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Prudence tried not to look, truly she did, but there out of the corner of her eye she could see her dorm-mate Jessica - naked on the bed, reading a magazine. Prudence shifted in the bed and curled her arm around her book. Tried to concentrate on her homework, yet Jessica held a pen, a pen that was moving further and further down between her thighs. Prudence tried her best to ignore where that pen was moving.

Prudence tried to get her mind off of that pen. Tried to think of the weeks before she moved in the dorm. When she filled out the dorm application. Did she smoke, did she drink, etc.? Then through some mathematical formula the college matched her with Jessica. She wished the questionnaire had asked one more question....are you an exhibitionist. She had tried to get reassigned, yet the RA asked what her hangup was? They were both girls...she wasn't going to see anything she didn't see everyday.

But Prudence wasn't used to seeing anyone else other than herself naked. She was an only child. And she had always been shy. Oh God, she couldn't help but look again...Jessica was doing it. She was going to do it again.

Prudence looked out the corner of her eye, careful to remain unobserved. She saw Jessica move her leg over. Now her dorm-mate was propped up against the poster covered cinderblock wall facing her, one leg bent at the knee resting on the bed, the other spread wide, her foot propped up on the bed frame out beside her. In her peripheral vision, Prudence could see everything. And it wasn't just that her room mate was naked, no, her fingertip was now now circling her clit. Around and around. Looking at her magazine she gave a low breathy moan. Prudence wasn't even trying to concentrate on her studies anymore. She couldn't help but watch the scene unfold.

Had the girl no shame? Prudence couldn't imagine doing such a humiliating activity under someone else's watchful gaze. Worse, the thought of it was causing Prudence to become aroused. It could be that it had been far too long since she had an orgasm herself. Before college, she usually pleasured herself twice a week or so. But since college, she hadn't found the opportunity to be alone. Jessica was always there. And she wasn't like Jessica..she couldn't just do it with someone in the room...possibly watching. She had even tried at night, but the blinds did little to darken the room and Jessica had seen her...had asked what she was doing.

I can't get comfortable, Prudence had replied. She was so aroused she had been unable to get to sleep until three in the morning. Shifting on the bed, Prudence couldn't seem to get comfortable now either.

"Are you watching me Prude?" Jessica asked.

"No..." Prudence replied, her voice hesitant. She wished she were more forceful sometimes. Wished she could tell Jessica not to call her Prude.

"So you aren't watching me?" Jessica asked.

Prudence knew she had been caught in a lie and sought to save face. "I wish you wouldn't do that."

"Do what?" Jessica's fingers moved faster. Her hips began to pump. She gave a short gasp.

"What it is that you are doing." Prudence was becoming exasperated. The girl knew exactly what she was doing, knew how much it bugged her, but Prudence refused to give her the satisfaction of naming it.

"Reading a magazine?" Jessica put the magazine down. Her gaze was focused Prudence, whose head was down in her book, doing her best to ignore the masturbating girl across from her. But the blush on her cheeks gave her away.

"You know what I'm talking about." She turned the page in the book. Why did she let Jessica get to her like this?

"It has a name Prude," Jessica said. "What is it that I'm doing? You can't even say it can you?"

Why was she having such a hard time saying it? Masturbating. She had said it before. Yet somehow, now, it was difficult to get her mouth around the word. It wasn't a dirty word, yet somehow it felt as though it were.


"Do you have some sort of hangup? Are you gay or something?" Jessica asked.

"No..." Prudence stammered, suddenly on the defensive. "I'm not gay."

"I think you must be gay, otherwise you wouldn't be peeping at me. Always peeping, never looking," Jessica said. "Maybe I should go to the RA and see about getting a new room mate. Maybe they can put you in a room with another gay girl. I bet you would like that."

"I - I'm not gay." Prudence felt a flush go to her cheeks.

"Ever had sex with a boy?" Jessica asked.

There was a pause for a few seconds. "Yes." Prudence lied.

"You are such a liar." Jessica said.

"I - I'm not gay."

"Then why are you so afraid to look at me?" Jessica said. "I'm turning you on, aren't I?"

"You aren't turning me on. I'm about to gag." Prudence lied once again. Now she started to doubt herself. Why was she turned on? Was Jessica right? Was she gay? She liked boys. But she was still a virgin, so she really didn't know.

