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Promiscuous Parents and Sons



While Pete, Kurt's dad was spending the day with Sandy's mother Lisa, the two twenty somethings were involved with passionate sex. Sandy was sitting on Kurt's body with a thick cock buried in his ass. As Sandy rode his muscular neighbor, Kurt reached up with both hands and fondled the effeminate blonde's cute titties and tweaked the sensitive nipples.

Sandy's eyes were closed and his head was thrown back as he savored the glorious cock in his ass. His long blonde hair draped over the back of his neck as his smaller cock flopped around on Kurt's abdomen. This was not Kurt's favorite position but over the past several months he had become accustomed to fucking his blonde neighbor in a number of positions.

Kurt preferred the doggy-style position as he loved watching his nearly seven-inch cock slide in and out of the beautiful curvy ass. His second favorite was the spoon position with them on their sides. That way he could fondle the lovely titties and tweak the stiff nipples as he drove his cock in deep. He had also become used to masturbating Sandy and did that while they were spooning.

As the blonde rode his cock and clenched it with his sphincter, Kurt could feel his release building. Sandy too was close to cumming and he anxiously awaited the massive discharge that would flood his rectum. Kurt felt his body tingle, his toes curled and the surge shoot through his shaft. The power and force of the ejaculation had Sandy squealing in delight and Kurt grunting with pleasure.

Several forceful streams shot deep into the anal recess followed by several more less forceful. The ejaculation set Sandy off and he shot his load without even touching his cock. The first jet whistled by Kurt's head and hit the headboard. The next ones missed his face and hit the pillow. The remaining streams landed on Kurt's chiseled chest and washboard abs.

Overcome with his orgasm, Sandy collapsed forward onto the muscular body and he begged Kurt to hold him. Kurt wrapped his arms around the slender blonde and hugged him tightly feeling the titties press into his semen coated chest. They stayed like that for several minutes and Kurt's cock remained hard in the sweet ass. He dropped his hands lower and caressed the shapely buttocks as they rested briefly. Sensing that Kurt would fuck him again, Sandy whispered.

"How do you want me this time?"

"Let's spoon for a while."

With amazing dexterity and flexibility, Sandy sat back up and without getting off the stiff dick, he maneuvered his body so he was facing Kurt's feet. He then leaned back against his neighbor and the two of them rolled to their side. Kurt's left hand slipped under the slender blonde body and found one of the cute titties. He began moving in and out of the receptive ass. Sandy took Kurt's other hand and guided it to his cock. Holding the four-inch pecker in his hand he masturbated the pretty blonde as he once again drilled the incredible ass.

"Sandy, you do have the best ass ever for butt fucking."

"You have the best cock ever for fucking my ass. It's not too big or too small and you cum in buckets. I love it."

They would both cum again before getting out of bed. Later they would hang around Kurt's swimming pool in the nude and put lotion on each other's body. Kurt loved applying the lotion to the cute shapely titties. They would have sex twice more that day before Pete and Lisa arrived home from their day out.


Pete Thompson a 45-year-old widowed husband and his 20-year-old son Brad moved into an upscale neighborhood a year after settling the estate. Pete's wife has passed away after a futile battle with cancer leaving he and his son a significant inheritance. In spite of the money spent on fighting the terminal illness the estate was substantial.

The house was not extravagant but had nice amenities including a private backyard with a lanai, swimming pool, bar and Jacuzzi. Both Pete and his son Brad loved to swim and stayed in great shape. At 45, Pete was a handsome 6'0" 185-pound man and Brad at 6'1" was equally as good looking. It was the beginning of summer and Brad was home from college. Normally he would have worked during the summer but this year his dad told him to relax and enjoy the new home.

In addition to the outdoor amenities, they had purchased exercise equipment and set up a home gym in the lower level. They had everything they needed at the house and they both planned to enjoy it. They were both outgoing so being new to the neighborhood, Pete invited the neighbors to a pool party. That's when they met Lisa a single mom and her gay son Sandy. She divorced her husband when he couldn't handle having a gay son and she received a tidy settlement.

Lisa was an attractive woman of 45 years with a fit 34-28-34 figure. She was 5'6' and weighed a trim 135 pounds. Her hair was blonde and she kept it cut short. Her son Sandy was a slim effeminate young man of 24 years. He too was 5'6" and weighed about 150 pounds. His blonde hair was long and covered his neck and ears. It didn't take a rocket scientist to determine that he was gay.

