tagGay MaleProving It

Proving It


As Ethan came in from work, he saw his roommate, Jon, on the couch watching TV. Jon wasn't moving so he assumed that he was asleep. He was still wearing his clothes from work, which, for a construction worker were tight t-shirts, tight jeans, and work boots.

"Hey," Jon said, barely turning around to see Ethan setting down his briefcase and taking his jacket off.

"Hey, Marley out of town?" It was the fourth night in a row that Jon was home when Ethan got home. Usually Jon was gone by the time Ethan got home, which made him really enjoy being Jon's roommate.

"Fuck her."

"Whoa. What's your problem?"


"No, seriously, you've been moping around the place for a week."

"You don't wanna know."

"I asked, lay it on me," Ethan said, sitting down in the chair, loosening his tie.

"Marley and I broke up."

He and Marley had been dating since before Jon and Ethan starting rooming together four years ago, so it made sense for him to be depressed.

"Did she say why?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

Ethan went into the kitchen and got him a beer. "Here, you need this." Because the one in Jon's hand was probably warm. And warm beer is no good.


Ethan sat down in the chair "What are you watching?"

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman...We used to watch it together....It's her favorite show."

Oh god...this couldn't get any worse. "You probably shouldn't be watching that then."

Jon muted the tv and started to talk. He talked a lot, which was weird for Ethan since they had never really hung out before. Their arrangement was merely a financial one and they rarely saw each other, so he wasn't prepared for all the talking he could do. And it seemed like he couldn't get out of it, so he settled in to listen to the story he really didn't want to hear. How Jon and Marley met, how they started dating after that, how they'd determined to spend their life together, despite the supposed difficulties they would encounter - she was headed for a big time political career and he was going to be in a construction management job...eventually. Yeah, come to think of it, they never really did belong together. He was always bit of a brute, though he would say that he was just masculine; and she was maybe just a little stuck up, always in her suits and carrying a briefcase...

"She says I don't fit."

"Well, I mean, I can't think of any politician whose spouse works construction."

"No, dude, fit. Physically."

"I'm sorry, I must have tuned out, what are you talking about?"

"She says that I'm too big, that we can't have sex."

"That's ridiculous. Anybody can have sex with anybody."

He didn't say anything.

"Well, how big are you, exactly?"

"Ten and a half."

Yeah right. Men always talk about how big they are, and they usually add on a few inches when they know the other man won't find out the truth.

Jon didn't move. Ethan figured he was right. Maybe he was above average, but certainly not ten and a half...that's ridiculous. Ethan was six and a half, and the idea that Jon was adding on four inches, well, that's just preposterous. "She must be really tight," Ethan said.

"I'm telling you dude, it's me."

"Whatever. Prove it."

Maybe it was the beer, or the four beers he had before the one Ethan gave him, or maybe he was just too depressed to care, but whatever it was, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his meat. Ethan could tell that it was only about seven inches, but he immediately started jerking himself and he quickly began to grow, despite the beers.

"I haven't cum in two weeks and you want me to prove something, this won't take long." Jon was right, in just a few minutes, he was hard and that thing was more than ten and a half inches. It was a lethal fucking weapon.

"This is why she calls me a big boy. Even though she can't do much with it."

Ahem. "Well, what have you tried?"

"Everything. Dildos, patience, lots of lube...seems the most she can take is 8, 8 and a half." He continued to jerk himself, slowly, and as for Ethan, well, he wasn't sure how any man -- gay or straight -- could take his eyes off of it.

"I could deal with her only taking that much, if I could for once get someone to take all of it...I just want one good fuck with my cock buried to the hilt."

"I can take it." Ethan's eyes were so focused on Jon's tower that he didn't realize what he'd just said. Didn't realize that he'd said anything at all.

Jon stopped his jerking, turned his head toward Ethan. "What?"


"What did you say?"

Suddenly it all came back to Ethan...he started to stammer, to try to make something, anything up, to get out of what he'd just said. "Well, I mean, if I were, um, a woman, you see, and um, if I were dating a great person, I would do my best to, um, care for him as much as he wanted."

"You said 'can' not 'would.'"

Did I? Ethan thought to himself.

"You gay?"



"What? No."

"Dude, I don't care, just don't lie to me."

Ethan looked to the floor. The distance he'd kept from him was for a reason, and now, distance destroyed, Jon had found out. "Yeah, I'm gay."





