tagTransgender & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 05

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 05


I awoke in almost total darkness, only a soft glow came into the hall from the kitchen. At first wondering where I was, my bed at home wasn't as soft as where someone, probably my new daddy had carried me after falling asleep on the floor. I shivered in delight remembering how my daddy had shared me with his two friends. It was wonderful having three very differently shaped cocks to play with. I hoped that some day it might happen again.

I hugged myself thinking of how much of a little sissy slut I had become in just these past few weeks. I could still feel the tenderness in my bum from my daddy's wild thrusts last night. My Jaws achy with stiffness from having Mr. Lester's giant mushroom shaped penis head forced between them. There was a tight feeling on my face from his dried semen. Licking my lips I could still taste that wonderful flavour of bitter man seed I sighed and shivered with delight.

Getting up I went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror I noticed what a state my makeup had become. I decided to ignore it and just enjoy feeling of the dried cum on my face a little while longer. I soaked a facecloth in warm water and sat down to pee like any girl should before gently patting my tender bum clean. I dried myself and went to my new room to change for the day.

Selecting a pink, my now favourite color, bra and bikini panty set I searched for the shorts and top I wanted. A light blue non descript t-shirt that was just loose enough so my bra straps didn't show and came down almost to my hip hugging shorts that stopped at mid thigh. I had to mow our front lawn today so I slipped on white ankle socks but decided I'd wear my old boy shoes so I wouldn't ruin any of my pretty new ones.

I found Mr. Clark, my new daddy peacefully sleeping in his recliner. As I leaned down to softly kiss his cheek before leaving a thought came to me. I hurried back to my room and then thickly covered my lips in pink gloss. Then I went back to his chair and kissed him on the cheek leaving an imprint of pink lips on his face. I couldn't help giggling to myself as I left to go home knowing daddy would know that I kissed him good bye.

It was just getting light out as I entered the house, made a light breakfast and waited for the sun to dry the dew on the lawn before beginning. I figured I should wash my face before going outside I didn't think it would be good to let any neighbour that might walk by see the dried semen and smeared make-up that covered my face along with my clothes.

Just as was about to start to go the back door the phone rang and I ran to answer it, it was my father.

"Hello." I said into the receiver.

"Good morning Kary," My father replied.

"Hy dad." A sudden wave of nervousness came over me, talking to my father even over the phone dressed in girl clothes kind of felt scary.

"Just wanted to tell you we'll be a little later getting home than we thought. There's a restaurant here we didn't get a chance to try out yet and are going to it before we leave, okay."

"Sure dad," I said knowing I'd be able to dress up a little longer now.

"Don't forget to eat," he told me, "and be careful."

"I will dad."

"Bye son."

"Bye dad." I said and hung up the phone thinking if he only knew, son indeed and giggled to myself.

I had almost finished my new daddy's lawn when I noticed him at the window. He waved smiling, and then pointed to the pink spot on his cheek. With a stern look he shook his finger at me. I giggled, smiled and waved back to him.

Daddy was waiting out back by the fence as I went to put the mower away. As I neared him he reached over pulling me to the fence. He leaned down squeezing my ass and kissed my cheek. I was a little disappointed to see he had washed off my mark. I still felt a twinge of excitement though as he playfully swatted my bum.

"When you're done out here," he started, "come inside, I've got a little chore for you. Watching you prance around out in the yard dressed like that made me a little horny."

"Yes daddy," I blushed, knowing exactly what little chore that would be, "I'll be right in."

I heard him chuckle as he walked away and quickly put away the mower. I was in the house and half way to my room before I heard him sit down. I quickly applied a trace of makeup and thickly coated my lips in pink gloss again. Trying to hold in my giggling went up and kissed his cheek replacing my mark before kneeling at his feet and started to massage his groin.

"You little bitch," he said laughing, "You got me again."

"Daddy," I started after stopping my giggle, "I really want to thank you for last night, and I had a really good time with you and your friends."

"Your welcome honey," daddy replied with a smile, "I think we all had a really good time, I know I did and you where perfect last night dear."

"Thank you daddy," I blushed at the compliment and asked shyly, "Do you think it will ever happen again."

