tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 01

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 01


I had just turned eighteen and only had two months of high school left. My marks were good and already had a possible placement in a university where I hoped to get a new start. I was so looking forward to getting away from all the shit that life had forced on me in this little hick town.

Usually one of my parents insisted driving me back and forth to school, which didn't help my reputation out much with the bullies. I was always the littlest kid in school and got teased all most daily by both the girls and other boys. All my life I'd felt that something was wrong with me, something that I couldn't figure out. What separated me the most from my peers though was the fact that since I hit puberty I started to feel an attraction to the other boys.

Less than a week after my birhtday I had the most embarrassing moment of my life as, the biggest bully in school, big in all ways, stood in front of me as I tied up my shoe after gym. He had nothing on but a towel around his waist and when I looked up he opened the towel to expose a large thick cock that stuck out almost straight from his groin. Mesmerized I stared open mouth at it while the rest class roared with laughter. When the chant "kiss it, kiss it fag" started I ran from the changing room leaving school running all the way home. After that things got really bad for me as the teasing seemed to increase even more.

I hated every morning getting up to face their daily taunts and sneers, I was very alone with no one to trust and even the teachers seemed to look down at me in scorn. Most of all I hated Jeff, and I imagined several horrendous demises for him even though I envied his penis. I would spend nights before sleeping picturing his cock wave in front of my face as everyone chanted and watched me kiss the tip of his penis. I always got excited and masturbated to that image. I had memorized it totally from just the few moments that his erection was on display to me. The pink little tip with an opening shaped like tiny lips widening under its covering of stretched foreskin. I could see the ridge where the glans joined the shaft as thick as my skinny wrist. Imagining what it would feel like to stroke the long hard shaft in my little hands, kissing and sucking it into my mouth until it would reward me with his semen. I would ejaculate into my hand and taste my seed and wondered if Jeff's would taste the same.

But one day a school secretary called me to her as I was waiting for my ride and told me that my mom had called and I would have to make my own way home. I became worried and asked why to be told that they both had late meetings and that I was on my own. At first I felt relieved and left school with a feeling of freedom that I haven't had in a long time

That changed quickly though when about half way home a car pulled up beside me and stopped, "Hey fag your mommy forget to pick your skinny ass up?"

It was Jeff, my most dedicated tormentor and the one who exposed himself to me in the changing room so long ago. I began to get nervous and scared as a chill went through my body.

"Get in I'll give you a ride fag." He said laughing.

I tried to ignore him and kept walking. I heard the screech of tires as his car stopped on the side walk blocking my path. The door swung open in front of me.

"Get in fag, cause if you make me get out of this car to get you in you'll be sorry"

I knew that there was no way I would be able to get away from Jeff without getting hurt so I swallowed the lump in my throat and because I knew I had no choice I got into his car. He started driving before the door closed.

"What do want?" my voice cracked as looked at my feet.

"What I want," he laughed, "It's what you want fag. I noticed you checking this out in gym class every chance you get."

Jeff pushed his sweat pants down from his hips exposing his uncut penis. He lifted it and let it fall over his thigh to point at me and even soft it looked to be about seven inches long. I could hear him laugh as I stared slack jawed at it. Here was the person I hated the most in my life, the true being that had caused me more anxiety and grief than any other dozen people that have been in my life and all I could do was look down at his penis while a shiver rushed through my body.

"Close your mouth before you drool on my car fag."

I did and swallowed realizing that my chin was wet and my small penis was throbbing as fast as my heart was beating. I was sweating and I could feel it on my forehead and my palms as I shook with fear and excitement. With an evil sounding chuckle Jeff reached over and grasped me by the wrist and pulled my hand towards his cock. All I did was watch as if spell bound while he placed my hand on the base of his cock. My finger tips lay against his scrotum feeling the coarse pubic hairs that covered it. I couldn't help but gently contract my fingers over his sack and felt the heat and firmness of what that sack contained. I felt the base of his penis throb and watched the head jump closer toward me on his thigh.

"This is what you want isn't it you sissy fag." He stated grabbing me by my hair and twisting my face to look at his, "Answer me."

