tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 04

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 04


As usual, Mr. Clark was sitting in his recliner when I went into his house.

"Good morning daddy," I beamed kneeling before him.

"Morning," he grumbled but smiled and said, "more like afternoon." But you do look sweet."

"Thank you daddy," I replied pushing the robe open to expose his groin, leaning towards him and asking, "is there anything I can do for you?"

"As a matter of fact," he began while his penis twitched in front of me, "yes my dear there is."

So I leaned closer to my daddy to show him how happy I was to be here to please him and so began the second day of totally being the person that was truly inside of me. For the first time in my life I felt good and right about myself, I am proud of how I feel, I am proud of what I have become and I am proud to be a sissy.

I simply engulfed his whole penis, sucking it deeply to fill my mouth with its heat. This was my new daddy's cock and I knew he would always be nice to me unless I was being bad. I knew I could trust him not to hurt me. Nasty old Mr. Clark wasn't so nasty too me anymore.

I slowly sucked on his erection feeling his pulse beat against my tongue as he moaned his approval. It felt so good to be dressed in girl clothes, my girl clothes with a hard cock in my mouth.

"Oh dear girl," daddy groaned pushing me away gentle, "take it easy, we have all day and many things to do."

"But daddy," I whined like a little girl losing her favourite doll, "I just wanted to make you feel good."

"You do, you do child," he said patting my head, "but there's all those things laid out on the bed in your room for you try on and see what we'll let you keep. You can't be allowed to leave your room all in a mess you know."

"OH." I pouted.

"Now, now, chores first," he admonished me, "Besides I think I would enjoy watching a fashion show with my pretty little sissy as the star attraction."

I shivered at the thought of parading in and out of the room modeling all those clothes for daddy while he applauded and took pictures of me posing. I gave his cock another kiss before jumping to my feet to run to my new room while his chuckle followed behind me.

I quickly scanned the pile before me wondering where to start and decided that I would save all the sexy stuff for last, but first of all I did up my face. I've only played with make up a few times now but already it seemed to be easier and the results were so much better than that first time just a few days ago.

The day passed quickly as I changed into so many different outfits as daddy judged the way they looked and fit. The ones he didn't like he made take off in front of him and tossed to the floor by his chair and the rest I hung in the closet to wait for the chance to be worn again. When all that was left to try on were night gowns and my last outfit laid at my feet daddy looked at his watch.

"Where did the time go its 8:30 already," he exclaimed, "the rest will have to wait for now Kary. It's getting late and I've got things to get ready for tonight."

"I have to go soon," I frowned sadly, "My parents will call after nine to check in with me."

"What," daddy barked, "oh well I guess that can't be helped. Look, then go and hurry into that new outfit and go home and wait for them. But you get your little sissy ass right back here as soon as you can unless you want a spanking in front of everyone."

Without thinking of all of what he said I quickly went to my room and changed into the pink little girl dream dress daddy had gave me the day before. Daddy was in the shower when I headed home slipping out the back door walking in darkness with the moonlight making my pink satin dress appear like it glowed. Looking between the houses to the street I was gripped with fear seeing Jeff's car parked in front of the house. Quietly I slipped inside locking the door and shaking with fear leaving all the lights off and sat in silence waiting for the phone to ring.

I felt kind of weird in my parents' house dressed in a pink frilly satin dress, made up face and peaking through the curtain at a boy's car who had literally anally rapped me the night before. I felt hot with anger looking out him thinking that I would have freely given myself to him anytime but his brutality hurt me deeply. I couldn't believe he'd come back here so soon. The phone rang and I jumped while a feeling of guilt ran through me, running to I got it by the second ring. It was my mother.

"Well," she started after I said hello, "I take it you haven't burnt the house down, yet?"

"Gee mom," I breathed, "I'm not that stupid."

"I know you're not Kary," she replied sarcastically, "anyway, are you okay?"

"Yes mom," Then added anticipating her next queue, "I got most of the things on my list done already."

"Good," she stated, "Don't stay up to late dear and we'll be home around five tomorrow okay."

"I won't mom," and then lied, "I'm pretty tired from doing all the chores and was just waiting for you to call so I could go to bed."

"Okay, good night honey."

"Good night mom."

