tagSci-Fi & FantasyProphecy Ch. 03

Prophecy Ch. 03


Helena was exhausted. Her body ached as she and Esma waited in the line for stew in the main hall. The smell of it made her stomach ache and she salivated as they gave her a generous helping. They made their way to a table quietly and sat away from the others. Normally the hall was more active but everyone was simply too exhausted to be very social. Some still worked to keep spirits high by striking up heartening conversations. Some even shared stories of their memories of the village itself.

It was two sunrises from the day they would leave. Helena knew she should be upset about leaving her home but that was not what upset her the most. Ever since she had fled from Lucas that morning he had avoided her. Not that Helena had tried to speak to him again.

She had been able to function fine around him until she had made the mistake of thinking that she was dreaming of him again. But the anger had come when she saw him around the other women.

He had never shown interest in them and she hadn't realized that until he started to. At first it was just him talking with the women more then usual but now he was outright flirting.

Helena looked in his direction with a glare to watch as Lellah gave him some water. He had his shirt off, his scars proudly visible and was still a little wet from the water he had dumped over himself to wash away the residue of heavy lifting. Lellah fawned over him, laughing at his words and stealing brief touches every chance she got. It made Helena sick to see it so she turned away before she lost her appetite.

Lellah was a beautiful woman. Every man had eyes for Lellah and a few whispered to have laid with her as well. She had the type of figure that screamed sexuality. Fertile hips, heavy round breasts and a slim waist. Her lips were full and her eyes just a touch too round. Her brown hair hung in waves to her hips now that it was down from the braid that had kept it from her face during the day.

Esma snorted next to her and mumbled, "You express your love for him and accidentally admit you have visions of him so he finds a lass to latch onto within the week. I don't understand it."

"They are just dreams and he is doing what he must," Helena sighed.

"How can you be so sure? What if you are meant to be with him someday?"

Helena took a drink of water to wash down her food, "Visions concerning oneself are always the hardest to understand. There are emotions involved. Things that are based off your desires are usually dreams. You are as aware as I am that we still have normal dreams with little significance."

Esma nodded but deep down she didn't believe it. Her sister had once told her of her dreams of making love to Lucas. They had started about the time he had returned with the injury to his face and had become nearly as frequent as the man with the knife. Esma had asked her spirit guide repeatedly what was to happen to her sister but all he told her was Helena's fate was the Gods will and could not be changed. That was why Helena had received no Prophecies of how she would end up with the man with the knife or how to avoid it.

"Regardless I am already bound to the Spirits," Helena said almost absently as she chewed her food. A loud laugh made her look up just in time to see Lucas with his arm wrapped around Lellah, his hand resting on her rear as he pulled her to him and said something to her that made her laugh again.

Helena didn't realize she had slammed down her spoon on the table until people looked her way, including Lucas. With a silent curse and a blush she mumbled that she was no longer hungry and left the remainder of the food in her bowl for her sister as she stood and quickly left the main hall. She had a few pieces of bread back home she could eat before bed if she found her appetite again.

After she had left Esma looked back towards Lucas and found his eyes giving her a questioning look. Esma frowned and tilted her head at him before shaking it and ignoring him to eat. If he didn't know why her sister was so angry then he was a fool and deserved Lellah. The woman was simply wishing to gain status by tying the King to her bed. Esma knew for a fact that Lellah had gathered herbs to increase the chances of conceiving a child. She also had a particular dislike for the woman. They were the same age and Lellah had terrorized her most of her youth. The only thing that had saved her from the bullying had been the day that a dream she had told her mother of came to pass exactly as she had said.

The fact that the shy apprentice that usually cowered before him just gave him a disgusted look after her sister ran from the room did not escape him. He found himself suddenly distracted from the woman who seemed so willing and eager to climb into his bed. Her family looked rather pleased to see his attention on her. But no matter how hard he tried there was something missing.

