Prostitute Part Time


We ate lunch and went to work. That evening when we checked the mail, Bill was offered an interview with a company that might hire him in his advanced skills. If he could get the job, I wouldn’t have to sell myself anymore. Although, I was beginning to think it was very easy and very interesting to make money that way. I had enjoyed my time with Tim, and my husband didn’t seem to mind if he could watch.

Bill went to the interview as scheduled and came home to tell me, “There is a good possibility of a good paying job, but I won’t know for at least another month.”

I thought out loud, “That’s a long time from now. In the meantime, we have the overdue rent and other bills to pay.”

Bill commented, “We haven’t heard from our landlord, but I’m sure he will want the money or some more time with you, soon.”

I hesitated for a few seconds, “That shouldn’t be any problem. My time with the landlord and with Tim was no big deal for me or for you. That is an easy way to pay our bills until you get the better job.”

Two days later right after breakfast, Tom called, “Hello Betty, I need to talk to you about the back rent you owe.”

“Yes, I’ve been expecting you to call. We’re still short of money and I am willing to let you come over to see me.”

He quickly said, “I’ve just had a shower and shaved, can I come over right now.”

After hesitating a few seconds, I said, “Sure, come on over.”

Bill looked a little surprised that this was going happen again so suddenly.

Bill pleaded, “Please leave the bedroom door open a crack. The other morning I had a good view of you and Tim on the bed by looking at your images in the big mirror.”

“That’s OK with me, but be sure you are discrete and Tom doesn’t see you.”

I finished breakfast and jumped in the shower while Bill got the children off to school. Bill let Tom in when he rang the doorbell.

Bill greeted him, “Come on in, I think Betty is out of the shower and getting ready for you.”

I had time to quickly comb my hair and put my robe on before entering the living room.

“Good morning to you, Tom”, I cheerfully said.

“And good morning to you, pretty lady. I want to make it clear that this morning will cancel all past rent, but you will owe rent for next month.”

“That is alright with me.” I was hoping for more, but decided to agree.

Tom continued, “Also, I want to apologize to both of you if I was rude to you the other day. I’m not such a bad guy when you get to know me.”

I responded “I accept your apology”.

I smiled at him and hoped our relationship would be more pleasant.

I took his hand and headed down the hall way. I looked back to blow a kiss to my husband before we went in the spare bedroom. I left the door open a crack.

This time I let him take me in his arms and shared a sexy kiss. He pealed the robe off my shoulders and let it drop. He stood back to admire my body.

He said, “I’ve been thinking about being with you again” as he kissed my neck and then leaned down to kiss my nipple.

“This time”, he said and hesitated while he sucked my nipple, “I want to see more of you. Let’s get on the bed in a six nine position.”

“That’s alright with me”, I responded, “Get undressed.”

I watched as he removed his undershirt. He had a very hair chest. Then his shorts dropped to free his protruding erection. He had dense hair all over his body. When he was getting in position with me on the bed, I rubbed my hand all over his hairy chest and crotch. First we were lying on our sides in a six nine position. His hairy crotch was at my face. I took hold of his large cock to stroke it.

Before I could take it in my mouth, he easily rolled me up on top of him. He was a very big man and probably weighed 250 pounds while I am a petite girl weighing 105 pounds when wet. He could easily manhandle me. I took the head of his cock in my mouth to suck and lick. When I took more of it in my mouth, his thick hair tickled my face. This was a new experience for me and I rather liked it.

I could feel his tongue and mouth going up and down on my pussy making me feel sexy. I knew he had a good view of my ass and pussy because the sun was shining in the room. I closed my eyes to enjoy his tongue while I slowly moved my mouth up and down on his big cock. He started pushing up to my mouth, then his cock started jerking and spurting. I could feel him wildly sucking my clit while he was cumming. He had cum too quick for me to work up to an orgasm.

This big hunk of a man seemed exhausted as I laid on top of him. As his cock became smaller, I could roll it around in my mouth with my tongue.

“Pretty lady, that was wonderful”, he commented after he took a good relaxing breath.

When I rolled off of him, he looked at his watch to say, “I’ve only been here a few minutes with you. You surely won’t make me leave this soon.”