I felt a little guilty about lying to my mom, especially how she hadn't talked so nice to me since that night in the restaurant when I went against her wishes. I wonder what she'd say if she could see me now and I shivered with dread. That's when a thought popped into my head, daddy said he had to get things ready and he'd spank me in front of the others if I didn't come back quickly. I went to the front window, seeing that Jeff's car was still there sent a shiver of fear down my spine and looking next door I saw another car parked in the drive and one out in front on the street. I just realized then what daddy had said earlier and started to get very nervous. What was he thinking, why did he have people over with me there all dressed up in pink frilly girl clothing. I wondered if they would know what I really was or if they'd been told I wasn't a real girl. I thought of just staying home when a vision of daddy dragging me across the front lawns where everyone could see me and spanking my bare bum where anyone could witness it. I shivered with fear and realized I had better hurry.

I went to the back door and peeked out seeing nothing before quietly letting myself out and locking the door. Holding my skirts as snug as I could to keep the rustling down I slowly made my across the yard to next door peering between the houses and seeing nothing I started towards Mr, Clark's back porch.

Suddenly from behind arms wrapped around me picking me off of the ground and throwing me face down into the grass a weight fell across my legs. A hand pushed down between my shoulder blades while another reached up under my dress wrenching at my panties. I could the feel fabric cut into my flesh while the seams began to tear.

Feeling his hot breath beside my ear Jeff whispered, "Thought you could hide eh, I saw you sneaking home and figured you'd sneak back too when the lights stayed off. You're a disgusting little sissy slut tramp doing that sick old man. But I'm going to fuck your sorry ass any way, any time I want bitch."

I shivered in fear my throat tightened and I was so scared I couldn't even scream for my life. Then suddenly there was a rush of footsteps and Jeff's weight was pulled off of me. I heard grunts and the sounds of punches as I rolled over and sat up. I saw two big men hold Jeff by the arms as daddy's foot lifted into Jeff's groin making him yell in pain and fall to his knees. They let go of him to fall face down in the driveway and I could hear him sobbing painfully. Daddy grabbed a hand full of Jeff's hair and yanked his head up to look him in the eyes.

With menacing growl in his voice he said, "You touch my Kary again I'm going to rip your cock off and shove it down your throat and let my buddies fuck your sorry ass until you can taste it . You got that?"

Jeff groaned and cringed at sound the slap made against Jeff's face as daddy yelled, "I ask you a question boy?"

"Yes." Jeff gasped.

Another slap, "Yes what?"

"Yes sir" Jeff cried.

"Now get the fuck out of here before I kill you." daddy yelled and kicked at the crawling figure of Jeff.

Daddy came to my side and tried to help me stand and asked, "Are okay Kary?"

I suddenly felt dizzy and faint, daddy reached his arms under me and picked me up and my world went black. I don't know how long I was out, but when I did become conscious the first thing I saw daddy's worried face hovering over me holding a cold wet cloth to my forehead.

"Are you okay baby?" he asked, "Did he hurt you?"

I was suddenly felt overwhelmed by his concern and smiled up at him saying, "no daddy, and Thank you."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes daddy," I sighed in relief knowing I was now safe, "Thank you for saving me."

"That little fucker is going pay don't worry." His face suddenly grew stern. "Soon as I saw his car out front I knew he was up to no good. I'm just sorry we old men couldn't get there faster."

"It's okay daddy, "I smiled at him, "You saved me and that's all that matters. Thank you."

I reached up and hugged him pulling him close to show my gratitude. He looked a little bashful when someone cleared their throat reminding us we weren't alone.

"Ah, sorry," daddy drawled, "Kary, these are my fishing buddies Paul Davis and Fred Lester and this of course my friends is my special little girl I told you about, Kary"

"Nice to meet you," I smiled at both them in turn now feeling more like myself now, "and thank you for helping to rescue me."

Mr. Lester was a huge black man with a shaved head and round face who smiled like a little boy and turned looking away bashfully. Mr. Davis had shiny white hair neatly combed and stood large looking very trim and proper, an elegant looking man with a deep tan and serious look on his face.

He held out his hand to me, "It's very nice to finally meet you my dear, though I must say the pictures I saw of you certainly aren't as nice as the real you."

