tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 07

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 07


"You're being really dirty little sissy slut today," daddy chuckled and asked, "What's gotten into you?"

"Making up for the last few days I guess," I giggled hugging him tightly, "and I missed you too."

"I missed my little sissy too." He replied patting my back, "But I need a shower and I know you need to change your soiled panties you dirty little girl."

"I think I'm going to wash them and some others too."

"Good idea," he stated, "it'll give you something to do and give me chance to rest up from your breakfast. Just make sure I'm finished before you start or I'll have to spank you."

"Okay daddy," I giggled feeling my cheeks blush and said, "I've got a few pairs next door, I think I'll go get them first."

As daddy turned to adjust the flow of water I went out to the back door and never even noticed that my boy clothes were no longer hanging by the door as I passed through it and made my way home. Smiling happily to myself without a care in the world I skipped across the yards and onto the porch reaching for the handle.

She lifted her head from the cradle of her forearms lying on top of the table. Noticing some of her son's panties was stained from her tears. She cried herself out awhile ago but still was unsure what to do. She was angry at her eighteen year old son's deception and even angrier at that lecherous bastard of a pervert Clark and right now she even hated her husband for allowing him the chance to corrupt her little baby boy.

Once again she went over her options it seemed like for the hundredth time, Should she call her wimpy husband and berate him into standing up for her son was a useless idea she thought. Narrowing it done now to two possible venues the first was to sit and wait, knowing her son would be home eventually. The last was to go over and confront the bastard at his front door making sure the whole neighbourhood could hear her scream out his perverted tendencies. Even though she wasn't sure if she'd be able to control her temper and not scratch out his lecherous eyes on first sight of the degenerate. She no longer cared what the neighbours would think about her family, the one thing she definitely decided to do was to move away from here.

Suddenly something caught her eye in yard through the door, her son still dressed in his pink t-shirt and skimpy little white shorts came up onto the porch. The decision now made for her she stood and folded her arms across her chest so she could look down imposingly at her frail little boy.

Kary was two steps into the kitchen before he realized he was not alone and looked up into his mother's angry red face. Both of them stared eyes locked together, both of them trembling one in fear and one in rage. Looking down at her son dressed like a slut or cheap whore she wanted to rip the offending garments off of his hide. She had an urge to slap the makeup right off of his face.

Kary's knees felt weak he felt so scared looking up at the face of his mother, never having seen her looking so angry before. He felt that he'd faint dead away at any moment. He felt a tightening in his throat as his tongue seemed to thicken in his mouth, he stood scared and speechless.

"Would you care to explain all this," she growled pointing first to the panties strewn across the table. Then reached out to his chest and pinching his flesh as she pulled the bra away from his body. "Whatever possessed you to start acting and dressing like a cheap tart?"

He felt himself being drawn towards his mother and pulled away causing the strap to snap back into his flesh. The humiliation he felt worst than the sting when it met his pinched flesh and Kary suddenly felt his fear slow turn into resentment and anger. Then she did the meanest thing to her son that she ever had done.

"Answer me now!" she screeched leaning closer and slapped him across his painted face.

She felt the shock of the impact straight up to shoulder and watched the imprint of her hand slowly appear on her son's face growing a deeper red as the cheek swelled. She knew instantly that she had made the worst mistake of her life as her son's tearing eyes met her own.

Kary felt the impact against his cheek and felt the heat rise to the surface of his skin and start to throb. As tears began to well up and blur his vision his fear now totally gone he stared back at his mother and his anger took over and he felt that now he had to stand up for himself or never have any control over his life.

"I like who I've become mother," he stated firmly in a soft calm voice, moving to the table and gathering his panties he stepped back away closer to the door before facing her again, "this is who I truly am, this is what makes me feel good and happy. You don't have to like and I'm not going to change back now."

She stared at her son for a moment shocked by the way he just talked back to her, she almost raised her hand to strike him again for his pertness but replied ominously, "I won't have this in my house. I won't be a laughing stock for the whole world. Now get off those disgusting clothes and go wash your face or get out of my house."