“Don’t panic, I’ll stay here with you for one more time if you can get it hard. I have plenty of time before lunch and to dress before I leave for my job.”

“Let’s sit up in bed, I want to talk to you”, he said.

I had forgotten to look at the mirror to see if my husband had watch, but I assume he did watch. I didn’t see him now that we were sitting up in bed.

Tom started to say something, but then acted as if didn’t know how to express this thoughts.

“Betty, I wonder if you would do something for me”, then he hesitated.

I could only assume he want to fuck me in some particular position.

“Betty, I have a son who just graduated from High School. I want to give him a special treat for his present. Would you let him come over here and have sex with you? Please!”

That took me by complete surprise. Would I let a young guy fuck me? I did it enough times when I was in High School, so why not again?

Tom continued, “I will pay you the same amount as Jim paid you. Don’t make my son leave as long as he can get it hard.”

I thought about the timing, then said, “If he arrived here at nine in the morning, I would have about two hours at the most before I had to prepare for lunch and leave for my job.”

Tom looked pleased, “That would be fine.”

“Tell me a little about him so I’ll know what to expect.”

“He is a big guy and has been a leading jock in High School. He participated in all the sports and won some wrestling trophies.”

That made me wonder about wrestling around in bed with him. I assumed he could easily manhandle me like his dad does.

Then my thoughts returned to my present position in bed with Tom. I decided if I was going to stay in bed with him long enough for him to cum one more time, I had better get something going. I started playing with his cock and balls.

I teased him a little by saying, “Did you like looking at my ass and pussy when you cum a few minutes ago?”

“Oh yes! Very much. You have a very pretty pussy and I liked the way your ass puckered at times. I felt tempted to stick my finger in it.”

“Well, if that turns you on, use your finger there next time. But don’t plan to fuck me there because your cock is too big.”

I continued, “Did you like the way I licked the head of your cock and sucked you off.”

“You did a wonderful job. I’m sure your husband enjoys it that way. I assume you do it all the time because your mouth and tongue are very talented. I know my son will like it, too.”

With all the sexy talking and my playing with Tom’s cock, he was beginning to get a little hard. I took it in my mouth while he watched me. When I raised my face, I glanced at the mirror to see my husband watching. I’m sure he enjoys watching me suck Tom’s cock trying to get it hard again.

After a few minutes of having his cock in my mouth and trying to put part of his balls in my mouth too, he was about hard enough to get it in my pussy.

I softly said, “Tom, which way do you want it? I know you are too heavy to get on top of me.”

“Ride me like you did the other day.”

I moved up to straddle his hips, aimed his cock and settled down on it. As our eyes met, I could see the excitement in his eyes. His hands grasped my butt as I wiggled on him. His hands assisted in raising and lowering my butt as his cock came nearly all the way out and plunged back in my body. He was making my butt go up and down faster. Then he pulled my body down so that my breasts rested on him.

Now one of his hands roamed up over my butt to let a finger move down the crease of my ass. I knew he wanted to sink a finger in me. He started pushing up to me as I gyrated on his cock. I thought he was trying to work up to cum again. We kept up the erotic movements while his finger was now buried in my ass. He was either holding back for me to have an orgasm with him, or he was having a problem having one. He had just cum a little earlier, and maybe he could not cum again this soon.

I could feel my orgasm coming on and was not going to wait for him. I quickly glanced in the mirror to see my husband was still watching. Guess that turned me on a little more because my orgasm came on very strong. I groaned and moaned and yelled a little while my body surged with sexual excitement. Evidently, this was enough for Tom to loudly yell and start spurting in my body. I could feel his finger fucking my ass while I was in the throes of my orgasm.

We both laid exhausted for awhile until I could feel his cock about to fall out of my pussy. I knew he was well satisfied and I had enjoyed my time with him, too.

As I rolled off of him, I looked in the mirror again, but did not see Bill.

Tom and I got up to dress, then I went in the bathroom to clean up. Tom went on in the living room to talk to Bill. I soon joined them.

“Thanks for cancelling all our back rent”, I said to Tom.

“You’re very welcome. Our time together was well worth it. Don’t forget, my son, Greg, will be here tomorrow morning at nine.”

