tagTransgender & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 08

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 08


I woke up to hear daddy lightly snoring and in my sleep I had draped a leg over him so that my body was almost covering him. I giggled to myself realizing that even in my sleep the sissy slut in me reached to grasp his flaccid penis. Then I curled closer up against daddy and contemplated about how much my life had changed recently.

After what seemed a lifetime of confusion shortly after my eighteenth birthday I got a chance to experience my secret cravings that I had for as long as I could remember when Jeff forced me to suck his large cock that first time after school in his car. Then having my new daddy, Mr. Clark black mailing me with pictures of what I was doing in Jeff's car forced me to suck his shorter but thick cut penis too and made me dress in the clothing left behind by his ex-wife and daughter. I even stood up to my over bearing mother finally though it pained me deeply knowing that I was no longer welcome in her home as the person that I've become.

But my new daddy was there for me by giving me a place to stay and even getting his friends to help by protecting me and offering me a job. I suddenly had a vision of myself walking up in a pressed white dress shirt and short black skirt, my long blonde hair tied tightly in a pony tail swinging back and forth across my shoulders and looking down at a table with pen and pad in hand. I giggled to myself softly while imagining the shocked expressions on my parent's faces when they realized who stood before them, asking them if they were ready to order yet.

Daddy was sleeping so peacefully and it was still quite early I decided not to wake him yet. So I rolled over stretching my legs realizing just how sore my bum was and my legs felt stiff from the fantastic fucking he gave me last night. I could feel his dried semen between the cheeks of my ass and my own upon my torso. Slowly getting out of bed to find my panties by the door and I quietly closed it on my way to the bathroom. I filled the tub up with hot water and bubbles, removed my wig with a sad sigh and got undressed before removing my makeup I then slid into the tub.

Completely submerging myself under the thick layer of lavender bubbles until I couldn't hold my breath any longer I sat up breathing deeply. I laid my head against the back of the tub and curled my legs so that from the neck down my body was completely enveloped beneath the hot water. Closing my eyes I tried to think about what laid ahead me. I felt nervous about going to work at the diner and being out in the public where someone might decide to announce my true gender to a packed full restaurant. Just going out at all felt a little scary still after all last night was the first time that I was dressed up among other people and I was mostly around people who knew me already.

It was nice to there with my friends and daddy but I thought to myself that I might need a little more time to get use to being out before taking on a waitress job. I realized that with both Paul and Felix working there I'd be around them more often and that sounded like a good idea to me. I wondered if daddy wouldn't mind if I dated the guys. I began to plan in my head a good argument to present to daddy one that he most surely would benefit from.

The little sissy slut in me started to emerge as I planned and my little penis became excited. I stroked myself like I imagined a real girl would until I felt a tremor begin to grow from my groin but forced myself to stop. I wanted to keep myself horny until after I woke up my new daddy. Getting out of the tub as the water drained I wrapped a big fluffy towel around my chest and went to my room. I smiled to myself hearing daddy's snores as I past his door.

Today I wanted to feel and look super slutty for daddy and my plan so I started to dress with a white garter belt and white fishnet stockings. Then stepped into a pair of white satin thong panties and put on a matching strapless bra. Shimming into a black satin mini skirt that just reached my stocking tops I finished dressing with a pink cotton top with spaghetti straps so my thin shoulders were bare. Going to the closet I found a pair of open toed heels made of shiny patent leather with about four inch heels to wear.

I applied my eye liner a little heavier than I usually did and coated my lids thickly in pink blending in a little white at the corner of my eyes before loading my lashes with as much mascara as they would hold. Pink rouge and a heavy coating of my favourite bubble gum flavoured pink lip gloss finished my saucy look off. Lastly I put on my beautiful long blonde wig and stared at my reflection spending some time just enjoying brushing it out and putting it into pigtails that I tied off with pink ribbons.

I found it hard walking for the first time in heels feeling like I was about to fall forward with every step I quietly took towards daddy's room. He was now just lightly snoring as I approached and crawled up onto his bed while slowly drawing the covers off to the side. His sleeping penis laid across his thigh and leaning down I could still smell last night's sex on it. My little penis got hard instantly and I shivered with excitement remembering how well daddy had fucked me last night, I just couldn't wait to taste it.

