tagLoving WivesPrudish Wife's Vacation Adventure

Prudish Wife's Vacation Adventure


After 21 years of marriage and three children sex had settled down to be pretty routine and hum drum.

My wife Terri forgot how attractive and pretty she really was. At 40 she still had a fantastic figure standing at 5’4” weighing 115lbs she had her hair dyed a light blonde. Her breasts were still firm and pert 34C with large nipples that stuck out when she got excited. After 3 children she still had firm abs and a great looking ass. Her pussy was still tight and she let her hair grow. She kept her legs and arm pits shaved but her cunt hair was long and bushy dark black. I guess being around her all the time I too had forgotten just how attractive she really was.

Most of our time at home was spent between work and the kid’s activities at school and in sports. We had both become known as Susie’s Mom or Jason’s Dad. Our own identities had seemed to have been lost.

In July we took a week long vacation to a State Park and stayed at the Lodge. During the day we would take the kids fishing, hiking to play sports. Several times we went to the park pool. Terri still wore a bikini that really accented her body but she thought nobody would be looking at her with all the young women prancing around. I admired Teri as she played around with the kids.

On our third day we were at the pool as the temperature had reached the 100 degree mark and the humidity was in the 90’s also. The pool was packed with people and we spent most of the day in the water.

Technically the pool and the park were alcohol free. However, as the temperature was hot and the pool allowed drink containers to be brought in most of the adults had water bottles that they kept filled with cold beer through the day. I had met two men at the pool that day and we spent most of the day talking and just relaxing in the water sipping on our cold beer.

As the evening approached the crowd had thinned out and there were about 25 kids and several couples still in the water. My new friends John and Mark were still in the water as their families continued to play around in the water.

We were all looking at the younger women in the pool and making comments about their looks. John surprised me when he suddenly remarked on how hot Terri looked for a woman of her age. He said her ass was great and commented on what he could do with it.

John was 50 years old but had a great athletic figure that he attributed to his love for racquet ball. He stood about 6’3” and was very firm at about 195lbs. He had light hair that had a touch of grey.

As John made his comments about Terri Mark chimed in that Terri was the best looking women in the pool. He claimed her experience ranked her high above her younger counterparts in the water. He told me she had an ass that was just right for some serious playing with. He commented on how the black pussy hair sticking out from around her bikini bottoms had him going crazy all day. Her hair was not really that noticeable unless you were really looking at that area. He continued on how each time she got out of the water to jump back in with the kid’s her bottom would cling to her body and ass cheeks.

Mark was 30 and on the wild side. He stood about 6’00” and was muscular. He had spiked blonde hair, numerous tattoos and his tongue, ears and eyebrows were pierce with studs and hoops. He wore a pair of speedo swim trunks that outlined a very large cock even while soft.

I laughed it off and tried to comment on each of their wives, however, I too knew that Terri had them all beat hands down.

Mark dared me that if I went over and played in the water grabbing her and dunking her as she was playing with the kids he would give me $20.00 if I would “accidentally” expose her tits and her ass to his view.

I again laughed it off as the beer was getting to me and I figured to him too. However, I was getting aroused knowing that Terri was having an effect on these two men.

John jumped in and added another $20.00 if I would go for it. I looked at both of them and could tell they were not teasing. I could also see the effects in the water that this talk was having on Mark’s cock. I thought I could also see a tent formed in the front of John’s large swim trunks. I found myself getting aroused too as I realized the effect Terri was giving these two married men and playfully agreed.

I took the rest of my beer and drank it down and then swam over to where Terri and our oldest son and she were playfully dunking each other and getting out of the pool and jumping in to splash each other. Terri smiled and told my son that Daddy has finally decided to over and play too. She came over and tried to dunk me. I let her get me down for the fun of it.

