Proud Mary


We're going to start off soft . . . and end . . . rough.


I waited within the trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of her once again. I knew she came to this particular spot in the stream every few days or so. It was right where the lonely tributary made a wicked bend on its way down the mountain and was thus hidden by the tall firs that flanked both banks. There was a large, rocky boulder right in the middle of the stream, looking like it had been sitting there for ages.

And it was to the boulder that she always went, clad in her tight denim shorts, sturdy hiking boots, and whatever top she had chosen for the day.

Man, she was beautiful. Not model-gorgeous with a curvy, svelte figure and perfect cheekbones, and in fact, she was a little on the skinny side, with just a little roominess in her hips and an endearing softness to her belly. But she had luscious brown hair with sun-kissed highlights, firm, if small, breasts, and round, plump cheeks. As much as she apparently loved being outdoors, she did not have much of a tan, just lots of freckles. Freckles had always been a weakness of mine. Perhaps because my first girlfriend had been a redhead.

It had been two weeks since I had first seen her, and that had been by accident. I had recently purchased a cabin on the mountain as a sort of hideaway, to get some writing done in solitude away from the city. When frustration and cabin fever intruded upon my creativity, I took to wandering through the foothills. And that was when I spied her.

Naked and reclining upon the rock in the stream like some modern-day Venus, she was stunning. The sun glowed upon her skin, making it golden, her nipples stiff and dark, the trimmed thatch of light-toned pubic hair wispy and soft.

She did not do anything but lay there that first time, with a small smile on her face, her cheeks and neck a little rosy. She'd had the look of a woman who had just had an orgasm. Then she had dressed and left, never knowing I was there.

The second time was three days later, and this time, I was waiting for her, as I had been every day since. I watched her strip down and masturbate upon the rock. The scene was inspiring, captivating. I went back the following day, and the next, and the next . . . I caught her twice more as she pleasured herself, and the fourth time, I thought she may have seen me, for she sat up suddenly and looked my general way, her fingers still pressed to her pussy. But then she had leaned back and finished what she had begun.

Yet now, four days later, here I was, waiting for her once more. Coming out with the hope of catching my nymph's delicious display of exhibitionism had become a daily routine that consumed two or three hours out of my day. Not that I minded; I always seemed to feel an explosive burst of creativity after watching her. This nameless sprite had become my inspiration, it seemed.

It was well past three o'clock, the time she normally came down along the little path through the trees. I figured she wasn't going to show, so I leaned against the tree I always hid behind and lit a cigarette. I started to head back through the trees when I heard a faint splashing behind me. I looked back . . . .

And there she was. Coming out of the trees at the edge of the stream, same denim shorts, same leather hiking boots, and a loose yellow blouse. Her hair was in pig tails this day, set back high on her head. She was smiling as she always was, tilting her head back to soak up some of the sun. She made her way to the rock, balancing upon stones, keeping her equilibrium by fanning her arms out.

She climbed atop the boulder, facing away from me, and immediately started unbuttoning her blouse. I watched her avidly, my heart beginning to pound in my ears. I think I even held my breath in anticipation of what I was about to see.

The blouse fell to her feet upon the rock, revealing her lean, muscular back. She really did have a sexy back, let me tell you. I loved the way her freckled skin shimmered just so with a light sheen of sweat, the play of muscles under her skin like the movement of sexy serpents. Her hands slid up her body to her breasts, moved back and forth as she massaged them. I found myself licking my lips.

She made the unmistakable motion of unzipping her shorts, and bent slightly at the waist, beginning to slide them down off her hips. But just as the cleft between her cheeks was revealed, she paused, turning her head this way and that, sniffing the air. I saw her face in profile, long school-girl tails of luscious brunette hair swaying beside her face. She frowned, sniffed again.

Oh, shit, I thought, remembering the cigarette I held. I cursed silently, dropped it to the ground, mashing it with my foot. When I glanced up again, perhaps two seconds later, my slender, freckled goddess was facing me, standing with her hands on her hips and head cocked to the side. She had a smirk on her face.

"Watching me?" she asked.

I blushed deeply. "Look, I'm sorry," I said, taking a brave step out from the trees. "But, I mean, come on . . . you're out here in the middle of a stream . . . ."

"Yeah. So?"

