tagMind ControlPsychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 03

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 03


Life was going good until the other shoe dropped. Only, things could be worse. I could be dead.

I spent the next few days practicing my unbuttoning skills on Lisa. After a while, it was too easy to unbutton them. It was much harder to button them back and I gave up practicing that after having limited success. I was afraid of being caught unbuttoning her uniform, but, then again, who would suspect me?

With some practice, I could unbutton her buttons from about 30 feet, about the range of a remote control, and through the glass of the ICU ward. It was fun to see more of her than she was willing to show, just as it was fun to watch the reaction of the other medical personnel to her partial undress. I had her showing off her bra, cleavage, and panties to everyone on that floor, patients, visitors, and staff. Poor Lisa had no idea what was happening.

Now, zippers were a cinch and many of the medical staff in the hospital preferred zippers to buttons. Depending on the person, I could unzip a dress in one quick pull or one slow slide. Whichever the method, I was rewarded with a continual display of bras and panties. No one suspected a thing. How could they? I was paralyzed. Oh, baby. Poor Dr. House was always walking around with his fly down (lol).

The fun part was when they had the youngest and prettiest nurse, Meghan, come in my room to give me a sponge bath. She was so young and so pretty that she made me feel so old and so ugly. You're not going to believe what happened.

Normally, most of my nurses were as wide as they were short, so to see this tall, shapely girl was a real treat. I imagine they figured with me being a paraplegic that she was safe from my roaming hands. They never suspected that my powerful mind was quickly becoming an extension of my hands, only much more dangerous.

Fortunately for me, Meghan was a dyed blonde. At the time, I did not, yet, know about my theory. I found out later that dyed blondes are more receptive to my psychic influence over them. Something in the blonde hair dye allows me to control their minds more than redheads, brunettes, and women with black hair. I plan on writing a paper about that later, when I get out of this hospital, and publish my medical research paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

She rolled the cart over with the wash cloth, sponge, soap, and towel. Sponge bath? I seriously only thought that sponge baths happened to babies or in porn movies. Obviously, it makes sense, as I have been here for a length of time, already.

Even though I had no sensation down below, it was still exciting to watch her roll down the sheet and lift up my hospital issued gown. I watched as she stared at my limp cock. I wished that I had a raging erection, but if I did, she probably would have handed me the face cloth to wash myself and left the room to give me privacy.

Instead of stripping me naked, the nurses washed parts of my body in pieces at a time for fear that I would catch a chill. I was surprised that she wasn't wearing gloves. Directing all my psychic powers, I concentrated on her hand. I wanted her to lift up my cock with her fingers, which she did and stroke me, as she washed me, which she did. Only, I didn't feel a thing. It wasn't until I looked down and saw her stroking me that I knew she was. When she saw me watching her stroking my cock, she got embarrassed and turned red.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said with a smile. "I can't believe I did that." She looked at me with a face full of panic. "Please don't report me."

Report her? Are you kidding me? I wanted to kiss her?

"I was just fantasying about my boyfriend," she said with my cock still in her hand. Boy, this mind control is some powerful stuff. "I guess I got a bit preoccupied and carried away."

"It's okay, Meghan. You can flail away because I don't feel a thing." Only, I did, but it was all in my mind and that feeling was much more powerful than normal, physical masturbation. "Matter of fact, would you mind doing me a favor?"

"Sure, anything, Freddie, what is it?"

"Can you stick it in your mouth and suck it for a few minutes? I want to make sure that I cannot feel anything at all. I mean, if you don't mind, you really have to suck it hard while twirling your tongue around it for me to see if I can feel what you are doing."

"I can't do that," she looked at me like I was crazy. Then, she looked at me with pity or compassion, I don't know which, but what did it matter to me, so long as she would do what I asked her to do and what I was psychically concentrating on having her do. "I'll get fired," she said turning around and looking behind her to see who was watching, all the while, she was still holding onto my cock.

"Please, just for a few minutes. Pull the curtain closed around the bed. No one will see."

I concentrated with all that I had for Meghan to pull the curtain closed and I could not believe it when she reached up and slid the curtain shut. I concentrated again trying to transfer my need for a blowjob through to her dyed blonde mind.

"Okay, but I can't give you a real blowjob. This is just a medical test to see if you can feel anything down there."

Medical test? Who the Hell is she kidding? I never heard of a blowjob being a medical test. I wonder where she went to nursing school because I want to wait outside and meet the new graduates and ask them all to give me this medical test.

"Let me know," she said with her hand around my cock and looking up at me (I love it when women do that) before inserting my limp dick in her mouth, "if you are cumming because I don't want you cumming in my mouth. That would be cheating and I never cheated on my boyfriend."

Cumming? I can't cum. I'm a paraplegic. Wait a second, what did she just say? Did she just say that she can justify that it is okay to stroke my cock and stick it in her mouth, so long as I don't cum off in your mouth because that would be cheating. She made me wish I attended high school with her. I cannot imagine the lucky bastard who took her to the prom. Geez, I am going to have a lot of fun with this nurse.

Can you imagine this ditsy blonde in the back seat of a car and her prom date asking her for a blowjob?

"Blowjob? Do I look like a slut to you?" I imagine her saying while getting angry with her date. "I'm not that kind of girl." Suddenly, I saw her looking at her date before unzipping him. "What I will do for you is take out your cock, stroke you, and take it in my mouth and suck you a little, so long as you promise not to cum in my mouth. Because if you cum, that would constitute a real blowjob and I don't give blowjobs. I'm a good girl, after all, a virgin, kind of, almost, not really, not by a long shot."

"I promise." Yeah, like what guy wouldn't make that promise and then hold her head down when he was ready to cum? "Geez, I'm so sorry, Meghan, I didn't know that I was cumming and my arm slipped pressing your head down. Sorry."

Suddenly, I realized that the above really happened. Clearly, I could see it, as if I was there. That was when I realized that I had another psychic ability, to see what happened to someone in the past. It made me wonder if I could see the future.

To be continued...

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