The neighborhood get together went well and everyone got along and welcomed Pete and Brad to the neighborhood. Some of the neighbors wore their swim suits and used the pool while others just drank and exchanged pleasantries. Lisa and Sandy did not wear swim suits but Lisa asked for a rain check and Pete told her she was welcome anytime. Pete and Lisa hit it off and immediately liked each other. Sandy seemed rather bored with the party.

In the early evening the party broke up and everyone departed thanking Pete for a great time. Pete and Brad cleaned up and then had a nightcap before turning in that Saturday night. At Lisa's home, just a few houses away she had undressed and was checking her figure in the full-length mirror. She liked what she saw and she hoped that her new neighbor Pete would like her too. She really liked the new neighbor and she was sure she would sleep with him given the opportunity.

In the other bedroom, Sandy was also admiring his body in the mirror, particularly his budding breasts. He had been taking female hormones for some time now and he was pleased with the progress. As he cupped his breasts in both hands and leaned over toward the mirror, he thought of the new neighbor Brad. Seeing him in the snug swimsuit, Sandy was sure that he had a nice package. Then he quickly dismissed the thought as he knew that Brad was not gay and it was unlikely anything would happen.

Back at Pete's home he was thinking of Lisa and he really liked her. He would plan to ask her to dinner and see where things went from there. Brad was lying in bed and he had a difficult time getting Sandy's appearance out of his head. The blonde gay was pretty as opposed to handsome as he was just so effeminate. At one point, Brad was sure that he saw some cleavage when Sandy bent over. He made up his mind to learn more about his mysterious neighbor.


The first time they dined out, Pete intentionally took Lisa to a very romantic French restaurant. The meal was wonderful, the wine was exquisite and the service was incredible. Lisa loved the ambiance of the restaurant with the dim lighting and candlelit tables. All the waiters spoke French and Pete spoke enough French to get by and order for them. He had spent six months in Paris years ago and picked up the language quickly. Lisa had had more wine than she normally drank and she was feeling it. She also felt very romantic by the time they left the restaurant and she accepted his invitation to come in the house for a night cap.

"Where is Brad this evening?"

"He's either still on a date or in his room. He won't interrupt us."

Pete took off his suit jacket and necktie and then opened the wine that had been corked at the restaurant. He poured a glass for both of them and then sat on the sofa in family room. Lisa, feeling very amorous, kicked off her shoes and joined him on the sofa. She was about to thank him for taking her to the French restaurant when he took her into his arms and kissed her. Lisa tensed up at first and then relaxed. She kissed him back and her tongue danced with his when it entered her mouth.

Lisa liked him kissing her and she didn't stop him when his hands felt her breasts through her blouse. It felt good to have his hands on her breasts as he kissed her and she liked being seduced. She didn't protest when he removed her blouse and bra. Now her naked breasts were in his hands as they kissed and it felt so good. He caressed her tits and tweaked her nipples with his finger. She moaned and groaned in his mouth in response to the foreplay. He then moved his mouth to her tits and sucked gently on her nipples and placed loving kisses all over her breasts. She threw her head back and rested in on the back of the sofa.

Lisa never did try to stop Pete. Not even when he unzipped her skirt and pulled it off of her body. In fact, she subconsciously lifted her hips of the sofa to make it easier for him. She also didn't stop him when he removed her pantyhose and panties and the same time. She also didn't stop him when he moved his head between her legs and placed his mouth on her sopping wet pussy. Instead she cradled his head in her hands and guided it to her vulva.

He placed her thighs on her shoulders and dipped his tongue into her pussy. He moved his hands up around her legs and found her tits. He then began to lick and suck on her pussy as he gently fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She had her head back and her eyes closed as she savored every moment of his skilled oral love making. She felt her climax building in her body and she knew that she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She tried to think of ways to delay it as she wanted the foreplay to last forever but she was too far gone.

"Oh God, oh God, this is going to be a quick one and a big one," she called out.