I came back up out of the water and my son was trying to get her under by grabbing her legs around the ankles. For 13 he was big and had Terri struggling. Terri hollered for me to help her. I smiled at her and told her after what she did to me she was going to pay. I grabbed her around the stomach below her top and acted as I was struggling to get her under. When my son finally released his hold on her legs I lifted her out of the water catching her top and pulling it up as I threw her towards where John and Mark were standing.

Her top had come completely over her breasts and displayed her tits perfectly for the waiting audience 20’ in front of her. When she came back up she looked at me and I gave her back a surprised look. I apologized and tried to help her re adjust her top. Nobody beside John and Mark had seen what had happened and behind her back they both gave me a thumb up.

I continued playing around with Terri in the deep water that she had to stand on her toes to keep from going under. I let her get me a few more times and dunked her several too. After about five minutes of playing around she jumped onto my back trying to push my head under. I positioned her so that her backside was again facing John and Mark and as I pretended to struggle to get her off my back caught my hands in her bikini bottoms. I finally jerked the bottoms down over her cheeks as I took her down below the water with me going in forward to give the guys a god view as she went in.

By the time I got back up above the water Terri was standing there with her bottoms again up. She looked pissed and called me a jackass, that I had done that on purpose. She swam over to the ladder and got out of the pool going over to our blanket and sat down. I got out and went over to her and she told me to go away and to leave her alone.

I got back into the water and went over to John and Mark. They complemented me and talked about how hot Terri looked and things they would do to her if they had the chance. I could also see that both men were sporting large erections and knowing what caused them caused me to get hard myself. After about an hour Terri had our pool belongings gathered and the kids out of the water.

I got out and dried off and we returned to the lodge to change for dinner. The ride back was dead quiet with only the kids asking to go back to the pool tomorrow. Terri just stared dead ahead and didn’t say a word.

As we got to our rooms the kids went into their room and Terri and I went to our adjoining room and closed the door. Terri began giving me hell for exposing her and charging that both times were on purpose. She finally got into the shower and I tried to make small talk about what we were going to eat.

After our showers we went to the lodge restaurant and had a good meal. We went to the lake and walked around until after dark and then returned to our room for the night. After getting the kids down for the night we closed our door and watched some TV. Terri seemed to be over her anger and around 11:30 we turned out the lights and went to bed.

As we lay in bed I asked her if she noticed anybody watching her in the pool today. She replied “no” who would want to watch an old mom with all the young flesh gathered around. I asked her if she noticed the guys I was talking to most of the day and she said she had. I then started to tell her the comments that the guys had made about her and her looks.

At first she seemed to get angry but then she actually seemed to like the attention. She asked me about more of what they had said. I continued to tell her of their comments. She finally asked the question I was dreading. Did I expose her for them? With a golf ball in my throat I told her “yes” at their request. I did not tell her of their wager though. She asked if they liked what they saw and I told her about the effect she had on them. This seemed to really excite her much to my surprise. Normally Terri was very reserved, private and modest. That night we fucked like teenagers again.

I thought the whole episode with John and Mark was over the next morning as we woke up. I thought I would not take their money as they had got me the best sex I had in years.

Around 11:00 in the morning it was again close to 100 degrees and when the kids asked to go to the pool Terri immediately said ok and we were back to the room to get changed. Terri changed into a bathing suit I had bought her at Fredericks that I thought she might wear for the two of us some night in the hot tub. As she walked out of the bathroom in it I almost choked on my beer. It was very revealing and sexy looking on her. She looked at me and said “I did not shave or trim my bush since your friend, what’s his name; Mark really seemed to like the natural look.”

Terri stood there wearing the little yellow bikini that I had purchased for her. Two small triangles covered her nipples and areola but not much else. The yellow bottoms had a thin strip up the front and a thin strip up the back with straps that connected the two pieces around her waist. The tan lines on her chest and cheeks were clearly visible from the conservative suit she had worn the last three days. Her ample bush pushed out both sides of the small front covering.