Using my hands to brace myself I let my tongue glide from the base of daddy's cock to the very tip and pursing my lips I sucked it into my mouth. Daddy groaned in his sleep as I bathed his glans with my tongue. As I began to feel his penis thicken I slid my lips down the shaft until his pubic hairs tickled my lips. I sucked gently nursing on his growing penis until it completely filled my mouth.

"Good morning sissy," Daddy groaned and placed a hand on my head, "you're the best alarm clock I ever had."

I smiled around his cock in reply looking up at him and felt his hand slide down and stop to rest on my bum. He laid his head back while I continued to suck and bob on his erect cock with excitement filling me from his compliment and just the feel of a hard penis in my mouth. I felt so proud being a good cock sucking sissy slut for my daddy.

Daddy let me please him for about fifteen minutes or so before his hips started shaking and a moment later he filled my mouth with semen that I greedily swallowed most of it down. He let me gently nurse on his softening penis while he caught his breathe. Giving my bum a light slap he sat up forcing my face away from him.

"Thank you very much sweetie," he said rolling onto his feet, "Now I need shower before breakfast."

"It was my pleasure daddy," I giggled, "thank you for mine."

I quickly followed him from the room and went to get his morning paper and in my haste without looking I pulled the door open to find my father's hand poised to knock.

"Kary?" he asked with uncertainness in voice, "Is that really you?"

"Yes," I squeaked out and then replied trying to sound confident, "yes it's me father"

"I didn't want to believe what your mother told me." He said sadly shaking his head and continued, "Look your mother's sorry about what happened yesterday and she wants you to come back home. Here's some clothes please take off that ridiculous costume, put on some real clothing before someone sees you."

With his other hand he held out the clothes that I had worn over the day before. I opened up the screen door just wide enough to take the offered clothes from his hand and picked up the paper that was just too the side on the porch and let the door close. I looked defiantly into my father's eyes feeling my anger flushing my face.

"No," I replied trying to force my voice to stay calm and confident, "this is who I am now, this is what I want be and you can't stop me from being happy. I'm sorry if you can't except that your son is sissy but that's just too bad because I'm never going back to being a sad lonely person ever again."

Then calmly I shut the inside door and turned my back for last time on my old life as a smile forced itself across my face. My new daddy was standing at the end of the hall covered in soap with a towel held around his waist. He grinned crookedly at me and nodded his head once in approval for me standing up for myself with confidence. Then he turned to go back to his shower as I headed off to the kitchen to start daddy's breakfast.

Going through the clothing I found my wallet and the card Felix had given me still there in the pockets and placed them on the counter. I felt a self satisfying wave of happiness over come me as I dropped what felt like the last shreds of my boyhood into the garbage and turned to the fridge.

Daddy had just sitting down at the table where I had placed his paper just as I finished pouring his coffee so I brought it over and placed it in front of him with some eggs, sausages and toast.

"Thank you sissy," he inhaled deeply and smiled, "You trying to spoil me?"

"No," I replied, "I just wanted to show you how much I enjoyed all of last night and let you know I appreciate how kind you are to me."

"What are you all dolled up for?" he asked as he ate.

"I just like to look and feel pretty for my daddy." I replied smiling at him.

"Slutty too," He grinned, "but I like it and you look great sissy."

I felt myself blushing then asked, "Daddy, do you think Mr. Davis would wait awhile before I start working?"

"I don't think it would be a problem," he said then asked, "why what's the problem?"

"Well," I started shyly, "I would like a little more time to get use to being around people first."

"I don't think that'll be a problem with Leo," Daddy said taking my hand in his, "We can talk to him tonight about it when he and Fred come over later."

"They're coming here tonight?" I asked excitedly feeling tingle in my groin remembering what happened last time they were all here.

"The diners closed on Tuesdays," daddy explained, "So we usually try to get together for some beer and cards. So you'll get to play hostess tonight so right after I'm done eating we have to go shopping and get a few things."