"Yeah, whatever dude."

"You don't care?"

"Why should I?"

"I don't know...most straight guys would object to having a gay roommate..."

"Yeah, well, I don't care. Not like I haven't known."


"Dude. You never brought a single girl here who wasn't your hag. And you never mentioned a girl in a more-than-friends way."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Why didn't you say anything?!"

"Because, I didn't want to have to pay for this place myself."

"Seriously dude, I don't care...besides, having a gay roommate can have its perks." Jon looked at Ethan, took his dick back in his hands and began to pump the blood back into it.


"You said you could take it."

"I was joking, I mean, I probab-"

"Prove it."

Damn. The tables were being turned on Ethan. Damn.

Jon and Ethan looked at each other for a while. Finally, Ethan said, "I really don't think it's a good idea, I mean—"

"You got a boyfriend?"

"No, but you and Marley-"

"Just broke up. My dick can be used by anyone who wants it now...and she doesn't."

"Right, see, you just broke up, it's not a good idea to confuse things like this."

"I ain't confusing nothin'. You said you can do it, and now you won't prove it. Come on, Ethan, I proved my size to you. Don't wimp out on me now."

Ethan didn't say anything. He stared at the floor, trying to not look at Jon's rock hard cock that he wanted so badly to lick, to taste, to suck...

"You're not a top are you? 'Cause ain't nothin going up my ass."

"But you expect me to take that up mine?"

"You said you could. What are you, a liar? I don't want to live with a liar."

The idea of Jon leaving Ethan with the entire rent payment was not one that he enjoyed. And as much as Ethan knew this would hurt, he also knew that the 1450 per month rent would hurt a whole lot more.

"Oh I get it...it's your first time."

"No it isn't. It's just, you're bigger than the rest."

"So you're experienced?"

"I'm not a slut. But I've had my share of men."

"Yeah, so tell me, how do you do this? I mean, I've wondered how a dick of any size goes up anybody's ass."

"Well, it has to do with position, lube, patience is a good idea. The same ideals as straight sex."

Jon pulled out a bottle of lube from the couch cushions and tossed it to Ethan. "I work well with demonstrations."

Ethan moved from the chair to sit beside Jon on the sofa. He stared straight ahead and didn't say anything for a few moments, just listening to the sounds of a dick calmly being massaged by its owner right next to him.

"Um, first, I'm going to masturbate you a little bit, and then I'll begin to—"

"Dude, I don't need to know, just do it."

"Okay. Right, of couse." Ethan kept his eyes locked forward, reached over and took Jon's dick in his hands. Jon moved his hand, and rested his right arm on the arm rest of the sofa, moving his left behind Ethan to rest on the back of the sofa. He lifted his hips a little to settle in for what he expected to be an excellent evening.

Ethan was having problems with Jon's size and after using one hand for a while, he turned to let his left hand help out his right. Finally, he looked at what he was doing. Pride and maybe a little anger swelled up in him. His boyfriend, Todd, had called him a prude for not wanting to touch him. If only Todd could see me now, Ethan thought, he'd be sorry. Jesus, Jon's almost twice the length, and a hell of a lot thicker than Todd ever will be.

Jon noticed the change in Ethan's enthusiasm for his cock, and he smiled. He wished it was Marley, but this was her fault. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and pretended it was Marley's delicate, manicured hands who were working him from head to base, up and down, up and down, one hand, two hands, one hand, some lube he felt added to the mix, two hands now and the sound of a cock being jerked as passionately as Jon had been when he went down on Marley, despite his pronounced objections; he did it because he loved her, and he thought it would loosen her up, physically and mentally. But she refused to even take the eight inches, and now someone else was going to take ten and a half. But why was Ethan stopping?

Jon opened his eyes and looked at Ethan who was taking his shirt off. "You can take yours off too, if you want," Ethan said.

"Nah, I'm good...just wondered what you were doing...felt good."

"Yeah, it did. But wait, there's more."

"I'm not moving," Jon said, returning his head to its place on the back of the sofa, and his eyes to their closed state.

Ethan returned his hands to Jon's cock for a few minutes, and then moved a hand to the base, leaned over, and took the head in his mouth, as much as he could. He swirled his tongue around the tip of Jon's head for a few seconds, then took it out and licked from head to base on the underside.

"Oh man," Jon said, almost laughing as he said it. Jon had always heard that gay men give the best blowjobs, but he never really expected to find out firsthand.

