Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 02


Without thinking about it I said, "thank you daddy."

I kissed his cock one last time before I rose to my feet and walked down to the room anticipating all the new treasures I'd find there.

Everything I found in the dresser seemed made for a small person just my size. There were so many different colors, styles and fabrics I was amazed. I felt pretty light headed remembering what Mr. Clark had said, so I assumed that he was giving me all these wonderful things. In the back of one drawer I found a small box with chains and rings along with some bracelets. I adorned myself with some of them and looking at my reflection I noticed Mr. Clark watching me. He smiled then turned to walk away. Looking through the closet I could find nothing that I didn't want to try on, it all looked very nice. I even thought a few times of what Jeff might think of me in that outfit. I giggled to myself realizing how silly and foolish that would be. I'm sure he'd tell the whole school about it if he saw me like this.

As soon as I started on the boxes, I realized these things must have been his ex-wife's because of the larger sizes. I still couldn't help myself though carefully inspecting every item and making two separate piles. One that didn't really matter and one that I really liked.

Opening the second box I found on the very top three pieces of an obvious matching outfit a white wispy see through material. The first piece was a pair wide legged shorts that had a stretchy lace on the leg hems and waist. The next was a long pull over with string shoulder straps edged in lace on the hem and around the top that cut a deep v down the front looked like the same on the shorts but didn't stretch out the same. The last piece was a robe with wide flaring sleeves and appeared to look long enough for the hem to flow across the floor. Looking up to see if Mr. Clark was watching from the door I wondered if he'd mind if tried it on. He didn't say I couldn't and I didn't want to ask in case he said no. My whole body seemed to tingle with emotions when I decided to just do it and take my chances that Mr. Clark might get upset.

Quickly shedding the pink shoes, white top and skirt I wore, leaving on the black bra and panties and pulled the shorts up my legs. They flared out over my hips appearing skirt like over my thighs. The waist band fit snugly just over my belly button. Feeling my excitement grow I pulled the next piece over my head and quickly donned the robe before turning to look at my reflection.

It felt and looked so beautiful, my breathe caught as my excitement grew and I hugged myself shivering with pleasure as my groin throbbed. I just stood and stared at myself, even the contrast of black bra and tiny black triangle seemed to enhance the erotic vision before me.

A ringing broke my trance to hear Mr. Clark answer the phone, "hello."

A long pause then, "no, no he's doing a great job. I'm really amazed at how well the boy can work, you can be proud of that lad."

Another pause, "That sounds nice and hey he's doing so well maybe I'll order a pizza as in lieu of a bonus for his efforts.

I realized it was my father on the phone, and then I heard, "yeah no problem just let me get him."

"Hey Kary," Mr. Clark yelled, "You're dad wants a word with you."

"Coming." I said as my voice cracked with nervousness.

Entering the room with Mr. Clark I reached for the phone feeling a sense of dread as if I stood before my father in person dressed as I was. Mr. Clark's eyes first widened at seeing my attire.

"Hy dad." I said into the phone feeling the nervousness in my voice.

"Look Kary," he began, "to try and make peace with your mother she's making me take her out for a meal and a show. So you'll have to fend for yourself tonight ok."

I felt Mr. Clark's hand slow slide up my thigh and start fondling my ass.

"Sure dad," I replied, "no problem."

"That fat old man treating you okay?" he asked.

"Sure dad, everything's fine." I had to suppress the giggle at how he was treating me.

"Well good, but don't forget you got school tomorrow. We'll probably be late so don't wait up."

"Okay Dad, bye," then I added, "Have a good time dad."

"Thanks son and don't work too hard."

I heard him laugh just before the line went dead. Mr. Clark was still firmly groping my ass cheeks as he leered at me.

"Nice choice sweetie," he smiled up at me, "but do you know what happens to little girls that dress so sexily?"

"No daddy, what?" I asked trying to sound innocent.

"Well now," he grinned, "I guess I'll just have to show you then."

Using his hand he twisted my ass check until I faced away from him with the robe pushed to the side. Then he placed a hand on each of my hips to pull me onto his lap. I could feel his erection poking up between my legs forcing the gown with it. Squeezing my thighs I felt the heat of his throbbing hard cock as he moved it up and done. I closed my eyes feeling his hand rise over my waist to clutch my chest through the bra. I tried not to think of the doer and just floated away in ecstasy while his lips and tongue contacted my shoulder. Licking and sucking my flesh to my neck and up to suckle my earlobe.