I tried not to stare at her upturned breasts. Damn. Those nipples looked hard enough to poke through the rock she was standing on.

I fixed her a look. "Didn't you think you might get caught?"

The woman bit her lip. I had always wondered about her age; she could have been anywhere from 25 to 35. No obvious wrinkles, but hers was definitely not a girl's body.

"Of course," she said, her bright hazel eyes glittering. "And now I am."

I took another step, feeling a smile stretching my face. "And, you're not running," I said.

She gave me a cocky look. "Why would I run? You're not gonna attack me, are you?"

My eyes drifted over her nearly-nude body, noting the flaps of denim at the front of her shorts as they angled out toward me. I could just make out the top of her soft bush. "That's not exactly the first thing that came to mind," I said, moving a little closer. We were about fifteen feet apart now.

"And what was the first thing that came to mind?" she asked teasingly. Her fingers fluttered along the edges of her shorts, with the tantalizing implication of pushing them down . . . or the threat of zipping up.

I looked up to her face. "Watching you," I said.

Her eyes smoldered slightly. Her right hand slipped inside the 'V' formed by her open shorts, touching and lightly stroking her silky down. "Watching me do what?"

I took another step closer, balancing upon slick rocks. My cock was growing in my shorts, bulging against the material. I noticed the woman's eyes darting down to it. Her lips curled at the effect she was having on me.

"Pretty much just what you're doing now," I answered.

Her eyes darted back to mine. "You mean you wanna watch me play with my pussy," she said.

My cock twitched uncomfortably beneath the khaki fabric as I neared. Less than ten feet between us now. Water flowed over my boots. I swayed slightly on my feet, the rush of water almost making me slip. "Yes," I said.

The woman's features darkened slightly with blush. "I want you to watch me," she said, and let her shorts drop to her feet, revealing her pussy.

I was instantly distracted by the sight of her naked sex, and lost my equilibrium. My foot slipped on an algae-slicked rock, and – "Oh, shit!"

The world tilted rapidly to my right before being submerged in water. I slammed against the rocks in the stream, grunting, taking in water, sputtering and clamoring for something to hold onto. I managed to keep from sliding down too far in the stream by latching onto a rock, and lifted my head above the water.

She was there, right over me, hands grabbing onto my sweater. Upside-down, with my head just above the water, I found myself staring directly at her wide-open pussy as the woman squatted over me. Just inches from my face, I could see every detail: the light adornment of fuzz on her vulva, the thick barrel of her clitoris within its hood, the curtain-like lips flaring out and down, showcasing the tight, oval opening of her vagina.

And her musky scent . . . sweet, rich, tangy. I reflexively took a deep breath, saturating my senses with her aroma.

"You okay?" she asked, diverting my attention from her pussy.

I tilted my head, looking at her upside-down face, smiling down through the valley between her small peaks. "Oh, I'm just fine," I said.

She rolled her eyes, and I sat up in the water, then got to my feet with her help. My sweater was soaked, making it heavy, the sleeves stretching down several inches past my hands. I slapped them against my thighs, making the nude nymph before me giggle.

"Maybe you should get out of those," she suggested.

"Oh, you'd just love that, wouldn't you?" I quipped, struggling to push up my sleeves.

She bit her lip. "Actually . . . yes."

My eyes met hers, finding more than just exhibitionistic arousal and mischief there. Here we were, two strangers, her naked save for her boots, and suggesting I join her.

I arched an eyebrow in interest.

She chuckled. "Well?"

I had never done such a thing before, had never even contemplated it. Here I stood, in the middle of the stream in the midday sun, a naked woman before me urging me to remove my clothes. I was intimidated, embarrassed . . . aroused and excited.

The clincher came when she crossed her arms over her small, spherical breasts. She gave me an expectant look. "Well? Take it off, and . . . maybe we can have some fun, or . . . keep it on and turn around."

I wasn't about to be denied a chance at sampling what I had thus far only seen. With her ultimatum, I was left with only one real choice . . . a choice I picked as I started to pull up the soggy hem of my sweater.

She laughed. "No, not here," she said, then nudged her head toward the large boulder behind her. "On the rock."

I gave her a look. "You want me to . . . to—"


I regarded her a moment, and realized she wasn't going to give. Grumbling under my breath, I looked to the rock. Fuck it. If I'm gonna do it, might as well go all the way . . . .

