tagMind ControlPsion - o Secrets

Psion - o Secrets


She swallows hard. She is afraid. I Understand; I ask her again if this is what she truly wants.

"When you found out... you kept it a secret from me. Fifteen years. You owe me."

I chuckled. It was an old childhood Debt she called in. One her Lover could not possibly Understand. Though as I watched her red-headed sprite squirm in her plush easy chair I wondered just how much they loved each other.

She gasps. I raise one eyebrow exactly one hair; she arouses easily. Her lover's eyes dart between our bodies. Both women struggle. I listen to their grunts and moans, comparing and contrasting the Sounds as I stimulate nipples... before filling her sex suddenly.

I smile quietly before taking a sip from the obsidian wine glass. She opens her mouth to speak... and only her surprised yelp spills from her lips. I do not waste time with subtle movements; I fuck my friend with savage fury. She feels the powerful thrusts. The sounds of flesh-on-flesh explode into the room... as I rise from my chair to refill my wine glass.

She is lost now; her utterances are pure Lust. Her lover struggles wildly now... and I find this disturbing... and expected. She wore no make-up... ever from what I have been told. A Natural beauty... who seemed forever torn by something.

I hear her orgasm approaching. She swallows loudly. I pour the wine slowly, focusing on the Flow from Bottle-to-Glass. As the last drop falls into place her orgasm shatters her body. Her nectar gushes from her sex, splattering against the defenses offered by her thong and denim mini-skirt.

She moves towards her red-headed lover. I turn slowly, though I don't focus on the spectacle immediately. Taking a sip I ponder the Thoughts moving through her lover's mind... and she knelt in a manner which had them at eye level. I wondered how long it would be before she realized she was watching her beloved giving head to an invisible force... one that was all too real in her Mind.

I make my way towards the couple. My friend glances towards me. Horror and Terror... and that begging plea to stop; yet she Knew I would honor our Debt. I want to know exactly what you're capable of.

With less than a glance I Know what your body has experienced... and can reproduce the physical sensations. So complete is my control... I can even make it appear that a female corpse had intercourse at please-inert-requested-timeframe-here. She is close to screaming now... exactly like her lover did on the day she was raped.

I don't know who or when... only that her Body bears the psionic scars. I know them all too well; I have Seen them on too many women. She tries to scream as her breasts heave beneath mauling fingers. All she knew before this... was that I could make someone feel whatever I wished.

Perhaps it was foolish to explain to her why I never used my ability on her... not even to tickle her. Perhaps it was foolish of her to allow her lover to see this... to share such an experience... in many Ways. So... I explain the Sensations... and their source. I tell them everything... for as she told me... THEY DON'T HAVE SECRETS BETWEEN THEM.

I freed them from my Control, ending the session only after carefully placing the obsidian wine glass on the table. I had more where this one came from. Somehow... it was Proper. I made my way to the hotel room door. I had done enough damage.

Thank you.

I froze; the Thoughts were Pure... and ringed with a soft red-haired halo.

Three months later I called. She wasn't eager to meet with me, but agreed. As we walked down the street in silence I took notice of her posture. There was a faint hint of fear in her shoulders, but her chest and legs still held that iron resolve.

"I don't actually feel the Sensations... I only Know what they are and can replicate them. Experience... taught me to recognize Rape from Casual Sex."

"Then you've rape someone..."

"Hardly," I chuckled. I wasn't surprised by this... I was simply waiting for her to ask. It is a highly reasonable question to ask. The Truth, however, is no less horrific.

"Her name is Abigale Wynter. She died... as a result of injuries sustained when she was raped. We'd just had sex... so I was a natural suspect. Not to mention the whole racial issue."

She chuckled softly. "How did you get clear? DNA?"

"No; the F.B.I. were tracking the guy." She froze; that was a major news story... even six years later

"I Know everything he did to her... right down to the nano-second. I Know his hand position when he did it. But... I can never Feel what she Felt... not emotionally."

"Wait... you've..."

"Hey... That's Cake and Eating." I burst into laughter; trust a Friend to find the one Bright spot in a very bad experience... and force you to laugh your way out of the Memory.

"Things... OK?" I asked.

"Yeah. She said to say thank you... again?"

"No secrets... remember? I am not the only one with a Gift."


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