He laughed out before saying, "I don't think you could keep them away short of physical violence dear. Now get to your chore, I'm waiting."

His cock had hardened as we spoke so I quickly undid his pants and started to go down on his penis. Daddy must have gotten really excited watching me in the yard because it only took a couple of minutes for him to feed me his semen. Trying to be a good little sissy I ate every drop, using the very tip of the glans to paint my lips before tonguing it clean.

"I swear," daddy sighed patting me on the head, "you get better every time sissy."

I blushed and smiled up at him resting against his thigh I reached up one hand to hold his softening penis and whispered, "I like pleasing you daddy."

"And it show's too," he said smiling, "Now go off and put away all that lingerie, use the other dresser if you want. It should be empty or hang it in the closet."

I gave his cock a nice sloppy kiss and went back to my room to do what I was told. All the long items I hung neatly on hangers in one side of the closet, keeping each ensemble together. The smaller items I folded and stored them in the dresser by colors while memorizing where each one was. It made me feel special to have a whole dresser just for my lingerie. The day seemed to fly by when I noticed my daddy leaning against the door frame smiling as he watched me.

"It's getting late Kary," he said, "you should be thinking about changing back before your parents get home."

"But daddy," I whined feeling my throat tighten when I heard the words change back, "I like being here and wearing pretty things."

"I know dear, he replied as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head, "there'll be other days sweetie for you to play and you're always welcome any time to come over that you can, even if I'm not here you know."

"You do have school tomorrow," he said lifting my chin with his finger, "Now do what you're told, or I'll have to spank you again girl."

He tried to sound and look stern but I thought he looked a little comical so I giggled in spite of how I felt.

"Daddy," I began to ask shyly, "can I take some panties with me to wear every day?"

"Of course you can," he replied, "I told you before it's all yours to do what you want, but mind just a few though, I don't want you forgetting to come back now and again and be careful where you leave them."

"Oh thank you daddy," I gushed feeling a little happier now, "I could never forget."

I could hear him chuckle as he walked back down the hall leaving me alone. Taking my time I began removing my girl clothes. I put on a pair of plain pink cotton bikini panties and went out to say good bye to my daddy. Once again I knelt in my spot before him and looked sadly up at him sliding my hands up his legs to his groin.

"Don't be sad little sissy." he smiled, "here, something for all your hard work."

He handed me some folded bills and I said, "I don't want your money daddy, you've already given so many wonderful and beautiful things."

"Well you need to have something to show your parents for all your hard work." He winked at me, "Now go make yourself scarce."

"Thank you so much daddy,"

"Your welcome Kary." he said and rested his hand against my cheek.

I started to undo his pants to kiss him good bye but he stopped me with his hand on mine and pointing to his cheek with the other and smiled. I stood reaching towards him and kissed his cheek and now noticing that he had two identical pink lip prints on each of side of his face. I felt his hand slap my ass as I headed to the back door.

When I got there I realized I had nothing to wear but my dirty old sneakers that I left on the back porch. So there I was, in my pink panties holding a few pair more in one hand and some crumpled bills in the other as I made my way next door. I felt a bit nervous but slowly I started getting excited and as I let myself in my little penis had tented my panties.

I hid my new panties in my boy underwear drawer towards the back and underneath them. Leaving the money on top of my dresser I went to have a shower. I shaved all around my little cock again and thinking about all that had happened this weekend I became very excited, so I played with myself until I spurted into my palm and savoured it like daddy would want me too. Because I wasn't really ready to dress in ugly boy clothes I just wore my panties and watched some TV and listening for a car to pull up so I could run to my room and hide. At around ten in the evening I went to bed.

I felt very apprehensive the next morning about school and what might happen with Jeff. Wondering if he'd tell the whole school my secret or maybe try to get even somehow. Luckily for me he hadn't even shown up but there were others willing with same old taunts turning it into the usual day at school.

It was at the end of the day that I became really nervous, if Jeff would try anything it would be now. Leaving school I noticed two slightly older boys waiting just past the parking lot. A feeling of dread rushed through, thinking the worst as they stared intently at me while I approached them. My legs felt rubbery and I thought I'd faint from fear thinking maybe Jeff had sent these boys to do something bad to me.

