tagMind ControlPrototype F-96 Pt. 03

Prototype F-96 Pt. 03


Hey Guys (and girls?)

I'm not 13.

Here's part 3.



"Mr. Liner! Are you paying attention?" Mrs. Harrison, my English teacher, shouted at me.

"Sorry Miss." I quickly replied, as I refocused my attention on the lesson she was giving.

Daydreams and memories of last night at the gym with Beth fled my mind as I tried to focus on other things. I would often drift off in my classes, which most teachers seemed to be fine with and ignore, however Mrs. Harrison was not 'most teachers'. She clearly took a disliking to me, she would always ignore the other students misbehaving, but as soon as I started to drift, she would make a point to call on me.

I had, of course, had worse teachers. But, the thing that really confused, angered and annoyed me about her was the fact that I would barely do anything wrong. I wasn't the smartest student, but I would get my assigned work done and would never actually disrupt the class but for some reason she took a serious disliking to me, and in return I felt the same.

"Stay behind after class, I will have a word with you." She snapped.

Great, just great, the last period of the day and this bitch wants me to stay behind. She never ceased to amaze me. I clenched my fist as just plain anger filled my head. I had said two words this whole lesson! And the moron behind me hadn't stopped talking the entire lesson.

I stuck my head in my notepad as I tried to calm down, drawing and doodling to keep my mind busy. This was my process, I realized, as I looked through my book at the sheer amount of scribble that was in it, all from times when I had been pissed off as I was now.

I eventually settled down, my mind wandering to other topics. I began thinking back to Beth, what was she doing now? I know I would try and meet her again after school. I contemplated texting her in class as I felt my phone in my hoodies front pocket, but knowing my luck with the bitch at the front of the room, I decided against it. I couldn't help fantasizing about Beth again, her beautiful skin, her toned body and of course her new giant tits.

In no time I had a semi, and began looking over the girls in the class. Yes, No, No, No, Yes, No. I said to myself, judging the female students without shame. My eyes scouted around the room, before landing on Mrs. Harrison. The especially annoying thing about her was that she was a decent looking woman. She was of French decent, with blonde hair tied back in a bun. She stood about 5'11, meaning she was just slightly taller than me, which made talking to her face to face feel slightly intimidating. She wore a form fitting white blouse with a few buttons undone, a black pencil skirt and a pair of dark stockings. Her face was actually quite pretty, she had bright green eyes and full lips, and a pair of wayfarer glasses framed her face. But before I could study her any further, I remembered just how big of a bitch she was to me.

I drifted off again. As I stared blankly towards the front of the classroom, I began to think of the sexual activity I had been exposed to over the last few weeks. Danna and I had been meeting every few days to fuck. Every time we met, she never would disappoint me either, always thinking of a new position or location. She really was a diva. I should try and surprise her sometime too, she had given me a key to her house, and maybe I should let myself in and surprise her sometime. I began thinking of ways to interest Danna, thinking of new ways to have sex with the absolute MILF. The Beach! I remembered that she had said having sex in the ocean was her fantasy; I definitely had to take her one-day. I started planning where to take her, what excuse I should tell my family and when I would surprise her.


The bell sounded as I was mid thought, without thinking I began to gather my things, eager to leave. Shit, I remembered my instruction to stay in after class. I slumped back into my chair, frustrated again at the unfairness of my punishment. While everyone was leaving I thought I would check what Beth was doing, I reached for what I thought was my phone. Oh! The realization of what was in my front pocket hit me, the remote! I must have left it in my pocket last night at the gym. This should be good.

"Sit there until 4 o'clock, don't make a noise or it will be 5." she stated from her desk, not even bothering to look up from her work.

I remained slumped back in my chair, putting my hands in my front pockets. I pressed the button on the remote while keeping it in my pocket. I couldn't help but smile to myself as Mrs. Harrison got a blank look on her face just as the other girls had.

She dropped her pen as the remote took effect; after she regained her bearings she picked it up and continued like nothing happened.

It took about ten minutes before I saw, from the corner of my eye, her look up at me but she quickly returned to her work. Her breasts were already getting very large and were straining in her tight blouse. I wondered how long it would be before the buttons to her blouse started giving way. I knew I shouldn't push my luck with looking at Mrs. Harrison's chest because she may well have gotten me into further trouble so for around five more minutes I kept my eyes away.

After five minutes past, she stood up and walked over to the white board, taking a quick glance at me as she did so. She began writing notes for what I assumed was tomorrows lesson in the top corner of the board. The way she was stretching up made her already tight pencil skirt, even tighter around what I noticed was a nicely shaped butt. I couldn't help myself and gazed heavily at her beautiful rear end. But before I could look away, she caught me.