By the end of the meal Lellah was confused. For a few days now he had been receptive to her and now he was suddenly distancing himself. Not a few moments earlier she had confidence that he would invite her to his bed and then nothing. It was so sudden that she could not fail to notice that it had started the moment the Prophet left the room. She watched him, a frown slowly creasing her brow. There could not possibly be something between the King and the Prophet. Could there?

It was at least encouraging that he bent down and gave her a gentle kiss, smiling at her as he excused himself for bed. She sighed and watched him go. Perhaps she should stop waiting for him to invite her and simply invite herself.


Lucas lay awake for a long time, thinking of Helena and the look of pain on her face when he had first turned at the sound. Then she had blushed with embarrassment and ran from the room. He seemed to keep having that effect on her. He was trying to move past her and he was finding it difficult. He assumed her quick exit meant she was doing the same.

It was a long time before the village went quiet. People had climbed into their own beds to rest as much as they could before it was time to get up and continue the grueling work. He felt sleep starting to pull at him finally and then the creek of wood.

Keeping his eyes closed he shifting his hand slightly under the pillow, putting his hand around the hilt of the blade he kept there. He could sense the movement in the room as someone came in. They were trying to be quiet but they were not very good at it as he was able to follow the motion of them moving to the other side of his bed.

The moment he felt the bed shift he sprung into action. Grabbing hold of the dark figure he pulled them down on the bed and pinned them, shoving the blade up against the tender throat of a rather surprised Lellah.

He kept the blade at her throat as he looked at her, panting from the rush that came with the thought of battle. Her face glowed in the moon light that shone through the window. It caused her skin to look pale and soft. His eyes followed that glow of skin down her body. One breast and a long line of her flat stomach were exposed. She had worn only a cloak around her which had come open when he had grabbed her. He could see her quickened breathing and the arousal his gaze gave her in the puckered bud of her nipple.

He groaned and looked back at her eyes with hunger. She opened her mouth to speak but he silenced her by claiming her lips with his own, growling a little against her lips. He moved the blade from her throat carefully and raised his hand. With a thud he stuck the blade into the wall above the bed so that his hands would be free. His hands exploded over her skin, pushing back the thick cloak to grab her hips.

Lellah moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and closing her eyes. She opened her mouth for his tongue as he moved his body between her legs. He ground his hips down against her, pressing the pronounced bulge against her moist lips. He could feel the heat of her through the material of his bed tunic and his head swam with desire.

Lucas ran his hands up her body to her arms. Grabbing both of her wrists he pushed them together into one hand and moved them above her head. He pinned them there and leaned up to look down at her. His eyes roamed over her shapely form, starting at the tuft of dark curls covering her sex slowly up to her face.

"What are you doing here Lellah," he whispered.

She blushed slightly, "I thought you might want someone to keep you warm."

"And what part of me had you planned to keep warm with your bare skin?"

A slow grin played at the corner of her lips, "Well, all of you my King. Of course."

He chuckled and ran his free hand across her stomach and up to her breast. First he squeezed it and then took her nipple between two fingers, pressing them together around it. Lellah gasped and her hips thrust up and along the length of him. He grinned down at her and rolled her nipple between his fingers.

His cock surged and pulsed with his need to be inside her. It had been a long time since he had felt the warmth of a woman in his arms and Lellah was a beauty on his bed. Sliding his body a little down hers he turned his gaze to her full breasts. He took his time with them, one hand squeezing and playing while his mouth bit and sucked at the other. Lellah responded with gasps and moans, her body wiggling and arching beneath him. He kept her hands pinned above her head and his body pressed hard against hers.

"Please," he heard her whisper.

He released her breasts and moved back up her body. Wrapping his free hand into her hair and gripped it he pulled it to force her eyes on his. She bit her lip and he nearly lost all control.

"Please what," he asked with a husky growl.

She looked him in the eyes and raised and lowered her hips to slide him across her through his tunic material again, "Please take me Lucas."

