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Proud No More Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Pride Breaker

She had no idea how much time had passed when she finally came to. The first thing she noticed was the soreness between her legs, causing her to let out a weak groan. The second thing she noticed was the pain from her right ass cheek, where Kardris had branded her. Looking down, she saw the emblem of the Horde seared into her flesh.

Jaina almost wanted to go back to the sweet darkness of sleep again to avoid facing the reality of her situation. But ultimately, her tenacity wound up winning over her dejection and she looked around to assess the situation.

She noticed the ice that had been restraining her seemed to have melted. The archmage shuddered as that thought caused her to recall the brutal rape she had suffered at the hands of her own elemental. But determined to press forward, the archmage continued surveying her surroundings.

A few meters in front of her lay the naked form of Haromm, now back to being an orc. Her last mirror image was nowhere to be seen, and the elemental was gone as well. From his loud snoring, Jaina surmised Haromm was in a deep slumber.

Seeing the prone form of the dark shaman caused extreme anger to erupt within Jaina. The bastard had continued fucking her for hours after his partner had left them, ravaging her pussy with uncompromising ferocity. {But it looks like the pig passed out immediately after he finished his filthy task}, thought Jaina, as she realized he had neglected to restrain both her body and her mana, as Kardris had cautioned. {He will regret that.}

Slowly standing up on shaky legs, Jaina walked towards the orc's sleeping body. Once upon a time, she would never have considered murdering a defenseless enemy in cold blood, even if he was an orc. But as the archmage stood over her torturer, it was an easy decision to make.

Her mana had recovered enough while she was sleeping that she could now summon a formidable pyroblast in her hands, even without any of her equipment. She paused only a brief second, before hurling the fiery death sentence at Haromm. {Die.}

The dark shaman's back erupted in flames. The burning pain caused the orc to awake with a start and cry out in pain. Without giving him a chance to counterattack, his assailant began casting fireballs at him, one after another. The smell of burning flesh filled the air as Haromm tried desperately to crawl away from Jaina. He attempted to call for help, although even if anyone was within earshot, the smoke from the fire soon began choking him, making it impossible to scream for long.

It was less than a minute before the dark shaman stopped moving, having only managed to crawl a few feet from Jaina. His corpse continued to smolder, as the archmage looked on in smug satisfaction. {Your partner is next.}

But as much as she wanted to do the same to Kardris, Jaina realized how foolish it would be to go after her now. She was still exhausted and starving. Her mana had been somewhat restored, but she did not have enough energy to use it effectively, especially against a foe who wasn't asleep. She also didn't know how much time had passed, and when someone might be coming to check in on the human prisoner. {Better to escape for now. But I will have my revenge on all of you sick bastards.}

Pushing all thoughts of vengeance to the back of her head for the moment, Jaina closed her eyes and began concentrating on a teleportation spell. After finishing her incantation, the archmage opened her eyes to find she was still in the same hellhole as before. Her confusion lasted only a few seconds. {Of course there would be a teleportation barrier around this place. Pretty fancy spellwork, for a bunch of orcs.}

She gave a frustrated sigh as she pondered her options. There was no telling how far the teleportation barrier spread. It could be confined to her island prison, or it could be in place throughout Ragefire Chasm. The archmage prayed it was the former. But either way, she needed to find a different way off the island first.

She looked towards the edge of her prison, in the direction of the main section of Garrosh's base. There was at least a kilometer of magma that separated her from her from the mainland. {That shouldn't be too much of a problem}, thought Jaina, as she turned to look in the direction of Haromm's tethered wyvern.

The beast was asleep earlier, but its master's death throes had awoken it. As Jaina approached the mount, it let out a warning growl. Jaina had always been fairly good with animals, but she didn't exactly have a lot of experience with the standard issue Horde flying mount. Fortunately, she was also a master mage.

Using magic to calm the wyvern first, Jaina then approached it and softly pet its thick mane. The relatively weak will of the beast was easy enough to placate, and before long, Jaina had untied it from its post, and gotten on. Then, hoping it wasn't too different from a griffon, the archmage commanded her mount to fly.