They stood staring at each in silence for a few moments, long enough for her to regret her last words. Kary knew what his decision was before she even finished saying it. Turning he bolted for the door and across lawn to his new daddy's house where he knew he'd have a safe haven to be what he wanted to be. The last words he heard from his mother was a scream for him to come back.

Old man Clark came out his back door after hastily dressing when heard the yelling from next door to find his little sissy in tears running up the steps to the porch. She ran straight to him and crying he wrapped his arms around the old man. He patted his back soothingly and looking over the fence he saw the boy's mother. Her face was mottled with anger and her stance fierce with rage she stared back at him with daggers in her eyes. He shook his head with regret feeling responsible for the rift he created between them. He had hoped that the boy's parents could be more understand of the sissy's feelings.

"Come Kary," he said lifting her chin to look at the tear stained face, "Come inside where it's safe."

He turned and drew me to his side as he led me through the door and as I heard him gently close it the sound seemed to echo in my mind foretelling an ending to my old life. I was led to his chair and pulled into his lap to feel his arms wrap around my little shoulders. We sat for a long time as daddy gently patted and rubbed my back repeating over and over to me that everything would be fine and things would work themselves out one day as cried against him.

My new daddy hugged me tightly to him and asked, "Are you feeling a little better now sweetie?"

"A little bit," I replied, "thank you for being here daddy and thank you for everything."

"Don't fret it," He said chuckling, "Look sissy why don't you go have a nice bubble bath and wash your face. Afterwards I have a couple of surprises I'm sure will cheer you up."

He pushed me off his chest and I stood up still feeling weak kneed and he stood leading me to the bath by the hand. When we got to the door he gently pushed me inside with a smile. I turned on the water and added some of the lavender gel. Daddy stood in the door way watching me undress and felt kind of sexy stripping for him. He waited until I submerged myself into the sweet smelling bubbles I felt the tension begin to ease from my body as it seemed to melt in the aroma and heat of the bath.

"I'll go pick out something nice for you to wear," Daddy said softly, "but come to living before you go get dressed for your first surprise."

Closing my eyes I laid back into the bubbles and tried not to think about what happened today. But I couldn't keep the vision of my mother's angry face out of my mind. I could still feel the sting of where she slapped me. I wondered if she would ever talk to me again and I wondered what my father would do when he got home from work and found out what had happened. Then to get my mind from all those thought's I tried to think of what daddy's surprises may be and wondered what was in store for me later. When my curiosity finally got the better of me I quickly washed away my ruined makeup and wrapped a towel around my chest I went to my daddy feeling nervous with anticipation.

"Ah there you are," daddy smiled up to me, "I thought you might have drowned by now, feeling any better dear?"

"Yes daddy" I replied kneeling by his chair and smiled hopefully up to him and asked, "Can I have my surprise now please?"

"Of course sweetie," He said and slid a pink box out from beside his chair, "here you are sissy."

Shaking with excitement I reached for the lid of the round box, it stood about a foot high and slowly lifting it free to reveal the contents. I was overcome with joy as I looked at the wig my new daddy had bought for me. Carefully lifting it out the strands uncoiled to about two feet long in the back with short bangs in the front and the color was slightly lighter than my real hair. Looking up to my daddy's smiling face I smiled back at him.

"Thank you daddy," standing up to kiss his cheek and said, "You're the most wonderful daddy in the world."

"You're welcome sissy," he replied chuckling, "now go get dressed."

I barely felt the playful smack daddy aimed at my bum as I ran past him in my haste to try on my new hair I thought it was so beautiful. Standing in front of my mirror I brushed back my short boy and fitted the wig to my head. It made me feel so complete having long hair to brush and comb and imagined all the things I could do with it. I couldn't wait to get dressed to show daddy.

Turning to the bed to see what he had picked out for me to wear my body shivered when the sweep of long hair fell across my shoulders. On the bed lay a short white pleated skirt and white button down dress shirt. Opening a dresser drawer I took out a white satin bra with a matching thong dressing quickly in my excitement to see my completely new look. The outfit reminded me of how the girls dressed at the catholic school so I felt just a light touch of makeup would be appropriate.

