tagMind ControlPsychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 02

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 02


Life was going good until the other shoe dropped. Only, things could be worse. I could be dead.

Yet, this story is not about my accident, it is about what happened to my wife and her sister after my accident at the hands of my so called, best friend, Wade. I only needed to give you the necessary background of what happened to me to give you a clearer picture of the progression of the story for you to feel the travesty of what happened to them.

You see, my best friend, Wade, has always lusted over my beautiful wife, Gabriella and her equally as beautiful, educated, and talented twin sister, Victoria. I know quite a bit about Victoria, as I started out dating her before I fell in love with her sister, but that is another story for another time.

Wade is a big, physical and terminally horny guy. He was on my college football team, as a lineman, my first year at Boston College, before I got serious with my studies and applied and was accepted at MIT. Later, I did all my graduate work at Harvard.

He stands about 6'5", weighs in about 260 pounds, and has a cock as big as he is. Every time we entertained Wade and whatever new bimbo he was with, he was only there to make a pass at Gabriella. He never missed a chance to get her alone in the kitchen for a stolen kiss or a quick feel. It was all so innocent enough. I mean, we all had been drinking and this is what people who live in the suburbs do to keep the marital sex alive with some hot pillow talk later about how Wade put her hand on his cock or how he felt her tit or ass. Besides, Gabriella admitted that she enjoyed the attention, assuring me that was as far as it would go and that she had no interest in Wade as a lover.

Only, Wade believes otherwise. Because he was able to get to first base and, probably, second base, something that Gabriella did not tell me about, no doubt, he believes that Gabriella has the hots for him. Now, Wade thinks that with me paralyzed and out of the picture that he can waltz in and take away my wife. Little does he know...little does he know. Boy, that's says it all, doesn't it? He has no idea who he is dealing with, now, and the powers that I possess.

Now, even Dr. House does not know the extent of my psychic powers. I hesitate at calling them superpowers, but when compared to the intellectual ability of others, I am in a league of one. You see, Dr. House is of the opinion that once I return home and become acclimated in my familiar surroundings and my body becomes accustomed to the loss of much of my physical function, my brain activity will return to normal. Little does he know that I am the new Lex Luther, Superman's nemesis, if the real Superman existed, which, of course, he does not.

Only, I am not an evil person and maybe that Lex Luther analogy is not a good one to use. That may be the medication talking. I am Dr. Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter and a nice all around guy.

I discovered in the hospital after awakening from my coma that I could do things with my mind. For me, women are so easy to control. Most men are a bit harder to psychically transfer thoughts. Perhaps, because most women are more sensitive, nurturing, and caring that their brains are receptive to receiving psychic thoughts. Whereas, men's minds are full with beer, road rage, football, and naked women and are not very receptive to receiving any other thoughts, unless it is the new model of pickup or SUV that they are lusting over.

I had this cute nurse, Lisa, who cared for me in the intensive care. She worked the 7am -- 3pm shift and every day. It started out with me concentrating on objects that I could make fall to the floor so that she would have to stoop to pick them up rewarding me with an up skirt view of her panties. Never did she bend at the waist. Always, she would stoop down with her knees splayed and show me her daily panty of choice. Who knows, maybe she has a bad back. Nonetheless, it was innocent fun. Lisa is a cute woman, a bit heavy, but still plenty good enough to look at and lust over. From moving objects with my mind, I graduated to actually making my mind an extension of my fingers.

I psychically concentrated on her uniform buttons. Lisa has big tits and I was horny, even though my cock was dead. So, concentrating on her buttons that hid away her tits from me was easy to do. Besides, I was bored and had nothing else to stare at; the room was so antiseptic white. It was when I imagined, finally, that her buttons were undone, that I was slowly and with great difficulty, able to unbutton her button with my mind. After a bit of practice, one button was easy; it was more difficult to unbutton the second one. Yet, I practiced, until I could unbutton three buttons in a session of a few seconds.

There, before my eyes, as she leaned over me to fluff my pillow, I was presented with a down blouse or in her case, a down uniform look of her white, lacy bra and ample cleavage. Definitely, she was a full C cup, maybe even a D cup. Nonetheless, her tits were big, full, and round. And when she leaned into my body to adjust my position, she pressed those tits against my forehead and I could feel that they were firm. Man, if only I had the use of my hands or the ability to turn my head, I would have sucked her nipple through her big bra.

I spent the next few days practicing my unbuttoning skills on Lisa. After a while, it was too easy to unbutton them. It was much harder to button them back and I gave up practicing that after having limited success. With some practice, I could unbutton her buttons from about 30 feet, about the range of a remote control, and through the glass of the ICU ward. It was fun to see more of her than she was willing to show, just as it was fun to watch the reaction of the other medical personnel to her partial undress. I had her showing off her bra and cleavage and panties to everyone on that floor, patients and staff. Poor Lisa, she had no idea what was happening.

Now, zippers were a cinch and many of the medical staff in the hospital preferred zippers to buttons. Depending on the person, I could unzip a dress in one quick pull or one slow slide. Whichever the method, I was rewarded with a continual display of bras and panties. No one suspected a thing. How could they? I was paralyzed. Oh, baby. Poor Dr. House was always walking around with his fly down (lol).

The fun part was when they had the youngest and prettiest nurse, Meghan, came in to give me a sponge bath. You're not going to believe what happened.

To be continued...

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