I remarked on her pubic hair hanging out and suggested she at least do a trim job before we went out. She just laughed and with a smirk replied that there was plenty of shaved flesh for all to look at, she wanted to be noticed, Looking like she did she would definitely get men’s attention. She put on a light wrap and out the door we went. I did not tell her that the material on this suit would be see-thru when it got wet. It would cover once the water dried a little but it would take several minutes.

Once we got to the pool the crowd was down but John and Mark were in the water with their beer. I jumped in and went over to them as Terri went and spread the blankets and started applying lotion to her shoulders. The guys gave me a high five and their eyes were glued to Terri. Were they in for a surprise and a view.

As Terri finished her shoulders she shed her wrap and continued putting lotion all over her chest and stomach. John and Mark both had their eyes pooping out of their heads as well as their cocks pointing at full attention. “Holy Shit” was all they said. As Terri finally got into the water they asked how I ever got her to wear such a magnificent suit. I just smiled and told them it was her idea after I had told her of their lusts for her looks.

Instead of playing with the kids today Terri swam over to us and teased with the guys and me. She asked for some beer and both John and Mark both gave her a bottle. The guys were both on their best behavior as we all stood around talking, not making any comments about Terri’s looks or her suit. After her third beer Terri announced she had to go and pee and went to the ladder several feet from where we were standing. As she exited the water it was almost as if she had nothing on. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she bent over up the ladder to give them a shot.

After Terri left the comments really came. All three of us were noticeably aroused by the sights and the attention of Terri. Both John and Mark’s wives didn’t seem to notice the display that was going on or the reaction of their husbands. Both the guys talked about how neither had had sex. Mark said it had been over two weeks and John said it had been well over a month for him and this was killing them.

Terri returned and her suit had dried enough to again hide the little it covered. She grabbed her beer and drank it down quickly and told the guys she was empty. She then jumped into the water near us as both the guys struggled to fill her up again.

As they handed her another water bottle full of Bud she faced me with her back to Mark. She talked to me as she smiled and backed up against Mark and rubbed her ass against his bulging crotch. I wanted to protest but from the gleam on Terri’s face and the obvious reaction Mark was having I only got that much more excited.

The rest of the day Terri continued to tease both John and Mark rubbing on them, brushing against them and flirting with them like a schoolgirl. She must have drunk at least 15 beers and made a real display each time she exited the pool. Several times during the day she even asked them to “help” her apply her lotion.

We finally returned to our room after the pool closed and I ordered room service and some videos for the kids to watch in their room. Terri was really excited as we sat in our room and talked of the effect she had on all three of us today. She bubbled with excitement like a schoolgirl being asked on her first date by the stating quarterback. I don’t think until now she realized that she was still a women and very hot and attractive. She had taken on the persona of Mom. I guess that I too had forgotten just how really beautiful she was.

Up until yesterday I didn’t think much about her looks. We were mom and dad. Sex was a routine we did every other Saturday under the covers with the lights out. We were both virgins when we married and nobody except our doctors had ever seen us naked more less having sex together. We never even indulged in an erotic video.

Around 10:00 there was a knock at the door. Terri went to answer wearing a large pair of sweat pants and an oversized T-shirt. As she opened the door she announced “Denny, it’s your friends.” I got up to see John and Mark standing at the door with a cooler, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a bottle of Tequila and a movie. “What’s up guys?” I inquired as they entered. Both explained that their wives and kids had fallen asleep and they thought they would come visit for a while.

They said they had bought one of Mark’s video’s and thought we might like to watch a little TV and have a drink with them. John opened us each a cold Bud from his cooler and Mark brought out shot glasses and poured each of us a shot of the Tequila. I poked my head into the kid’s room and they were all fast asleep with the TV still on. I shut the door and returned to our room as Mark slipped in his video.

The movie was a nasty gang bang flick with lots of action including anal, DP and massive cum shots. Terri and I had never watched this type of film but Terri seemed intrigued by all of it as we continued sitting around bullshitting and drinking shots and chasing it with beer.

