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As I walked through the goodwill searching in vain for the green turtleneck that would really put my Steve Bartman costume over the top, I thought back over the past few months. Having moved to a new city and started working at a job that I, at first, thought was beneath me, things were starting to look up. They say that you can get through anything if you have the right people around you and now a few months into my new career I had started to develop the friendships that made each day bearable. Having failed at getting into a law school, working for a non-profit in Salt Lake City was a far cry from my passion but I loved working with the underserved and a few of the interns I was with were pretty cool. All I had really hoped for was for at least one of the other interns not being Mormon and maybe even not married. It turns out that none of my "class" was Mormon and a few even liked to pull some late nights out on the town. Two in particular, Jeff and Tina, had proved to be great friends from the start.

Jeff, being from SLC had keyed us into what he called the best Halloween party in town. Being raised in a small, rural town, I was a little hesitant to attend a dance put on by the LGBT club on campus but new places and new acquaintances are supposed to help you grow so I reluctantly agreed.

Back to the shopping, I had a cubs hat, headphones, and black sweatshirt but the fucking green turtleneck was still alluding me until out of nowhere Tina shows up with exactly what I'm looking for.

"Like I keep telling you Kit, you need to broaden your horizons". Her smirk and the statement confused me.

"Turtlenecks and guys don't really go together, but the ladies section is full of them!"

I snatched the women's clothing from her only to see that it actually looked like it would fit. Hitting up the dressing room (the men's!) I found that Tina had saved the day.

A few hours later we met up at my buddy Jeff's flat. Jeff, one of those baby faced dudes that will never be able to grow a beard, was a huge fantasy geek and had decided to go as a satyr with full on fur pants, bare chest, and a horned wig.

"Shirtless in October, J? Man you must be crazy. I thought Halloween was a holiday for women to dress skimpy"

"Shut up Kit. What are you supposed to be anyway; an introverted lesbian? It's a gay dance, that doesn't mean you have to dress up like one!"

Apparently watching playoff baseball is not a prerequisite for dungeons and dragons but I just decided to laugh it off.

Tina showed up dressed in a sexy nurse costume. The costume really did accent her body well. The bombshell of a blonde could be my nurse any day with her red laced bra accenting the short white dress quite well.

The pregame got going and the car-bombs and shots were plenty enough to get us in the mood to hit the club.

The place was crazy. Two huge dance floors one with pop and the other house music, each with well-staffed bars offered two really different experiences.

I was already hazy by the time we got there and within a half hour a round beers and white gummy bear shots had put me in the mood for dancing.

Luckily the partygoers were what seemed to be a mix of 50/50 gay and straight so there were plenty of ladies to dance on.

I met a girl at the bar whose name I never got but her S&M outfit including horse crop was what really attacted me to her.

"You've been a bad boy, haven't you," the leather goddess shouted over the music.

"Yeah I think I have". I cringed at the lame response but it was good enough as she pulled me close and gave my ass a light smack with the crop. I immediately wished I had worn some looser jeans. Her corset and booty shorts were too much and I grabbed a handful of butt and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss for a few moments and pulled away giving me a look that sent the good kind of shivers down my spine. She turned around and backed up into me as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I don't think we would have won any dancing awards but goddamn did we fit together well.

It was still early in the night but I felt that this chick may be a good one to hold onto. I felt a tap on my shoulder then. I turned to see Jeff who looked anxious enough that I somewhat snapped back into the real word.

"Kit, I need to talk to you" He looked pretty upset.

I really wasn't in the position to have a heartfelt drunken conversation "Like right now?"


"Ok fine, I'll meet you at the bar after this song" I said, hoping that he would find some distraction in the meantime and we could talk when I was less occupied.

The song finished, I apologized to my "new mistress" and told her I would be back. She gave me a quick rap on the ass and laughed so I was hopeful that Jeff had not ruined my chances.

I got up to the bar. "Dude this better be good."

He grabbed my hand and started pulling me through the packed bar. I found that our destination was the bathroom and decided to relieve myself. Kill two birds with one stone.

Jeff waited as I washed my hands. An anxious satyr is not something I had ever seen before and I couldn't hold back my laughter. He turned beat red as I laughed right at him.

"Kit! Stop. Can you be serious for like one second?"

