Proud Beta


All parties are over 18 years of age.


I'm a beta.

And yeah for those that get what that is, we're real.

I was a white kid that was on the skinny side and I was born and grew up with a little dick.

And I was everything that came with being a small dicked little loser then. Bad at sports because that meant dressing rooms back in high school and never dating because I seen other guys and their dicks and just knowing that I'd be laughed at and talked about.

Angry at the world, I was an asshole online, a kek saying, bully, an anon coward and heckler. A shut in with a crappy job and everything else.

I had friends, I was part of the nerd set in high school because they were not getting laid or anything either but as they went on with their lives got girlfriends and stuff I got worse.

And I ended up not having friends and dropped out of university.

If that's where things started it was then.

I took my student loan leftover cash and I moved, moved across the country and ended up in Vancouver.

And I just had enough cash to get a place. A small apartment but still mine and it was different from home because I got a job pretty fast.

Nothing fancy it was running a forklift a course I'd gotten home working the Heinz tomato juice plant back home.

Eventually we all get to that point of loser meets lonely and porn doesn't cut it so fuck the law I started seeing hookers.

Even then I could tell they were holding back comments.

Well some of them, some laughed, some left.

Then Hillary happened.

I hired her and we got a motel room and we were getting into it when she seem my little dick.

And she smiled.

"On the house."

I thought pity? Hey it's free so fuck her pity.

She sank to her knees and she gave me actually a great blowjob and she didn't even undress for that.

I thought she was done but she smiled.

"Watch my bag and coat I'm going to grab us some mix and ice."

"Okay sure."

And she did just too some change from her purse and came back with four cans of coke and ice and she had some of those little plastic cups in her shoulder bag and a pint of Southern Comfort.

She made us drinks and turned on the TV and put the cable to a music video station and danced and rolled a joint and we blazed up and that's when she started to strip.

Which got me hard again.

And this time she let me fuck her.

I know she didn't get off, I felt bad about it too for the first time in a long time.

"Sorry Hillary."

She rolled and lit another joint and we smoked.

"Hey it's cool, I get enough that it doesn't matter this is about you. Besides you're like a beta guy."

"Beta guy?"

"Yeah like Alphas and Betas. You're only doing this because you like don't know better."

"Know better?"

"Yeah Beta boys serve Alpha men."

"What? I'm not gay."

She smiled and made another set of drinks and asked. "Wanna test that hon?"


Hillary sank to her knees and began sucking my cock again.

God she was a great cocksucker.

And I was drunk or getting there, really high and was not expecting her to lube and slip fingers inside my ass.


"Lay back, finish the joint."

I don't know why I did but I did and she went back to sucking my cock and then she started finger fucking me.

She knew where to move, touch, press.

I came so hard I sobbed.

She kept finger fucking me.

Knowing right where it felt so good and slid up and kissed me as her hand took control of my asshole and made me cum.

Nothing came out of me but I came!

Her kisses were flavored with coke, whiskey and sperm.

Hillary fingered me to a third.

Then I was staring into her eyes. "I'm going to fuck you Bobbi."


I whined, I couldn't get a grip on how this felt.

I've never cum like that before.

I've never cum this many times before.

I wanted this to not stop a lot more than I wanted to freak out and be an angry asshole.

We kissed again and she had more lube in her nag and also a strap-on dildo.

It was several times bigger than me when you took length and thickness into account.

Hillary lubed me up again and she kissed me and she slipping my legs up over her shoulders and sank her strap on into me.

It hurt and didn't.

It felt fucking good because after her fingers were out of me there was this ache.

An ache for more.

I cried out. "Fuck!, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

And she did.

Hillary wasted no time sinking her strap on inside of me and fucking my virgin ass and like her fingers she found those places that made me while and pleasure gasp and mewl.

It felt so good, so good getting filled and fucked.

It was getting better and it wasn't enough.

"Fuck me, fuck me please Hillary, please baby fuck me..."

She laughed softly and kissed me folding me in half. "Sure Bobbi, anything you want sweetie. Feels good doesn't it. That feeling of getting fucked, filled, feeling that bullshit masculinity you've been hanging onto slipping away."

