tagMind ControlPrototype Ch. 08

Prototype Ch. 08


*Notes found in the margin: Benjamin's description about his lunch with Rachel. Occurred between what I've "roughly" defined as chapters 6 & 7.

I couldn't believe the words coming out of Rachel's mouth. Or, perhaps more appropriately, I just wasn't quite ready to. "That's just your training talking. It's not how you really feel about any of this!"

As promised, Rachel had brought me some lunch. When she pulled up with her special delivery it had put such a strange and envious look on Mike's face- one of my co-workers at the warehouse. She handed me the food as she wrapped an arm around me and pulled me down to meet in a very passionate kiss. If I didn't know better, I'd say she had been warming herself up for me before her arrival. Maybe she had at that. As it was, I was so distracted I nearly dropped the food before this kiss was over. It had been that, or pass up on the chance to give her incredibly tight ass a good squeeze while our tongues were exploring each other's mouths and her breasts were pressed firmly up against my chest.

Thankfully, I maintained enough of my mental capacities during the onslaught of desire to remember a couple of salient points. First, that she was my slave. Which meant that even if I didn't do it now, there was nothing to stop me from grabbing her ass anytime I wanted. And second... I had two hands. Which made the first point somewhat moot.

The Italian sub was delicious and so was the small bundle of grapes that she had pulled out of the mystery bag a bit later. "She had teased me about that on the phone," I recalled. Once we had finished celebrating her arrival, we quickly left the stuffy confines of the surplus warehouse behind in favor of enjoying some shade and a little breeze. From there the conversation had progressed into other perfectly mundane subjects.

I suppose sharing a simple lunch with a beautiful woman can really pass the time. Of course, it helps tremendously when she seems honestly interested in you and makes no attempt to hide that fact. To anyone else passing by on campus I'm sure we looked like just another normal couple- like anyone else in the world. Good thing there weren't very many students on that particular corner of campus that day. If there had been, and if they paid us anything more than a passing glace- they would have been just as ensnared by Rachel as I was.

She was dressed in a rather simple outfit. Tight genes with a few threadbare patches that were still popular at the time. Rolled up just enough to almost claim to be capris, with the added benefit of showing off her otherwise unadorned feet tucked into a pair of pointed black stiletto shoes. Her top was a simple black baby-doll with a round but plunging neckline beneath a half-jacket made of soft white leather that flared just enough to draw the eyes directly to her beautiful cleavage. Her long dark hair cascaded down past her shoulders and flowed from the front to the back as she talked. Each time she laughed or tilted her head it added to the illusion that her curls were at the mercy of some undiscernible tide.

Honestly, it made it hard to hold up my end of the conversation. Not that I learned anything particularly new about her as we flirted over lunch. I had been seeing her for a while by then, and we had spent a lot of that time just talking on many a previous 'date night'. That should come as no surprise, given what has already been established about the emotional state I had been in for the past few years. Even when I was paying for her attention and knew it, my self-confidence had still never been that great. But right then, over lunch, she seemed to be chatting it up as if she was genuinely interested in me. Like we had been together for years- I mean actually together, as in boyfriend and girlfriend.

Eventually my own self-doubt and insecurity raised enough warning flags about that familiarity, that willingness to please, that I had to ask. Which was a shame, really. By then she had talked me into laying my head in her lap while she fed me the grapes. I had been thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her hand running through my hair. And the way her own hair had tickled my face each time she had leaned down for a kiss.

"Alright- what is it?" I asked suspiciously during one of those lulls in conversation that happens every seven minutes if urban legend is to be believed.

"What," She asked, feigning innocence. "Can't a girl just enjoy some time with you? I can tell you're enjoying it quite a bit." Her smile was warm, but her eyes were just a bit too guarded at the evasion.

"I was, but that's not an answer," I said somewhat curtly as I shifted to a position more vertically inclined. It hard to be taken seriously while lying on your back on the ground.

Rachel sighed, took a moment to gather herself, and then launched in on the real reason she had been buttering me up. She hadn't said it outright, but I was smart enough to read between the lines. She was afraid that I wasn't man enough to actually know what to do with a sex-slave.