"What about Paul and Felix?" I asked hopefully.

"They better be here," daddy replied grinning, "It ain't no poker game with just three."

I suddenly got very excited and my little penis jumped in my panties think of having five men and a chance to have five hard cocks to tease and play with tonight. I forgot all about asking daddy's permission to go out with the guys once in awhile. I couldn't control the feeling of impatience I had for the night to begin, so I went to gather my handbag and put the card and wallet I found in my old pants into it as daddy finished his breakfast.

Daddy grunted as he pushed his chair from the table and stood up to walk to the front door saying, let's go. I was right behind when he opened the door and gestured for me to lead us out. Once again the nervousness grew inside of me as I stepped out into the world where anyone could see me. As I stood beside the drive waiting while daddy backed the car from the garage I noticed that only one car was left in my parent's driveway. I quickly got in when he stopped beside me and as the car rolled down to the street I looked over to see my mother standing at the window glaring at us.

I figured it would be best if I waited until we drove a ways down the street before I sidled up to daddy and leaned into his side placing a hand on his thigh to tease him on the ride. The first stop we made was at a liquor store where daddy told me to wait in the car. He came back with a big bottle of whiskey in one hand followed by a handsome young man caring two cases of beer.

The young man made me feel good as he stared at me with a smile spreading across his face while he waited for daddy to open the trunk. He waved to me and nodded before going back into the store and I shivered as I watched his bum move under his tight black slacks. Our next stop was to a grocery store where daddy made me come in with him to help and just in case there might be something that I'd like eat. We walked through the aisles as daddy grabbed snacks for tonight. But when daddy reached for the TV dinners I pushed on ahead to the meat section to get some real food. I laughed when I reached the vegetables and daddy groaned at some of my choices.

Then we went lunch at a small coffee shop and as I eat my grilled cheese sandwich I thought about how no one seemed to notice that I was different. Young workers where we went called me ma'am but the older staff workers always called me miss. I liked the way men stared as they walked past me while some women seemed to look scornfully at me, probally because of the way I was dressed.

The last stop we made before we went home was really a surprise for me as we pulled into the parking lot of an adult sex shop. I had seen and heard about it but never imagined that I'd ever go into it. Daddy opened and held the door for me and the woman behind the counter looked up at me and shook her coming around the counter towards us.

"I'm sorry," she started with a stern face," "you have to eighteen to come in here. Unless you have ID proving you are you'll have to leave."

"I assure you miss," daddy stated, "she' is old enough."

"Sorry!" was her simple reply as she held out her hand.

"Is a birth certificate good enough?" I asked.

She shook her head yes as I opened my handbag and turned my back to her so she wouldn't see the billfold I'd received a few years ago as a present. I handed the bag to daddy as I drew it out and turned realizing that that as soon as she looked at it she would know I wasn't a real girl. Nervously with a shaking hand offered her the card but she just glanced back in forth between me and the card before she smiled handing it back.

"I hope you enjoy your visit," she said in a softer welcoming voice, "I'm Nancy and if you need any help with anything feel free to give me a shout.

"Thank you Nancy," daddy replied, "we're interested in costumes."

"Those would be to the right, near the back sir." She said still smiling at me then winked, "let me know if there's something you'd like to try on."

Daddy handed back my bag and chuckled as I blushed and shaking with nervousness I put everything back inside. He patted me on the bum a couple of times before walking off into the store. I followed him to the clothing racks and was amazed at all the sexy outfits hanging there. Daddy went straight to a rack that had several of the same style dresses in different colors. Daddy looked at me and reached for a pink one and held it against me. I realized as soon as I saw the white apron attached to the waist what my roll would be tonight.

"You do look good in pink sissy," he smiled, "ask Nancy if you can try it on."

I turned and noticed that she was still watching me so I took the outfit from daddy and held it up and her smiled beamed before she picked up a card from under the counter and went to the door. She hung it across a bar that spanned the middle door and snapped the lock shut before coming back to join us.