"Then prove you aren't afraid." Jessica got up and pulled Prudence up by her hand, sitting her down at her seat. "Or are you afraid of what you will find out."

"I'm not afraid." But Prudence was trembling inside.

Jessica pushed the assorted books and papers out of the way and sat down naked on top of Prudence's desk. She spread her legs, one foot on each of Prudence's arm rests. Her room mate was trapped. Now the fun could really begin.

"Look at me." Jessica said.

The girl had the presumption to sit her naked bottom down on her desk...on her papers! There was no telling what sort of disgusting things were ruining her work. Then Prudence looked up from her lap and into Jessica's blue eyes.

"Not there - here," Jessica said. She reached under her large breasts and held them up for her room mate's inspection. "Do you like these? Are you a breast girl Pru?"

Prudence wasn't a breast girl. She glanced up at Jessica's breasts. She was slightly jealous of their size, a full c- cup, compared to her b cup. But, they didn't even make her blush, and Prudence began to feel a bit more confident, Jessica was wrong. She was not gay. Not at all...that is not until Jessica began to tweak her nipples, making them stand up hard and firm. So proud and confident. And it made Prudence want to curl inside herself.

"A nipple girl hmmmm?" Jessica smiled, as Prudence blushed all the harder. "Do my nipples turn you on little queer? Do you want to suck them, hmmm?"

"No..." Prudence whispered. She couldn't believe how relaxed her roommate appeared to be, naked on the desk, only feet from her, showing off her hard nipples. Tweaking them. Tugging them. In a way she was envious. At the same time she was extremely uncomfortable. Prudence never did that to her own, even when she masturbated which only occurred rarely.

"Look how your cheeks warm. I bet I know something else you like. Look down here," Jessica said, her hands roaming down her stomach, then up her thighs. Between her thumb and her forefinger, she spread herself, pink wet lips glistening under the lamplight. She licked her other forefinger, even though it was unnecessary, then began to rub her clit in small circles. "Look Pru, pink, just like my nipples."

Prudence couldn't bring herself to watch. She looked back up into Jessica's eyes. Those big blue eyes met her own gaze...it was Prudence who looked away. But before she looked away, she glanced down. Down to a wet sex and busy fingers.

"You are a lez, aren't you?" Jessica said. Her fingers moving faster. Her breath growing heavy. "You are afraid you will jump my bones if you look at me, aren't you? Do you fantasize about me Pru? Hmmm? Jumping my bones?"

"No..." Prudence whispered so lightly she could barely be heard. She shifted her gaze down from the book case, down between Jessica's lean wide spread thighs. Watching her roommate pleasure herself... to masturbate. She had never been that close to a pussy before...not even her own. She could see everything. Her damp sandy blonde curls. Her pink lips. Her clit. She could watch Jessica's hips move up and down. She could see her roommate's hole clench in pleasure. Jesus, had this girl no shame?

Jessica had no shame when it came to this. She had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. But she had never had someone like this. Almost captive. Forced to watch. God, it was a turn on. It made her heart race. Her blood surge. Pleasure rush through her body.

"You want this pussy don't you?" Jessica said, displaying her sex between her fingers. "Your cheeks are red from excitement. I can see your little nipples poking through your T-shirt. I might not be as good as you in my studies, but I know when someone wants me. And you want me Pru. I can tell. You want me just as much as any boy has wanted me. Maybe more."

"I don't...want it...or you..." Prudence stammered. Her mind was awash with confusing emotions. She was turned on and she didn't understand why. Whatever the case, she had no intention of Jessica finding out. "It's -just that I- I'm cold."

"Then prove it," Jessica said. Now her finger wasn't just rubbing her clit. Every once and awhile it would dip down to her opening. Pump in and out a few time and then travel back up to rubbing her clit.

"I can't," Prudence stammered. "What do you want a lie detector test?"

"Sure you can," Jessica said. "You've seen my pussy. Now let's see yours. Let me see if you are wet. Girls get wet when they get turned on Pru. Like a wet little lie detector. No matter how much you lie to my face, that pussy will tell me the truth. Show me that pussy. If you aren't wet, then you aren't gay. We'll just drop it from now on. Show it to me. Show me how straight you are my little Pru."

"No," Prudence whispered aghast at the notion. Not only was she far too shy, she knew what her roommate would discover. She could feel her juices running down the crack of her bottom. I'm not going to - to show myself to you."

