tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 06

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 06


It was still early and I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being dressed in my shear hose and garter belt, tiny g-string panties and matching bra and the form fitting shiny black mini dress that barely covered my stocking tops for as long as possible. So I spent some time doing some domestic chores and it amazed me that doing something so simple could make me feel so complete. I sighed to myself wishfully thinking how nice it would be if I could only stay like this forever.

About eight o'clock with remorse I gave in and changed to go home but first I posed in front of my mirror admiring myself one last time. The driveway was still empty so I waited until I got home to wash my face I needed to shower the remains of my new daddy's seed that slowly seeped from my anus down my thighs. The stickiness between my thighs reminded me of how much I enjoyed having his thick hot cock filling me up.

My parent's house was quiet, dark and empty as I slid in through door and went upstairs to the bathroom. After removing my makeup I got into the shower washing the remnants of the day to flow away down the drain. No trace of the elation I felt left, just a sad scrawny eightteen year old boy who wished he was a girl. Feeling sorry for myself I went straight to bed and tried to think of all the good things I've felt since getting to know Mr. Clark. Waiting impatiently for tomorrow's new adventures to begin and I thought of an idea and began to plan.

As soon as I woke up I grabbed the card that Felix had given me and some money thinking that I'd give the guys a call. Unfortunately mom was sitting in the kitchen with a coffee cup and a newspaper and I immediately saw all my plans slip away.

"Good morning dear." She asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"Morning mom," I replied moving to the cupboard to find something to eat, "okay I guess. "How come you're not at work?"

"We had a late night and felt like being lazy today," She sounded bored, "and there's a few things I want to get done."

We sat quietly while I ate breakfast and I wondered how I'd be able to pull off my plans, I wasn't sure if she'd ask a bunch of questions because usually I never went anywhere. I was always afraid of running into some school bullies and home was a safe haven.

My thoughts were broken as she asked, "What are your plans for the day, more labouring for that lecherous swine next-door I suppose?"

"Oh mom, Mr. Clark's a pretty nice man once you get to know him." I could feel myself blush thinking about just how well I had gotten to know him and added, "Maybe later I'll go see if he needs anything. I was thinking about hanging out with some friends."

"Friends," my mother scuffed, "I didn't think you knew what the word meant. I thought everyone hated you at least that is what you're always on about."

"They're new guys at the school mom," I lied, "we've been walking home together every day and they're real nice to me."

"I wonder why?" she looked at me strangely.

I shrugged my shoulders and added for good measure, "They said they don't like to see small guys get bullied and even straightened out a few oafs already for me."

I smiled at her suspicious look, "Well then, good I think it's about time you did something but hanging around that stinking old man next door. But I'm off for a shower and don't be out too long I want your help this afternoon."

"Okay mom," then I added, "Thanks."

She didn't answer as she left the room and it seemed like hours before the shower started and I felt safe enough to use the phone. I was very nervous and felt jittery as I dialled the phone and listening to the ring.

"Davis and Lester's how can I help you?" A male voice asked.

"Hello," I started shyly, "may I please speak with Paul or Felix?"

"Kary, I'd know that cute squeaky voice anywhere."I felt myself blush as he asked, "It's good to hear from you, how are you, is anything wrong?"

"No sir, Mr. Davis," I stammered, "I was just wondering if they were busy this morning?"

"Well," he began in a cheerful voice, "Felix is here working right now but Paul's probably still in bed. I'll give him a call and have him outside your door in thirty minutes."

"I don't want to be a bother to you sir."

"Be assured Kary," his tone deepened, "If it was a bother you'd be the first to know. Besides it's about time he got his lazy ass up anyway."

"Thank you Mr. Davis."

"My pleasure, bye for now sweetie."

The next thirty minutes seemed like thirty hours standing on the porch waiting and as soon as I saw the car I ran out to the curb. Paul had barely stopped as I opened the door and jumped in.

"Let's go before my mother has a chance to ask questions." I pleaded gasping for breath.

Paul shrugged and drove off and I looked back to see her standing in the open door way. I let out my breath with a sigh of relief. Paul laughed as I looked at him I noticed that he appeared to look still half asleep.