After he left, Bill said, “You were very sexy. I got so excited when I watched his cock fucking you that I just about had to masturbate, but I waited for you.”

I noticed Bill had unzipped and had his cock out. Bill hugged me and deeply kissed me, “Betty, I love you and you are so sexy. I’m so lucky to have you.”

While we were still kissing, I reached down to feel his very hard erection. I pushed him back on the couch and got down on my knees. My mouth quickly covered his cock. He was pushing up to me and saying over and over, “I love you.” He quickly cum in my mouth.

I got up to say, “It’s time I dressed so we can eat lunch and go to work.”

While I was at my job doing routine tasks, I got to thinking. I had recently been in bed with two different guys other than my husband. Then I thought about my husband watching and got turned on. No doubt I love my husband and children very much, but I did enjoy my time with the two guys. Now, tomorrow morning, I’ll let a young high school graduate fuck me. Where is all this leading? I really didn’t know. I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but the money is good, I like it, and my husband is thrilled to watch. I’ll have to be careful that I don’t get a disease. Maybe when Bill gets a good paying job, I’ll quit fucking others, but then maybe I won’t.

The next morning I decided to dress up a little before I met Greg. I put on a mini dress, but didn’t have anything on underneath. I applied lipstick and combed my hair. Since he was much younger than I am, I thought I should try to look appealing to him.

At nine o’clock, young Greg and Tom knocked at our door.

Tom said, “I want you to meet my son, Greg. I’ve going to leave him for his graduation present.”

Greg looked like a very handsome hunk. I assumed all through high school he had plenty of girl friends and was probably experience with sex.

“Greg, would you like to sit down for a little bit so we can get acquainted”, I cheerily said.

Guess he didn’t have much of an option. I suggested he sit in a chair while Bill and I sat on the couch opposite him. I allowed my legs to open. Already, my mini dress was up to about my hips to give Greg a preview of what he would see a little later. I noticed he couldn’t keep from glancing at my legs and crotch while we made small talk. I knew he couldn’t see my pussy because I was sitting on it, but I knew he could see my pubic hair.

I thought I had teased him long enough, so I got up to say, “Take my hand and we’ll go in the bedroom.”

He didn’t need a second invitation as he quickly got up. We went in the spare bedroom and I left the door open just a crack as usual.

I turned to him, “Greg, you are a really handsome hunk of a guy. I’ll bet you’ve been in bed with many girls, have you?”

“Oh! Guess I’ve had my share. I had a lot of dates, but not all of them would let me go all the way. I do have one special girl that I may marry some day, but I haven’t been in her pants as yet.”

“That’s too bad. If you really love her, I know you would like to have sex with her. This morning we’re going to have some fun. I don’t know what your preferences are, but we’ll start out and see what develops. If you want to do something different, just let me know. I’m here to entertain you for your graduation present. I’m well experienced with all different positions.”

“Thank you for being so easy to be with. I like you and I think you are beautiful. You dressed very sexy for me.”

I think I blushed a little at that, then said, “I wanted you to like me, not just for sex, but as a person.”

He commented, “It looks to me as if you are not wearing underware. Your nipples are protruding and plain to be seen.”

“I dressed this way just for you. Would you like to feel my breasts?”

He walked close to me to feel my breasts through my dress then said, “Let me take your dress off and I can feel them better.”

I took his hand in mine and moved it down to the hem of my dress. Together, we pulled the dress up and off over my head.

I reached down to feel his hard cock through his pants and said, “Get out of these and let me see what you are hiding.”

I helped him undress and was not disappointed when I saw his erection. The head was large and purple as if it was about to explode. I wanted to explore it with my mouth, but didn’t want to rush.

Before I knew what was happening, he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to the bed. Before he put me down, our lips met briefly at first, then his tongue slipped in my mouth to find my tongue. That made me feel very sexy and I knew I was going to enjoy my time with him.

He laid me down on my back, then leaned over to gently kiss my nipples. I put my hands at the sides of my breasts and pushed the nipples up into his mouth. He lifted up to look in my eyes, then our mouths opened wide for a very sexy kiss. Our lips and tongues meshed together along with a mixture of saliva for a long kiss. I could feel wetness at my crotch.

