I met her in a shopping mall. I was just sitting in a café peacefully when I saw her walk by. She was about 5'6 with a slender body. Her shoulder length brown hair waved back and forth as she confidently walked by, and our eyes met. They were brown/green and revealed a burning fire of lust inside. As she continued I looked her up and down noticing how I was reacting to her long black leather coat and her black heels. She turned around a corner and disappear out of sight, but I could still see her in an inner vision as if I had taken a photo of her and continued to examine it without anyone knowing.

Ten minutes later I got up and walked away to the men's ware on the third floor. They had had an advertisement in the local paper about new designer clothes, and I wanted to see what there was in my size. Being a 6'5 with long legs and muscular body made it difficult to buy clothes, but that didn't stop me from looking. Sometimes even I got lucky and found something in my size, and to my own amazement I did. A pair of beige trousers of nice cut and a knitted cotton sweater seemed appropriate and might just fit. As usual I had to make sure they fit before I bought them and moved to one of the dressing rooms. I removed my clothes and tried the selected trousers and sweater. I wasn't satisfied with how they fit on me, and took them off. As I was standing leaning down to the floor I suddenly felt a hand between my legs and how I was pushed against the wall which made it impossible for me to stand up.

"Does it feel good when I touch your cock? Wouldn't you get horny as hell if I asked you to follow me home and let me see you jerk you cock off for me."

I could feel her rubbing my cock and balls through the thin fabric, and I forced myself to a standing position and turned around. There she was, of course just as gorgeous as she had been when I saw her walk by. Her wonderful brown/green eyes and small nose, thin red lips with a thin dark outline. Her olive skin was perfectly smooth and without any birthmarks. Her high cheekbones made a powerful impression, and the generously applied makeup made an absolutely startling impression which made me stand still just gazing at her while she continued to rub my balls.

"Yes, you wouldn't mind that at all, just to come with me and stroke your balls blue."

What's a man to say when such an invitation is given? To be honest I don't know, because I can't remember what I said. My eyes were scanning her very curvaceous breasts which appeared to be something in the neighborhood of 36C. The next I can remember is following the sight of her long hair and long black coat from a short distance behind her until we got to a house where she opened up the door. Minutes later I was completely naked while she was sitting on a bed with all her clothes still on.

"Sit down." she said pointing at a chair standing directly next to the bed, which I of course did. I remained passive in my seated position as she moved quickly around me. Suddenly she punched me with a fist right in my stomach, and I lost my breath completely for a while. It felt difficult to breath, but eventually it became easier, but regaining my breathing only meant regaining my awareness of the predicament I was in. All of a sudden I was tied to the chair with cuff-like gadgets which held my wrists and ankles to the chair. I felt her wrapping a belt around my chest forcing my back to be secured against the chair too.

"You'll call me Mistress when I get back, if you know what's good for you, pervert."

She placed a large transparent bag in my lap with appeared to be filled with cold water, and then placed a black mask before my eyes to cover my face but still allow me to see. But what was there to see when she suddenly walked away and the room became pitch black. There was no sound, no light, and the little smell I could sense was from a wet rug. The whole thing was ridiculous, unworthy any human being, but regardless what I thought, the surrounding remained the same. It could have been minutes or hours, it was impossible to say, but eventually the room was flooded with red lights and a few white ones, and the lady from the mall entered with yet another man. She laid down in bed and the other man immediately began licking her. She looked up at me and grinned before she reached for the bag and removed it and then someone released my right hand which was the one further away from the bed.

"Jerk off fucking pervert. Stroke your cock quick and hard."

I couldn't feel a thing in my thighs and cock, but I wrapped my hand around my cold limb and became moving my hand up and down after first saying.

"Yes Mistress."

I could see her face and how she let herself enjoy the other man's tongue in her pussy while she kneaded her breasts. She occasionally looked at my soft limb and my efforts to jerk off while looking at her in bed, and grinned each time she saw how my cock remained small and soft. I had not had an orgasm for ages and really needed one, but regardless how much I tried I still couldn't make it hard. She looked so horny and squirmed in bed while I could hear the squishing sounds from between her legs. Suddenly she pushed her leg against the man's shoulder and he moved away as she turned to stand on her hands and knees.

"You worthless pervert, can't even make your cock hard at the sight of a real woman. Get your hand in better use and get this condom on a real man's cock. I want to get fucked, and your cock is absolutely worthless and pitiful."

She threw the condom in my lap, and I quickly took it in my free hand and as I looked up I could see the other man standing next to me with his absolutely stiff cock standing straight out. I placed the condom on the top of his cock, and with great ease it rolled into place. As he turned around to eagerly move his cock to the craving heat of lust between the mysterious woman's leg, I saw his shoulderlength hair sway back and forth and he plunged his cock into her again.

"That's it, fuck me hard with long hard thrusts. I want to feel your cock all the way into my wet cunt."

She looked at me, and saw me sit motionless in the chair just watching them.

"Jerk off, your little pitiful wimp. You wanted to jerk off, so do it."