I began with a coating of face powder to the light red palm print my mother had given me and added a light dusting of pink rouge over it. Adding some pink eye shadow with just a touch of white at the corner of my eye, I didn't use any liner this time but just a little mascara to thicken my lashes. Then last of all adding my favourite pink lip gloss and stood back to admire myself. My little penis throbbed in my panties as I looked at the image in the mirror and a tremor rushed through my whole body my new long blonde hair made me feel like a real girl. I pulled on a pair of white knee socks and slipped my feet into a pair of black loafers then skipped out to model for my new daddy.

"You look wonderful," daddy exclaimed as I spun before him, "just like a pretty little school girl."

"Thank you daddy," I beamed at him and giggled, "I feel like one too, you've made me so happy."

Daddy picked up his camera and I posed for him then he pulled me onto his lap so we could watch it develop together. I kissed daddy's cheek and wiggled in his lap feeling his fat cock beginning to harden as the photo became clearer. I know that it was me in the shot but I was so amazed that I looked so totally different now. I shivered with pleasure and felt daddy's cock twitch beneath me.

I wanted to show daddy how grateful I was for his kindness making me so feel good, so sliding off his lap to my knees I reached up to undo his pants. Daddy smiled and chuckled down at me patting lightly on my head as I reached into his fly and drew out his thick hot cock. The tip was wet and shiny from precum and smelled so delicious, stretching my tongue to it I just had to taste it. I sighed in pleasure slipping his glans between lips feeling the heat of his penis as daddy moaned. My excitement seemed so much more intense with my long hair as I felt it swaying back and forth across my face as I bobbed up and down his throbbing erection.

Daddy began to breath heavier as his face became flushed I knew it wouldn't long now before I'd be rewarded with his seed. With one hand fondling his scrotum I gripped the base of the hard shaft in my mouth slowly stroking it in time with my head. When I felt the tremor start in his legs I quicken the strokes on his erection and with just the glands with in my mouth I started to tease the tip with my tongue.

Daddy's groan was now almost continual as his hips bounced up from the chair filling my cock hungry sissy mouth with hot bitter semen. Feeling so pleased knowing that my new daddy was satisfied I savoured his taste while gently nursing on his softening penis as he caught his breath. I could feel my own hard little cock dampening my panties but I didn't want to touch it, I wanted to stay in a sexually heightened state until I could make daddy's cock hard again so I could feel it deep in my bowels.

"I swear Kary," he sighed contentedly, "you're trying to kill me."

"I feel so happy daddy," I replied giving his flaccid penis one last quick suck, "I had to thank properly."

"That you did sissy and really well too." he laughed, "Now why don't go and fix your lips while I get some energy back."

"Okay daddy," then I asked shyly, " but what about my other surprises?"

"You'll find out soon enough," he answered, "all in good time, now git."

I quickly went my room but I took my time with my lip gloss. When I put the container down I saw the nail polish bottles all lined up in a row. I always wanted to do my nails, but knowing I had always had to return home every night I didn't think it wise to use it. I knew I wasn't going back there again soon so with a deep sigh of pleasure I took the pink varnish and sat on the edge of the bed and began. I felt so good seeing my pretty little nails in shiny pink that I couldn't help myself and did my toes too.

I couldn't help admiring myself in the mirror waiting for the polish to dry while I looked at them. Then I spent about twenty or so minutes brushing my beautiful long hair quivering the whole time with pleasure. Going back out to the other room to find daddy putting on a jacket over a dress shirt and he had also change into dress slacks. I suddenly felt sad thinking he was going to leave me alone.

"Where are you going Daddy?" I asked with a pout.

"I'm taking my little sissy slut out for dinner." He replied grinning, "I want to show everyone how pretty she is."

"But daddy," I started feeling my cheeks blush with a sudden nervous fear, "I've never been out around other people like this before."

"You can't stay held up in here forever," daddy firmly stated, "so you might as get use to it right now."

Then in a more soothing voice he said, "Don't fret sissy, I'll be with you and I'll even hold your little hand so you won't feel so scared. Now go find a purse and put what you need in it while I go get the car out and make sure you lock the door when you come out."