He fastened his mouth to her pussy as he prepared to stay with her throughout her climax. She screamed and grabbed his head first to hold it tight and then to push it away as her crescendo rocked her body. But she could not push Pete's head away and he kept at her pussy as she had one orgasm after the other. Lisa drenched his face with her female nectar and her body trembled as chills ran through her. He kept right on eating her after she had cum and the sensation became too intense for her. She was not strong enough to push his head away so she begged him to stop eating her pussy.

"Pete, please stop. I can't cum anymore. Please I can't take anymore!"

Knowing that he was just getting started she asked, "Can we go to the bedroom?"

She was still concerned that Brad may walk in on them in the family room.

Pete picked Lisa up his arms and carried her along with her clothes to the bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed, removed his clothes and then he moved between her legs. She looked at his big erect cock as it stood out from is body. She quickly assessed that he was no bigger than other cocks she had in the past. Pete eased his cock into her pussy and she wrapped her arms and legs around his body. It felt so good to her to be filled with a cock again. Pete took his time fucking her although he was so turned on that he came quickly.

Pete remained hard after he ejaculated and continued to fuck Lisa. Now he could pace himself and bring her pleasure as he wanted this to be a moment that she wouldn't soon forget. He fucked her keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit and she had a string of orgasms before he came a second time.

They rested and cuddled together for nearly an hour before they got up and cleaned up. They redressed and Pete drove her home even though it wasn't that far to walk. They kissed goodnight and thanked each other for a wonderful evening. They also committed to seeing each other again.


Brad was jerking off in bed Friday evening as he imagined Sandy on all fours with his head down on the bed and his curvy ass in the air. He was convincing himself that he could bring himself to fuck the pretty blonde in the doggy position. He imagined his cock sliding in and out between the glorious ass cheeks and filling the warm anal passage. He was sure Sandy was gay and given the right circumstances he would fuck his neighbor. Brad had had one bi-sexual encounter in college and he was able to handle it with discretion. He made up his mind to invite Sandy over one day to go swimming.

A week after his encounter with Lisa, Pete was up early Saturday morning and his son asked him where he was off to. "What's up dad? Are you going somewhere today?"

"I'll be in the city all day with Lisa. We're going to walk around, have lunch and then maybe take in a show. We may stay for dinner and even overnight."

"Cool, she's nice I like her. Have fun!"

"Thanks, I'll be home tonight or in the morning."

Pete left the house and Brad then made breakfast for himself. After breakfast, he cleaned up the kitchen and as he did he thought of Sandy. It was a good day to use the pool so he decided to invite his neighbor over. He was anxious to get a good look at the pretty gay in just a swimsuit. He didn't have the phone number so he walked over to his neighbor's home and ran gang the doorbell.

Sandy was watching gay porn when the bell rang and he was startled as he was not expecting anyone. He had this DVD he had been dying to watch and now that his mother was out all day he decided to watch it. He put on his short bathrobe and tied it tightly around his waist. He opened the front door and was surprised to see his hunk of a neighbor there.

"Hi Brad, what's up?"

"Your mom and my dad are spending the day in town. I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me at the pool today?"

"I'm not much of a pool person."

"That's okay, remember our pool is covered. It's in the lanai."

"Yes, I remember. Well maybe I'll stop over later but I'll pass on the swimming,"

"Okay, any time, I'll be home. See you later."

Sandy closed the door and leaned back against it. Thoughts raced through his head. He liked swimming but since his breasts ere developing he did not have an appropriate swim wear. He could actually now use a bikini but that would be too obvious. He decided to wear his Speedo bottom and a swim shirt. He also wore nylon shorts over his skimpy Speedo and a tee over his swim shirt. As he walked over to Brad's house he got excited and he felt his cock twitch in the swimwear.

When he arrived, he rang the doorbell and nearly gasped aloud when the chiseled Brad open the door wearing only his very snug Speedo. "Hey you made it, come on in. I was just going to make a drink for myself. Do you want one?"

"Sure, do you have anything frozen like a daiquiri?"

"No, how about a pina colada?"

"Sure, that would be great."

Sandy followed Brad to the kitchen and he could not help check out his neighbor and he immediately wondered if Brad could possibly be bi. Brad made the drinks, a pina colada for sandy and a bloody mary for himself. He handed Sandy his drink and invited him out to the lanai. The two of them stretched out in lounge chairs and enjoyed their cocktail as they got better acquainted.

Brad then unable to contain himself any longer asked, "So Sandy, what is your aversion to swimming?"