""What's the rush," he asked,"I feel like I'm aiding and abetting an escaping criminal."

"I feel like I have just escaped too," We both laughed, "I'm sorry for waking you up Paul."

"It's okay," he smiled and glanced at me, "at least I got a chance to have you all to myself. So why were you in such a hurry?"

"I didn't want my mother asking for introductions."

"Why not, are you embarrassed about me or something?"

"Of course not, silly," I replied playfully slapping his broad shoulder, "but what am I suppose to say, mom this is Paul, just one of the bodyguards Mr. Clark hired to protect your sissy boy son."

"How about, this is Paul Davis mom my friend." Stopping at a red light he looked at me with a smile, "I am your friend aren't I Kary."

Without thinking I reached over and wrapped my hands around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sitting back in the seat I could feel a flush creep over my face. Paul reached over and lightly took my chin in his hand drawing me towards himself.

"I guess that means yes." He said

Then he kissed me on the lips. I felt myself brush even more as a heat rose to my face as we held the kiss feeling I felt a tingling sensation spreading over my body. We didn't notice that lights had changed until car horns blared behind us. I giggled slightly embarrassed as Paul started to drive again.

"Hmmm," I moaned in pleasure, "that felt really nice, a little strange being dressed in boy clothes kissing another boy though."

"Ever since I saw that picture of you I wanted to do that," he smiled, "and I don't think of you as boy no matter how you're dressed."

Suddenly I felt shocked remembering the Polaroid of me with Mr. Lester's big cock in my mouth that I had given Mr. Davis. I looked down between my knees feeling a wall shame coming down on me as my throat tightened.

"I thought you looked so beautiful and sexy standing there posing in that long see through outfit just like a runway model, I felt like blowing my nut right there." He chuckled and went on, "I found it by accident the Sunday morning after my dad went to ole' man Clark's to play poker, His jacket fell off its hook and when I went to hang it back up the picture had fallen out of his pocket. I'm sorry and a little ashamed of myself now for telling Felix about it after we met you. First chance he got he did some snooping and found another in a drawer on top of his old man's socks."

"I'm not surprised." I retorted, "Did you get to see that one too?"

"No," he answered placing a hand on my leg and gently squeezing my thigh, "he did describe it though, and he started out with beautiful and sexy looking too just like I thought."

His hand felt hot on my thigh and being called beautiful and sexy sounded nice but I wondered if I'd be black mailed again. He removed his hand to downshift for a stop light and reaching over this time to gently place his hand on the back of neck sending a slight rush down my spine.

"Look Kary," he started again, "we both really like you as person and you are kind of fun to be with and we didn't expect that at all. We would never force you to do anything you didn't want to do. We'd still escort you home every day now even if we didn't have too."

The sound of his voice was soothing and suddenly I felt better and leaned into him forcing an arm between his back and the car seat as my other arm stretched over his chest to hug him tightly resting my head on his shoulder, feeling happy tears wet my cheeks as horns blasted again behind us. I stayed close against him as we drove off in silence for awhile.

"So where did you want to go today any way?" he asked breaking the silence.

I realized I hadn't a clue as to where when I heard and felt his stomach rumble, "Breakfast?" I asked sitting up, "My treat."

"Great, I know a great place," he replied, "but I was raised a gentleman and no gentleman takes a girl to eat and lets her pay for it."

"Really." and asked, "Your dad's restaurant?"

"Hell no," he groaned, "if I show up there they'd probably put us both to work."

We both laughed as I sat back and I couldn't help but reach my hand over to lie on his thigh. He turned and winked with a grin at me. It felt nice feeling his muscles move under my hands as he drove. I was really enjoying the ride when we suddenly stopped at a small Diner. He had the breakfast special and I shared his toast to keep him from complaining about me not eating even though I told him I all ready ate that morning. I watched him eat and felt flustered and hot thinking of what I'd really like to eat. Of course he refused to let me pay the bill or even leave the tip.

Opening the car door he asked, "Where to now."

"I don't know," I answered, rubbing my side against his groin whisper to him, "some place quiet maybe."

He grinned widely at me, "I know just the place."

"I can just imagine," I giggled getting in.