Around 11:30 we were all hot and pretty drunk not to mention turned on. I figured the guys would leave and I would have another night of fabulous sex with Terri.

John said the pool was closed and had a privacy wood fence around it. With the State government budget cutbacks this year he said there was nobody checking the pool area and we could all go for a quick swim to cool ourselves off before retiring for the night. Before I could say anything Terri said that sounded like the best idea she had heard all night and what were we waiting on. Even in my intoxicated state I was a little unsure knowing what could happen if we went. But everyone was at the door heading out so I went along.

Terri was giggling and was unsteady on her feet on the way down to the pool area. Mark had his arm around her helping her along as I carried his bottles and John toted the cooler along.

Once at the pool fence I helped John over and handed him the cooler and drinks. Mark then boosted Terri over the fence grabbing her ass as he lifted her over. This got me excited and I went over followed by Mark. Mark poured each of us another shot and handed us a cold beer. As we stood in the hot muggy night air Terri really surprised me by talking about the movie we had just watched and commenting on how a women could take several men. She told how once was our limit and then we both fell off to sleep quickly.

John remarked on how hot and sticky it was out and how good the water would feel. He stripped off his clothes and jumped into the water. As he stripped Terri was focused on his cock. It was at least 7” and thick around. His pubic hair was thick and a black slat and pepper mix of grey.

Mark replied “don’t be bashful” and he too stripped down. As he removed his bikini briefs Terri said “Wow!” She was looking directly at his massive cock that looked even larger in full view than it did through his speedo’s. It was at least 12” long and as big around as my wrist. His scrotum was pierced with a stud and his nipples both had hoops in them. As he turned to jump into the water his ass was white as snow compared to the rest of his deep tanned body. His ass was tight and muscular as the rest of him.

Terri looked at me and said “this is really fun, Thanks for letting me have a good time.” She then stripped out of her sweats and shirt revealing her perfect trim body. The guys in the pool made cat calls as she dived in. I removed my clothes and followed her into the water. The water felt good on my straining 6” cock that was begging for release.

As we all splashed around in the water dunking each other and drinking my head spun with all that was happening. When I had given Terri that yellow bikini she had called me a pervert and asked if I really expected her to wear such a sluttish thing? Our sex life was hum drum boring. Many years ago I tried anal sex with her and she told me I was sick, that it was not natural and not to touch her there again. She rarely liked oral sex but would occasionally let me go down on her. A few times she had given me a blow job but always stopped long before I would cum. It had been several years since she had even done that. She always dressed in the bathroom behind the closed door and would undress under the covers on the nights we would have sex and then immediately get redressed before dozing off. Now here she was talking about a porn video and naked in front of two total strangers commenting about the size of their cocks.

As we splashed around Terri jumped up on Mark’s shoulders yelling “chicken fight” as she splashed water at John and I. After splashing around a bit we dunked her off Mark’s shoulders and went over to the side to get another round of drinks. Terri got out of the pool and ran around to the diving board followed closely by Mark. As John and I drank our drink Mark and Terri went off the board several times. John was remarking on what an incredible wife I had and how luck I was.

Mark was climbing out of the pool and Terri was right behind him. As she got out she grasped onto Mark and began to kiss him passionately. Mark just stood there with his enormous cock poking into her soft belly kissing her back. John and I approached and asked if they were going to join us. Terri replied she had a game for us to play, she would stand on the shallow end of the pool and we would jump into the deep end and race to her. The first one there would be rewarded for their victory. Everyone agreed and Terri went to the shallow end.

We all jumped in when she yelled “go” and raced for her. Mark in his youth was the first to reach Terri. She took him into her arms and began kissing him deeply using her hand to stroke his massive cock. After a few minutes she broke free and announced time to try again. When Mark protested she said the rewards would get better s the contest continued. I was not sure I liked this but was too turned on to object.

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