We groaned together while I shivered and felt his cock throb as hot dampness seeped onto my inner thighs. He somehow knew where to find them and pinch my nipples before caressing down my front, over my legs until he reached the hem. Drawing the fabric towards him between us I felt his cock lodge tightly into my crotch. Both us were breathing hard lost in passion as his hands again rubbing over my chest again.

"Oh God," Mr. Clark gasped, "stand up and take off those shorts."

I felt his hands slide to my hips as I stood, keeping me in his grasp as I bent to lower them. When I got to my knees I felt his Breathe on my backside. He moaned as his face nestled between my ass cheeks just before his tongue began exploring me there.

Feeling his tongue searching out and pushing the string aside to get to my hole, as he forced it inside of me a convulsion rocked my hips and I felt myself explode soaking my panties. Continuing to lavish my anus spreading saliva over my flesh He stood and pulled us back toward his chair. Holding tightly to my waist he forced me to stay partly standing, I grabbed onto the chairs arms for balance. Then with one hand under my bum he guided me towards his lap. His other hand aimed his penis at the center of my ass. I felt its heat and the thickness of his precum emanating from the tip when it touched the center of my ass.

I had no fears or surprise this time as his hard cock slowly entered me. I wanted it to fill me with its solid thickness, to take me and scald my insides with hot semen. I wanted to be fucked just like a woman. At first the slow stretching of my sphincter began to hurt until finally I felt the ridge of his glans push through and my body enclosed around his shaft. Half standing I trembled, breathing deeply feeling gust of hot air against my back. Then a tingling sensation began in my groin and I could feel the pulse of his fast beating heart inside me I sat fully into Mr. Clark's lap driving his cock completely in.

I sat totally content upon Mr. Clark's lap unmoving, relishing the feeling of being completely filled with his hard, hot thick cock as he gasped and groaned beneath. Then He yelled and pushed us both forward to the floor so I was on my knees in front of him. He began to fuck me furiously driving his cock in and out of me for what seemed like forever. He slammed against me over and over, pushing me away and then pulling me back as he thrust forward until he started to jerk spasmodically against me. Then I felt him filling my insides with cum for the second time in two days.

Mr. Clark sighed and leaned back onto the foot of his recliner drawing me with him as I squeezed his softening cock inside me.

"You're one hell of a good fuck Kary," he panted patting my bum.

I looked over my shoulder smiling and said, "thank you daddy."

Crossing my arms in front of me I laid down my head and closed my eyes. I could feel his penis still inside of me slowly softening. I could feel the light airy clothing that encased me. I loved pretending to be a woman, I loved being daddy's little girl and though I still didn't love Mr. Clark. I really did love his fat cock.

All I could hear was Mr. Clark breathing deeply for several moments as he rubbed my back in slow circles. I felt so content just laying there in front of him, listening as his breathing calmed.

"I gotta' get up off the floor sweetie." He grunted as started to stand pushing me slightly forward so his flaccid penis escaping and leaving me with a kind of empty feeling. "Nice, don't move I want to take a picture of that sweet ass just as it is."

I didn't want to move anyway at that moment, I wasn't even sure if I could stand up with the way I felt right then as the camera flashed once again. I laid there on the floor wondering if Mr. Clark would someday masturbate looking at those pictures as I had with my father's old magazines. I thought about how just a week ago my sexual experience was limited to my hand. Today I was lying on the floor of my next door neighbour with cum slowly seeping from my ass for second time dressed up as a girl. I had sucked off two different cocks in less than a week and having an urge to find more while my whole body tingled at the thought. My revelry was interrupted by a thud and looked to see a phone book lying beside me.

"Call up for some pizza," Mr. Clark said as he stood, ""and go fix your face. It's a little smudged up."

"Okay daddy." I meekly replied, "What do you want on it?

"Don't matter to me much," he replied walking away, "but put on something else before it gets here so I can concentrate on eating."

"Pick up or delivery?" I asked him.

He huffed, "I ain't' going nowhere."

I thought about his last remark as I thumbed through the pages and laughed to myself thinking of him looking at me then his slice and then throwing me across the table taking my ass again I made myself quiver and giggle with the thought.