About fifteen minutes later we were parked by a lake and it seemed that no one was around for miles. The only sounds were from the birds and the wind in the trees. We didn't talk at all we just looked at each other a few moments before leaning close we began to kiss. This was the first time for me being in this situation I could feel myself falling into a swoon. I felt the heat from his hands as they slid around my slender frame as my arms stretch behind his firm neck. My excitement level was high and I shook with desire for him as we made out in his car.

With a firm grasp on my waste he lifted me up and pulled into his lap without breaking our kiss. I shivered feeling the heat and hardness of his groin beneath me. Pushing myself away from his lips we stared smiling at each other for a moment before I slid over the consol to kneel in the passenger seat reaching for his belt buckle.

"Kary," he gasped, "You don't have to do this."

I looked up and smiled at him as emotions I never felt flooded my thoughts and I whispered, "I want too."

Shaking I struggled to undo his pants, reaching inside to find his hard shaft and drew it out into the air. It was beautiful, thin like his father's though not quite as long it looked perfect to me and tasted even better as I engulfed it into my mouth. He groaned as my lips touched his cropped pubic hair and realized his scrotum felt hairless as my hand gently fondled his testis.

His precum was so sweet tasting and seemed to flow continuously as I slowly bobbed my head in his lap until his breath quickened and his hips shook. I'm coming he roared filling my mouth with his hot seed. I licked and nursed on the glans until it was soft and his breathing slowed to normal.

"Wow Kary," He sighed, "I never felt anything like that before."

With my head in his lap and his soft cock resting on my cheek I looked up and said, "You probably say that to everyone who sucks your cock."

"Probably," he laughed, "but this time I really mean it."

"Shit," he suddenly exclaimed, "I'm going to be late for work, good thing I'm with you I shouldn't get ragged on too much but I better get you back okay."

"Okay," I whined in a suffering attitude, "story of my life used and cast aside at first chance."

'No Kary, it's not like that at all." He said looking at me with pleading eyes.

"I'm just teasing," I giggled, "I need to get home too."

We talked about mundane things on the ride home with the occasional tease throw in. I felt so good being with him that I was a little sad when we pulled onto my street knowing the ride would be soon over. I was quite shocked and very pleased when we stopped in front of the house and before I could open the door Paul pulled me to him and kissed my cheek.

"I had great time with you this morning." He smiled, "I'll see you soon."

"I did too," I smiled back, "Will you be there on Monday?"

"Of course," he laughed, "Felix never wins the flip."

I giggled as his laughter followed me to the porch and through the front door, as usual he waited until I was inside before driving away. I was grateful the house was quiet and empty, I'm sure my mother would be very inquisitive. A brief note left on the table stating she went shopping before meeting my father to have dinner out with him and that I should do some vacuuming before they got home. It was nice not to have to go to the usual Saturday dinner with them. I rushed through the vacuuming so I could go next door and tell daddy about my morning. All the while thinking this would be more fun wearing a skirt.

I could hear the TV as I hung up my ugly clothes and quietly went to put on something nice. Today I choose a white panty and bra set, a sleeveless tie up half shirt and a white knit mini skirt that fit snugly on my hips and legs. I spent a few minutes on some cosmetics before joining daddy in the other room. I marked his cheek with my pink lip gloss before knelling at his feet noticing how tattered his old robe was and thinking he could use a new one. I leaned into my daddy's right thigh and stroked his other hairy leg.

"Hy daddy," I said cheerfully, "is everything okay?"

"Hello sissy," he replied smiling, "Yeah, everything's just fine why did you ask that?"

"Because you're still dressed in your old robe this late in of day." I replied slipping my hand under his under it.

"Well forgive an old man for being lazy, besides I had expected you much sooner than now."

"Sorry daddy, but I went out for a ride with Paul this morning."

"Really," he moaned when my fingers curled around his soft penis. "Did you enjoy yourself leaving me alone all day while you're out and about having with some boys."

Daddy always looked funny when he frowned and I giggled before replying, "But I'm here now daddy and I've never had any friends before that didn't mind hanging out with me. I had such a good time today, almost as much as being here with you in my pretty new clothes. "

"I guess I can forgive you this time," then he smiled and patted my head, "so what did you two do all morning?"