"Such a prude Pru," Jessica said. "Too embarrassed. Nobody here but us girls. Okay, let's make it even easier. Take off your panties. Let me see them. If they are wet...then I'll know why. We'll both know what you are. But we know that already. You're a queer. My little queer roomie."

"But you are turned on," Prudence tried to get on the offensive. "Doesn't that make you gay?"

"I'm turned on because I'm masturbating dummy. Looking at Brad Pitt in a magazine. Go look at it if you don't believe me." Jessica said. "And I was masturbating before you started peeping at me. Long before you sat down in front of me. Leering at me. I can see the hunger in your eyes."

"Just let me up," Prudence gave up on the argument. She had lost and she knew it. She was turned on. She just wanted to cut her losses.

"You don't want me to tell the RA that you are a queer do you?" Jessica said. "I could tell everyone. This is a private school, a religious school. I wonder what they'd do to you. Ogling your roommate. Leering at me. A queer. A little peeping pervert queer. Oh at the very least...I bet they wouldn't let you take a shower with all the little straight girls."

"Please," Prudence begged. "Just let me get up."

"Or it could stay our little secret," Jessica said. "Would you like that Prude?"

It took a moment for Prudence to answer. She knew there would be a price for the secret to be kept. "Yes."

"I've been thinking," Jessica said. "Move your chair closer, while I tell you my idea."

Prudence refused to move. She didn't like where this was leading.

"Hey everyone, Prudence is a queer! Prudence is a queer!" Jessica said loud enough for someone out the door or in the suite next to theirs to hear.

"Be quiet," Prudence said. "Please."

"Then move the chair closer....queer."

Prudence bit back her retort. She didn't like being called a queer. Besides she wasn't one. But she didn't fight with Jessica over it. Otherwise the girl might start shouting again. So she meekly edged her chair closer to her desk and her naked roommate. Less than a foot, but it felt like a mile. From safety and security to cold fear. She couldn't just see her roommates pussy. She could smell it's musky odor.

"Let me tell you what I've been thinking," Jessica said. "I'm not like the rest of the people around here. I like to think of myself as being open-minded. So I said self, you know, having a pervie little queer for a roommate might not be so bad."

"But I'm not...I'm not....gay," Prudence said.

"Do you see what I'm doing with my fingers?" Jessica said, ignoring Prudence's rebuttal. "Do you queer."

"Yes." Prudence watched her roommate. Watched her fingers making small circles over her clit. Watched her plunge her finger in. Watched her move back and begin to diddle again.

"While you were peeping at me. I had a cool idea. I thought, you know my fingers felt really good, but you know what might feel even better? If Prudence put her hand on top of mine. That would feel super-duper," Jessica said. "Do it. I want you to feel what I'm doing."

God, she couldn't believe she was doing this. She knew she was crossing a line from passively watching and moving to participation. Timidly she reached out and rested her hand on top of her roommate's.

"There you go Pru," Jessica said. "Pay close attention. See what we are doing? First we go 'round and 'round that pretty clit. Then we go up and down that sexy slit. And here's the best part...especially for a queer like you. Watch close now. In and out ... in and out... that hot pussy hole."

Prudence kept her hand on Jessica's as she narrated what she was doing. Making small quick circles over her clit. Then moving her finger slowly up and down her slit. Finally moving it in and out her tight pussy, before starting back where she began. However, this time there was a difference. She didn't move her hand as much.

"Gosh Pru, guess what? My hand is getting tired...real tired," Jessica said. "I need you to help me Pru. Help my poor tired hand this time. You know what I like. Guide my hand for me."

Prudence was aghast. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She was practically masturbating another girl. But there didn't seem to be another choice. Well, there was an obvious one. She could refuse. But then what would happen if Jessica told, which she probably would. It would be her word against Jessica's, and Prudence couldn't even talk about it without stammering and getting confused. That only left one option. Doing as best she could, she began to move Jessica's fingers in circles over her clit.

"Tell me what you are doing you perve queer." Jessica said. "Just like I did for you."

"Ar-around and around the clit." Prudence stammered. God, she was going to have to talk about it after all. She wanted this to be over. She was hot. She was wet. Her mind conflicted and confused. She knew this wasn't right. Worse, she had picked a religious college to make sure she wasn't led astray, and now this- she was masturbating her female roommate.