"You know it, feel it buried right in your soul, you're not meant to be a real man, you're a born Beta, a sissy boy that was made for cocks."

"Aaaaah...Aaaaah..." Was the only thing that came out of me as she fucked me to another cum.

"It's okay Bobbi, it's okay, you've been fed all this bullshit when you know I'm right."

Part of my brain was trying to fight it.

I'm not a fag, not a fag...No I'm a man!

But real life, my little dick, my limp useless spent dick was a whole other experience telling me that this...this was likely true.

Was true.

Is true.

Hillary fucked me and edged me while fucking me folded in half my brain so deprived of anything like this it felt like I was shorting out from pleasure.

"Fuck me, Hillary, fuck me...please...harder."

This was real.

This felt so good.

And I had nothing to lose except my miserable manhood that had never did me any favors.

And she did, she did she pulled out and rolled me over to my stomach and I got my knees under myself and pushed my ass up for her without thinking.

The Hillary shoved her strap on back up inside my ass and gripped my hips and she started fucking me.

Slow long full strokes at first then finding my cummy spot and then she hammered into me making sure that my cummy spot got non stop attention.

Moaning became whining.

Whining became short little screams of pure pleasure.

My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I spurted without warning over the sheets and my body was becoming hyper focused as my world narrowed to this cock of rubber sliding through my tight little inside and I was feeling every bit, every inch of my penetration over and over and over.

Sexually sob crying and fisting the sheets until I fainted.

Morning she was gone and left me her card and I hurt, inside and out I hurt and I left and stopped at a liquor store and spent that whole Saturday home freaking out and crying and getting drunk.

The best sex in my whole life was from being a butt fucked faggot.

And yeah I freaked out and raged uselessly and cried.

Cried like a sissy faggot.

And I got drunk.

And looked up Beta boys online.

Wow... just...guys, well girls...trannies with tiny little cocks like me everywhere.

And getting fucked, being pretty and from the looks of some of them well off and happy.

And not just happy but wanted.

I mean all these guy were with them, and sure it was like porn but still you never seen straight little dicked guys doing that.

Doing anything really.


And the whole thing gave me a fucking hard on.

Seeing these little dicked people like me next to these huge guys with huge cocks that were like a whole other species really.


Sunday was just...the first plunge.

I was so horny and jerking wasn't doing it.

All those stories and pictures.

So I went to a sex shop and bought things, two different dildos, lube, and went to the pharmacy and bought other stuff.

After two hours at home I was washed, cleaned inside and out and used Nair to get rid of all my body hair and shaved as close as I ever could get and started to get drunk and then lubed and went online to was Beta's like me getting fucked.

I fixed the suction cup base to the floor and sank my ass on it and getting filled with this thick realistic veiny hard cock.


The head pushed past my anal ring and as I sank down the rest of it was so good. This thick dick stretching me open, making me feel penetrated.

That's what I wanted.

My body reacted to it too, I could feel it feel so right, feel better than me pulling at my useless little stick.

God just once?

Just once and my body felt this good?

I bottom out on it and rest to get used to it for a few moments and sort of kagel myself, clench, squeeze, feel it's hardness, feel the fullness inside of me and then I lean on the side of my bed on my knees and start watching the sissy beta stuff while moving my body up and down the dildo.

Stroke four or five my little dick was so hard it felt like it was going to snap off of me.

Stroke ten? Twelve I cum, no hands, no jerking...literally fucked myself to cumming.

And was better.

Spurting, with a sudden fast build up.

And burying myself on that dildo while cumming was perfect.

And yeah no fucking way did I stop there.

I fucked that dildo and humped and rode finding the angles my body liked, the spots that made me gasp involuntarily, made me moan, made me spurting but it felt like I was cumming...a sissygasm.

Yeah we have a word for it.

Honestly I lasted for six orgasms before my legs and knees and hips were tired and worn out.

I cleaned up and made a hot girly mug of chai and set my alarm and crashed.

It was the best sleep ever.

