tagMind ControlPsychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 05

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 05


Life was going good until the other shoe dropped. Only, things could be worse. I could be dead.

It was exciting to see flashes of Gabriella's and Victoria's tits and pussy from their unbuttoned, unsnapped, and unzipped garments. Neither of them had a clue that I had this psychic power to expose them to me and to my best friend Wade.

Wade caught on fast, though; he knew which side of Gabriella and Victoria to stand or to sit by to see the most of their nakedness. Every time one of them leaned over me or sat, he could see the side of their breast peeking out of their housecoat of a flash of their pussy. Depending where I unzipped, unbuttoned or unsnapped them, sometimes he had a clear view down their housecoats from their neck to their ankles. They both have wonderful bodies and it excited me for Wade to see them. Occasionally, I would psychically drop something before unsnapping or unbuttoning them and, when they stooped down to retrieve the object, he had a perfect view between their splayed legs.

Depending upon the mood they were in that day, shy or horny, it was of particular enjoyment to see the sometimes embarrassed or coy looks on their faces when they discovered that Wade saw what they were unintentionally showing. Nonetheless, the little game never stopped them from continually walking around naked beneath their housecoats while in the presence of Wade. I suspect that they both enjoyed the little game of peek-a-boo, as much as Wade did. He was a good looking hunk of a guy after all. I suspect they masturbated later when alone in their rooms thinking about Wade having sex with them.

Only, thinking in hindsight now, maybe I should not have played with Wade's flaming desire because I got burnt.

I took it too far when I applied my "What is good for the goose is good for the gander cliché." I figured that my wife and sister-in-law would appreciate ogling Wade's man tool. After all, much like him, it was an amazing specimen. I knew that Wade didn't wear underwear. He was the type who would walk around naked if he could. He hated anything between his cock and the fresh air. Besides, he would say, you never know when opportunity will present itself. It was easy for me to pull Wade's fly down. Every time he sat, the side of his big, thick cock was obvious to whoever was sitting or standing to the side of him and looking. He was too dumb to notice.

My wife and her sister noticed, but they never said anything to him. I caught them looking at his semi-exposed cock more than a few times. I knew that when their faces flushed that he was getting to them. I suspected that they thought that he was purposely exposing himself to them. Oh, my God. Poor Wade, if he only knew, that they thought he was a pervert, which he was, of course, as are most men, he'd be so pissed at me.

Nonetheless, the best time was when he developed an erection, he always had an erection, but this time, he had a solid, sticking out of his pants erection and it was, actually sticking out of his pants. He probably got the boner from seeing an endless show my wife's and her sister's tits and pussy.

Although Wade is a dear friend and I love him to death, he's simple. He is as dumb as he is big. I think all those steroids went to his brain instead of his dick and accomplished the opposite effect. They shrunk his brain and engorged his penis.

Anyway, Wade was standing there reading me a joke from this oversized joke book. The book blocked his ability to see straight down. Otherwise, he may have noticed his cock sticking straight out of his pants. When Wade is reading, that is all that he can do. He cannot do anything else, except concentrate on the story, or in this case, the joke that he is reading. My wife did a double take when she saw his cock sticking straight out. I closed my eyes pretending that I was sleeping, but I had them open enough that I could watch her reaction to Wade's cock. She stared at it and then left the room. Only and surprisingly, she returned with her sister, who, as my wife had done, did a double take and stared at it, too. The both looked at one another before they started giggling like school girls.

His cock is of monumental size. He told me that it measured 9 inches with a girth equally as impressive to its length.

"Wade," said my wife. "What does Superman do?"


"Superman man, what does he do?"

"What do you mean what does he do?"

"What does Superman do?" said Victoria looking down at his protruding cock.

"He can do anything," he said laughing with a shrug. "He's Superman."

"Wade," said Victoria, "your cock is sticking out."

"You could poke an eye out with that thing," said my wife under her breath to her sister while giggling.

Wade looked down, turned bright red, and zipped it up. Yet, before he could stuff it in his pants, in his anxiousness to hide his cock away, he caught it in his zipper.

Still pretending to be asleep, I concentrated focusing my psychic powers on not only Gabriella but also on Victoria. I wanted them to touch his cock and I could not believe it when Wade actually caught his coke in his zipper. That accident would give them reason to justify helping him by taking his cock in hand. I knew that my psychic job was done.

Immediately, my wife and her sister were on their knees trying to free his cock from his zipper. Gabriella held it while lifting it, while Victoria tried to unzip it from his skin. Then, Victoria held it while Gabriella tried to free it from his zipper. It was apparent to me that his cock was already free and they were both just copping a feel of the monstrous snake.

"There, Wade, you're free," said Victoria victoriously, finally, and leaving the room to get dressed.

"Thanks," Wade shrugged turning red. I'm so embarrassed," he said. Only, he looked more angry that they were giggling than he did embarrassed. Now, thinking back, I imagine that he suspected that they were laughing at him.

Had I known that what I was doing was driving Wade wild with repressed desire, I never would have continued with this line of erotic and seductive behavior. I thought I was having some innocent and harmless fun. I was bored after all. I never knew that Wade would try and take it further. I never knew that Wade thought my wife and her sister were flashing themselves purposely to him and teasing him. I never suspected that Wade thought they were laughing at him and making fun of him. All of those things should have occurred to me, but those thoughts never occurred to my big brain. I never considered Wade's feelings. I never considered my wife's embarrassment. I never considered my sister-in-law's modesty. I only considered my own perversion. Hey, but it was fun while it lasted.

"Okay, I'm off to fill Freddie's prescriptions, said Victoria." I'll be back in a while. I have to go to the bank and I want to pick up some things we need at the market."

When Victoria left for the pharmacy, Gabriella left Wade alone in the house with me to take her shower. Why not, it was safe. Wade was a trusted family friend. He wouldn't do anything to her, would he?

To be continued...

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