"Excuse me!" she snapped in fake surprise.

"What?" I replied, trying to play dumb.

"You know good and well what you were doing! You were staring at my ass!" she said getting louder.

"No I wasn't!" I proclaimed in fake innocence.

"How would you feel if I stared at your dick all day?" she questioned, completely ignoring me. "No, you know what you little pervert, get your dick out!"

"I'm sorry?" I coughed, surprised at the forwardness.

"You fucking heard me, get your dick out, pervert!" she said ironically.

"Are you joking?" I laughed, seeing how far she would go.

"No, I'm not, do it now or I'll send you to the principle." She threatened.

"Umm..." I said still hesitant.

"Oh, for God sake." She heaved, making her way to the door and locking it before strolling over to where I sat.

She reached down and forcefully pulled down my fly, then yanked at my pants and underwear, exposing my semi-erect dick to the cool air.

"Oh..." she hesitated, her eyes widening and drinking in the sight of my exposed parts, "its tiny!" She forced herself to say.

She took a step back, folding her arms in front of her chest whilst maintaining focus on my dick. With the extra strain on her shirt, from folding her arms, her blouse began to give way. A button popped with such force that it landed on my thigh, exposing her new giant tits a little more. She caught me staring at her chest.

"You are unbelievable!" she remarked, "no, that's it, you have wasted a lot of my time in class and you will make it up to me you little creep."

"How miss?" I feigned innocence.

"You know damn well how," she said huskily, as she leaned down slowly to look at me eye to eye, and pushed her fore finger into the underside of my dick.

Not being able to resist, I extended forward, reaching for her full lips. But before we connected, Mrs. Harrison roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my head away.

"You will do as I say you little shit." She hissed. Mrs. Harrison stood upright and sat down on the table in front of me with her legs unfolded, all whilst clawing onto my scalp. "Now eat!"

Before I could think, she shoved my head straight into her crotch. For a moment I was thrown, slightly losing my equilibrium. But I quickly regained my senses and began to lick her box over her bright red, silk panties. She moaned slightly as I continued to kiss and lick her vagina, but clearly she needed more. I reached up and pulled at her panties whilst keeping my head under her skirt, and managed to get them to her ankles. With her pussy exposed, I dove my tongue into her folds, my fingers teasing her clit as I did so.

"Oooh, good boy!" she moaned.

I decided my digits needed to switch jobs. I gently kissed and bit down on her clit and began to slowly add my middle finger into her pink pussy. She gasped in pleasure when my entire finger was enveloped.

"Ohohhoo, that's a very good boy." She laughed with pleasure.

Gently I added my forefinger as well, feeling her warm tunnel convulsing around my fingers. I started building pace, pushing and pulling my fingers in and out of her, now wet, snatch. I gave her clit some further attention, biting firmly down on it, enticing moans from my horny teacher. She still had her hand on my head, however as I started pulling back gently she released me and allowed me away from her crotch.

With my face out of her lap, I looked up at my bitch of a teacher. Her breasts had gotten so large that all but two buttons had popped on her blouse, leaving a good portion of her chest exposed. Her tits had gotten to big for her bra and as a result I could see the top half of her nipples poking over the top of her bra. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide open in desire.

With my fingers still deep in her folds, I curled my fingers up in search for her G-Spot. In no time I found it, pushing into it lightly caused Mrs. Harrison to throw her head back and groan deeply in response. I pressed firmly on it, eliciting an even loader groan from the bitch.

"Fuck yes keep going." She howled.

Taking the initiative, I rose from my chair and began kissing her chest. Finding my way to her half exposed nipple, I began kissing lightly on them. I used my free hand to word around her back, and with a minor struggle, unhooked her bra, giving me full access to her big jugs.

Her breasts were indeed now massive. Prior to using the remote, Mrs. Harrison already had a decent size pair of tits and now with the milk flowing into them they had become extraordinary. It took no time at all for the milk to start flowing from her swollen nipples into my sucking mouth.

I began developing a pace, the faster I would finger her, the harder and more vigorously I bit and sucked on her nipples. Quickly I had worked up a decent pace, slapping the palm of my hand against her box as I gulped down as much milk as I could.

"Fuck!" she yelped, as an orgasm jolted through her body leaving her speechless.

It took her a minute but she eventually relaxed, her eyes settling into mine, burning with lust. I again reached in for a kiss, this time she didn't stop me, our tongues danced passionately. She clearly had forgotten that she hated me as her full lips pressed into mine for what seemed like an eternity. Our tongues filled each other's mouths as we enthusiastically made out.