I immediately started stroking my cock again, which felt a bit warmer in my hand, as well as a bit harder. I could actually feel a little pleasure from the movement of my hand, and I watched this overwhelmingly beautiful woman being fucked from behind just before me. It was starting to feel like when I was a boy jerking off in bed at night while watching the naked breasts in the nude magazines. The only difference being the reality of the scene before me, and her voice altering between hissing, ordering and screaming at me. It was fantastic in a very obscene way, but I continued to stroke fast up and down just as she was ordering me while she continued to pant heavily from being fucked by this hard cock and the power she must have felt as she continued to verbally abuse and control me.

"Faster you little jerkoff, and if you come before I do, I'll punish you to such extent that you'll probably beg me to kill you. What a pathetic creature you are, with an even more pathetic soft peace of flesh. Won't that thing ever get hard? Would you get hard if I wrapped my lips around it?"

Her sudden remark made my cock harder in my hand. The sensation of a woman's lips around my cock, and her tongue sliding around the cock-head is one of the images in my head that most frequently returned when I had sexual fantasies. I looked at her mouth, seeing her tongue sliding over her lips, and the sight made me breath more heavily.

"Well you can forget that. No chance I will ever take your pathetic pitiful penis in my delicate, elegant and skillful mouth. I know you would come instantly if your cock would come inside and little jerkoff boys don't get that treat."

She laid her upperbody against the bed to better receive the thrusts of the other man who was beginning to sound like a wounded wild beast. She turned her face to him so her wonderful hair covered her face for me.

"That's it, deeper, harder, give it to me. Can you feel how my strong muscles are milking your cock? Sucking it harder and harder to get all of your cum. Come for me baby, come hard and salute the talents that is formidably drawing the cum out of your big ball."

Her voice naturally had an increasingly intense on me too, and I could feel that my cock was hard but still a bit numb.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good. I'm so close to coming, and your cock in my pussy feels so good. Shoot your cum inside of me as I come too. Oh that's it. Yes, yes, don't stop, harder, deeper."

She stood up on her hand again to thrust back, and panted out the words one by one. Then she started to scream with great intensity straight out as she came. Her face was so beautiful as she came hard, and the other man screamed out his orgasm too deep inside her gripping cunt. It was so good to watch I began feeling how close I was too, and that worried me because I wasn't sure when I would be allowed to come, but at the same time I knew I couldn't stop my hand from stroking.

The couple stood up after a while, and removed the condom from the man's cock before he departed leaving only me with her in the room. She sat down on the bed and took out two glasses of red wine, before she put the content of the condom in one of the them.

"Haven't you come yet? You really have a pathetic, useless penis, haven't you? Take away your hand, and drink this."

She handed me the glass where a string of white semen was floating around, and at the same time she sat down on the floor. I hesitated drinking the wine, and while I did I felt her opening a part of the seat which gave her access to my ass. Without any delay I felt something against my asshole and that something was beginning to push against and ever more accepting hole.

"I'll let you come if you drink the wine."

I continued to hesitate, but groaned as her left hand grabbed my hard cock and began to slowly stroke me. Her intense warm hand felt incredible around my hard shaft, and the pumping of both her hand began to go the same pace.

"Drink it, and then I'll let your pathetic member come in the most intense way."

I looked her in the eyes, and they were dark.


Her order was direct and to the point, and even though I felt hesitation, I let the content of the glass down my throat. As she saw me swallow the drink, her hands became more demanding. I was panting as she fucked my cock and ass with her hands, and leaned my head back.

"I knew you wanted me to fuck you in the ass from the first time I saw you, and to have your cock stroked at the same time. I know you won't last long, your pathetic little creature."

Then suddenly she placed a condom on my cock, and continued to stroke me furiously.

"Come you fucking wimp, and show just how much you want to be fucked in the ass."

I had been on the ridge of coming for some time now, but as she pushed the object inserted in my ass even further in and turned a switch so the entire length of the probe began to vibrate, I couldn't hold back anymore. As soon as I began coming, she removed her hand from my cock leaving it standing on it's own in my lap while she concentrated on fucking my ass even harder.

"That's it, shoot all of your cum. Give it all to me, it's mine and I shall have it. Come and keep coming until you've given me all that is mine."

The intensity was enormous, and I continued to pumping out come into the condom, and at the same time the frustration of not having my cock touched or stroked as I came was growing. I tried moving my still free hand to my cock, but she slapped it. Then finally as the pulsation began to subside, she grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly again while her hand under the chair continued to thrust my soar ass.

"That wasn't all of it, was it? You must have more in store for me, but it won't take long before we are sure."

And she resumed her stroking movements around my cock, and it felt both wonderful and annoying at the same time, but she knew what she was doing and in no time it wasn't anything but pure ecstasy as her small hand with delicately painted red nails made me pant even more than I had before.

"See how well trained your cock is in my hands. It knows that it should give me all of your cum, and this is the moment of truth. Did you give me all?"

I watched her grin as she saw how I was trying to get out of her grip and the chair, before surrendering to her and coming again.

"Yes that's it. Mistress wants what belongs to me, and I take it."

It felt like something I had never experienced before. Never had I come that quick twice in a row.

I moaned and groaned as she kept milking my cock, and as I looked in her face she smiled confidently as she had won an important victory.

"I said I would take all that is mine, and you held back on me the first time. Did you hold back the second time too?"

And with that she resumed stroking my cock again. She gave me a cute smile which was almost sadistic at the same time.

"This will make for a wonderful next drink to you. Your lips must be very dry by now, and even more so before I'm done with you."

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