The problem was- a part of me more than a little inclined to agree with her. It was sitting right next to the part of me that was still giving me dirty looks in the mirror each morning for what I had done to her. And right next to him was the part that kept nagging me about how I couldn't trust a word she said for the exactly same reason- her, or Maggie. It's not like those doubts were eating me up inside yet- but I was getting more and more uncomfortable with them just sitting there staring at me. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I don't want you to think I was starting to go insane or something.

Rachel spent a good bit of time trying one angle after another. Most were attempts to talk me into getting rid of those voices through whatever means necessary. We were focusing on that last one just then- the part where I shouldn't believe the feelings we both knew my training had put in her head in the first place.

"That's just it." She said, shifting onto her knees and crawling forward to close the gap between us. "Don't you see? That's exactly what it is, and it's in-fucking-credible!"

I made no attempt to hide the suspicion and confusion that statement created. "I'm afraid I don't follow. Why should that make me feel better about any of this?"

Her eyes moved up and down, taking in my defensive posture as if it were paper armor she could shred with a single rake of her claws. "You poor, sad, amazing, sexy man." She purred, reaching me and sliding her tongue into my mouth as our lips met in a kiss. She slowly lowered me back down to a horizontal position beneath her as she felt my resistance melting.

I could have stopped her, and I almost had when she called me sad. But the 'amazing' and 'sexy' part had held my tongue just enough to let her complete the distraction.

"I don't know how." She said, rising up just enough to slide off to one side and nibble on my ear. "And I don't know why. Was it just because I was convenient? Or did you actually like me? No, don't answer that. It doesn't matter."

"Rachel, I think-"

She put a finger over my lips to silence me. "Don't talk. If you tell me to stop, I'll have to obey. But I don't think you really want me to do that. I think you would enjoy it a lot more if you just listened for a minute."

I have to admit, the timbre of her voice was sending shivers down my spine. The way she seemed to almost purr as she whispered hotly into one ear was doing even more than that.

"Listen to what I'm saying," She continued, climbing back on top of me and flicking her tongue playfully across my lips to briefly replace the finger that had been there moments before. "I am your Slave. And this body?" She leaned up just enough to run a hand up and down her side in case I needed the reminder. "You know, the one I have spent hours nearly every day for years now to keep it healthy, sexy, and powerful? The tool I use as my primary source of income? The tits, ass, and legs that you have lusted after for months now? This body..." She leaned in close enough that I could feel the heat of her desire on her breath as she let a small moan of pleasure escape from between her lips. "This body belongs to you."

I could feel the weight of her chest, the twin points of her breasts pressing down against me as the rest of the world seemed to recede into the background. I could feel the pressure of her hips even more, as she slowly and rhythmically began to grind them back and forth on top of me. The pressure was easily more than enough to tease my hard cock through my jeans. Which made the additional pressure of one of her hands, slipping down between us, all the more apparent.

"Oh god," She moaned again slowly- her monologue having almost as much of an effect on her as it was having on me. Maybe even more so. "I want that cock inside me, Master!" She hissed, shifting her grinding motion into more of a circle as she continued to press against me. "Say the word and I will fuck you right here, right now! Or I could suck your cock instead? The way you moan when you cum in my mouth... Fuck! I could almost cum right now."

"Rachel. This is-"

"No, please!" She was getting nearly frantic now. "I'm not... not done."

"You seem pretty, uhm... close... to me!" I taunted her, trying to hide just how near the edge she was pushing me as well. "I didn't bring a change of pants with me this morning. This could get messy. Hot, but messy."

Her back arched as she froze in place, her breath coming in sharp ragged gasps. The seconds seemed to slide slowly past as if they were thick and viscous- like molasses on a cold winter's day. Once the edge had past, for both of us, she slowly leaned up against me- her face hovering close enough to feel her with my eyes closed.

"You did this to me." She said, her voice dripping with the same heat and need I had could still see swirling in her eyes. "I... have never... felt like this before."