She eventually broke the kiss, and without force she grabbed my hand and led me to her desk, which was about belly button height. Mrs. Harrison guided me to stand behind her. Her mouth said noting, but her eyes said everything: fuck me they said. She shimmied her way out of her skirt, bending over seductively as she did so. She leaned onto the desk, chest down. Her boobs had gotten so large that I had a great side boob view from behind as they pressed into the desk. Waiting no longer I rubbed my dry dick against her dripping wet lips and pushed just the tip into her awaiting hole.

"Oh shit!" she gasped at the arrival of my prick.

Because she was taller than me, I almost had to fuck upwards to enter her. I grabbed on to her loosely hanging blouse for extra leverage and began plowing into her. Mrs. Harrison was left speechless again as she felt the full length of my rod.

"You like that?" I questioned, wanting to take control of the situation.

She couldn't reply because she was too busy gasping for air. I reached underneath her and scooped up her tits, rubbing and massaging them as I fucked her hard. I was now well and truly in control and continued to piston in and out of her at my own pace.

"I love it" she eventually replied, still short of air.

I had an idea and decided to pull out of her moist cunt.

"What do you love?" I asked her

"Your dick" she gasped.

"What?" I pressed.

"Your dick, I love your dick!" she panted.

"What do you want?" I continued.

"Your dick, I want your dick!" she exclaimed loudly.

"What do you want me to do?" I questioned further.

"I want you to fuck me!" she began to yell in frustration.

"Beg for it." I replied.


I couldn't believe the situation: Mrs. Harrison, one of the meanest, cruel teachers was here on her desk begging for my dick. I didn't wait any longer and slammed back into her warm cunt.

"AHHHHHH!" she wailed as another orgasm rocked through her body.

Her pussy clamped down like a vice on my shaft, and her juices exploded onto my pelvis. Wow. Mrs. Harrison was a squirter, who knew? As I felt my own orgasm approaching, I pulled out. I had other plans.

I threw her legs up onto the desk, slightly confusing my teacher. Calmly but firmly, I flipped her over so that she was face up, mostly naked, on her own desk. After kicking my pants off, which had been around my ankles this whole time, I jumped up on the desk myself and straddled her, sitting on her chest.

With no hesitation she began sucking on my tip, using both her hands to jack me off as well.

"Do you gag?" I asked.

She just shook her head, preoccupied with my dick.


Without warning, I moved so that my knees were either side of her head, and began to feed her my cock. I could eventually get more and more of me in her mouth until I could feel her throat on the tip of my penis. I pulled out and looked into her eyes.

"Now are you going to pick on me in class again?" I asked her.

"No." was all she said.

"No, sir!" I corrected her.

"No, sir, I wont." She replied apologetically, like a child who had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Do you want me to cum down you throat?" I asked.

"Yes, sir, please cum down my throat." She pleaded

I didn't wait for her second thought, regaining my position over her head; I fed my cock into her mouth. Again I felt her throat on my tip, this time however, I pushed into it. I couldn't believe how tight it was. Looking down I saw my pelvis pressing into her glasses and a slight bulge in her throat. I picked up the pace, using her throat as a fuck toy. It didn't take long at all before I was about to cum. Pressing down, I bottomed out in her throat and began pumping rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.

Getting up, I looked at my teacher, she was a huge mess but I couldn't help but notice how sexy she actually looked. Quickly I cleaned up, grabbing my books and my pants.

Just as I was about to pull the door open I heard Mrs. Harrison call out, "I think you may be staying after class more Bill."

I left the classroom with a huge grin on my face as I realized that what she meant by that.

It was about 4 o'clock when I left the classroom; I checked my phone for messages and saw one from Beth that read:

"I'm coaching the senior girls' volleyball at the Gym, if your still at school come down and watch. We can have fun after ;)"

Oh I would definitely take her up on that offer I thought and headed straight to the gym. When I arrived, I found Beth in the empty bleachers watching the senior girls play a practice game of 4 vs. 4. Now Beth's offer had been too good to refuse not just because of the fun we would have later, but also because the senior volleyball team was filled with the year's hottest girls.

I greeted Beth and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. But she seemed more focused on the game at hand. I crossed my arms and folded them in my lap as I sat down, but when I folded my arms I heard a slight click. Oh shit. I pressed the remote again. Beth immediately kissed me, tasting Mrs. Harrison's juices still on my lips.


The ball came crashing down. I looked up to see eight girls standing on the court, looking slightly lost and confused. Fuck...

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