"Okay daddy." I said with fear tightening my throat.

I remembered that there was some hand bags on closet floor and found a small white one with a silver chain for a handle. My hands were shaking as I put in my lip gloss and a few other cosmetics I thought I might need. As a last thought I opened the box of jewellery and selected chain with a silver pendant to wear. Then I checked the backdoor but it was already locked so I slowly and nervously went to the front door. It was left open so I peeked through the screen feeling overcome with fear seeing my father's car in the driveway next door. I just hoped that they wouldn't be looking out of the windows right now and with sweating hands I closed the door checking to make sure it locked, I walked quickly to the car.

My heart was racing and I could barely breathe as I got in and stared at the front windows of my parent's home waiting to see the curtains open. Daddy backed slowly out of the drive as I held my breath in fear until he finally turned and started to drive away. Daddy laughed at me as I let out gust of air and took in a deep breath again.

"Now see," he chuckled, "That wasn't so bad was it?"

"Maybe not for you," I replied pertly. "I thought I'd pee myself if the curtains opened."

Daddy roared with laughter and said, "Well they didn't and you didn't so I guess it's safe to go on eh sissy."

"Where are we going daddy?" I asked.

"Just a little diner of some friends of mine, where they'll be happy to see you." He replied grinning.

"Mr. Lester and Mr. Davis's," I asked excitedly, "do you think Paul and Felix will be there too?"

Daddy smiled, reached his hand to my thigh and pulled me closer to him and said," I'm sure they'll be there, I called Leo while you were in the tub and told them we were coming."

I suddenly felt very excited to be seeing the guys and finally being dressed up as my real self for them as I snuggled up to daddy's side and rested a hand on his thigh. He patted and rubbed my thigh with his hand as we silently drove the rest of the way.

The parking lot we pulled into was large and quite full and I started to feel a bit nervous about being here dressed like a young school girl. I looked forward to seeing my four friends especially the boys but I was sure that some of the other people might recognize me for what I really was. I stayed close as I could to daddy's side holding on to his arm as we walked through the door. I didn't remember ever coming here with my parents before and was unsure of what to expect.

I was a little relieved to see that the inside was dimly lit with candles on every table but the place looked packed with customers. Then I saw Paul walking towards us and he looked so handsome in his tight white dress shirt and black dress pants. The material of his slacks fit so snug against his legs I could easily so the bulge his penis made and I shivered remembering how good it tasted.

"Good evening Mr. Clark," he said coming nearer then he looked at me and his eyes grew larger, "Kary is that you?"

"I almost didn't recognize you at first," he exclaimed pulling me close to him for a hug and whispered into my ear, "I can't believe how beautiful you are."

"Hy Paul," I said as I melted into his hard body feeling my little penis start to grow, "Thank you."

"Sorry sir," Paul spoke to daddy, "your table is ready sir, if you'll follow me please."

Daddy just waved his hand in assent and Paul turned to lead us through diner. Daddy guided me ahead him right behind Paul and I could feel the other patrons eyes on me as I followed him past their tables but I only saw his bum flexing inside those tight pants. We where led to a small table in the back corner and Paul held my chair for me making me feel so special. A waitress arrived and placed napkin and a drink in front of daddy before looking at me with a smile.

"Would you like something from the bar miss?" she asked.

"Ummm, no thank you," I replied in awe, "Maybe a strawberry milkshake please."

"I'll let my father know you're here Mr. Clark," Paul said and looked at me, "it's good to finally see you Kary, I hope you enjoy your dinner."

I t all felt so unreal to me being called miss by the waitress as she looked smiling at me. We could see the whole diner from where we sat. I began to feel more comfortable realizing that the other patrons paid us no heed what so ever.

"Here you are miss," the waitress returned placing a glass in front of me and menus before both of us, "I'll be back in a moment to take your order."

I felt so elated as the waitress called me miss again looking into my eyes with a smile and I smiled back speechless. I felt daddy's hand lightly squeeze my knee and looked to see him grinning at me. I'm sure he knew just how good I felt at that moment. Then I saw Mr. Davis coming towards our table with a wide smile on his face.

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