"Are you Kary?" The tallest asked.

"Why do you want to know?"My voice cracked with fear.

"Our dads sent us," other boy started, "Ole' man Clark doesn't want anything to happen to you. I'm Felix Lester and this is Paul Davis."He raised his hand up to shake.

I felt somewhat relieved, "Yes," I replied taking his hand, "I'm Kary."

"Great," said Paul offering me his hand, "Let's go do you want to ride or walk."

"I'd rather walk." I replied shyly

"Shit." Groaned Felix, shaking his head.

"You should be use to it by now," Paul laughed, "You never win any bets, loser."

Paul walked away still laughing "Well," Felix said as he turned starting to walk, "let's go."

"Where's Paul going?" I asked, "and what was all that about?"

"He's going to get the car and follow us." He grumbled, "We bet on whether or not you'd get in the car, I lost so I get to walk."

"I'm sorry Felix." I apologized.

"Don't be," then he looked back at and me smiled, "Just don't expect me to carry your books for you."

I didn't have that feeling of dread anymore, but I felt a little apprehensive about getting in a car with two very big strangers no matter who they said they were. We walked along in silence as I tried to sort out my thoughts. I wondered just how much they had been told about me and if they know about my alter ego. I couldn't wait to get home to ask daddy a few things. Then I started thinking about them as my sissy slut side stared to intrude in my head. They were so tall and kind of cute looking. I did notice Felix's smile was just like his fathers and his large hand seemed to engulf mine when we shook. I giggled to myself wondering if he shared anything of his father's other attributes and a picture of long thick black cock appeared dancing in my thoughts.

"How long have known Mr. Clark?" I asked trying to break the silence.

"Ole' man Clarky?" He started, "All my life I guess. He helped our fathers start up a restaurant before we were born. Actually Paul is his nephew his sister and Leo, Paul's father, where married."

"Really," I said in surprise, "I didn't know he had a sister."

"She died a long time ago," He replied sombrely.

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said, "Poor Paul."

"We were both around five or six at the time, but at least he got to know his mom."

"What happened?" I asked, and then thought the question unkind, "I'm sorry Felix, and I shouldn't have asked that."

No, it's okay," he replied looking at me with a slight grin, "I was just a baby, but I was told one day she pushed me into the restaurant in a buggy and walked away without a word and was never seen or heard of again."

"I feel so sad for you." I choked, "It must of hard not to have a mother growing up?"

"I got over it and I think I turned out fine without her." He said flatly, "Let's talk about something else."

I suddenly realized we were at the foot of my driveway, "Okay, but it will have wait."

"Wait?" He looked down at me in confusion.

"This is where I live." I smiled up at him, "Will I see you tomorrow?"

He grinned back, "Until ole' man Clarky says not too, you got a couple of new pals whether you want them or not."

"Thanks Felix," I said shyly, "Sorry for being such a bother."

"Don't be," he smiled handing me a card, "here, if you ever need us or want to go someplace, just call the restaurant, we're usually there working or at least our fathers will know where to find us."

I didn't know what to say he seemed so nice I suddenly had an impulse to reach up and kiss his handsome face but thought He might not appreciate it so I settled for resting my hand on his hard muscled arm and thank him for walking with me. Paul's car pulled up beside us and Felix got in the passenger side. Leaning into the window, feeling a slight flutter in my chest I thanked them both and rushed into the house while they waited until I was inside before they drove away.

Talking to Felix my sissy slutty thoughts did get me a little excited, so I rushed through the house leaving my books on the counter making my way out the back door. After entering and shedding my boy clothes, rushed to my room. Pulling a pink cotton dress over my head and settling it down my legs I ran bare foot to kneel before daddy.

"Hy daddy." I greeted him as my greedy little hand slid between the folds of his robe seeking his penis.

"Hello sweetie," he patted my head, "How was your day?"

"It was okay but a little scary when I first started walking home." I tried to appear contrite, "You could of told you were sending boys to protect me."

"Surprises are good for the heart," He laughed, "Besides, the arrangements weren't completed until late last night, so I didn't have the chance."

"Do they know what I really am?"