It only took a few moments to do the order and fix my face but changing took awhile. I really enjoyed the sexy feeling I had with this outfit on and there where so many other nice things to choose from. I finally chose a little white t-shirt with gold glitter writing the word "Sexy" across the chest. It had short arms, a low cut neck and it barely reached to my navel. I remembered seeing a pair of jean shorts with flaring cuffs of white lace and decided to wear them for now. They fit tightly to my hips and waist, the crotch rubbed against my panties separating my ass cheeks. I finished off with white ankle socks trimmed in pink with a fuzzy pink ball at the heel and the pink runners I wore earlier.

Coming into the living room, I walked over and stood in front Mr. Clark, turning and posing for him.

"Nice choice," he smiled, "you got a nice ass for a girly boy."

"Thank you, daddy." I replied than turned to walk to sit down on the couch.

"Dumb cunt," he sneered as I sat down, "the only place you sit when I'm in the room is right here at my feet."

Pointing down at the floor in front of the recliner he said, "Move your sissy ass before I decide to sank it for you."

"Sorry daddy," I said jumping up and moving across the room to kneel at his feet.

I was looking up at him just as I heard the knock on the door. I gasped and flinched slightly and turned my head to the door. From behind me Mr. Clark vented an evil sounding chuckle and pushed me with his foot.

"Go see who's at the door Kary," he growled.

"But" I pleaded looking back at him.

"No buts," he ginned crookedly, "go to the door or I'll invite whoever it is to come and watch as I spank that sweet little ass of yours for misbehaving."

Fear griped me, standing on shaking legs I went to the door feeling sweat instantly beading on my fore head and damping my palms. I was so scared I felt light headed thinking I might faint, before I got to the door. What scared me the most was that I knew of some boys at school who talked about some of things they say happened when they delivered pizzas for extra money. Dreading that I'd be tomorrow's main topic in school I looked back to Mr. Clark's evil grin, I reached for the door handle. I was only partly relieved to see that I didn't recognise the man on the other side of the door. He quickly looked me up and down and I just knew that he would know that I just a boy in girl's clothes.

But he smiled and said, "Good afternoon miss, that'll be $13.80 please."

I felt my face flush with heat before looking over to Mr. Clark, sitting unseen by the stranger holding out some bills and shaking with suppressed mirth.

Taking the money from his hand he whispered, "Tell him to keep the change and thank him proper girl."

Walking back to the door I felt my throat constrict as handed him the money, "Thank you sir. "As my voice cracked, "You can keep the change."

As he took the bills and gave me the box he smiled at me, "Thank you, but you don't have to call me sir, Dave will do."

I wanted to run away but he continued, "I've never seen you around here before, have you just moved in?"

"No," I replied, "I'm just visiting."

"Oh well," he said smiling at me, "Enjoy your pizza and have a good night cutie."

All I wanted to do was slam the door and hide before he realized I was just a sissy in drag. But he called me cutie and smiled at me. A whole new feeling that I couldn't name seemed to over whelm me. I turned to see Mr. Clark's face red from trying to suppress in his laughter until the door closed and he released his breathe slapping his knee laughing.

"That was just perfect." He said with a snort, "Sounded like he was going to ask you for a date."

"Bet you'd like to suck his prick too," he teased, "you want me to call him back in for you."

I stood there before him feeling the heat of embarrassment rise up through my skin.

"Pull the table closer," he said still laughing, "and get me a beer sissy. Get yourself something to drink too."

Placing the pizza on the table I pulled it slightly to side of his chair and went to the kitchen. There wasn't much of choice though, so I found a glass and filled it with water. Then I opened the bottle of beer for him and went back into the other room. I took my place at his feet and we ate together while he watched the news.

"That hit the spot," he belched throwing down a half eaten crust, "you better get back to those boxes darling before it gets too late."

I started to get up when I felt his hand grab my wrist pulling me back down.

"Ain't you forgetting something?" he growled pulling me towards himself.

"Thank you daddy." I squeaked as he painfully twisted my arm.

"Do it proper," he roared opening his robe and pulling me closer towards his limp penis.

I lifted his cock with my fingers, slowly taking in the hot soft flesh until my lips felt his pubic hair and then letting it slide out to smack my lips loudly against the very tip. Releasing my arm I stood up and as I walked away I felt Mr. Clark's hand contact loudly, stinging the left cheek of my ass while he laughed.

