tagLoving WivesPssst, It's About Your Wife

Pssst, It's About Your Wife


Damn, you finally are reading my note to you. You don't know me. I'm a gal that knows your wife. I have got to tell you what is going on. This whole saga was created by people, with good intentions, who were trying to help. But, they took comments made to them to mean something other then the speaker intended. Look, before you get into this make sure that no one can read this over your shoulder. Better yet, wait until you are alone. You have to promise that you won't go off half cocked. And for God's sake don't blame your Mrs.

Your wife is being gangbanged by several guys two or three times each month. Do you remember playing poker at the club three months ago. I'm sure you do. Everybody had been drinking. Well, if you recall, there were two strangers that sat in on the game. One of them was my husband.

As I heard the story, a friend of yours by the name of Danny got up to leave at eleven PM. He said, "Gentlemen, I have to go, Saturday night is pussy night at the old abode. My woman gives me an hour of action."

After he left, under your breath you said, "There are no pussy nights at my house."

Several of the guys asked you why you weren't getting any. You told them. "Hey, we never tried to have sex until we were on our honeymoon. I've got nine thick inches, and she is a thin six inches. With half a bottle of champagne in me, and being full of piss and vinegar, I jammed all of my cock into her that first night. She was like a cat that someone sprayed turpentine on its ass. She screamed, and as I rolled off of her, she scampered into the bathroom. She locked the door, and slept in the tub. That was a year ago. Since then, she has let me put part of my cock in her four times. Monday, I leave for Denver to attend a month long computer programmer school. I wish that there was some magic that would stretch her pussy so that we could have normal sex when I return."

I think now that your comments were just drunken talk. Well, my friend, the other guys at the table felt really sorry for you. If you recall, they were all older guy who at thirty-five had been married for ten years or so.

Steve Selin told them that he had the same problem when he got married. He asked a doctor what he should do. The doctor took him into his office, and after closing the door said, "Steve, go to a party. Get your Mrs. drunk, and then have sex with her. Put it all in her. Do that a few times, and she will stretch to accommodate you just fine."

Just in case someone pops in on you, I am going to refer to your wife as Lisa.

Bob Brown added his two cents. "Look, that poor guy is going to be gone for a month. If we could somehow get Lisa to a party, we could flirt with her. Maybe get her thinking sexy thoughts, so that he has a chance to do something with her, when he returns."

When my husband got home, he mentioned Lisa and your problem. I told him, "I know Lisa. She is in my bowling league. Tell you what, I could ask her if she wants to be a waitress at some of the private parties that I work. I've told you a thousand times how the men flirt with us, and ask us to come up to their rooms."

When Lisa heard about the parties, and that we would each make one hundred dollars for five hours work, she told me that she would love to do that, and thanked me for thinking of her.

We each wore waitress uniforms which were short, and showed a lot of cleavage. Lisa's hourglass figure, and her huge tits were a big hit, let me tell you.

During the second party, this very important politician came up to me. He asked if I and Lisa would be available to join two other girls as the entertainment for the guys at a big bachelor party. What I did not know was that my husband had told the politician that Lisa was in need of a lot of attention.

What my husband meant was exactly what he said, attention. What the politician thought he meant was she, and the rest of us were available to be striped naked, dance for the boys, and let them fondle us.

The next confusion occurred when the politician told his son, who was the best man, that he had four women coming for the guys to have fun with. He added, "One gal is a Lisa, have everybody pay attention to her." The son thought that fun meant sex. The politician gave his son one thousand dollars to spend on the party. Not only did he buy booze, but he bought enough ecstasy to keep everybody high for two days.

After the party had started, I thought that it was a little strange that all four of the girls were included in the games, but what the hell, it was their nickel, and their booze. So, if they did not mind, I will drink good whiskey anytime that I can.

Somewhere along the way, we were all given a dose of ecstasy. Whoa, in twenty minutes, we were a loving group. Pretty soon, two or three guys gathered around each gal, and our clothes were removed. When we were all naked, I was taken into a bed room. Two guys held my legs over my head, while a third guy fucked me. With the booze and the ecstasy, he and the other guys each fucked me for twenty minutes before I felt warm cum in me.

An hour later, I got off the bed to pee. I looked into the master bedroom. There were six guys in there with Lisa. Wow, that woman has big tits. I asked the guy nearest to the door, "How is she doing?'