Tears ran down my cheeks but my other hand seemed to move on its own to grasp the shaft of his hardening cock. I could feel it throb and grow bigger as I squeezed and pulled it towards me.

Though a part of me screamed at what was just another way for him to bully me with teary eyes I said, "Yes".

With an evil sounding chuckle he pushed my face to his groin and said," Good, make friends with it."

Now with my face just inches from his cock I stared longingly as one hand was groping his testicles while my other hand slowly stroked the shaft of his cock that seemed to have grown to about ten inches. I watched as the foreskin stretching tight over the end exposing the large purple head of his large hard cock that I've only ever seen the likes of in pictures before. Then as I drew my hand back, I watched the end disappear under his foreskin. I watched mesmerized by that scene as I kept stroking up and down his shaft. Watching that foreskin reveal and then hide the plum shaped head. Watching as a thick clear fluid emanated from the hole at the tip of it. It reminded me of that fluid from my first orgasm and just as I thought about leaning down to taste it, I felt a push on the back of my head.

"Come on bitch suck it, you know you want too." Jeff groaned.

Even though I hated this asshole that made my school life hell for the last four years I still had my own urges. His cock was as beautiful as any I had seen in any picture and this one was real. I felt the heat of it as it touched my lips. I could smell the acrid odour of his sweat and I loved it instantly. I licked the end of my first real cock and I loved it. The feel and texture were perfect and the taste of that fluid coming from the hole tasted better than my own. I willingly opened my mouth and began sucking on the first cock that came within reach of my mouth.

I could hear Jeff groaning as I slid my lips up and down his shaft, rolling my tongue around the end before taking him back towards my throat. This felt really good to me, for once in my life I felt as I was in control. Jeff groaned loudly and I could feel him start to tremble as his scrotum tightened up. This all happened in just moments, barely a minute had passed since I took my first cock into my mouth and it seemed to explode shooting streams of thick hot bitter fluid into my mouth. As much as I wanted to taste my first cock's crème I was enjoying the feel of it between my lips and wished that it could have lasted longer. Jeff's hips bucked and my mouth was filled quickly. I swallowed and felt another rush of his juice flooding over my tongue. I tried to savour his essence but I was over whelmed by how much more he produced than I ever had. I know I gagged that first time and some of his semen escaped my lips before he calmed his erratic hips. His sperm tasted better than mine and I swallowed everything I could and then licked up what escaped to run down his shaft to puddle in the tangle of his pubic hair.

Suddenly the car stopped and Jeff pushed me away from his deflating cock and when I sat up we were parked in front of my house. I smiled to myself wondering how he knew where I lived.

"Get the fuck out of my car you cock sucking fag." Jeff yelled.

"Thanks for the ride home," I smiled at him got out and walked away to the sound of his speeding tires.

As I laid in bed that night playing with my little cock I think I realized that I finally got even with my tormentor in some small way. Though he tried to debase me with his macho behaviour, I think he realized that I enjoyed it a whole lot more than he did. Then there's that fire cracker quick cock that I see every time I think of him or when I see him, it would be nice to enjoy all that big cock for more than just a moment.

A few things occurred that were related to the incident involving Jeff. The most obvious was the fact that I enjoyed sucking cock and thought now constantly hoping for my next encounter. I convinced my mom that it was safe for me to walk home hoping to give Jeff the opportunity to abuse me more. I can't believe that I was actually looking forward to hear his voice mocking me instead of the way I usually tried to hide from him. Over the next few days though he totally ignored me, not even throwing his usual taunts my way. I did catch him a few times looking at me and I wondered if he would try to make me go down on him again. While walking home after school I kept looking over my shoulder at any sound hoping it would be him. On the second day, he did drive past but there were others in the car with him. I got to feeling that he might not have enjoyed the experience or maybe he was ashamed of what he had done.

By the end of the week I had pretty much given up hope that I'd be forced into sucking off his cock for him again. I had just reached the house next to ours on Friday when Jeff's car screeched to a stop beside me.

"Hurry up and get in before someone sees you fag." He demanded.

I felt my heart race instantly as I got in feeling light headed with the expectation of what I knew was going to happen. Looking over to his lap I could see his big cock was already hard and straining against his track pants. I reached over to rest my hand on that large lump and felt it throbbing hotly.