"All they were told was to make sure no one bothered you. You can tell them about your sissy side if you want on your own. Did they treat you okay?" he asked moaning as I caressed his growing cock.

"Yes daddy." I sighed with a smile, "They were very nice to me and cute."

"Thank you daddy." I giggled, "Do you think it would safe to tell them?"

"You're welcome honey," he smiled knowingly down at me, "I think you might find them to be a pair very understanding boys. Now be a good sissy and thank daddy properly."

So once again I gave daddy a special thank you, with a long slow gentle blow job listening to him moan and groan with the pleasure I could give him always excited me. Having a nice hard cock between my lips was something I knew I'd never grow tired of. Thinking of Paul and Felix's handsome faces and their tall, lean, hard muscled bodies made me shiver. I wondered if their cocks looked anything like their father's. I trembled at the thought of having another humongous penis like Mr. Lester's waving in my face. I could feel my own little cock all most vibrating inside my panties. Reaching down I stroked myself like daddy taught me and came as his penis erupted into my mouth.

The next couple of weeks went by quickly for me as school was still the same except that Jeff never came near me again or so much as looked at me. He did drive by on the third day after my escort had started. I pointed him out to my heroes and with menacing looks that even scared me I think he got the hint. I did miss his cock a little bit but I still had daddy's to satisfy the sissy slut in me.

After a week or so I felt comfortable enough to let Paul and Lester drive me home instead of walking and every day either one of them or both would be waiting outside of school for me. They always drove the same car so I think they must have shared the small two bucket seat sport car. I liked it best when they were together because being the smallest I had to sit on the console between the seats. The hard plastic wasn't very comfortable but the ride was always exciting for me. Squashed between two cute boys feeling their hard muscled bodies pressed against me. While whoever drove constantly rubbed up against my inner thigh to shift gears. I'd sit with arms across my chest clenching my upper arms afraid of giving into my urges to reach down to touch their groins. I was always in a constant state of arousal in that car and every day I would rush over to my new daddy's house after they dropped me off to thank him for being so nice and protective of me.

After two weeks of torturing myself I came to a decision, I was going to tell them who I really was. It was on a Friday and my parents had informed me that they planned on wining and dining a new client. So I would have to fend for myself and not to wait up for them. I was nervous all day fearing that just one of the boys would pick me up. I wanted to tell them both at same time. I was elated after school let out to see Felix leaning against the car and Paul sitting behind the wheel.

"Are you guys in a hurry to go somewhere after you drop me off?" I asked nervously.

"No," replied Felix then asked, "Why?"

"I just would like to go someplace quiet," my voice cracked and I shyly continued, "I want to talk to both of you about something."

"Sure, why not," Paul laughed, "we'll grab a six pack and go to the park."

Suddenly, Paul turned a corner so fast I was thrown into Felix's lap and laughing he pushed me back up between them with strong gentle hands. He smiled at me releasing my shoulders while a slight tremble moved through me and I wished that he hadn't released me.

About twenty minutes later I was following the boys across the grass to shaded picnic table. Felix handed Paul a can of beer and opened one to place it front of me. I had never tried it before but my throat was dry with nervousness so I took a sip. I didn't want to say it loud but I didn't really like it too much. I was wondering how to start when Paul broke the silence.

"So what's up Kary?" he asked.

I shyly looked up at him, "Do you know why Mr. Clark asked you to escort me every day?"

Felix chuckled, "Knowing ole' man Clarky and looking at you it isn't hard to figure it out."

"What do you mean?"

Paul took over, "The old man likes little effeminate guys to play with and we both can see why he'd go after you."

"That doesn't bother you?"

"Why should it?" Felix continued, "We don't fit the bill, obviously, so he doesn't bother with us."

Paul interjected, "As I heard it told our dads and Clarky met in the navy, long months on a boat without pussy can make a man do strange things and there's always at least one sissy on board that's willing as he put it."

They both snickered looking at each other while I sat there perplexed before Felix asked, "So what did you want to say to us?"

Suddenly my palms started sweating and my throat went tight I knew it was now or never so looking down at the can of beer before I quickly blurted it out, "I don't feel like a boy, I feel better when I'm dressed like a girl."

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