My nymph's eyes watched me as I gave a resigned sigh and trudged through the water toward the rock. I climbed atop it, realizing that, at the angle and elevation the boulder provided, anyone standing alongside the stream for a good quarter-mile up or down would have an unobstructed view of me. That realization was both thrilling and daunting.

I faced her as she stepped up to the edge of the rock, settling her hands upon it, arching her back so that her incredibly stiff nipples were pointed right up at me. Droplets of water glistened on her thighs, a few on her abdomen, some twinkling like diamonds in her pubic hair.

"Take it off, stud," she urged, her face glowing with excitement.

I was suddenly struck with the knowledge that this woman wanted to see me naked, wanted me to join her in her exhibitionism. It was as if I was joining some sort of exclusive society: if I could overcome my conservative nature and expose myself . . . .

The temptation was too much to resist. Just looking upon her simple, natural beauty, the way she seemed so at home being naked in the wild . . . it was inspiring, justifying.

I pulled my sweater over my head, the rough, wet fabric rubbing my skin. My voyeur grinned as I let it drop onto the rock, joining her blouse and shorts. She gazed upon my torso, eyes wandering over my chest and abdomen, taking in all the little imperfections and scars gained throughout my lifetime.

She licked her lips. I could not help but notice that the elevation of the rock placed my crotch at the same level as her head. "Don't stop now, baby, keep going," she cooed, eyes blazing.

I felt myself driven by some deep, hidden desire, a fantasy I never knew I possessed. Maintaining my gaze upon her flushed and shimmering face, I unsnapped, unzipped my shorts, worked them down off my hips. My stiff cock pushed out against the fabric of my boxers, which, being soaking wet, conformed to the shape of my dick.

"Come on . . . ." she urged, staring at my crotch, placing her hand upon her breasts.

Her obvious arousal only inspired me further. I hooked my thumbs under the matted waistband of my shorts, pulled them away from my cock, and let them fall. My stiff penis thrust out into the glow of the sun, hard and proud and glitteringly wet.

She breathed in through her teeth, then grinned. "Oh, my," she sighed, shifting closer, craning her neck. Emboldened, I moved to the edge of the rock, my dick bobbing in the air before her face. I didn't think that I was in the precarious position of being discovered at any moment by one or more of the other cabin owners on the mountain. I didn't think about anything other than the sexy nude nymph before me, staring with abject lust and desire upon my cock.

"Oh, sweet baby," she breathed, licking her soft pink lips. Her face was less than a foot from my dick; I could almost feel the heat of her mouth over the cool breeze that washed over my bobbing phallus. She glanced up to me. "So what are you thinking now?"

I trembled with arousal. "Honestly?" I asked.

Her eyes flashed with an intensity that almost shocked me. "Yes," she said. "Honestly. What do you want? And don't say what you think I want to hear."

I hesitated. I had always been courteous toward women, had always put their desires and needs before my own. The perfect gentleman, that was me. But this woman . . .

She did not want a gentleman. She wanted truth, as raw and sordid and blunt as it may be.

"Tell me," she said, giving me a hard look. "Tell me what your . . . lust demands . . . or I'm walking away. Right now."

I believed her. Women, I knew, were stronger when it came to sex than men. I had no doubt that if I responded with anything other than the truth—

"I want to fuck your mouth," I said. The words surprised me. Never had I spoken so bluntly, so crudely, to a woman before.

She stared at me a moment, her expression blank and unreadable . . . save for the increased amount of blush in her cheeks, spreading down her neck to her breasts. She lowered her eyes, staring intently upon my cock, and smiled. "Then do it," she said, and leaned in, opening her mouth wide, slipping her firm pink tongue out over her lower lip. She breathed heatedly on the head of my cock, closing her eyes, waiting.

For a brief moment, I hesitated, wondering what kind of woman would give herself to a man she did not know – she doesn't even known my name! Nor I, hers! – but my libido was overpowering, too overwhelming to resist.

And I did not want to.

Something surged through me, a pure, animal force that could not be denied. I slipped down through the ages to my basic, primitive roots, wanting nothing more than gratification. And with that simple, selfish, impulsive aim, I slipped my fingers through her fine, golden-brown hair, grasping the bases of her tails. I pushed my hips forward, feeling the sweet wet warmth of her lips and tongue against the head of my dick. She whimpered, licking softly, reflexively, tasting the clear liquid that oozed onto her tongue.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, her body trembling. I realized she was as turned on as I, and with that realization . . . .