"You are not a virgin," he asked, raising an eyebrow. Her eagerness surprised him as much as it spurred him forward.

She blushed again and shook her head, "No. I am not a virgin."

"Do not move," he growled in command before releasing her to sit up on his knees. He pulled his tunic over his head and heard her moan in desire at seeing him. Throwing it next to his bed he laid back onto her again. Her breasts pressed warm against his chest and he felt the tremble in her body and knew it was not cold.

He took her wrists in his hand again and gripped them. Shifting his hips he positioned his head against her entrance. He could already feel the slick moisture as just the tip of his head pressed between her lower lips and she moaned. He leaned down and kissed along her jaw to her ear.

"Good. Then this will not hurt... as much," he whispered into her ear. His hips thrust forward and he buried himself in one motion. She cried out and he covered her mouth with his hand, biting a little at her throat. He had been on edge since the morning he kissed Helena and that tension had boiled up to this one moment. He had to take this woman. Every part of him needed to claim her roughly. It wasn't the tenderness that he felt towards Helena. This was more savage; more carnal. He wanted to feel her release while he felt his own. He began to thrust into her without giving her pause to get used to his girth. Her muscles gripped him as he pushed into her.

Lellah groaned and began to thrust her hips back up towards his. He was almost too long making it almost painful. His girth seemed so big at first but she began to get used to him and the fact she was so wet for him made it easier.

"I want to see you over me," he growled in her ear again, his voice faltering with each thrust. "I want to watch your face while you cum for me. And you will cum for me."

She moaned at his words and then gasped in surprise as he released her wrists and reached down to pull her legs around his hips. Using his hands on her hips he rolled on the bed, taking her with him and settling her above him. His hands moved up her body to cup her breasts as she settled herself onto him with a small whimper.

"You're so long," she whispered, even as her hips started to move to grind him inside of her. There was some sharp pain as he pressed against the limit of her but it was so overridden by the pleasure she could ignore it.

His fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples, causing a pull of desire to race down her body to where theirs met. Her body jerked and rocked over him. She threw her head back and her long brown hair tickled the inside of his thighs causing Lucas to groan. He could feel his balls tightening and he fought against the impending orgasm.

Gritting his teeth he reached a hand down to push a finger between them. Pressing through the hair there he found her swollen clit and pressed against it, rubbing in rhythm with her hips movements.

Gasping Lellah reached forward and pressed her hands against his firm chest, resting her weight against him as she curled her body. He was causing such sensations that she felt she would explode. She could barely focus on anything but the pleasure he brought with his touch and the feel of him inside her. Her eyes were wide as he pulled her down against his chest, trapping her bent arms between them. He gripped her hips again and began to take control. He thrust his hips up over and over, filling the room with the sound of pounding flesh.

He watched her face as the orgasm struck her. Covering her mouth with his to muffle her screams he rode her through it. It wasn't until he felt her muscles ripple over him and the moisture flood around him that he stopped holding back. His balls tightened and he exploded inside her with a muffled grunt against her lips. His cum mixed with hers as he buried himself inside of her and held himself there.

He felt her go soft in his arms as she collapsed. Wrapping his arms around her he held her to his chest while they both recovered, panting and sweating from their exertions. Lifting her from his body he laid her down next to him on the bed, exhaustion pulling at him.

Lellah smiled to herself as the King fell asleep in her arms. She wanted to stay by him through the night but she needed him to proclaim her his in front of the entire tribe for that to be allowed. It was not considered a bad thing for a man and woman to find pleasure with each others bodies when they were not pared. But to become his wife she had to either get with child or have him proclaim her his wife before the entire village.

Grudgingly she wiggled her way out of his embrace and pulled the cloak back around herself. Giving him one last kiss on his soft lips she slipped from the room and out of the great hall where the Kings rooms were. Her own bed seemed very cold after feeling the warmth of him next to her. She touched her stomach and prayed that the herbs would work.