It took me about an hour to get through all the boxes finding lots of sexy lingerie which all went into my keep pile. I left the plain looking and stuff that was too large in boxes. As I bent over to lift the last box to the bed there was another flash of light. I turned to see Mr. Clark in the doorway grinning.

"You're enjoy this aren't you sissy," he asked.

"Yes daddy," I answered feeling the same small rush of pleasure ever time he called me sissy, "There are so many lovely things here, and I can't wait to try them all on."

"Well not today," He said smiling at me shaking his head, "There'll be other days."

He winked and continued, "Hurry up with that box and come to my chair."

I hurried through the last box finding nothing interesting. It contained only jeans and slacks that looked too large for me. So I closed it up and set it with the others filled with what I thought I couldn't wear. I turned off the light and went out to the other room.

I knelt down between Mr. Clark's legs and he parted his robe for me. Wordlessly I reached out to lift his flaccid penis with one hand using the other to caress his hairy scrotum. He groaned when I leant forward and used the tip of his cockhead to trace around my lips before sucking it up between them.

I took my time this time to enjoy his cock. Feeling his erection slowly growing between my lips as my mouth moved up and down on the shaft. I forced out my tongue to lick his balls at the bottom of every stroke and used it to circle the glans as I moved up, never releasing or stopping the gentle suction I applied to his cock. I cupped my hand around Mr. Clark's scrotum to finger his balls and gentle encase them in my grip.

Closing my eyes I listened to his groaning and occasional sighs as I leisurely enjoyed his cock. The harder it grew the hotter it got and I could feel the pulse of his heartbeat growing stronger within his organ. I thought about how hot it made me feel sucking cock, Did I already say that, oh well it bears repeating but I do love feeling a cock grow hard in my mouth. Then I thought of how it had felt in my ass, my groin seemed to tighten and it made me shiver, I liked that too. But Mr. Clark appeared to be content with the blow job he was getting so I just continued sliding his hard meat between my lips.

First his testicles pulled up close to his body and I felt him start to shake. Then his hips suddenly lifted from his seat and began jerking rapidity. I felt as Mr. Clark placed his hands on my head filling them with my hair until it felt like he'd pull it out by the roots as his semen flooded my mouth. For once I managed not to lose not a drop of his semen, while he convulsed before me.

As his breathing and body calmed Mr. Clark patted my head, and then let his arms drop to his sides as I felt his erection start to soften. I sucked hard on his cock letting it fall from my mouth to look up at him.

"Did I do Good daddy?" I asked shyly.

"Oh baby," he groaned, "You did real, real good. But you better get changed and get home before it gets too late."

"Okay," I replied as I stood, "Thank you daddy."

He smiled up at me, "No, thank you sweet heart."

I still don't know why, but I got a sudden compulsion and I leaned down to kiss Mr. Clark on the cheek. As I turned to leave he slapped my other ass cheek but this time it was a little softer.

"Leave them clothes on the hook," he yelled from his chair, "But keep the panties on to wear home for next time you come over sissy."

Regretfully I change back into my boy clothes and went back home to a dark empty house. I went straight to the bathroom to shower. Spending a long time staring at my made up face before I rubbing cold cream over my skin and undressed down to my panties. I left them on as I started the shower and getting into it. Standing under the hot spray I lathered my hair then soaped myself from the neck down. Rubbing circles around my chest and pinching my little nipples. Sliding a hand into my panties I grasped my hardened little penis, stroking it until I quaked through another orgasm. After catching my breath I removed and rinsed out my panties and then totally rinsed off myself before getting out and checking to make sure all the makeup had been washed off in the mirror.

It was still pretty early but I went straight to bed after hiding my panties in a safe place to dry. I laid there thinking about what I had become in these past few days. I shivered wondering when I'd might get chance to suck another cock, or to have it thrusting up into my ass. I rubbed my small penis remembering how my new daddy's cock felt inside of me. I thought of the difference in taste of semen that I have had and wonder if everyone's tasted different. I smiled thinking only time could tell and giggled thinking maybe I was becoming what some people would call a slut. So what, I thought as long as I finally found something to feel good about who cares what others think. I rolled over onto my side, my hand squeezed between my thighs caressing myself as I fell into sleep anticipating what tomorrow would bring to me.

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