tagLoving WivesProstitute Part Time Ch. 03

Prostitute Part Time Ch. 03


The first two chapters dealt with Bill's wife, Betty, agreeing to be in bed with the landlord and other friends of his to supplement their low paying jobs. Bill got used to other guys being in bed with his wife and stopped caring about it Betty continued to occasionally invite a man in her bed because it was easy money and she wanted to buy nice things for herself and the house.

One morning after Betty had fucked the landlord for a month's rent, she and Bill were sitting in the living room talking. Betty was still dressed in her robe while drinking coffee with her husband.

Betty said, "That was easy money. It took me only a half hour to roll around in bed with the landlord and let him cum in me one time. I've been thinking we should take a weekend at a beach side resort."

Bill looked at his wife to say, "That would be fun but expensive."

Betty smiled, "I've seen some ads on TV about a very nice resort on the beach. If we went there, I could earn more than enough money to pay for the weekend. I'll bet there are some rich bachelors lounging around in those places."

Bill became a little more serious as he responded, "I hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't want to get caught by the management or police."

"I don't think that would be a problem. You could have a drink at the bar and meet some of those single gentlemen. I expect they would welcome you to point in a certain direction to meet me. Of course, you would have to indicate they needed money to invite me up to their room."

"That is a good idea and it could work. I would have to be very careful selecting a guy to meet you."

"I know you would. Pick out a nicely dressed, handsome guy who looks as if he has money. He may be running a bar tab, or he may be peeling off the green stuff for the drinks."

The next Saturday, Bill and Betty drove to the beach resort. They checked in, went up to the room, then came back down to the lounge as individuals. Betty found a comfortable seat in the lounge while Bill went outside to look around. It was early afternoon and Bill saw several people order drinks at the beach bar. He didn't see any likely prospects. He noticed Betty had walked outside to mingle and order a drink. Soon he noticed two handsome, young looking guys talking to her. He thought maybe she was finding a guy on her own.

After about fifteen minutes, the two guys walked away leaving her by herself. Bill walked over to order a drink. He started a conversation with Betty as if they were strangers.

"What did you think of those two guys?" he said in a low voice

"They seemed to be nice and they are here without female companions."

"They will probably be around later. Maybe it's not a problem for us to be seen together. At least let's enjoy our stay here and have dinner together."

After dinner that evening, Bill and Betty decided to go their separate ways again. She sat in the public lounge while Bill looked around for some single guys.

Bill walked into the bar to see many men and women having drinks, some sitting at small tables and some at the bar. He noticed the same two guys Betty had conversed with this afternoon. He walked over to the bar and started talking to them. The three of them were talking about sports and other things. Bill offered to buy a round of drinks. Then one of the guys bought the next round of drinks. Bill noticed he pulled out a wad of bill when he paid.

One of the guys named, Kerry, noticed two pretty ladies come in the lounge to sit with two guy. We assumed they were with husbands or boyfriends. Kerry commented, "Wow, they look hot. We need to find three ladies for us."

The other guy named, Ken, said, "I don't see three lonely gals in here waiting to be picked up."

Bill then casually commented, "If you guys are interested in a lady for a roll in bed, I think I know of one."

Both Ken and Kerry looked at Bill. Ken said, "You do! Where is she!"

Bill answered, "Keep your voice down. This afternoon I met a pretty lady and before I knew what was happening, she agreed to go up to my room for sex."

Kerry grinned, "She went up to your room for sex? What kind of charm did you give her."

Bill answered, "It wasn't charm, it was money."

Ken inquired, "How much did you give her."

"500 dollars cash"

Kerry smiled, "That's no problem with me if she is worth it. Did you say she was pretty?"

"Yes, very pretty and very experienced to make it worth my time when I was in bed with her," Bill lied to lead them on.

Ken then frowned, "I don't have that much cash on me."

Bill continued to lead them on as he commented, "I had that problem, but the bank branch here in the hotel let me use my credit card to get the cash."

Ken and Kerry grinned. Ken said, "Kerry, I'll flip a coin to see who goes first. Bill, do you think you can find her?"

"About thirty minutes ago, I saw her sitting in the lounge. Unless she is upstairs with someone else, she will probably be sitting there."

The three men walked out of the bar to look for Betty. Bill saw his wife sitting on a couch and told the two men to look in her direction.