Ethan continued licking and sucking all the while keeping one hand doing what his mouth could not do: travel the entire length of Jon. His other hand rested on Jon's stomach, but it, too, began to travel to Jon's chest. Ethan pulled his mouth off of Jon's dick to see what Jon was doing. Seeing Jon open his eyes, wondering why again Ethan had stopped, Ethan smiled at him and returned the head of Jon's dick to his mouth and determined to get more of it in, inching further forward after every withdrawal. As he tried to get more into his mouth, Ethan's hand would meet his lips.

"Oh fuck, dude, I love you," Jon said. "Goddamn that's good." He took his left hand and placed it on the back of Ethan's head, running his fingers through Ethan's blonde hair. Jon had never noticed how curly and thick it was before, but right then, he didn't care much, couldn't care much, he could barely focus as Ethan was getting closer to at least the half of Jon in his mouth.

Ethan knew the critical part was coming, the part where he might gag, and, god forbid, vomit. He reminded himself that he had to be careful, or this could ruin everything. And damnit, he really wanted to be fucked by Jon, always had in all honesty. Ethan lusted after Jon for months after seeing Jon walk around the apartment from the bathroom to his room, from his room to the kitchen, anywhere, in his boxers which could only try to hide limp meat. Here's your chance, Ethan, don't screw it up, he thought. But just as he promised himself that he wouldn't gag, he did.

Jon's floating in blowjob heaven was ended by some of the worst gagging sounds he'd heard. "Take it easy."


"It's okay, dude, no one has gotten all of me in their mouth," Jon said, "I don't expect you to."

"But I want to."

Jon laughed, "Shit, man, I'll give you all the practice you want. I promise."


"Just take your time."

Ethan didn't, instead rushing the half of Jon that he had gotten into his mouth back in. This quickly threw Jon back into his blowjob heaven, and he threw his eyes closed and his head back.

Ethan left off where he was, left hand jerking what he couldn't suck, his mouth sucking what he could, and his right hand rubbing Jon's chest and stomach. He was being encouraged by Jon's hand on his head, sometimes pushing him forward, just a little teeny bit.

"You wanna swallow my cum?"

"Mmmm," Ethan said, Jon's cock still working its way into his mouth. The vibrations of Ethan's throat against the head of Jon's cock sent him over the edge.

"Here it comes." He firmed up his grip on Ethan's head, assuring Ethan that he'd volunteered to do it, and by god, he was going to...not that Ethan needed to be reminded. He loved the salty, somewhat bitter taste of Jon's cock, and he wasn't letting that thing go for all the cocks in the world...he was pretty sure Jon's cum would be a delicacy too. He was bound to find out soon.

The first jet of cum hit the back of Ethan's mouth, he felt it roll down his throat as he tried to catch the rest with his tongue, desperate to actually taste what this beautiful man had to offer. Finally, Jon calmed down and let up on Ethan's head. Noticing the firmness with which he'd been holding Ethan's head.

"Sorry," he said.

Ethan swallowed the last bit of cum he had in his mouth and pulled Jon out of his mouth. Examining it, Ethan noticed that there was still some cum on Jon's cock and he set to licking it up.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah, tastes great. You ever tried it?"

"No, I don't. Marley never wanted to swallow, always said it was gross. Not sure I don't agree with her."

"Jesus, you should bottle that and sell it as vitamins," Ethan said, "people can't live without their vitamins, you know." Ethan made sure he got every drop off of Jon's dick, even though it was almost completely flaccid now.

Jon laughed. It was a good laugh, the kind that happy people do. "So, um, I think we'll have to wait on that second part."

"What second part?"

"The part where you ride this meat all the way home," Jon said.

"But I have to prove it to you," Ethan said, picking up Jon's deflating cock as it lay against Jon's stomach, trying to get it back to life..

"Unfortunately, you'll have to prove it later, because I have to be up early tomorrow, which means it's time for me to go to bed." Jon stood up. His meat flipped downward, hanging out of his pants. Jon stopped halfway to his room, turned around, pointed to his dick and said "Um, I appreciate it."

Jon walked to his room and shut the door, leaving Ethan on the floor, the taste of cum in his mouth and a hard cock to wrestle with. Ethan wondered what he ever saw in Jon. Getting off the floor, Ethan grabbed his shirt and went to bed himself.

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