tagTransgender & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 02

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 02


As I reached down to retrieve my clothes that Mr. Clark had thrown at me there was a bright flash of light. Without thinking I turned my head towards him only to be blinded by another flash from his Polaroid camera.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Just wanted to capture the moment kid," he laughed, "then again it's always good to have a little extra evidence in case you decide to be difficult about playing dress up again."

"Where's my underwear?" I asked him noticing only my t-shirt and shorts.

"You're wearing em' sweetie," He smirked, "I think you should keep them on and make sure you're wearing em' and that they're clean the next time you come over."

"What if my mother finds them?" I whined.

"That's up to you," he snorted, "maybe she'd like the chance to buy pretty girl stuff for her girly boy."

I felt really humiliated as he leered at me with his lopsided grin that I turned my back and quickly changed into my own clothes. I couldn't even look at him as I went by past his chair to the back door to put on my runners. I hadn't realized he followed until I straightened up to find his hand on the back of my neck. Squeezing tightly and pushing down I was forced to my knees to stare at his fat hairy belly.

"One last thing," he sneered at me, "don't you be thinking to run home and change. I'll be keeping an eye on you, so you just go finish your chores first like a good girly boy or else."

Than he grinned down and added, "Now give daddy a kiss good-bye."

I cringed at the thought of him forcing me to kiss him on the lips, but shortly I realized that's not what he had in mind. He released my neck, grasped his flaccid penis and rubbed it across my lips. Even with the rank odour of the combination of his semen and my insides I gladly pressed my lips to the tip and loudly kissed his cock.

Mr Clark turned and chuckling walked away. I scrambled to my feet and left, running home before he could think of some other way to debase me. Getting to the relative safety of the back yard I sat on our back steps. I looked at the picture Mr. Clark had given me. This one was very clear and you could plainly see me looking straight at the camera, shiny red lips, cheeks covered in pink powder and light blue shadow around my eyes. Fear gripped me as I realized what I had done by leaving his house in my haste. With his order to finish my chores before going inside I would have to finish them quickly or get caught in this state by my parents. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I raked and bagged the grass clippings. I could feel Mr. Clark's slimy cum seeping from my ass the whole time as the panties rode up between my ass cheeks. In record time, for me anyways I finished and put everything away, closing the shed I ran to the house grabbing to picture of my shame on the way in.

Going straight to the bathroom and closing the door I looked at the person that looked back at me. Streaked shades of tear stained make-up and red puffy eyes. I felt so ashamed of what had happened to me. I looked at the picture, bent over, the pink skirt folded over my hips exposing the sheen of cum seeping from my anus to my inner thighs and a big red hand print across the cheek of my exposed white ass. The white thigh high stockings and the pink panties scrunched up around my legs just above them. The face looking into the camera didn't appear shocked or embarrassed. A tingling sensation grew in my groin, except for the amateur make-up job I kind of looked like one of the pictures in a magazine that I had stolen from the garage.

I quickly hid the photo under my bed and then went back to shower. I'd seen my mom use cold cream to wash the make-up from her face so I used some of hers. I brought the panties into the stall with me, at first to make sure no one might find them but mostly to try and clean them. The crotch was soaked from cum seeping from my ass. The whole time my little penis was erect and seemed to throb when I washed away the semen that had seeped from around my now very tender anus.

On my way to my room I heard the door, announcing the arrival of my parents. Breathing I sigh of relief I stood there behind the closed door wondering where I could hide my damp panties. Hearing muffled voices I went and looked out the window and I was gripped with fear to see my father speaking with Mr. Clark.

They didn't speak loud enough for me to hear more than a mumbling and I was slightly relieved to see my dad smiling when they shook hands before they parted. At least Mr. Clark hadn't betrayed me yet. A knock at the door almost startled me out of my skin and my feeling of relief instantly vanished.

"Yes," I squeaked feeling embarrassed and sliding the panties under a pillow, "I'm just getting dressed, I'll be right out."

"Well put something nice on for a change," my mom stated, "your father's taking us out to dinner and how many times have you been told not to leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor young man."

"Sorry mom", I meekly replied, "I'll pick them as soon as I get dressed."