After a short flight, Jaina dismounted at the edge of the lake of magma, now back on the mainland of Garrosh's base. Another teleportation attempt resulted in failure, suggesting, to the archmage's dismay, that the barrier might be in place throughout the complex. Perhaps she would have to look for a more traditional way out. Wanting to lay low, she left the wyvern and proceeded on foot. She also conjured up a full set of mage robes, not wanting to attempt her escape naked.

Over the next couple of hours, she slunk in the shadows, doing her best to avoid detection. But there were Horde soldiers everywhere, which slowed her pace considerably. She had tried teleporting a few more times, but was unsuccessful each time. Reaching a new part of the base, she began casting it yet again, hoping this area did not have a barrier. But then a distressing sight caught her eye.

In front of her were a group of Alliance adventurers who had evidently survived the raid. They all wore handcuffs, with a heavy chain linking all of them together via the cuffs. Their bruised and bloodied faces made it obvious the Horde had not been kind to their prisoners of war. They were being led somewhere by a squad of orc warriors.

Jaina knew trying to rescue them now on her own was a bad idea. It would make much more sense to escape herself, then come back in full force with a rescue party. Moreover, as a leader of an Alliance that had recently lost so many of its other leaders, her life was frankly more valuable to the war effort than this random party.

But of course, that's not how the kindhearted human liked to do things. She couldn't bring herself to leave the adventurers to their fate. So reluctantly, she began hatching a plan of attack. There were only eight orcs. That was probably too many for her to handle in her current state, but there were also five adventurers that would presumably join the fray if they were freed. She would have to use the element of surprise to the fullest, and liberate the party as quickly as possible after she made her move.

Stepping out of the shadows, the archmage cloaked herself in an invisibility spell. Then, after getting closer to the group, she took careful aim before launching five, well-placed ice lances. The expert sorceress hit her marks with exceptional precision. Five lances struck five pairs of handcuffs, freezing them instantly. With dangerous elegance, the archmage snapped her fingers, causing all five pairs of handcuffs to shatter into pieces. The adventurers were now free from their restraints and capable of fighting back.

Losing no time, Jaina started on the orcs themselves. A fireball leapt from her hands into the face of the closest one, who still wasn't sure what was going on. Her target fell back in pain, clutching at his burning face. She turned on her heel and blasted another with arcane energy, sending him flying.

"Quickly, heroes! Defend yourselves!" the archmage yelled.

The rest of the orcs were now wise to the rescue attempt, and started surrounding the human intruder. Jaina launched another fireball at one of them, but he blocked it with his shield. The orc beside him deflected an arcane barrage with his axe. They were closing in on Jaina, who was having trouble fighting at her best due to the trials of the last few days.

To buy time, she buffeted the orcs with a cone of cold, slowing most of them down a little. Unfortunately, one managed to dodge the spell, and immediately counterattacked by slamming the butt of his axe into Jaina's solar plexus.


She stumbled backwards from the blow, disoriented and in pain. Even as she staggered, she instinctively cast a deadly frostbolt into the chest of her assailant, disabling him for the moment. Looking past him, she saw the effects of her cone of cold wearing off on his friends. Behind them, the party of adventurers seemed to still be standing there, clueless.

"What are you waiting for? Fight back!"

As she said this, Jaina continued to hurl lethal spells one after another at the approaching orcs. Exhausted though she was, her years of study and training allowed the archmage to fend off the brutes with deadly skill. Against all odds, she brought down the entire rest of the squad on her own. Yet this inspiring feat of spellwork seemed to do nothing for the adventures' apathy. In fact, on closer inspection, Jaina saw that they looked more terrified than ever.

"Why are you just standing there?" she demanded.

"You don't know what you've done... We'll all pay for this! There's no escaping the True Horde. All you've done is doomed us to worse punishment!" wailed one of the adventurers at last.

"This cannot be," said Jaina sadly. "Have the heroes of the Alliance been reduced to such a state? You must get yourselves together, and soon, bef-"

The distracted archmage was cut short as someone struck her on the back of her head, knocking her tired body out instantly. The commotion of the skirmish had alerted another squad in the area, and it was an orc from this group that had attacked Jaina from behind.

"Please, master orc, don't blame us for what that wench did! We had no part in it!" begged one of the adventures pitifully.

"Pathetic... You four, take the rest of these Alliance scum to the holding cells. And someone tell the Warchief that his prisoner has been found," commanded the orc in charge. "He's going to want to know this."