"Ok, ok. fine. What is it?" I was starting to get a little annoyed.

"God. I'm freaking out" He responded.

"Jeff, it's okay man, I'm here. What's going on?" Now he was starting to freak me out. I had only known this guy for a few months and I had never seen him in such a state.

"I've never told anybody this." He looked around as did I and noticed that the bathroom was actually empty. It had seemed so full just a minute ago.

Noting that this was his chance Jeff blurted out, "I'm gay."

"Wait, what?" I clumsily said and afterwards noting that once again I was striking out with my responses.

"I'm gay".

"Um since when? Didn't you just hook up with Tina like a month ago? I mean I saw you checking her boobs out like an hour ago."

"Well yeah, I mean I donno . Maybe I'm bi. But what I do know is I like guys – guys with muscles and hairy chests. I like the way they smell." He continued to ramble and I could tell he was having a hard time trying to put his feelings into words.

"What, then do you like me in that way?" Of course the straight guy always thinks that every gay guy wants to fuck him.

"Well not exactly" He responded. "I mean don't get me wrong you're hot. You're tall, muscular, look good in skinny jeans but you're straight and you're my friend so I don't really think of you like that. You're the first person I've ever told but it's not because I have a crush on you. It's because I feel I can trust you."

I felt a little relieved but the next thing that came out of my mouth would change our friendship forever. "Kiss me." "If you're gay prove it and kiss me."

Jeff looked at me in shock. I could see him trying to sort through what I said. Instead of waiting I took action. I slid my hand around his lower back and put the other on the side of his neck. His open mouth met mine and it was electric. His tongue probed my mouth and found my tongue. Both of my hands were now on his back and I slowly ran them down his bare, stong back. The kiss seemed to go on forever. I finally came up for air and that's when I noticed that I was as hard as I've ever been. As I took a deep breath in my hands found his hips and pulled his crotch into mine, feeling his hardness against me.

A moment later, I snapped back into reality. "Whoa. I've never done that before. Shit! Shit, shit, shit. Sorry man. I don't know what that was. Oh my god, am I gay? I'm not gay am I? I mean I've never even thought of another guy before. Fuck!"

Now I was rambling and it was Jeff's turn to laugh at me.

"Ha. Dude. I've never done that before either. And no I don't think a kiss makes you gay."

"Jeff, I have to get out of here like right now, I think I'm gonna be sick." The alcohol along with what felt like a panic attack was making me feel real ill.

"Kit? Dude breathe."

"I need to go home like now."

"Ok, Okay. I'll go tell Tina we're going."

"Don't leave me man I'm really freaked. I'll come with you"

We made for the exit, me with my head down dealing with the spins as he dragged me by the hand out of the bathroom. Outside of the bathroom, he set me against a wall and left to go find Tina.

What felt like a year later, he returned with Tina.

"Jeff what the hell is going on? Jesus Kit you look terrible."

Acting irrationally again. I laid a sloppy kiss on Tina who was less inclined to kiss me back in my current state.

"Whoa there ladies man. Jeff I think it's time he goes home."

"Yeah I'm on it. You coming?"

"I mean I can go... But that ER doctor who I've been trying to talk to all month is here"

"I'm sorry Tina" I blurted out. "I'll be fine. You stay, don't worry about me but I need to get outta here like now."

Jeff threw my arm around his shoulder and we got our momentum going. "I'm sorry man. I think it's cool you're gay. That's what I should have told you in the bathroom."

"It's okay buddy. It's okay."

Luckily a cab was found hastily. We got back to Jeff's apartment. I immediately kicked of my shoes and dropped my pants as I made my way to the bathroom, splashing water on my face didn't seem to help.

Jeff knocked and entered to find me staring back at my reflection. He came up beside me still topless with his fur pants on. He had removed the wig and I noticed his short brown hair falling over his eyes. My gaze in the mirror drifted down to his hairless chest. His moderate-sized yet perfectly shaped pecs were a sight. His furry pants seemed to be riding a little lower now giving a glimpse of a whiff of pubic hair. He saw what I saw and grinned sheepishly, pulling his pants back up. I shook my head trying to get rid of the spins as well as these strange new erotic thoughts.

I walked past him avoiding contact, embarrassed of my many reactions for the night. I fell onto the couch not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

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