"Just don't be all day."

"Okay." I said rushing to my dresser.

As I dressed I found the cotton underwear just didn't seem to fit right and I thought about the panties Mr. Clark made me wear. Even my jeans and polo shirt felt very uncomfortable for some reason. I did think about how the dress I'd worn earlier and how much I liked feeling of it clinging to my body.

Dinner out with mom and dad was the usual bore for me while they mostly talked about whatever happened at their offices until my mom asked, "By the what, what did that lecherous old man Clark want you for today?"

"Well he started out by going about his mobility problem," my father began, "then he asked if we would mind if Kary would do a few chores around the house for him, with pay of course."

"Absolutely not," my mom sneered, "I don't want my baby hanging around that disgusting pervert. What else did he say?"

"Then he started on about how his ex-wife ran off taking their daughter and leaving a room full of stuff behind that he doesn't have the heart to look at never mind going through. He thinks he'll be able to rent out the room if it's cleared up."

"He probably drove her away." Mom stated, "I don't want Kary anywhere nearer to that man than possible. If I knew what lived there when we bought the house we wouldn't have moved there."

"Who cares, really dear?" Dad said frowning, "If nothing else at least Kary can help him make the place look a little better."

"Besides, he is eighteen now," he smiled at her, "let Kary make up his own mind for once. You got to cut that umbilical cord someday sweetheart."

"We will talk about this later," she said icily to him before looking at me, "well Kary what do you think about all this?"

"I don't know mom, I guess it would be okay with me." I hesitated looking at my plate, "Like dad said maybe I can help him make his yard look better.

But I knew I only had one choice in the matter anyway, if I refused the offer. Mr. Clark would just throw those photos around and I felt that even my home wouldn't be a welcome, safe refuge anymore. I could feel mom staring at me and looking over to my father he seemed intent on his steak, so the rest of the meal was finished in a cold silence.

I went straight to bed when we got home that night and laid there listening to my parents as they tried to argue quietly. I almost forgot about those pink panties lying under my pillow until my fingers touched them. Thinking what to do as I held them in the dark, I took a thumb tack and pinned them on the inside of the blinds hoping no one would notice. I couldn't get to sleep, so I started to think about all that had happened to me lately and why. I had made allot of discoveries about myself, like how good it felt holding, stroking and taking Jeff's large cock into my mouth and pleasing him. I found I felt good wearing girl's clothes and even though I didn't really care for Mr. Clark, I did enjoy the way he made me dress and forced his cock into my ass and all those other things he made me do.

When I look back on those times now I realize that through my entire life I was conditioned to be subservient, from an over bearing mother to every playground bully, Jeff and Mr. Clark included. I would accept the humiliation and degradation just for the satisfaction of knowing that I could please someone in some way. I remember how a thrilling shiver went through my body that night. I remember reaching down to my little cock and pleasing myself before I fell to sleep.

I came down to breakfast the next morning to see my father, as usual with his Sunday paper and coffee but mom was not there.

"Good morning son." He said looking up briefly.

"Good morning dad," I replied going to the cupboard to get some breakfast, "where's mom?"

"Probably still sleeping I imagine." He put down his paper and looked over to me, "look son, I'm going to take a bit of grief over this, so don't let me down. You said you would, so you better make good on it and start out helping Clark next door. It'll be good for you and help your mom get over the fact you're growing up and almost a man and you need to start thinking for yourself. She's got to let go someday."

He stared at me for a moment shaking his head he sighed and raised his paper again. A man I thought as his words seeped into my thoughts, I don't want to be a man, I already knew at this point in my life I would never be and I thought that was just okay too.

As I left the kitchen dad looked over his paper and said, "I'm sure you're not fond of that old goat either, but I think your mother isn't going to be very nice to anyone for awhile. So why don't you just make yourself scarce. Go see what that old man wants you do." Then he grinned and added, "I'm sure the fiery pits of Hell would be more pleasant than this place when your mom gets out of bed."

"Thanks dad. " I replied. I don't remember the last time my dad had talked to me in this fashion, but it did make feel good. I went up to my room to change remembering the panties Mr. Clark had given me and his instructions on wearing them when I came over next. They were dry and smell cleaned. Without thinking I slipped them on, realizing how much better they felt against my skin than my boy underwear. Then grabbed some old clothes and left the house without hearing or seeing my mother.