A few hours later...

Jaina awoke to a throbbing pain at the back of her head. That soon became a very secondary concern, as she assessed her current surroundings. She was sandwiched between two huge Kor'kron warriors, who were holding her arms tightly behind her back. She seemed to be in a dimly lit dungeon of some sort. But most alarming of all, she appeared to be almost entirely naked yet again. The only exception was the cruel goblin collar that once more rested snugly around her neck, disabling her magic.

"Finally, you've awoken," said a cold voice in front of her. The Warchief looked a strange mix of annoyed and eager. Annoyed, perhaps, at her escape attempt. Jaina didn't want to imagine what the cause of his eagerness might be.

"I am embarrassed at the failings of your last keeper. The shaman bitch has been disciplined accordingly. And obviously, you dealt with her companion yourself. As you have also recently experienced, good help can be so hard to find. I promise that going forward, your security will not be so lax, Miss Proudmoore," Garrosh continued. "Further escape attempts will not be tolerated. Indeed, you will soon learn the price of crossing me."

"I escaped once Garrosh," said the archmage defiantly. "I'll do it again. And next time, I'll be sure to kill you with the rest of your kind."

"I look forward to breaking your spirit, woman. Gallywix, bring in your man."

"Bring it in!" ordered the goblin next to Garrosh. Jaina had not noticed him until just then. The diminutive trade prince was much smaller than the orcs in the room.

From a door on the other end of the room walked in one of the preeminent engineers of Azeroth.

"You heard him, push it over here," said Gazlowe, another goblin, pointing to towards where Jaina was held captive. Behind the goblin, two more Kor'kron guards pushed a set of menacing contraptions into the room. The archmage gasped in trepidation as she wondered at how the ominous apparatus would be used to further degrade her.

The first piece of it was a trapezoidal wedge of metal, with the short side on top, measuring about four feet across. It was sitting about four feet high on four legs that slanted diagonally in a saw-horse like support. The top of the wedge was slightly rounded and covered by a fur lining. Manacles were attached near the bottom of each of the legs.

The second piece of it was a huge barrel standing on a pole, about six feet high. The pole was on a stand with wheels, allowing one of the Kor'kron to move the device around. Jaina thought she could hear some kind of liquid sloshing around in the barrel. Dangling from the bottom of the barrel was a rubber hose that ended in a sinister looking nozzle and what seemed to be a pump of some kind. Curiously, the just before the nozzle end was a round rubber part, like a small ball.

"Trade Prince, Warchief, it is my honor to present to you my latest invention, the Ass-Blasting Pride Breaker 9000X™. Just Pride Breaker for short. I think you'll find it meets your specifications exactly," said Gazlowe brightly.

Jaina's eyes widened at the goblin's introduction of the device. {It couldn't be... They aren't that depraved surely...?}

"Impressive, goblin. And on such short notice. If it indeed works, you will be handsomely rewarded for your service. In fact, I do believe my Horde is in need of a new, and highly compensated, Chief Engineer," said Garrosh, as he looked at the wicked mechanisms before him.

"I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, Warchief. This baby will humble any Alliance bitch, even the former Lady of Theramore. By the end of the day, there won't be any fight left in her. Please allow me to demonstrate. You there, bring the wench over here," said Gazlowe, pointing to the Kor'kron holding Jaina. Terrified of what was going to happen to her, Jaina took this moment to try and fight back, twisting her body and kicking her feet.



Jaina grunted in pain from the powerful punch Garrosh threw into her unprotected belly, the fight immediately draining from her body.

The two guards brought the chastened archmage over to the saw-horse rack and threw her onto the wedge, so that her stomach was facing down. Then, as directed by Gazlowe, they put Jaina's wrists and ankles into the manacles on the legs of the rack and locked them in. The human sorceress was now spread taut and bent double over the wedge, her hands and feet secured just inches off the floor. Her toned tummy rested on the middle of the wedge, and her ass pointed out into the air behind her. Jaina's head hung upside down as she looked between her spread legs behind her at her captors' boots.

"Okay, now bring over the other piece," instructed Gazlowe.