She may have meant those words to be a panacea- but they fell onto my chest like acid instead of ambrosia. "Rachel... I... I'm sorry," I said as some shard of guilt tried to dig its jagged edge into me. "I shouldn't have... I didn't know what I was-"

She slapped me. Not hard, but in that 'I went to the super-secret school to learn how to slap men' type of way that women seem to develop as if by magic.

"No." She said forcefully. "Do not apologize to me. Not for this."

It was all I could do to just stare at her incredulously. The heat she had built up inside me had immediately begun to swirl with dangerous eddies of anger- fueled by my temper bubbling up from below.

"There- that's it. That's what I need." She said as if to taunt me. It was the tone of her voice that briefly held my tongue. She meant it. She was doing this on purpose. Pissing me off- on purpose.

"What is your point, Rachel?" I asked, not bothering to hide the edge of danger I knew was on my voice. Fucking temper. It had already got me in trouble once and if I wasn't careful it was going to do it again.

"Before you and your... machine," She said, resuming her slow grind against me as the venom left her voice- replaced with that seductive purr once more. "I would never have done something like this. Not for a client. Not for a boyfriend. I would never have let them claim, let alone be willing to admit that they owned me." She paused, her eyes half lidded in pleasure. "You own me, Master. I am your slave, and I fucking love it."

Her pace had steadily increased, even as she was slowly, methodically, trying to get her point across. There was not an ounce of doubt in her eyes- not a drop of guilt. She was enjoying this. And against the wishes of my better angels... so was I.

"For fucks sake," She said, allowing the barest hint of irritation into her voice. "Don't you think I know what you're going to say?" Her hand shifted between us- riding up and sneaking past my belt. Her touch was warm and moist against my skin. At the same time, it felt as if it should burn- like salt-water poured over a thousand shallow cuts. But I didn't fight her. I let the pleasure mix with the pain. It was just punishment for what I had done, or something. Right?

Her hands found their target, wrapping smoothly around my cock as she began milking it. "None of it is real, Rachel, you would say," She whispered harshly, her breath hot against my face once more. "You are only saying that because my machine makes you believe it."

My own breath was coming faster as well. Fuck me but I couldn't help it. This woman was sex on a stick, and her hand was sliding up and down my shaft as if she were an expert. Which of course, she was.

"Don't you fucking get it, Master? You are right. It is the training talking. You made me feel this way. You..." She stopped just in time. Shifting her weight, she withdrew her hand, now glistening with pre-cum from my only barely aborted climax. She examined her fingers approvingly before shoving them into her mouth and moaning around them. "God I love how you taste..." She wasted no time returning her hand to its previous location. "It's how I feel now. It's... mmm..."

I couldn't help but gasp, my cock throbbing in her hands as she paused just in time to prevent an almost immediate explosion. "Fuck this woman is good at this!"

"Not yet, Master. Not until you... I need you to understand."

"Then you'd better slow down, or you're going to be licking the cum off my boxers."

She didn't stop, but she did slow down. "Yes, Master," She coo'd. "We wouldn't want that. Now, about that guilt you are trying so hard to carry around. Could you do us both a favor and get the fuck rid of it?"

"If only it were... that easy." My toes were curling inside of my shoes as the guilt and doubt fought a losing battle against the pleasure her talented fingers were wringing out of me.

"Actually, that's exactly what I've been trying to tell you. It is that easy! Whatever that machine does, once it has made its changes- you are different. Think about all the shit you care about- everything you think is important to you in this life. Do you know why you feel that way? Well I do!"

She shifted again, trying to prevent the combination of her pelvic thrusts and her fingers from pushing me over the edge. "Just the thought of..." She shuddered, eyes going half lidded for just a moment. She leaned on me even more for support, her weight pressing down against me. "The thought... of you changing me. Making me into... something else. Anything else. Whatever the fuck you want."

Her eyes snapped open, focusing hard on my face even as the rest of her kept grinding into me. "That kind of power? Fuck that is hot. Think anything you want? Act any way you want? Do... Mmm... anything you want. And the best part of all..." I could feel her entire body vibrating- as if humming with anticipation and need. "The best part is- you could do that to anyone! Ooooh... Holy ffffu-"

Rachel came- hard. Her head dove into the crook of my neck, burying her moans as she twitched and spasmed against me. "I... I'm sorry... Master..." She all but panted into my ear as her body was racked with wave after wave of aftershocks.