I knocked on Mr. Clark's door twice before he answered, standing there wrapped in a towel soaking wet with an angry look on his face.

"What the hell do you want," he roared, before he saw me and then grinned, "Get in here and close the door."

"I'm surprised to see you back so soon," he said turning to walk away, "Follow me, we're going to set some grounds rule right here and now."

He led me to the kitchen and stopped by the back door to point at a hook on the wall." See That?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Yes what? He growled.

"Yes daddy." I said.

"Good," he smiled, "Nice to know you ain't a totally stupid sissy. From now on, you come in here. Don't bother knocking, just come and take off those ugly boy things you got on and hang em' here."

"Yes daddy." I replied.

He stared at me a moment before yelling, "What are waiting for, get em' off you dumb bitch."

I started to pull the clothes from my body as he leaned against the door leering at me. I suddenly felt nervous and a little ashamed standing in front of him in the pink panties from the day before. I kind of felt good about though feely my little penis become excited and hard as Mr. Clark's eyes traveled up and down my body.

"Glad to see you listened." He grinned, "Now go off and get dressed proper. I found a few things I thought you might like to try on and an old magazine that might help do yourself up a bit better."

"Just don't be all day about it," He said over his shoulder walking away, "I gotta' finish my shower, I'll be waiting in my chair for you."

So in just those little pink panties I walked down the hall to that room. Inside spread on the bed I found today's outfit. A short, pleated black skirt and white cotton top with a tie on the front. A shiny black bra and matching panties made of strings and a small triangle of satin. There was also a pair of white ankle socks beside some pink sneakers. Becoming aroused as I looked over everything, I saw the magazine Mr. Clark told me about. It was opened to an article about make up tips and opening the case that's where I started.

I slowly went over every part, step by step on those pages, I'm not sure how long it took but a few times I saw a movement in the mirror and noticed Mr. Clark looking at me from the door way. His face didn't seem angry or annoyed so I kept on playing until I was happy with my results. Then I put on the clothes and went out to see my Daddy.

"You look wonderful baby," he said when I came up to his chair. "Stand back a bit so I can take a picture."

Mr. Clark's compliment thrilled me and I stepped back to pose for him as a flash blinded me. I stood there waiting until my eyes adjusted as he stared at the developing photo. I noticed he only wore an old ratty looking robe. But he had shaved off his stubbly beard and his hair didn't look as greasy as it always did before.

"Come over and have a look at this sweetie," he said holding out his hand to me. I knew you'd be a real looker."

I took his hand and he pulled me down to kneel in front of his chair between his legs and held out the picture for me to look at. I was amazed and very thrilled that I thought he was right. I did look pretty good though thinking at the same time my hair wasn't very fitting for a girl. Another flash broke my thought and I turned to look at that lopsided grin.

"Just want to capture all the memories I can Sweetie." His face turning, "Why don't you show daddy how much you've missed him while I watch your face come to life in this photo?"

With his free hand he pulled open the robe and then reached up to guide my head to his crotch. The coarse hair tickled my lips as I nuzzled against his hardening penis could feel the heat emanating against my face as my lips caressed his hairy scrotum. I began to let my tongue explore the loose skin for his scrotum seeking out the testicals and pushing them around, he groaned and I shivered with excitement knowing he was enjoying my efforts.

I used my lips to push one of his firm balls against his thigh then sucked it between my lips humming with pleasure as he trembled. I could feel his cock resting on the side of my face growing harder. Twisting my head and using my tongue to guide it, I sucked on his scrotum until both of his balls filled my mouth. Looking up, Mr. Clarks had his eyes closed, a tight grin spread across his face as he moaned with pleasure. His cock rose hard along side of my nose to throb against my forehead. I felt so elated at the pleasure I gave him that I shivered and reached down to touch myself. Rubbing my hard little cock under my panties I almost came.

"Oh baby," he sighed deeply, "You need to suck on this now."