Helena paced outside the door. Lucas had summoned her and she hoped it was not because of her small outburst in the great hall the night before at dinner. She hated that he could do this to her. No other being made her feel so unsure or afraid. He caused her to doubt everything about herself and wonder what it would be like to give in to her desires and let him take her. But to do that would destroy something she had lived with and grown to depend on her entire life. The thought of not seeing her Spirit Guide or knowing what was to come terrified her more then anything.

The door to the room opened and she turned in her pacing to see who stood there. A smile appeared on her face as Keifal came out of the Kings study. He closed the door and walked over to kiss her on the forehead.

Keifal was the Kings advisor as he had been for Lucas's father. The elderly man was tall and thin, his hands rough and scared from his life of hard work. His hair had once been golden but was now a dull shade of dust and silver. But even with his age he had a spring to his step and a clear mind.

"How are you Helena," he asked her, stepping back to give her a warm smile.

"I am well, thank you." She bowed her head in respect to the Elder but he put his finger under her chin to lift her eyes back up.

"Now now little dreamer. There is no need for that. We are friends you and I."

Helena nodded and returned the smile. He made her forget her nervousness for the moment. Keifal had always been kind to her. He treated her as a father would a daughter and had given her as many helpful words as she had given him helpful warnings. Helena's mother and father had died from the same cough that had killed Lucas's father. Keifal had helped with much of the pain of losing them by being there when they died for both Helena and Esma.

The door opened behind Keifal and Helena tensed, remembering why she was there. Keifal raised an eyebrow in question at her sudden change and turned to look at Lucas behind him.

"Helena," Lucas said, glancing at her where she was trying to hide herself behind the larger form of his friend. His body was just as tense as hers and he almost seemed angry in his posture. When he spoke again his voice was neutral and controlled. So unlike the man that Keifal knew. "I am sorry to take you away from your days work but I need to speak to you."

Helena nodded her head and started for the door as Lucas turned away to head back into the room. Keifal touched her arm and leaned in to whisper, "Do you require my presence?"

Helena shook her head and gave him a thankful smile, "No Keifal. But thank you. I am sure I will be safe with the King."

Keifal chuckled and patted her shoulder, "Of course you will child." With one last wink he turned and left, heading off to help load up the last of the carts for their journey which would begin the next morning.

With a moments pause to collect her composure Helena stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She stayed by the door as she looked at Lucas where he leaned against the table.

"I would like you to examine the path we have decided on. To tell me if there are going to be unexpected dangers."

Helena nodded and moved towards the desk. Lucas moved out of the way so she could lean over the drawn map of the land. She examined the black line made with ink that ran from their village up into the mountains and through the pass. Running her finger along the line she closed her eyes.

Lucas watched her with a steady gaze as her finger continued to follow the line of ink slowly as it moved along the map in a line even after her eyes were closed. After a long moment she opened them and shook her head.

"Nothing my King. The road is clear," she said. But as she turned to look at him he could see the fear and confusion in her eyes and knew she was lying.

"Then why do you look so afraid Helena?"

Helena shook her head again and stepped back from the table, "No reason my King. Do you require anything else?"

She was so horribly frustrating. His mind screamed that he was going too far even as he stepped towards her and grabbed her arm firmly. She gasped and tried to step back away from him but he wouldn't let her.

"Why do you continue to lie to me," he growled at her, "Why must you keep this secret for yourself? I know," he said, his fingers digging a little into her skin, "You do not tell me because you will enjoy what happens to you. I heard the pleasure in your screams."

The sound of her slap shocked them both. Helena faltered a moment when she realized she had just slapped the King and then it no longer mattered. The anger she felt at his words made her bold.

"How dare you," she said through gritted teeth. His grip on her hand loosened and she yanked her arm away. She was sure he had left a bruise. "If you wish to play this way then I can play as well. I will give you a Prophecy but it is your own. Do not bed Lellah for the first time you do she will get with child. You will have a few years to watch her raise your son to depend on her before she begins putting poison into your food."

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