When he broke the kiss and lifted up a little to look in my eyes again, I smiled and said, “How would you like to cum in my mouth the first time?”

“Wow! That would be extra special. I didn’t know if you would let me do it like that.”

“Don’t be bashful”, I responded, “let me know how to please you.”

Earlier, I had decided to have him cum that way the first time. After that he could maintain an erection long enough give me an orgasm when he fucked me.

He laid on his back to allow me to kiss his body all the way down to his cock. I licked around the large purple head, then sucked on it.

He exclaimed, “That’s really good. Do it some more.”

I licked up and down the underside taking time to lick his balls to tease him before I went down on his cock as far as I could. His body was tensing up and shaking a little as he began to moan. I knew he would be cumming very soon. His cock began to jerk as I was taking each spurt in my mouth and throat.

He groaned and moaned, and told me “That is so good. I can hardly believe this is happening to me.”

I moved back up to lie by his side with his arms around me. I did take time to glance at the mirror to see my husband. I then knew he had watched me suck the cum out of Greg’s cock.

My hand roamed down to his cock to find it was still a little hard. I assumed this young guy would recover fairly fast.

He rolled me onto my back, then laid on his side but propped up on an elbow to look in my eyes.

I smiled at him, “I think you like me a little.”

“I like you a whole lot. Too bad you are married because I would like to spend a lot of time with you even though you are much older.”

I noticed he glanced down toward my breasts. He said, “I’ve been with several girls, but it was in a darkened motel room or in the back seat of the car. I’ve never had the opportunity to see much of a naked girl in daylight.”

“Now you have the opportunity. You’re looking at me with the sun shining through the window. Look and feel all you want.”

He looked a little shy and then I guessed what he wanted.

I asked, “Do you want a closer look between my legs.”

He nodded his head, then I said, “Turn around and put your head near my bottom. You can look, feel, and explore all you want.”

I was already lying on my back, so I spread my legs and pulled them up to give him plenty of space to see. I looked down to see his face was close to my pussy and ass. Then I could feel him spread my lips. When he touched my clit, I sexually flinched a little.

I said, “That is my most sensitive part. I like to be touched there.”

He took time to explore my pussy. He entered his fingers as he played with me. He let a finger roam lightly over my ass hole.

I said, “I am a little sensitive there too. That feels good.”

Then he concentrated on my pussy moving his face for a closer look.

He exclaimed, “I think I see your pee hole. I’ve never seen one before. That looks very small.”

I responded, “It just the right size for me to pee. Now that you are down there, have you ever licked and kissed a girl’s pussy?”

“No I never have. May I?”

“Please do, I like for a man to lick and suck on my clit.”

He started moving his tongue up and down my slit. I could tell he was not experienced at doing this, but he would learn.

I commented, “Suck on my clit, too.”

He was learning fast because I was beginning to feel very erotic. I could feel his tongue alternate between licking over the crack of my ass and up my slit, then sucking on my clit.

I moaned a little as I said, “You’re doing a good job, but concentrate more on my clit.”

I felt my body building up to an orgasm. I put my hands on his head to help guide the thrills he was giving me. My orgasm came on strong as my body shook and shuddered.

When I relaxed, he said, “Wow! That was exciting. You actually had an orgasm while I sucked your clit.”

I calmly responded, “Most girls like it way. Didn’t you know that?”

“No I didn’t. I’m learning a lot from you. That’s the first time I ever did anything like that. It’s very exciting.”

He moved back up for me to cuddle in his arms. I reached down to feel a very hard cock.

I commented, “I think that turned you on to look at my pussy. Now would you like to fuck me?”

“I sure would.”

He started to crawl on top of me. I said, “Have you always fucked a girl by getting on top?.”

“Yes, what is wrong with that?”

“That’s alright, but you are very heavy and will mash me. There are other positions. Let me get on top of you.”

He laid on his back allowing me to straddle his hips. I held his cock to ease all the way down.

I said, “Now, isn’t this a comfortable position?”

“Yes it is, but I can’t move very much.”

“That’s alright, I’ll ride you and make most of the movements. Just enjoy yourself.”

His cock felt very erotic in me. I stopped movements now and then to squeeze on his cock. I glanced at the mirror to see my husband was watching me ride this young hunk of a guy.

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