It must of shown too. The getting off and the feelings or something because work went pretty well and sucked less. I spent lunch at Wendy's having a salad and a baked potato thinking seriously about my life.

Who I was, who I really wanted to be.

And people watching.

Checking out girls that I liked the looks of and sort of wondered if I could pull off and all that other stuff.

And watching guys.

Was he good looking, or him? I mean there are guys that always stand out as good looking but they kind of look that way to most people.

I was sort of looking for a guy that I'd like to take me and fuck me.

And I was aching and mini-dick bonered when I ended up finding a few of them.

I mean I was being honest and I could sort of basket watch and picture dick size.

I could really picture inside of me.

Or blowing him.

And there were a few guys that kind of filled that image in my head.

Turned on and still figuring stuff out I went back to work and finished my shift and went home.

The rest of the week went like that.

Watching other beta's like me on the computer and getting a buzz and sinking on my dildoes and riding them until I have several sissygasms before crashing.

Okay it's just me but it's a steady sex life, or steady release.

Which I never had before.

But I want more, I think I want the real thing.

So Friday night I ended up calling Hillary after I got home from work.


"Hillary it's Robert...uhm Bobbi?"

"Oh hey what's up you looking for company?"

"Sort of, I was kind kind of getting into the whole beta thing and..."


"I'm kinda stuck, I want to go further but I'm kind of lost between a mix of scared and lost as to what to do next?"

"Well what do you really want?"

"I want to try being with a guy, an alpha."

She was quiet for a bit then said. "I'll be over in an hour."


It was a long hour to wait and she showed up with two friends both girls and as soon as I let them in I was getting the look over.

From their femmy yet kinda trans voices I was pretty sure they were like me.

Or I was like them.

Nikki and Jill.

Who had bags of stuff with them in Jill's car and we proceeded with my makeover.

They approved of me getting smooth but they went further getting me utterly hairless down below at my clitty and butt.

Cleaned inside and out and fingered to a sissygasm spurt then washed off and lotioned and lubed and all the girls stuff like deodorant and even some perfume.

Honestly the sensory load was getting me turned on and not hard either.

We smoked a few joints and had drinks and gave me voice lessons as they did my nails and toes then we shaved my head.

It was a little freaky at first then came the wig and the glue.

It's not a lot of glue and it comes off with nail polish remover. The wig was really nice and a loaner. And suddenly I'm a smokey twinkie beta girl.

And next came panties and a bra both lacey looking and hot pink or hot pinkish orange?

Sexy, kinky, hot I was so turned on by the time I was into this small peach colored really stretchy clinging dress.

A loaner purse and some things and then the very last wearing make-up.

Which was the weirdest thing of all of it as far as feelings went.

I was not used to having stuff on my face.

We drove to some nice house out in the suburbs and we all got out.

Jill looked at me. "We're bringing you along and this is a gig for us so be cool. No freaking out when one of the men want you."

"Hey, I'm cool I really want to be here Jill."

"Just saying hon some new girls get freaked out."

We headed to the door and were let in by this tall handsome guy and there were people there and a lot of men.

Gary as it turned out was his name took bags if we had them and coats and directed us inside where there was music playing and this barechested tiny tittied asian girl in the kitchen making drinks and setting them up on one of those kitchen to living room, dining room counters.

We get a drink and sort of mingle and there's some dancing too.

I'm pretty awkward until I kind of noticed my usual shitty dancing was kind of girly anyways.

Dancing seeing others dancing like me.

Kinda puts it into perspective that this whole being a guy stuff I think was a mistake.

And I'm not alone here.

I'm not even talking about Hillary and the girls I came with but there's others here like me. Like you can tell from their lack of curves and stuff.

But they were, or most of them were so pretty and polished and sexy and doll like.

I watched a blonde that was stunning and ethereal float into another room where she sat with other girls in a row of nice recliners and watched as a man walked in front of her and she sipped her drink and set it aside and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

She was giving him a blowjob.

All the "girls" were.

And all those cocks were big, far bigger than mine and I'm guessing their little cocks were like mine.

I drained my drink and sat in a chair that was there and nervously wiped my hands on my dress and then it happened.

A guy stepped in front of me.