"It's not that, it's, well you know that I am gay, right?"

"I surmised that yes but what does that have to do with swimming."

"It's not the swimming, it's my bathing attire. I have been taking female hormones for some time now and I am developing breasts."

"No shit, really, let me see them."

"What? You want to see them, are you sure?"

"Definitely, I love a nice set of tits, show me."

Sandy blushed but he removed the tee shirt and then the swim shirt. His lovely shapely breasts came into view and Brad let out a slow soft whistle.

"Wow, you have great looking tits. So, what are you, a transvestite or transgender?"

"The correct term would be a shemale or ladyboy. I kind of like ladyboy."

"So, will you eventually go through a sex change, give up your dick?"

"No, I still want my dick but I want to appeal to men as a woman too."

"Well you certainly have my attention. Shit I even got a woody looking at your tits."

"Me too, I got hard too."

"Let's jump in the pool and cool off a bit and then I want to hear more about this ladyboy stuff."

The two of them jumped in the pool and swam around a bit before stopping in the shallow end. Brad continued to stare at the lovely breasts and he knew he would have to touch them eventually. He also knew that he would probably end up fucking sandy in his super fine ass.

"Let's sit in the Jacuzzi for a while."

Sandy followed Brad into the hot tub and sat across from him with his 32 B tits on display. Unable to resist him any longer Brad told Sandy to come to him.

"Here sit in front of me and lean back into me. Yeah that's it," he said as he reached around and cupped both breasts in his meaty hands.

Sandy cooed, closed his eyes and leaned back into the hard body. Brad gently fondled the lovely breasts and rolled the sensitive nipples in his fingers. His cock was rock hard in his Speedo and Sandy could feel the impressive meat pressing into his buttocks. Sandy too was hard and he secretly hoped that they would gave sex together that day,

"I can feel your boner, Brad."

"Yeah, let's take off our swim suits."

They shed their Speedos and Sandy returned to the same position. Brad's erection rested in the crack of his neighbor's ass as he resumed fondling the sweet titties. He looked over Sandy's shoulder and saw the small erection which had to be about 3 to 4 inches. Brad thought it was cute, that is if an erection could be called cute. Sandy reached behind him and took a hold of the stiff shaft. He guessed it to be about 7" long and more than 5" around. It was definitely the largest and thickest cock he had ever held.

"Have you ever had sex with a guy?"

"Just once, in college, he was a cutie like you with a nice ass."

"Sit on the side of the Jacuzzi and let's just enjoy this."

He knew that it was a big step to let the blonde neighbor suck his cock but it felt so good. Sandy was an excellent cock sucker and Brad knew that he would cum soon. Sandy deep throated him and he began to fondle the ball sac and stroke the perineum. Brad was so turned on that he busted his nut quickly and flooded the sweet succulent mouth. Sandy handled the discharge expertly and sucked every drop out of the big spurting cock.

"Sandy, I'm not gay. Even though I had sex with a gay in college, I'm not into cock. I have to tell you that so you don't expect me to reciprocate."

"I'm cool with that. I'm a bottom and I want you to be my top. Now I would love for you to fuck me. I want to feel that marvelous cock in my ass. Can we go back to the lounges? I want you to massage my body and get me ready for your cock."

They got out of the hot tub, dried off and returned to the lounges. Brad began to massage the magnificent ass. He then worked the pretty blonde's ass just as he had any of the girls he had ever butt fucked. He lovingly massaged the shapely buttocks and lubricated the anus. He put one then two fingers in Sandy's ass and finger fucked him for several minutes. He was lost in the moment and did not even think it was a gay ass. It was just a beautiful bottom and one he was about to fuck.

"I'm ready for you Brad. I'm ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow and make this last a long time."

Staring the entire time at the beautiful curvy ass, Brad got up on his knees and lowered his body onto the effeminate blonde. He held his erect cock in his hand and guided to the taut rubbery ring. Sandy held his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up his anus and stretched the sphincter. Brad was thoughtful and gentle as he slowly penetrated a guy's ass for the second time in his life. The ass opened up and welcomed the big cock into the warm snug passage. Brad held still momentarily and let Sandy do the work. Once he was satisfied that Sandy had loosened up he began to fuck him with long steady deliberate strokes.

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