tagMind ControlPsychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 04

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 04


Life was going good until the other shoe dropped. Only, things could be worse. I could be dead.

Can you imagine this ditsy blonde in the back seat of a car and her prom date asking her for a blowjob?

"Blowjob? Do I look like a slut to you?" I imagine her saying while getting angry with her date. "I'm not that kind of girl." Suddenly, I saw her looking at her date before unzipping him. "What I will do for you is take out your cock, stroke you, and take it in my mouth and suck you a little, so long as you promise not to cum in my mouth. Because if you cum, that would constitute a real blowjob and I don't give blowjobs. I'm a good girl, after all, a virgin, kind of, almost, not really, not by a long shot."

"I promise." Yeah, like what guy wouldn't make that promise and then hold her head down when he was ready to cum? "Gees, I'm so sorry, Meghan, I didn't know that I was cumming and my arm slipped pressing your head down. Sorry."

Suddenly, I realized that the above really happened. Clearly, I could see it, as if I was there. That was when I realized that I had another psychic ability, to see what happened to someone in the past. It made me wonder if I could see the future. Only, I wouldn't find that out until much later in the progression of my psychic ability. Moreover, seeing the future may allow me to change what would happen before it happens.

The thoughts of seeing the past and thinking about seeing the future, brought me back to the present. I could not believe it when she leaned over me and took me in her mouth. It was exciting to watch this young babe, all of 22-years-old suck my cock, and judging by her actions, while watching her, my cock was not the first one that she has sucked, if you know what I mean.

When she started blowing me was when I discovered that I could feel something but not physically with my cock, but cerebrally with my mind. I came off in my mind. It was like I was a teenager all over again. I had a premature ejaculation in my mind. She gave me my first brain orgasm.

I had fun in the hospital playing with the nurses, especially psychically getting Meghan to touch me, blow me, and to give me a brain orgasm, but it was time to go home. I had been in intensive care long enough. They had done everything that they could for me and sent me home to recuperate.

On the way out of the hospital, I had psychically tucked the back of Meghan's uniform skirt in her panties. She wheeled me out of the hospital in the wheelchair with her panties exposed for all to see and no one told her. Plenty of people saw her, but no one told her. Can you imagine her embarrassment when she finally discovered that her uniform was tucked in her panties?

I was happy to leave the hospital for home. I would have a part-time nurse, my wife, Gabriella, and her sister, Victoria, to help nurse me back to health. I'd never be 100%, of course, I was still paralyzed, but, at least, at home, I'd be more comfortable for whatever amount of time I had left to live. I knew what happened to me had taken years off my life and I was okay with it. Instead of being depressed, I planned on doing the best that I could with the life that I had.

I had a long boring road to travel before I would physically feel better. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and especially psychically, I felt fine. In the meantime, I worked on my mind skills to improve my psychic powers. It was fun developing those abilities to see how far I could take them.

One of the things that I did, not thinking that it would backfire on me, was to tease my friend Wade, whenever he came to visit, which was every day. In hindsight, I should have known. In hindsight, it was a cruel joke to play on Wade and on those people who cared for me, loved me, and trusted me. Still, I couldn't help myself. I was bored and sexually frustrated. I just wanted to have some fun while developing my psychic abilities, powers of concentration, and levitation. I never thought what I did would have adverse repercussions.

Always, whenever Wade was present, I made sure that I unbuttoned buttons, unsnapped snaps or unzipped zippers of Gabriella's and Victoria's clothes in very strategic locations of their bodies. It was arousing fun to watch my wife and my sister-in-law exposed to the lustful leers of Wade. Too busy caring for me, they never knew, until it was too late and until they looked down at themselves that they were showing, but they were, and they never suspected me of showing them to him. How could I? I was paralyzed after all.

Wade suspected that I was in on the secret exhibitionism, no doubt. In our younger days, we were both wicked voyeurs. Besides, it was there before my eyes, too, the sight of my wife's and her sister's tits and pussies. I mean, I was paralyzed. I wasn't blind. Clearly, I could see Gabriella's and Victoria's tits and pussies making an appearance every time they leaned over me or when they sat down. On more than one occasion, especially when struggling to lift me with his help, their tit would pop out of their housecoat and he would see their nipple. That was hot watching their reaction knowing that Wade had just seen their tit. I'd raised my eyebrow to him and smile. He'd raise his eyebrow and smile back at me. Only, he did not know that I was doing it for his benefit with my mind.

Neither one of them were embarrassed. They both had been to topless beaches before. Granted my room is not Cancun, but they made light of it. They just laughed and fluffed it off or turned red and got annoyed. A couple of times, they acted like they didn't notice their tit hanging out, right away. That was hot. As a surprised contestant in my game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, I knew they were milking this serendipitous game for what it was worth, too. Got milk? They both had a wonderful set of tits. Why hide those beauties away. Hey, why not, if you got it, flaunt it. They were probably feeling horny, too.

It was common for Gabriella to walk around our house wearing a short housecoat with nothing underneath. She slept in the nude and slipped that on before taking her shower and getting dressed. It was so easy to unbutton a button, unsnap a snap, or unzip a zipper to show Wade more than he should see of my wife's body.

Her sister, Victoria, her identical twin, slept the same way, in the nude, and wore the same type of short housecoat with nothing underneath. She stayed with us in our guestroom while helping her sister with my care, until I improved.

It was exciting to see flashes of Victoria's tits and pussy from her unbuttoned, unsnapped, and unzipped garments. Neither of them had a clue that I had this psychic power to expose them to me and to my best friend Wade.

Wade caught on fast. He knew which side of Gabriella and Victoria to stand or to sit by to see the most of their nakedness. Every time one of them leaned over me or sat, he could see the side of their breast peeking out of their housecoat of a flash of their pussy. Depending where I unzipped, unbuttoned or unsnapped, sometimes he had a clear view down their housecoats from their neck down to their ankles. They both have wonderful bodies and it excited me for Wade to see them. Occasionally, I would psychically drop something before unsnapping or unbuttoning them and, when they stooped down to retrieve the object, he had a perfect view between their legs.

It was of particular enjoyment to see the sometimes embarrassed or coy looks on their faces when they discovered that Wade saw what they were unintentionally showing. Nonetheless, the little game never stopped them from continually walking around naked beneath their housecoats while in the presence of Wade. I suspect that they all enjoyed the little game of peek-a-boo, as much as Wade did. He was a good looking hunk of a guy after all. I suspect they masturbated later when alone in their rooms thinking about Wade having sex with them.

Only, maybe, I should not have played with Wade's flaming desire because I got burnt.

To be continued...

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