Ken said, "She does look very pretty from here. Are you sure she is a hooker?"

Bill could only say, "I don't know about the hooker bit, but I fucked her this afternoon for 500 dollars."

Ken looked at Kerry, "Let's get to the bank and get some money. I want some of that gal."

While Ken and Kerry were at the bank, Bill walked near his wife and softly said, "Two guys are going to meet you. $500 apiece." She nodded approval.

After the two guys had cash, they joined Bill. Ken looked at Kerry to say, "Let's go meet her."

Bill watched as the two guys walked over to Betty to start a conversation. About five minutes later, he saw Ken take Betty's hand and walk to the elevator.

Once they had disappeared in the elevator, Kerry joined Bill and said, "Let's go in the bar and have another drink while Ken fucks that whore. He'll come in here to let me know when he is finished so that I can go up to the room. Do you want another turn with her after we both fuck her?"

"No, I had my time in bed with her earlier today. You two guys have your fun."

Betty thought Ken was a handsome guy as the elevator went up to another floor. They stepped out of the elevator, walked down the hall where Ken unlocked his door and said, "Please come on in."

Betty dropped her purse on the couch and said, "This is a nice room. I'm here to entertain you, so what would you like to do?"

Ken didn't answer, but took Betty in his arms for a very sexy kiss. She could smell the liquor on his breath, but she expected that. Ken proceeded to unbutton her blouse to expose her breasts since she was not wearing a bra.

He looked at her breasts to say, "These are beautiful. You are a very beautiful lady."

"Thanks for the compliments."

Ken continued to undress Betty with her assistance with the zippers. It took about two minutes for Betty to be completely nude. Ken looked her up and down and then took her in his arms for more sexy kisses. She could feel his erection through his pants rubbing against her.

She broke the kiss to say, "Let's get you out of these clothes. I want to see what you are hiding down here."

Both Betty and Ken were now naked as they plopped on the bed in each others arms. Ken kissed her breasts and on down to her stomach area.

Betty wasn't sure if he was going to kiss her pussy, but she spread her legs to give him room. Ken took the hint and buried his head at her crotch. Betty could feel his tongue licking up and down her pussy.

Ken raised up in bed to look into Betty's eyes. She then asked, "What would you like to do?"

Ken responded, "I want you to give me a blow job."

"That's alright with me, but first we're going into the bathroom for me to wash your cock and balls."

The two naked people walked into the bathroom. Betty looked at the sink and said, "That's not going to be too easy to wash you. Why don't we both jump in the shower."

Betty put on a shower cap so that her hair wouldn't get wet. They entered the shower, soaped, rub their soapy bodies together, rinsed off and got out of the shower. Once they were back in bed, Ken rolled Betty up on top of him in the six nine position. Now Betty could give him a blow job while he had a good view of her pussy and ass and he could occasionally lick her pussy.

It wasn't very long before Betty heard Ken become vocal as his cock began to jerk with each spurt of cum in her mouth. She jacked his cock with one hand while continuing to keep his jerking cock in her mouth. She had a lot of experience in consuming cum and hardly lost a drop. After Ken's body simmered down, she reached for a tissue to wipe her mouth and lips.

Ken rolled her off and laid exhausted on his back with his eyes closed. She waited a couple of minutes before she said, "Did you like that?"

"I really did. You are one hot mama."

Betty got up and started dressing while Ken watched. He said, "You have a very beautiful body."

Betty smiled, "Thank you again. I hope you think this was worth the five hundred dollars."

"It sure is. Let me get out of bed and pay you."

Once Ken and Betty were dressed, they went downstairs. They walked into the bar to meet Bill and Kerry. Ken said, "This is one hot female. Kerry, you are going to like her." Of course, the two guys and no idea that Betty was Bill's wife.

Betty looked a little stunned at his comments, but smiled. She said, "Ken is a real stud, too."

Betty excused herself to go to the ladies room.

Ken then told Kerry and Bill, "She sure knows how to suck a cock. She went right down on me and when I cum, I don't think she lost a drop. She gulped it all down."

Kerry exclaimed, "Wow! So she sucked you off!"

Kerry looked at Bill, "What do you think about that?"

All Bill could say since he knew Betty was his wife, "Yes, I think she is worth the full five hundred dollars and a big tip too."

