngngngngodfuck!" I moaned with her.

We both came together again, and as I felt my daughter shiver down from her high, I turned off the vibrating mechanism once again. But this time, instead of letting her stay on top of the ball, I rolled off of her on to my back and rolled her over on top of me. We lay like that for several minutes with her on top of me, and neither of us saying a word. My hands rested gently, but firmly on her butt, her tits rested just underneath mine, and her head rested on the top of my bosom. I kissed the top of her head, and she turned to look up at me. We smiled at each other as I stroked her hair.

Then Katrina scooted up a couple of inches to kiss me on the mouth, her hot little tongue splitting my lips and exploring deep inside me, teasing the roof of my mouth as I had done her earlier. As my daughter face fucked me her nipples grew hard and erect again as did mine. She pulled away from the kiss to look down upon me, smiling--and to give our breasts more room for play. She used her hard-on nipples to tease mine, pushing them this way and that, rubbing them up and down and side to side and around and around.

Feeling both of our pussies getting hot and wet again, I figured it was time. "Honey, mommy has one more toy to show her little sweety--and this one's the best one yet?"

She stopped teasing my nipples to ask, "but what could be better than a vibrator, a vibrating double strap-on, and the little blue ball?"

"Ah, just wait until you see what mommy has in store for you. But you have to get off me now so we can go into mommy's room." I gave her butt a nice slap. "Smack!"

Katrina giggled and got up off me.

I took her hand then and led her into my bedroom. On the floor beside my bed I had a major piece of equipment I'd purchased this morning at the "Toys for Twats" store. It looked like some kind of rowing machine, except there was no rowing mechanism. At one end was a large artificial hand facing palm up. About a foor and a half up from the hand were two cup-like objects. In between was a padded area like on some exercise machines.

"Gosh, mommy, what is that contraption?"

"Oh, you're going to really love this sweety. Just lie face down on it. Rest your pussy on the artificial hand, place your breasts in the cup-like objects and rest your tummy on the padding. That's right, honey. Now do you feel the holes at the bottom of the cups for your nipples?

"Yes, I've stuck my nipples through the holes and there's a latex type of material that has closed in on my nipples. It feels real good mommy."

"Good, now hang on for the ride of your life." I turned the switch on and the cups holding her breasts began to vibrate, and the latex apparatus embracing her nipples also vibrated while moving back and forth masturbating her nipples. Then the long index finger of the vibrating hand curled up to tease and vibrate her clit while the next two fingers curled back and fucked themselves into my daughter's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, God mommy, oh fuckkkkk!"

I turned the vibrating mechanism off. "You liked that didn't you sweety?"

"Oh, mommy, please, please turn it back on. Oh my God! It was so Awesome!"

"Mommy will, in just a second. But first, mommy wants her little sweety to do something for her too."

"Anything, mommy, anything. Tell me and I'll do it, but please turn that thing back on."

With an evil grin on my face I laid down on the floor, spread my legs and scooted my cunt up to my daughter's face. Katrina reached her hands out, slipped them up under my ass and helped me scoot closer to her face. "That's a good girl, I said. Now mommy's going to turn the machine back on, and away we go!"


As the machine worked my daughter into a sexual frenzy, she dived into my cunt clamping her mouth over my clit and sucking as hard as she could. Her moans of pleasure, muffled by my cunt, vibrated my clit driving me over the edge and beyond.

I thrashed on the floor, fucking my cunt into my daughter's face as hard as I could--and she holding on for dear life as I bucked like a bronco. And, she herself thrashed and bucked on the machine as it sucked her nipples, teased her clit, and fucked her cunt. "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

"Mgmgmgmgmgmgmg!" Katrina moaned into my cunt.

"Gggggggodfuuuuuckyessssssss!" I screamed as we both thrashed ourselves into the hottest, nastiest cum we'd had all day.

Afterwards, we both lay on the floor caressing each other. "Mommy?" Katrina asked.

"Yes, dear."

"Thank you so much for today. You're the best mommy in the whole world."

"Well, thank you sweety." I stroked her hair and kissed her on top of the head. "Remember that the little vibrator we left in the living room is yours to keep in your room for whenever you need it. All the other toys are mommy's, but you are always more than welcome to use mommy's toys whenever you want to. Mommy's bedroom door will always be open."

"And mommy too?" Katrina asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Yes, and mommy too."

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