"Sorry? For what?" I asked her, more than a little amused at the mental dissonance her apology had created. I wanted to be angry with her, or at least irritated that I still hadn't finished. Instead I raised a hand and tried to smooth away the few stray hairs that had landed over my face.

"I should have been more focused on your pleasure, not... Not ride you like... like that."

Her face was still hidden from me, out of sight beneath my hand as I slowly exposed it from beneath layer after layer of her now slightly moistened hair. "Did you hear me complaining?"

"Only because I kept telling you to be quiet." She admitted, slowing kissing my neck. "May I make it up to you?"

"I'm sure I can think of something you could do," I mused, turning her head so I could kiss her- which turned into a much longer and deeper kiss than I had intended. My hands began sliding down her back and slipping beneath her jeans to give her incredible ass another squeeze.

As fate would have it, we had run out of time for our little picnic. Not because I needed to get back to work, though that was true. No, it was the two students who took it upon themselves to break up our little party. At first they were both seemingly upset that someone was having sex out in the open with nothing but a tree to hide them- poorly at that. Once Rachel had stood and revealed we were both still fully clothed they seemed mollified enough to let it go. They moved on with the understanding that we would be on our way as well.

I still had a raging hard-on, of course. But the moment had been broken. As I looked around I could see that the number of students wandering about had increased significantly indeed. I was surprised we weren't discovered sooner. So, we gathered our things and started walking back to the warehouse.

Both of us were lost in our own thoughts, halfway there before either of us was willing to break the silence. As usual, Rachel took the lead. "Will you think about it, at least?" She asked me timidly.

"Think about what?" I deserved the gentle punch in the arm I received for that somewhat impish reply.

"You have no reason to feel bad about any of this. Seriously." She said, attempting to reassure me.

I took a moment, silently counting out my next few steps as I mentally organized my understanding of her position. "Because your training has forced you to like it, and as far as you are concerned those new feelings are just as real, if not more than the ones you had before."

"No, see..." She cocked her head for a moment, falling a step behind as she finally registered what I had actually said. "Wait. Yeah. Pretty much. But I don't just like it. I love it! As far as I am concerned, you having this power over me is the best thing that's ever happened."

"Don't oversell it," I grumbled. "I know what was in your training, remember? I wrote it. Well..." "Most of it at least." I silently finished the thought.

I could hear the smile in her voice even from behind me. "Does it turn you on? Hearing me saying it back to you like god's honest truth?"

"I'm fairly sure god would have serious issues with what I'm doing, Rachel. Even if you don't. Best not bring him into it, I think."

"If it were me I'd be a lot more concerned with how you use your power, and how you treat the people you use it on. So far I have nothing to complain about." She wrapped an arm around my waist and leaned into me, giving my ass a good squeeze on way around. "And you avoided my question."

She was right. I had avoided her question. It did turn me on to hear her saying her phrases without even knowing they were all from me. But I wasn't quite ready to give away any more than I already had. At least not yet. Until that is, she proved she had already figured it out on her own.

Her voice was timid and uncertain- as if she knew she was stepping out onto thin ice without a clue if it was strong enough to hold her. "It's all in the throw-away phrases. Isn't it."

I wasn't sure if the ice would hold either. Her question was rhetorical- we both knew that. But that didn't keep it from immediately raising the hairs on the back of my neck and start my heart racing. I tried to throw on my best poker face before I responded, but even I could hear the defensive edge in my voice. "What makes you say that?"

"Don't shoot the messenger," She said, picking up on the obvious drop in temperature between us. "I am pretty sure if you didn't want me to know, I would be conveniently oblivious to all the changes I've gone through recently. Which, logically, means you wanted me to know about them. It also stands to reason that, as kinky as I was before all this, the reason I get weak in the knees every time I think about helping you do this with... other women- is intentional as well."

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