Ken looked thoughtful, then said, "A tip, I forgot to give her a tip."

Ken looked at Kerry to say, "She gave me a blow job, so beware if you decide to kiss her."

Kerry commented, "I don't think that is a problem. I'm going to buy her a drink before we go upstairs." Kerry inquired, "What kind of a drink do you think she would like."

Bill spoke up since he knew what Betty liked, "I'll bet she would like a martini."

Betty returned to find four fresh drinks had been served, including one for her. They moved to a table.

Bill sat on the opposite side of the table from his wife and often glanced at her. He knew she would soon be going upstairs to fuck Kerry. It had been interesting to hear Ken tell of his time in bed with Betty and that he thought she was very sexy. He was proud of his wife being so sexy and desirable by other men.

Ken pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket. He peeled off a one hundred dollar bill and gave it to Betty. As he handed it to her, he said in a soft voice, "Here. I forgot to give you a tip."

"Oh, thank you for being so thoughtful." Betty smiled at Ken and put the money in her purse. Bill was thinking he was glad he had mentioned the tip to Ken. His wife deserved it.

When Betty finished her drink, she looked at Kerry, "I'm ready whenever you are ready."

"Oh boy! The fun now begins," Kerry said to Bill and Ken.

Ken leaned into the middle of the table to say in a voice so that other people couldn't hear, "I had a good time with her, no doubt you will be pleased."

Bill didn't know just what to say as Kerry walked away with his beautiful wife, Betty, but did comment, "Get your money's worth."

Kerry answered back, "I will. I'm going to enjoy my time with this pretty girl."

Betty blushed a little as they walked away. Bill walked to the door of the bar to watch Kerry and Betty enter the elevator. His wife would soon be giving Kerry a blow job or letting him shoot cum in her body. He and Betty had agreed to be here and let her earn money by fucking strange men, but he sometimes felt a little jealousy. However, he had gotten used to her fucking other men at their home to pay the bills, so it didn't bother him very much.

Kerry took Betty up to his room. As they entered she saw a three room suite, a king size bed, a lounge, and a wet bar and kitchenette. She was impressed that Kerry was financially well off to afford living quarters like this. No doubt the five hundred dollars was just a drop in the bucket for him. She had agreed for that amount and she would not ask for more. Maybe if he liked her, he would give her a big tip.

Kerry started undressing right away. Betty decided to start undressing too. She noticed Kerry kept looking at her as she shed each article of clothing. When her blouse was removed, he reach over to touch one breast and tweaked the nipple.

Kerry commented, "You have beautiful breasts. Let me pull your panties down."

Kerry gently pulled them down and let her step out of them. When Kerry stepped out of his shorts, she saw his erection was very hard with a big purple head.

Betty commented, "You have a big one ready for action."

"Yes, I want to love your body like its never been loved before."

Betty thought he was just saying nice things to her and didn't think sex would be any different with him.

They laid on the bed and he began kissing her lips and breasts. Betty's first impression was that he seemed to be a good lover.

Then Kerry said, "I want to love your body all over. But first I want to tie your hands up above your head. I guarantee I will not hurt you in any way and if you don't like what I am doing, I'll quit."

Betty sat up, "Wait a minute, I've never done anything like this before. Don't tie my hands."

Kerry begged, "Please, I won't hurt you at all. I just want to kiss and love your body all over. I'll pay you a lot of money if you will agree."

Betty pondered about the money. "How do I know you won't hurt me."

"I promise to be very gentle and loosely tie your wrists . All I want to do is kiss you all over."

Betty decided to agree, "Alright, if you will theat. me tenderly."

She was having second thoughts while he was loosely tying her wrists to the head board. She thought she could possibly slip her hands loose if she felt it necessary.

She was lying flat on her back with the bright lights on. Kerry hovered over her and started kissing her neck, then moved to her breasts. His tongue slowly licked up and down her torso. Now that she was relaxed and felt comfortable, his tongue felt very sexy roaming over her body. After thoroughly tonguing the upper part of her body and breasts, his tongue moved toward her crotch. She spread her legs to give him space.