"We went for breakfast and we talked and we drove to a lake." I became excited to be able to share my adventure with someone."

"Really," his eyes widened at me, "and just what did you do at the lake?"

"We talked some more," I answered shyly feeling flushed and embarrassed, "and we kissed some."

"Hmmm," Daddy grumbled, "anything else besides talk and kiss?"

"Well," I stared feeling my face get as hot as the hard cock in my hand as a way to answer his question came to mind, "just this."

I pulled his penis out from his robe and engulfed it completely into my mouth sucking it as hard as I could.

"You're such a bad little sissy cock slut aren't you," daddy groaned, "but how can I be angry with you when you do it so well."

Daddy leaned back into his chair as I bobbed up and down on his fat hard cock, sucking and licking greedy for a taste of his seed. He held back letting me enjoy his penis as it slid back and forth through my lips and then yelled out filling my mouth with his yummy bitter semen. Swallowing it all except the last few spurts just so I could savour his flavour as his erection softened in my mouth. I laid my head against his thigh and enjoyed tonguing the softening penis inside my mouth while daddy's breathing calmed.

"That was lovely sissy," he finally sighed patting my head again, "if I had the energy I let you do that all night."

I smiled around his cock at him unwilling to let it go of it yet, "But I think you should go and find something for us to eat, it's about time you showed me if you could cook or at least heat up a few TV dinners."

Laughing at his jest I fixed us some dinner and we ate watching TV while I sat at his feet. Later he let me sit in his lap watching baseball until it was time for me to go. It was always the saddest part of my day having to take off my pretty clothes and going home. Sunday I barely got a chance to say hello to my new daddy as my mother seemed intent on making me do chores until it was too late to go and see him. Tomorrow would be the start of the last week of school and I looked forward to its end, thinking that I'd have more time to spend with my new daddy.

I was very distracted at school on Monday wondering which one if not both of the guys would pick me up. I'm sure if it was Paul he would probably let me suck off his cock again as he drove me home. I thought about Felix and wondered if it would be him and how I might manage to seduce him into letting me please him too. I really wanted to see if his penis was like his father's monster cock. Even though I also enjoyed sitting between them in that cramped little car even more now that I could feel free to let my hands touch them. I shivered thinking how much fun I could have teasing Paul and maybe even getting bolder with Felix to check out his groin teasing him too which would make it easier to take things further with him at the first opportunity we had.

After what seemed an eternity the final bell rang and I rushed out to see who was waiting for me. There was only one person in the car and as I got closer I could see Felix watching my approach with a smile on his face. He leaned over and pushed the door open for me.

"Hy," I beamed cheerfully, "finally win the flip?"

"Can't lose them all," he laughed, "how was school?"

"Dreadful as usual," I scowled, "thank heaven it's almost over."

An idea popped into my head at that moment for a way to get Felix's cock out of his pants and into my mouth and I asked him right out, "So I hear you like to snoop in other peoples stuff to look at photos?"

"What," he exclaimed, "that jerk, we agreed not to tell you about that."

"Oh," I looked at him trying not to giggle and leaned over to place a hand on his thigh, "what else did you agree not to tell me about?"

"Nothing I swear Kary." his voice sounded strained.

"I bet," trying to sound upset, "He probably told you all about our ride on Saturday?"

"No," Felix replied pleading, "all he said about Saturday was that you guys went for breakfast, I couldn't get any details from him at all. All he did was walk around all day with stupid grin and would just shake his head when I asked."

"Nothing else at all?"

"Nothing Kary I swear."

"Would you like to know what we did on our drive?" I asked as I let my hand slide up his muscled thigh.

"Sure," his voice rasped, "If you want too."

"Maybe I'd rather show you." I stated squeezing his groin.

"Sure," He looked at me and smiled, "if you want too."

Did I ever and it was so easy because of what Paul had told me the other day there wasn't any of the first time awkwardness that I felt with him. Being the sissy cock slut that I was I wasted no time getting what I craved. I felt his hot bulge growing under my hand and at the first stop light we came to I quickly undid and forced down his pants far enough to expose his cock. With one hand I jerked on his penis feeling it grow in my grasp. It wasn't as long or as thick as his father's cock but it was a beautiful uncut cock all the same.

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