I blushed, looking down as he gently shook my hand while thinking about some of the pictures my daddy had taken of me. Hoping that he hadn't shown all of them to these men. That's when I noticed the state of my new dress, tears pricked my eyes and my throat tightened seeing grass and dirt stains all down the front, ragged holes in the stockings framed my knees.

"What's wrong now Kary?" daddy asked in a soft voice.

"Look," I replied crying, "Look at what he did to my new dress."

"Its okay sweetheart," he smiled at me, "if we can't get it cleaned then I'll buy you another, just like it. Tell you what, why don't you take a nice warm bubble bath it'll help to make you feel better and then you try on something else."

Daddy easily picked my small body up and carried me to the bathroom before setting me down with my back to him. "Let me help you undress sweetie."

Talking softly into my ear, while his fingers undid the dress and pushing it down while sliding his hands along my flesh made me start to feel extremely excited. Next came my bra and his fingers traced circles across my chest until he stroked my nipples softly I moaned as I felt hands gliding downward until they reached my panties.

"I know what Kary," daddy cooed in my ear, "how about after your bath, you give us a fashion show it seemed you had a lot of fun this afternoon."

"But, what about your friends?" I asked.

"I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as I did." Daddy replied pushing my panties down.

Having daddy undress me had gotten me so excited my small penis stuck straight out and he took between his thumb and one finger almost covering the short shaft completely. I felt embarrassed as he lightly squeezed my cock and moaned in my ear pressing against my back I could feel his own excitement, hot and hard rubbing against my spine. My heart fluttered as I almost came breathing deeply.

"Now, now," he said, "none of that now sissy, first your bath then the show and no touching in the tub or I'll have to spank you."

"Please daddy?" I whined bending over to start the water.

"Don't be pert young lady," he said with a swat to my naked ass, "and I think me and the boys would rather enjoy a lingerie show tonight."

I turned to look at him and stuttered, "But daddy?"

"No buts," he shook his head at me, "a lingerie show it'll be, now get your bath and I'll go pick out something appropriate to start off with and don't be all night in the tub." Then he smiled and added, "No one wants to see a model all pink and wrinkly from water."

I found a new bottle of bubble bath on the small counter that wasn't here last week when I cleaned up for daddy and I wondered if he had planned at some point for me to bathe. I poured some into the steaming water to smell lavender. I inhaled deeply closing my eyes and sank down into the hot bubbles to my neck with a feeling contentment of washing over me.

Several minutes later I heard footsteps in the hall leading away to the living room and then deep muffled voices talking softly. I started to get nervous and yet strangely excited wondering if daddy would tell them of his plans or surprise them when I'd enter the room. I just hope they wouldn't laugh at me I could feel a rush of embarrassment. Then remembering daddy's words I got out of the tub and wrapped a large towel around myself, high on my chest just like a girl I thought and rushed to my room to see what he'd picked out for me to wear first.

On the floor before the bed sat a pair of four inch open toed heels trimmed with white fur and spread across the bed was a bra of every color in the pile of lingerie, so I knew that daddy expected me to wear them. Laid out beside them was a plain white satin, sleeveless gown with a white bra, high cut panties and white shear stockings. Every time and still to this day I get a shiver of delight running through my body while pulling a pair of stockings up my legs. The gown fell to mid thigh barely covering the tops of my hose and then I went out into the hall. I stopped short of the living room just out of sight shaking nervously trying to breathe for a moment as sweat damped my palms before I stepped out into their view.

Suddenly the conversation stopped dead as all eyes turned towards me making me blush. Sitting on the coach Mr. Davis and Mr. Lester stared with bulging eyes as I walked past them to stand in front of daddy's chair. I turned slowly around once and posed for them and they clapped and whistled and called me sexy. My jitters vanished as a feeling of elation swept through me making me swoon and blush even more. I couldn't wait to show off my next outfit.

Daddy crooked a finger to me and I leaned down to hear him whisper, "Perfect," he chuckled slowly exposing my pantied bum to them, "did you see their faces, priceless. Now dear on your next trip work your makeup a bit to look a little sultrier with each new outfit."

"Yes daddy." I whispered back with a kiss to his cheek.

He playfully swatted my bum as I turned to leave the room and heard Mr. Davis comment, "That is one fine little sissy you've found Clarky."