"I ain't got all day cunt face, "Jeff sneered, "Get to it."

"I do have a name you know. " I told him as my hand wrapped around his covered shaft.

"Yeah" he laughed, "and it's cocksucker so get to it before I beat the shit out of you."

For once I didn't feel scared by Jeff's threats and knew that I finally had some control of the situation, marginally at least. He rose up slightly as I tugged his pants down releasing that beautiful hard cock to my hungry eyes. Circling my fingers around the base of his cock I firmly squeezed the thick shaft and watched as a drop of thick shiny precum appeared from the slit in his penis. I quickly licked it off and slid my hand up his cock to make more appear as I savoured the sweet taste. I noticed the space between my fingers and thumb was about half an inch wide as I sucked on just the very tip of his glans getting as much of the juice his penis offered me. I traveled the length of the underside of his penis until I reached his hairy sack Jeff groaned and I felt him tremble as I tried to suck the whole thing into my mouth.

"That's good bitch, "Jeff groaned, "you must have had allot of practice."

I sat up stroking his cock and replied, "No yours is the only one I've done this too."

"Well than you're a natural born cock sucking fag," he said with a smile as he pushed my head down, "But no one told you to talk, just suck, cunt face."

I felt elated by his smile and though the words were still abusive his voice sounded allot kinder than the usual tone he used around me. I swooped down on his organ feeling its heat as I tried to force as much of it in mouth as I could. When the velvety head touched the entrance to my throat I stopped holding it there to savour the moment. I began stroking the other half of his shaft and shivered as I felt his skin sliding back and forth across my lips and over my tongue. Jeff placed his hand on the back of my head and suddenly pushed down forcing more of his cock into me and into my throat. Gagging and choking I could hear him chuckle as he held me there for about thirty seconds and just when I felt the panic rise from not being able to breathe he released the pressure. Sliding his cock out until just the head was inside my mouth I swirled around it with my tongue. My nostrils flared as I took a deep breath to fill my starved lungs.

Jeff started to groan when I started to take him back in to my throat and started bobbing up and down on his big cock while stroking the shaft. Just as I really started to enjoy my role as Jeff's cock sucker, hoping he'd last a little longer this time so I could enjoy his cock a little longer when his hips stared to buck towards me.

I knew what to expect this time and I got ready. Moving my mouth up until just the head was between my lips I used both hands to jerk the shaft up and down.

"Oh yeah" Jeff groaned as his semen spewed over my tongue filling mouth.

By the third spurt' my mouth was full and swallowed to make room for more but a little bit escaped the corners of my lips. I counted the thrusts of his hips and he stopped at seven with a groan he let out a heavy exhale. I continued to suck and lick on his quickly softening cock savouring it for as long as he would allow me too.

"Yeah you are a natural Kari." he said down to me. "I think I'm going to like having my own personal cock sucking sissy fag."

He let me suck his cock for about another minute before pushing me away. I couldn't help having a smile on my face with the elation I felt hearing him actually saying my name, let alone even knowing it, that I didn't even mind the rest of his statement.

Still gentle stroking his now soft penis I told him, "Thank you, I really enjoyed pleasing you Jeff."

"What a fag you are," he sneered, pushing me away, "next you'll be telling me you love me or something stupid like that."

"Get the fuck out of the car bitch I got better things to do than to listen to your pansy bullshit."

"Okay Jeff, "I said opening the door, "but when."

"When I need a fag mouth to use I'll let you know." He yelled.

The door wasn't even shut as he sped off down the road. I felt the drops of semen drying at the corners of my lips, still tasting the bitterness of the seed that had filled my mouth I watched him drive away. Standing in front of the neighbour's house wondering when he'd be back I didn't notice the front room curtains move.

The first thing I did upon entering our house was to go to the bathroom to see what I looked like. Messy hair and shiny marks of dried cum on both sides of my face. Deciding to leave it there for as long as I could to enjoy the way it felt. I went to my room to relieve my aching little hard on. I was so turned on by the taste in my mouth I came twice before it became got soft again. For once I didn't taste myself just so I could enjoy Jeff's flavour for as long as possible.