With one hand he pushed against my forehead until his balls pulled from between my lips. With the other he pointed his cock at my lips. The tip was glistening with precum as I took it in my hand and traced it over my lips and swirling my tongue over it. Mr. Clark's face was red, his whole body was shaking and I opened my lips and dove down to the base of his cock sucking as hard as I could. I pulled away until just the glans of his penis remained between my tightly sucking lips. Then I dove done again trying to keep the suction as intense as I could. Every time I rose up to tip of his cock, his face seemed a deeper shade of red, his trembling became more intense. I counted every dive and on the twelfth one his body seemed to convulse. I grasped the shaft of his penis in one hand and his scrotum in the other and gently squeezed as I sucked on the head of his cock.

He flooded my mouth with semen so fast I gagged and some escaped my lips to run over my hand and down the shaft before I got control and swallowed what I could. When his cock stopped spurting and began to deflate I licked and sucked up what was left. I was shaking feeling my own excitement and wetting my panties. I began licking Mr. Clark's softening cock and my hand of his cum. I nursed on his soft penis while he caught his breathe. I thought about the day before and how he laughed at how long it took me make me him have an orgasm. Then today I got him off in just twelve strokes. I can't help to say I was very proud of myself as I watched him gasping for air.

"Oh that was great Kary," he finally sighed. "Don't move and just look up."

He pointed his camera at me and I smiled around the softening cock, my chin resting on his balls and his pubic hair tickling my lips. Once again I was blinded by the flash. His body flinched and with his hand on my forehead he pushed me away from his groin.

"You don't need to suck it right off you know." He smiled and chuckled.

We sat quietly for a moment as he watched his latest photo to develop, I leaned against his thigh and watched as the grin widened on his face.

"This is the best one so far Kary," he exclaimed, "Here look at this."

All I could see was his big round belly, and my face down to my upper lip. It was apparent what was going on in the picture but what I liked the most was the way my face looked with that shiny upper red lip, the mascara and light blue eye shadow.

"Stand up," he ordered, "and lift the front of that skirt for me."

"Yes daddy." I replied quickly doing as he told me.

He reached forward and ran his finger tip over the black satin triangle down the length of my little erection. I felt him circling my scrotum before the finger traced along the string between my legs and trying to push the string up inside my anus. I felt myself tremble and almost came. Sitting back into his chair he told me to take a step back while he aimed his camera and set off another flash.

"Do you want to make yourself come for daddy?" he asked.

"Yes daddy." I replied meekly, shivering with anticipation.

"Good girl," he grinned, "start by rubbing against your panties."

With a shaking hand I reached down and rubbed my hard little cock through the satin. I felt hot and my whole body seemed to become damp with perspiration. Closing my eyes I heard the click and could sense another flash.

"Do it just like that, only inside now." He demanded.

"Yes Daddy." I replied.

Another flash, "take it out when you get to excited." He told me, "I want to see you do it. Make sure you catch it all in your other hand."

It only took about three strokes before I pushed down my panties and cupped my hand beneath my tiny glans opening my eyes to look down. Mr. Clark leaned forward aiming his camera, I saw the flash just as my hips convulsed and the first spurt hit my palm. He sat back leering at me while I fell helplessly to my knees as a couple of smaller spurts dribbled out.

With another flash he said, "Come closer and hold up your hand for me."

Silently I crawled on my knees, still shaking from the most intense orgasm I had ever felt and raised my hand.

Pointing his camera again he said," Stick out your tongue I want to see you taste it."

I stuck my tongue into the puddle in my palm and looked into the lens while he snapped another photo of my debasement.

"Good girl," he smirked, "now eat it all."

He watched as I licked my palm clean still feeling excitement trembling through my body. I could see his erection standing up between the folds of his robe and felt proud that I had excited him again so soon. I leaned forward to kiss the tip before taking his penis into my mouth once again.

"My, my," He laughed, "aren't you the hungry little cock slut.

"Well my dear child'" he sighed, "You came here today to work. So I guess before you get too carried away you'd better give me a bit of rest and get into that room, go through the drawers first so you know where everything is supposed to be and then you can start on the closets and boxes to find the anything you might like. Make a pile for the things you don't like and then we'll see what fits."

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