"She is one tight pussy. She made all sorts of fuss when the first three guys fucked her. You could tell that she needed to be stretched. So we asked Chuck to fuck her. He has nine inches that is as big as a beer can. Gave her a big glass of vodka and orange juice. When it hit her, we turned Chuck loose on her. Great show. We got a movie of every one of the eight guys that have fucked her. As you can see, she has settled down now. She has had four hard orgasms."

At that point the son phoned the politician. "We are having a great time. The gals you sent are great fucks."

The politician, worried about what my husband was going to think of his wife being fucked phoned him. "Hey, Ace, things got a little out of hand, and one of the girls may have took off too much and ended up in a bed."

My husband, thinking that it must have been only Lisa, told him, "If there is any way for you to arrange for Lisa to have this happen several times, I would consider it a favor. Oh, and another idea. Tell her that if she does not offer sex to her husband three times a week that you will tell him about this little party."

The politician phoned his son. "Was that Lisa that you guys were doing?"

"Yes, we even got a long movie of eight guys fucking her."

"Tell you what, when she sobers up, show her the film. Tell her that if she visits with you guys twice a month, no one sees the film. And, oh ya, tell her that she is to fuck her old man three times a week to keep this under wraps."

As I walked down the hall, some new guys took me in a bedroom for more hard love making. The bed squeaked like crazy as one guy after another fucked me. It was daylight before I saw Lisa again. She was in the living room laying on her back on a guy whose cock was in her ass, as he was sprawled in a chair. Another Dude was on his knees with his cock in her pussy.

I left. Enough was enough. I heard later that Lisa called them some names when she saw the movie, but agreed to meet with them.

One of the guys at the bachelor party made porno movies on the side. On his own, he called Lisa and told her to be at his studio the following Wednesday. He told her it was to make some "soft porn" shots that would only be seen in Europe.

When she arrived, everyone was dressed in nice clothes. There were five guys, plus the guy from the party, who was going to run the camera. The had a living room set, as well as a bed room set. Everyone just sat and chatted. Lisa was given tea. Well, sort of. In ten minutes, her eyes were dilated and her speech was slurred.

The men all gathered around her. Her clothes were removed. The guys were all sucking on suckers. They would rub the suckers on her tits, pussy, and ass. Then would lick her. One by one they undressed. Lisa slowly turned around, as she saw the cocks. All were nine to twelve inches long.

One guy sat on the edge of a table. They lowered Lisa's upper body onto his legs, while her head was held so that half of that cock was in her mouth. A huge, long cock was fed into her cunt. With a hard shove, it was buried to the balls. That man, plus three others fucked her as fast and hard as they could.

The fourth guy ran his cock into her cunt to coat it with cum, and then put twelve inches into her ass. When he buried it in her, she turned to look at him as she squirmed and pushed her ass back onto him.

It take two hours of film to make a movie. That group of men was fucked out in an hour. They cleaned Lisa up, put a different outfit on her, and took her to another part of the building that had a set which looked like a prison cell with a sex swing in it.

Six new men, dressed in prison garb carried Lisa into that cell. They tied her to the sex swing, and put a gage in her mouth. They made a great movie from above showing her breasts flopping, her ass absorbing the impact of her body swinging into the man's body as he drove that long thick cock deep into her. I have watched it in slow motion. It is a primitive sight to see all that cock disappear into the tight little body of you wife.

Three day before you returned home, they took Lisa to a cabin, upstate. Nine guys showed up. Lisa was fucked every which way. The politician, Steve Selin, and my husband were there, and each said they did her several times.

Last night, playing poker, the guys ask you if there were any changes at home. You said, "Holy Mackerel, yes. It is some kind of miracle. When I got back from Denver, the Mrs. was dressed in sexy duds. She told me that she decided that she wanted to have sex with me at least three times a week. When I begin to ease the old cock into her, she grabbed my ass, and panted out, Pump me Baby, pump me. Sex has been wonderful for the last two months."

Well, now you know why. You've got a decision to make, Big Boy. You can tell her that you know what is up, and that you know she was tricked into it all, and it was all from misunderstandings. The question then is, will your good sex cease?

Or, You can call the guys and tell them not to see her. In which case, she will know that no one is checking on her to see if she is doing you three times a week.

Or, you can come over to my house. We can watch the movies of her being fucked, and then you can fuck my brains out. Lisa has told everybody that you have the thickest cock she has ever had. I want that puppy in me, often.

It's you call.

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