tagGay MaleProve It Ch. 02

Prove It Ch. 02


I awake the next morning with a start. It is early, so very early.

The mixed emotions from what would seem to be the oddest night of my life seem muted by the pounding headache that cannot be ignored. Fuck! How much had a drank last night? The answer seemed simple: too much. I also quickly realized how cold I was. Apparently Jeff thought that the one flannel blanket would be enough for the night. You make out with a guy and he leaves you on the couch with a single blanket and no pillows.

The headache and the shivering can only keep my mind from the real issue that I had kissed, not only a dude, but also a friend and co-worker that I would be seeing at least five days a week until my year contract comes to an end months later.

"It happens," I think to myself. "I was drunk. A one-time deal," Except I couldn't even believe myself. Being held like I was last night by Jeff was entirely different from any escapade I had been a part of before. His strong arms wrapped around me... I felt safe, so protected. At that time I had felt that everything was going to be okay.

Spying the clock on the wall that read quarter past six, I adjust the morning hard-on trapped in my boxer briefs. As my stiff cock rubs against my inner thigh my mind wonders back to the girl dressed in leather that I had met on the dance floor.

**I pictured that night as it could have been. Taking her back to my house, she still acting her part as the dominant seductress.

Jeff's apartment seemed quiet so I keep my hand on my cock, gently tugging myself to full erection. My mind continued the story in my head as my engorged cock rested on my belly. I run my fingers slowly down the spine of my shaft to then cup my balls as my other hand found its way underneath my boxer briefs.

**She pushes me hard onto my bed and pulls my shoes off one by one. I stare at the ceiling in anticipation as she asserts that I need to unbutton my pants. "Yes mistress" I respond.

I pull my boxers down below my knees and one hand continues to knead my balls , my right hand increases pace up and down my shaft.

**With my zipper down now I feel her pull my jeans off. I look at her standing at the edge of the bed. Her hand snakes up her back as she unzips her tight leather dress. Now pulling it off her shoulders, the dress drops to the floor revealing a black lace bra and thong.

I lick my right palm and continue stroking my hard cock. My left hand now teases my nipples and then it makes its way back down to my tight ball sac.

**I sit up to embrace the beautiful woman and with a smirk and a strong shove I am forced to lay back and stare at the ceiling. "It looks like my naughty boy has something trapped in his underpants," she teases. Her fingers wrap around the front of my boxer briefs and soon enough they are off too. I lay there naked, vulnerable, gazing at the ceiling awaiting what is to come.

Faster and faster my fist pumps around my cock. My eyes are slammed closed as the fantasy continues in my head. I can feel the pre-cum providing more lubrication now.

**And then I feel her take my cock into her mouth. I arch my back in response to the immediate pleasure that shoots through my body. Her mouth seems the perfect fit and she slowly moves up and down. Her other hand starts at my pubic hair and slowly claws up and down my chest. I run my hands through his short hair and slowly trace circles around the small, curved horns he is still wearing.

**In my mind the woman in black has gone, replaced by Jeff.

**I massage his neck and then have to brace myself holding onto his strong shoulders as he deep throats my cock, his tongue teasing the bottom of my shaft. His mouth comes off of my cock and his hand works up and down my shaft in a way that only a man could know.

My balls begin to tighten as I feel the orgasm building. I half-whisper half-pant "Jeff" as my hand furiously beats my cock. The orgasm comes quickly and I spasm. I feel the warm semen splash onto my belly.

As quick as it happens, it is over. My breathing slows and becomes deeper as Jeff's loving smile fades with the rest of the fantasy. After a minute or so I realize I need to clean up . Shuffling with my boxer briefs still around my ankles, I find myself yet again staring into Jeff's bathroom mirror. This time my semi-erect cock in my hand and cum dribbles all over my belly.

Looking into my own eyes I come to the realization that Jeff has now planted himself into my mind (and my fantasies) and I want him in a way that I have never wanted a man before.

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