I reached out and unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly and pulled his semi-hard cock out.

As soon as I did I knew.

As soon as you have the heat and weight of a cock in your hand you know if you're a cocksucker.

He was cut and growing and I put that cock between my lips for the first time with a sucking kiss.

Feeling him getting really hard fast under my lips made it perfect.

My fucking tiny little dick got so hard I squirmed as I sucked and moved my head, stroked him off, used my lips.

Adrenaline ran through me too because I was sucking cock!

And he moved his hips a little, pumped my lips, made those soft polite but definitely guy sounds.

It was so big too in my mouth, seven inches and thick, fat...drooling out pre-cum the more I sucked and sucked.

I found I liked the taste.

Savory, not quite salty the sort of taste that makes you like sticky meat.

Yeah joke or pun or not that's the way it is.

Cock tastes good.

Cum tastes good too.

The guy warned me first and when I took the first load in my life in my mouth it was good.

Again pardon the pun...nutty.

And my brain reacted in the same way as liking something like peanut butter.

Salty, sweet, was the texture that was odd but not bad.

If you like tapioca you can swallow cum.

Yeah...white hot peanut butter tapoica.

And while it seemed like a lot after swallowing it wasn't.

It wasn't enough.

The guy stroked my chhek with a finger and moved off to be replaced by another guy.

And another, and another, and another.

As much hard cock as any beta would ever want to suck.

No questions asked.

It was the sixth guy that took my hand after cumming in my mouth then buttoning his jeans.

I had seen other men do this with other beta sissy girls like me and we went downstairs to the basement where there were plywood wall/stalls with curtains and those bed sets from the department stores that come in a bag. And there was incense burning to mix with the scent of cum and sex and other things.

We got a booth and he led or rather directed me to the bed.

"Strip sissy."

I stripped, a little nervous but he did the same and I ached, my tiny dick throbbed and throbbed and still everything about me compared to him with his big dick and all that weight and muscle just showed me my place.

"Turn around, ass up, head down like a good sissy girl."

I did and when his big manly hands touched my skin it made me moan. Big, rough like a guy that works with his hands and strong.

Every way he touched me was dominiating, strong, strong, strong...and I nearly came when he took the tube of lube from off the bed and fingered me.

I did cum when he shoved his cock into me.

The horniness boiling inside me for so long, the length of his dick inside of me, the width, thickness the body heat...the fact that it was a real live cock belonging to a real man just pushed my little beta dick over the edge and I spurted into the sheets.

I fisted the cheap covers and girly cum screamed into the cheap mattress.

Then he started fucking me.

That's another thing that you know you'll love as soon as it happens.

Fucking yourself with a dildo is great, getting butt fucked by Hillary with a strap-on was great.

Nothing beats a live, big strong alpha guy fucking you.

Nothing drives home that real fact that your biology made you for this.

Beta, not a real man at all.

But made for the use of real men.

If you're skinny and small, if your cock is five inches or less you're not meant for pussy, you're not meant for all that stuff that the world tried to sell you.

No, no...this was real.

I got that as he fucked me over and over making me sissygasm, have little beta cummies.

I got that as he filled my guts with thick live spurting hot semen.

Then the next guy, then the next guy.

I never said no to any cock that filled me that night.

Broken, broken out of that het cage.

When the party was done Hillary and her friends drove me home and I had given my number to a dozen, dozen and a half men.

Bobbi was born for real that night.

I barely made it inside and after a few hugs with the girls and Hillary I fell asleep on my couch with a quart of semen in my stomach and who knows how much inside my ass.

And somewhere in those wild sex dreams and recollections the choice was made.

I started living as Bobbi.

Clothes slowly first as I could afford them, more as the men I met called and came over for their beta sissy girl.

Work definitely took notice and the guys were assholes until I fixed each one of them by sucking cock whenever they wanted and letting them fuck my beta ass too.

Nick my boss especially.

The few real girls at the warehouse well hated me because I started getting special treatment. Because I was looking more and more femmy, taking hormones, and yeah that first year in I took one of my regulars up on his offer and let him pay for some plastic surgery.

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