Nervously, the archmage tried to crane her neck to see what was happening next. She had her suspicions, but hoped to the Light that even these heathens wouldn't resort to something so filthy. Her hopes evaporated when she felt the goblin take the nozzle she saw earlier and being pressing it against her exposed backdoor.

"W-wait... Just what do you think you're—"

"Shut up already, human whore," said Gazlowe dismissively as he slapped Jaina's full ass.



Continuing with his base mission, Gazlowe stuck the ball-end of the nozzle slowly into the archmage's puckered sphincter.


Jaina groaned as the nozzle was inserted inside her. It was not particularly large, but it still wasn't pleasant. The hardest part was getting the round head through. Once it popped through her tight sphincter, the rest of the nozzle followed easily enough.

"You people are sick!"

"As you can see, once the hose is firmly inserted, I can begin to increase the size of the plug with this pump," explained Gazlowe, completely ignoring the human. He grabbed hold of a small pump near the end of the hose and started pumping.

"Uuaahh! What—"

Jaina felt the ball head of the nozzle start to expand inside her ass with each pump.

"She probably won't take much the first few times, but I can assure you that by the time the Pride Breaker is done with her, she'll be able to handle a lot more," continued Gazlowe nonchalantly, as he kept pumping.

"Gaahhh! Stop, it won't go anymore!"

It felt like there was a rubber ball just inside the ring of her delicate sphincter.

"There, that should do it for now," said Gazlowe, as he gave the hose sticking out of the distressed archmage's ass a few tugs.

"Uhh! Ahh!"

"Now that it's secured by the inflatable plug, we can turn on my invention," the goblin went on with glee. He took out a remote of some kind and flicked a switch. Suddenly, the goblin tech hummed to life. A new chill of fear ran down Jaina's spine as she heard this. {Just how far are they planning to take this...}

"Well, what's it waiting for Gazlowe?" questioned Gallywix.

"Patience, you'll see soon enough," the goblin replied slyly.

And indeed, after just a few moments, Jaina blanched in shock as she felt a warm liquid pour inside her.

"Uhhhhhh! You cursed degenerates! Stop this now! Ahhhh!"

"As you can see, it has begun. The default setting is just a slight trickle, but as we discussed, it can be adjusted as you see fit. At this rate, it will take maybe 10 minutes for her to ass to give way. I suggest leaving it at the low setting for at least today, to give her some time to become accustomed to her 'training'," said Gazlowe.

{At least today? Training? What do they mean?"

"And now, the piece de resistance," crowed the goblin, holding up a bottle of some strange dark liquid. Openning the bottle, he yanked on the sorceress's hair and forced it into her mouth. Jaina tried to refuse to swallow, but a few hard slaps to her face disoriented her enough for the goblin to pour most of it down her throat, choking her a little. "This is the new concoction I told you about. An unparalleled aphrodisiac that will drive the bitch wild. Based on testing so far, it should at least double her sexual sensitivity and lust. We call it Aphoria."

"Only double?" asked Garrosh, a little disappointed.

"For now. We are still experimenting, and should be able to come up with a more potent formula in time. The limiting factor is amount of essence we've been able to extract from the prime sha we captured. But I don't think you'll be unsatisfied with its results today."


The archmage's had trouble focusing on the murmured conversation around her as her ass filled with the other unknown substance from the barrel. Despite realizing it was futile, Jaina couldn't help but try and escape her restraints, straining her muscles to pull against the manacles.

"Don't worry, there is no chance she'll get anywhere with her struggling. She will be here as long as you need her to be," reassured Gazlowe.

Garrosh bent down and grabbed Jaina's pretty white hair and pulled her head backwards to face him, causing a grunt of pain to emanate from the archmage.

"You hear that Lady Proudmoore? You will stay here and be violated until you finally break. Your petty values and so-called principles will abandon you as I pour gallons of this oil down your filthy asshole while your sex-drugged body cums over and over like the slut you are. What do you think of that, human?"

"Uhh... If you know what's—Ahh! What's good for you, you'd use this oil—Ughh! To build what paltry ships you can muster before—Hahhh! Before the Alliance navy comes to crush you!"

"I'm sorry, it's a little hard to hear you over your moans. Has the Aphoria gotten you a little flustered? Or is your slutty cunt just turned on from being anally raped in front of us?"

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