"Let's see what we have here," Nancy said taking the outfit and holding it up against me, "yes it looks about the right size, follow me please."

She led me to door and opening it she gestured me to go in and to my surprise she followed me closing the door behind her.

"We don't allow you to try on the panties or caps in the store," she stated, "public health and all that but strip down to your undies dear and I'll help you into our maid outfit."

I stood on moving until Nancy ordered, "Look I can't keep the front door locked all day so hurry up and get out of skirt you silly sissy."

Her stern voice shocked me into movement and I pulled off my top and unzipped my dress pushing it down my legs until it fell to the floor. Nancy retrieved it and to my embarrassment was eye level looking straight at the little bulge of my erection through my panties. She giggled and lifted the dress over my head and helped guide my hands into arms before pulling it down to my hips. She spun me around by the shoulders and zipped up the back before sliding her hands around my body pulling me close to her.

She breathed into my ear, "I've always wanted to meet a little sissy tart like you, what's your name deary."

"Kary," I replied.

"Well Kary," she whispered, "you'd make a smashing maid, let's go show your gentleman friend."

Nancy led me out of the changing room to see daddy smiling and nodding his head in satisfaction, "We'll take it Nancy."

"Great choice she looks so sexy in pink," Nancy replied, "would you like to wear home Kary?"

"No thank you," I felt my face flushing again and growing hotter, "I want to save it for later."

"Okay," she said and with her hands on my shoulders she spun me around and pulled down the zipper, "bring it out with you after you've changed dear."

When I came out from the changing room daddy and Nancy where at the counter chatting while they waited for me. She took the maids outfit from me and folded it neatly and placed it in a box that already contained a pink garter belt and pink fishnet stockings and white panties that had several strips of lace sewn across the backside. Nancy handed me my new outfit while daddy picked up another box and turned his back to us heading for the door.

Nancy leaned over the counter and handed me a card and whispered for me to call her sometime before kissing me on the cheek. I turned and caught up to daddy while he held the door for me and we went to the car. Daddy held the car door for me as I got in and took the box and put in the back seat with the one he brought out too. After he got in and sat behind the wheel I noticed that daddy's pants looked quite full so moved over beside him and reached down to find a very hot and hard cock.

My own body seemed to be vibrating and my little penis felt sore from the encounter in the store with Nancy and I could feel daddy's cock throb in my hand through his slacks. When I reached to release his erection from his clothing daddy pushed my hand away and chuckled.

"None of that now sissy slut," he teased, "I want to save myself for later and to make the most of tonight."

"Oh daddy, please," I begged sulking at him.

"Nope," he shook his head, "you can wait and when we get home I want you get ready in your new outfit after I give you the little surprise Nancy suggested to me."

"What is it?" I asked

"You'll find out," he said sternly, "after you have a shower and shave your legs."

I pouted and whined and even begged but daddy refused to tell of the surprise or let me play with his cock. When we got home he opened the door and we carried all the stuff into the kitchen except for my surprise. This was left in the car until he pulled it into the garage and carried it inside possessively under his arm.

After the groceries were put away daddy handed me a pack of razors and told me he wanted my whole body completely shaved and to let him know when I was done. The shower head was attached to a hose so it was easy to rinse off while I shaved my body without wetting my hair or face. The whole time I was wondering what he had in mind for me with this unusual request. I've always have had very little body hair and what I did was almost invisible anyway but I did as daddy told me.

Starting at my ankles I slowly made my way up both legs and then squatted in the tub to do the stubble that I could feel starting to grow around my scrotum. I continued letting the razor glide over my tummy removing any hair I could find. I was shaking with excitement and my little penis felt fit to explode as I shaved my armpits for the very first time. In my zeal I even shaved my arms smooth.

Every inch of my skin now seemed so much more sensitive as I patted my body dry with a large fluffy towel. With it wrapped around my chest I went to tell daddy I was ready for my surprise. The boxes from the adult store both lay on the table and he picked them up as he rose and led me to my room. When we got there daddy opened the box containing the maids outfit first and handed me the hose, belt and panties.

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