"Oh, God!"


I thrust my cock deep into her mouth, and she sucked me in eagerly, leaning even deeper into me, digging her fingers into the rock. Her mouth was hot and wet, moreso than any I had ever felt on my cock before, and she sucked with such yearning and eagerness, such undeniable hunger . . .

I moaned in bliss, pumping my hips toward her face, sliding my dick back and forth in her passionate mouth. She whimpered and moaned, breathed deeply through her nose, sucking, massaging, caressing, pulling—

"Oh, fuck!"

"Hmm! Mm-hmm! Mmmm . . . ."

Her impassioned moans, sounding so desperate and frantic, spurred me on even more. I ground into her mouth, feeling the tight gullet of her throat, the spasmodic twitching of the muscles around the head of my cock. She gagged slightly, drew back a moment, but I had a fierce hold on her head and shoved her back down even as I punched deep.

She emitted a strange gurgling, gargling, choking sound, her eyes flashing open wide as I shoved deep into her throat. The rippling, automatic sucking-swallowing motions of her throat stimulated my cock like nothing else. I trembled with pleasure and . . . something else . . . as I looked down and saw her lips duckbilled around the very base of my dick, her eyes bulging, tears dripping from her eyes.

A moment's concern returned to my mind, and I started to pull back. But her hands flashed up, grabbing my muscular thighs, and she buried my cock to the root once more, wet gagging sounds spurting from her throat. I moaned in response, realizing that this little nymph wanted to be used, wanted to be taken—

"Muummaaghh!" she sputtered, pulling back with effort, my cock popping out of her throat, out of her mouth. Thick saliva coated my shaft, stretched from the head to her lips as she panted. It dripped out of her mouth, down her chin, hanging in thick rivulets off my shaft and balls.

She panted a few times, staring at my cock, licking her lips. But as soon as I figured she had gained her breath –


I drove deep again, humping, fucking her throat rudely, curling one hand beneath her jaw to feel the rippling of her bulging throat, the movement of my cock in her esophagus . . . oh, Jesus, that's so fucking hot!

It wasn't long before I felt the onset of my orgasm, like a tight, pulling sensation that began at the tips of my fingers and toes and spiraled in toward the center of my being. It gathered in the pit of my stomach and surged down through my groin, rocketing up the shaft of my cock—

"I'm cumming!" I managed to gasp.

My nymph jerked her head back suddenly, slipping her sloppy mouth off my dick, bringing up her hands. She panted heavily as she slapped her hands around my spit-smeared shaft, opened her mouth wide around the head of straining dick, flicking the tip of her tongue against the slit in my dick.

"C'mon! C'mon!" she urged with sexiest impatience. "Ohhh, God . . .!"

Then came incredible, rapturous release. I dug my fingers into her scalp, pushing just a little into the hot cavern of my nymph's mouth, her hands smacking wetly back and forth on the shaft, so fast and tight that they were nothing more than a slick blur.

I managed to look down, beholding the sexiest sight I had ever seen: my lover's face contorted with wanton pleasure, her mouth wide and wet around my dick, the expression on her face one of total sexual devotion. She masturbated me frantically, wanting, perhaps even needing, to feel and taste –

I swear I screamed when I came. Never had I felt an orgasm so intense in my life. I somehow managed to keep staring down as thick spurts of semen lanced from my cock, splashing onto her tongue, disappearing deep into her mouth, spattering her lips, cheeks, even her nose and chin as she rolled her head around.

"Uhmmm," she moaned, slurping my cock wetly into her mouth, pushing down, taking me to the root once more, this time willingly. I trembled on weak legs as her esophageal muscles sucked hard at my sensitive cock, as she swallowed down my trickling seed.

I swayed back and forth, holding onto her head for balance as my lover slid her lips back and forth, suckling me tenderly as I softened. My strength all but gave out, and I dropped to my knees, my dick popping out of her mouth loudly and wetly. I sagged onto my back, my ears filled with only the sound of my surging blood. Yet, while my senses seemed dulled, I could feel her tongue and lips as she lapped up and down and around my cock, kissing and murmuring affectionately.

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