Now my thoughts seemed to be filled with a passion for cock and it was all I could think about. I loved touching them and feeling the heat and life throbbing through the hardened flesh. Looking through the magazines I had found I came across some pictures of women having cocks pushed up their asses. That night I experimented, pushing a finger into myself as I rubbed my little penis to orgasm. As I fell asleep I wondered what a real cock would feel like pushing into my bottom and if maybe Jeff would be willing to share the moment. It could be another way for him to think he was debasing me and really, at this point I didn't really care what his Neanderthal mind thought as long as I could get what I wanted. Now that I had a taste of cock I wanted it all. I was soon to discover just how much I was going to get.

I woke up the next morning to an empty house as usual for a Saturday morning. It was always my favourite day because my workaholic parents were always gone and I didn't have the stress of trying to avoid all the day to day bullshit at school. Mind you, the day wasn't totally perfect because as usual a list of chores waited on my attention on the middle of the kitchen table. Today's list was backyard jobs and it was sunny out so it wouldn't be too bad I thought.

As I was cutting the lawn I suddenly felt another presence and looking over Mr. Clark stood leaning against the fence watching me. I waved, he nodded his head smiling and for the next twenty minutes or so while I finished mowing the yard he just stayed in the same position. I could feel him watching me the whole time and he really gave me the creeps. Shutting down the mower I began to push it toward the shed which was only a few feet from where he stood leaning on the fence and he just leered at me the whole time with a kind of lopsided grin.

When I was close enough to smell the stench of cigars and stale beer Mr. Clark asked," How's school going Kid?"

Now this was really weird to me out because always before he seemed intent on totally ignoring me since we moved into this neighbourhood. The best way to describe Mr. Clark is lazy, with a pot belly, almost always unshaven and dirty tangled hair. The closer you got to him the worse he seemed to smell.

"It's okay Mr. Clark," I replied. "I'll be graduating this year."

"Really, good for you boy," he then asked, "so what are you, seventeen years old now?"

"No sir, I'm eighteen now."

"Good, good," he repeat as his lopsided grin grew, "look Kary I could use a bit of a hand moving some heavy stuff around inside, would you mind?"

"Well Mr. Clark I do have some chores" I started before he interrupted me.

"Look kid," he growled, "I don't care about your chores but you should think about what might happen if your mommy and daddy found out how you pay for ride home from school."

I gaped at him wondering what he meant, how he could know what I did in Jeff's car. I stood stunned and unmoving and stuttered, "What do you mean?"

"Come now boy," he sneered at me, "I ain't blind you know. I saw you get into that car yesterday and I saw it a minute later stop right in front of my house. I could see the driver, a big handsome young man with his hand holding onto a mop of dirty blonde hair that was just a bouncing up and down like there was no tomorrow. Even managed to get a couple of fairly good Polaroid's of the moment."

I was in total shock and stood there trembling while he leered at me with that crocked grin. I didn't know what to say or do and I felt very small and scared, knowing that this man was not going to be very nice about all of this. I instantly felt that the abuse he'd deliver upon me would probably be far worse than anything that I lived through before.

"Come and help me out boy and have a look at 'em," he laughed, "I think I'm going to have to insist on it."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the fence, "Come on and hop over boy and let's go inside for a bit"

I let him lead me over the fence and across his yard and up the steps to his back porch. I felt fear creeping into me as he pushed me through his back door. The next thing I knew I was sitting on his couch as he handed me a stack of Polaroid's.

" Have a look at 'em and I'll be right back and don't you be think of doing anything funny sweetie cause I got few more of those pics' hidden away."

At first glance, the pictures appeared grainy and blurred but it was obvious what was going on in the front seat of that car. None of pictures showed anymore of Jeff than from his chest down. All you could see of me was the back of my head and shoulders slumped over and squeezed between Jeff and the steering wheel. The second photo from the bottom clearly showed me getting out o the car but the last one was the worst. My profile was easy to recognize in the blurry picture and you could see my hand holding onto Jeff's large cock. Mr Clark took that moment to enter the room wearing only a dirty old pair of ragged boxers.

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