"Say it right Prude," Jessica said. "Just like I did."

But it was so hard to say it. Saying it gave the meaning to what she was doing. A pretty clit. She had never thought of a clit being pretty before. But a lesbian would think of a clit as being pretty. And it was kind of pretty. Yet, that meant....

"Up and down that sexy slit," Prudence whispered, her voice cracking. Jessica wasn't helping at all. No matter how hard she tried to use Jessica's finger, her own kept touching her roommate's wet nether lips. Her sexy slit.

"I don't want to say that stuff any more," Prudence said. "I can't even remember what comes next."

"Come on Prude," Jessica said. "You are helping me. And I'm giving you exactly what you want. Now say it . Or should we check those panties of yours? I bet they will tell the truth about how much you are enjoying this. Shall we check? Oh please, I really want to. Maybe we can get the suite mates to help. How about that? I bet Brenda and Ashely, and Megan, and Cindy could strip you out of them in no time. I bet they are curious too. I've heard them talk about it...wondering if you were queer. I bet they'd pay money to know for sure."

The suite mates were a bunch of drunks and sluts that had little in common with Prudence, but they got along with Jessica beautifully. She was sure they would be glad to help, just like Jessica had said. She couldn't bear the thought of her secrets being put on display. She shuddered at the image in her mind, being forcefully stripped, her soiled panties being laughed at...then they would make fun of wetness .... her body...just like the boys and girl back in high school. Worse, they would call her queer. A pervert queer. She had to obey. It was her only option.

"In and out....in and..." Prudence stammered, not just from having to say those dreaded words, but also because she couldn't seem to get Jessica's fingers to go inside herself. She tried several different ways, but nothing seemed to work. Her own fingers grew more and more slimy. Wet. Soiled. And then somehow, her finger slipped into that hot wet hole, causing Jessica to moan out loud. Prudence kept going. In and out. It seemed pointless to stop now.

"Oh Pru, that feels so good," Jessica purred. "You have such skillful fingers..but I knew a girl like you would. Now, keep going. Tell me what you are doing now...say it queer."

"In and out...that hot.....pussy....hole...." Prudence said, practically choking on the words. She wasn't the sort of girl to say pussy. The word wasn't even part of her vocabulary. It felt foreign. Alien to her tongue. Worse, she was saying it and actually using her own fingers. She was masturbating her roommate, there were no ifs and or buts about it. A queer. She may not have been one before, but she was one now. Or at least very close to it.

"That feels good," Jessica said in a breathy whisper. "Now start again. Remember to tell me what you are doing."

Prudence continued masturbating her roommate. Jessica had withdrawn her hand, so Prudence was only using her own . She began to learn what her roommate liked. When she liked it fast. When she liked it slow. Even saying what she was doing grew easier. She was doing quite well...up until the point where Jessica ordered her to wet her finger.

"Excuse me?" Prudence said.

"Your finger feels rough .... get it wet for me."

At first, Prudence tried to get it wet by moistening it in the depths of Jessica's sex.

"That's not the way you do it dummy," Jessica said. "Get it nice and wet. Use your mouth. Don't worry, I'm open-minded. I'm not worried about getting coodies from a queer like you."

Prudence didn't want to offend her roommate, but she was worried of just that. A girl like Jessica. A girl who would walk around naked. Who wore slutty clothes. Who didn't have any qualms of masturbating in front of her roommate. What sort of girl did that? Not a decent girl, that was for sure.

But soon Jessica took matters into her own hands and pushed her index finger into Prudence's mouth, then began to masturbate again. Then brought it back to Prudence's lips again. A finger. It wasn't Prudence's finger, but it was a finger that had none the less been buried inside another girl just moments before. And it wasn't so bad.

Prudence opened willingly this time. Soon she was back to masturbating Jessica again. Except now, at times, Jessica would order her to wet her fingers. To get them nice and slick. And Prudence would stick her slimy digits into her mouth to get them wet again, even though in her opinion Jessica was plenty wet without the additional lubrication. And poor Prudence, more and more she wanted to stop, but couldn't seem to find a good way to do so. Couldn't get a word in edgewise between having to give a running commentary on what sort of strokes she was using and then there was Jessica demanding ever more. Worse, she was now being berated for her performance.

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