She could feel his tongue licking up the inside of her thighs toward her pussy, but not actually reaching her pussy. He seemed to be teasing her. He moved down in bed with his feet off the end of the bed. This put his head at her crotch. He lifted up her legs and spread them exposing her pussy and ass. She could feel his tongue licking around the sides of her pussy, then his tongue moved to lick around her butt. She could feel him licking from one cheek to the other and darting in her ass as he went from one cheek to the other.

She was feeling very sexy and was waiting for hm to get to her pussy. He continued to lick all around her butt, ass, up the insides of her thighs, until finally his tongue reached the inter folds of her pussy. The tongue bath had made her very sexy. Once his tongue slid into her pussy and touched her clit, she knew she wanted an orgasm with him. Her hands were tied loosely and with a little struggle, she removed them from the constraints. Her hands moved to his head to encourage his tongue to give her an orgasm.

Betty's butt was moving in rhythm with his tongue. She knew she was approaching an orgasm. Kerry knew what he was doing and was giving her many thrills she never had before. He really had a talented tongue. Betty's body began to surge and jerk as her orgasm came on strong. She was groaning and sometimes yelled while in the throes of an orgasm. With time, the orgasm slowly dissipated and her body became very limp.

Kerry continued to lightly lick her pussy, ass and her inner thighs until she finally pushed his head away.

Kerry moved up on her body with his hard cock aimed at her hole. When she aimed it with her hand, he plunged all the way in. After about four back and forth plunges, he pulled out, moved his body up so that his cock was at her mouth. She raised her head enough to take the head in her mouth. Just then he started cumming as he jacked his cock. She was afraid she would choke since she was lying on her back, so she pushed him back to take his cock out of her mouth. He continued to jack and cum all over her face as he groaned and moaned.

This had been a new experience for Betty. She had enjoyed the tongue bath as foreplay which made her very sexy. Kerry enjoyed it too. Then she thought of all the extra money he had promised to give her.

Kerry made a suggestion, "I would like for you to spend the night with me. You are a very sexy lady and I want to give you another orgasm before you leave me in the morning. I really enjoyed loving your beautiful body. I can afford to pay you handsomely."

Betty answered, "That's alright with me." She knew her husband would be worried about her, but he would have to wait. She would see him in the morning.

Ken and Bill were waiting for Betty and Kerry to return to the bar.. Finally, Ken said, "I guess he is still fucking her, but I'm going to bed."

Bill was about the only customer left in the bar. He hoped that his wife was alright. He didn't even know which room she was in. He decided to go to bed, too.

Kerry and Betty talked for a long time. She finally asked, "Do you think you can make it again?"

"Why don't we go to sleep and do it again when we wake up."

The sun was shining brightly in the morning when Betty opened her eyes. Kerry was getting out of bed which must have awaken her. She noticed he was naked as he went to the bathroom and then she realized she was naked in bed, too.

Kerry said, "Let's take our showers together to wake us up."

Betty joined Kerry in the bathroom. She sat on the commode for her morning piss. Kerry quickly said, "Spread you legs. I want to see what you are doing."

This was nothing new to her because her husband often wanted to watch her piss. She spread her legs so that Kerry had a view.

They both got in the shower to soap and wash. Kerry delighted in soaping her breasts and between her legs. "You are going to be very clean for me to kiss all over."

She responded, "I think you really like to kiss me. And it made me very sexy last night."

Once they were on the bed, Kerry tied Betty's hands up behind her again. He then proceeded to give her a long slow tongue bath from her lips down to her inner thighs. With all the foreplay before licking her pussy, Betty felt very sexy and was ready for another orgasm. Again, she released her hands from the constraints. Her hands went to his head to encourage him to give her a good orgasm. After her orgasm, he moved up to plunge his cock in her pussy. This time he gave a few back and forth plunges and started spurting cum in her body.

Kerry then ordered breakfast up to the room. While eating, Betty noticed it was very late in the morning, nearly noon. Then she remembered she had sex with two guys last night and it was probably very late before she and Kerry went to sleep. Then they took their time to have sex this morning. She was wondering what her husband, Bill, was doing. He was probably worried about her.

While eating breakfast, Kerry said, "We've had a lovely night and I really enjoyed your company. I'll give you the five hundred dollars in cash and that's about all the cash I have, but I'll write a check and you can cash it later. I'm fairly wealthy and I can easily afford to give you a good sum. You deserve all of it. I would be interested in seeing you sometime in the future. I'll give you my card so that you can contact me."

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