I was now feeling very confident and rushed to my room to model the next outfit. Each time I changed I'd thicken my eye liner or brushed on more mascara even changing the shade of lip stick to deeper shades of red. Daddy had arranged the pile of nighties so each one was a little more daring than the last and it showed on the faces of my audience. Mr. Lester sat staring open mouthed breathing heavily, Mr. Davis's face was smiling and reddened. My daddy's crooked grin pleased me most as he watched me and his startled friends.

With each new outfit I would walk past them and turn standing in front of daddy and bent down to kiss his cheek, letting a hand stroke teasingly over his hard cock. It gave him a chance to draw my nightie over my hips so his friends could see my pantied bum.

But daddy didn't have the only hard cock in the house that night. It was easy tell that Mr. Lester was excited and I took every chance to look at his crotch. He was even bigger than Jeff with his penis solidly snaking down his pant leg over half way to his knee. Mr. Davis was not shy either in showing me his excitement through his pants he seemed longer than daddy but not quite as thick.

I was so excited by seeing how much I turned on these men as I pranced around before them, almost naked in my lingerie. I felt so elated know it was me that made their cocks stand up hard. I wanted so much to touch and look at each one unfettered by cloth. I wondered if daddy would let me take closer look at his friends, I would even gladly let him spank me if he thought I was being bad think so.

The last nightie on the bed was shear black short sleeved gown that came to my knees with only one tie just above my navel. The panties were made of the same material, in a wide v shape in the front that stretched from hip to hip starting from my belly button though around my back and just below my scrotum the rest was just made of string. It did nothing to hide my little penis as it stuck out tenting the material but I felt so alive and sexy looking at myself in the mirror, the black satin bra and black stockings seemed to finish the picture before me. Stepping into my furry heels I went out to model the last item of the night that my daddy had chose.

Mr. Davis's faced seemed to turn redder and I swear I saw Mr. Lester's giant cock jump and strain the material of his pants. My daddy seemed to smile in a satisfied fashion watching his friends ogle me and I felt great. I slowly spun twice loving the admiring looks from the men before kneeling at my daddy's feet and leaning sideways toward his lap with a one hand lazily sliding up his thigh towards his erection.

"This is the last one," I said looking at each of them in turn, "I hope you all enjoyed my fashion show."

Mr. Lester clapped his hands with a smile and Mr. Davis leaned forward to say, "Kary dear I'd sit happily here forever to watch your show anytime you'd bless us with one. Thank you truly."

I felt faint and flushed as the heat of my own excitement overcame me. I looked up at daddy and he leaned down to me I raised toward him letting my hand glide over the bulge in his trousers feeling the heat and hardness of his organ.

"Oh Kary," he groaned and whispered, "I think we could all use some relief. Why don't you show my friends some appreciation for their gratitude and just how much of a cock hungry sissy slut you really are?"

"But daddy, "I whined looking around at his friends and back at him and with a pout said, "Do I have too?"

"Yes dear," he smiled down at me, "you should, after all it was your teasing little fashion show that's got them all excited. Besides I know you want too."

He was so right, I wanted to taste them and daddy just gave me his permission. He knew all too well that I couldn't resist a hard cock.

"Do you want me to suck on yours first daddy?" I asked smiling up at him.

"No," He smiled back shaking his head, "company always comes first, and you can take care of me later."

"Thank you daddy." I grinned up at him

He winked at me and smiled while I leaned down to kiss the hot damp stain at the end of the bulge in his pants. Then I turned and crawled to my daddy's friends, smiles adorned their faces as I neared them. Mr. Davis, who had seemed to sit on the edge of the couch all night, leaned back as I stopped before them placing a hand on each one's knee. I felt heat rising up through my body looking back and forth at the strained bulges of cocks while sliding my hands towards them.

Daddy's camera flashed just I fingers made contact with Mr. Lester's giant penis and a moment later I felt Mr. Davis's slender hard cock beneath my other hand. I looked up at him with a smile and the camera flashed again. Increasing my excitement greatly knowing that my daddy would be recording the event. I rubbed the hot flesh through their pants for a few moments trying to decide where to start when Mr. Lester moaned deeply I just had to see that monster cock right now.

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