tagNonConsent/ReluctancePsychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 06

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 06


A tragic accident gives Dr. Freddie amazing psychic powers.

Life was going good until the other shoe dropped. Only, things could be worse. I could be dead.

"Thanks," Wade shrugged turning red. I'm so embarrassed," he said. Only, he looked angry more that they were giggling than he did embarrassed. Now, thinking back, I imagine that he suspected that they were laughing at him.

Had I known that what I was doing was driving Wade wild with repressed desire, I never would have continued with this line of erotic and seductive behavior. I mean, I knew that he was attracted to Gabriella and her sister, but I didn't realize how attracted he was. I thought I was having some innocent and harmless fun at Wade's expense, but I never expected him to lose his cool. I was bored after all and only thinking of my entertainment.

I never knew that Wade would try and take it further. I never knew that Wade thought my wife and her sister were flashing themselves purposely to him and teasing him. I never suspected that Wade thought they were laughing at him and making fun of him. All of those things should have occurred to me, but those thoughts never occurred to my big brain. I never considered Wade's feelings. I never considered my wife's embarrassment. I never considered my sister-in-law's modesty. I only considered my own perversion. Hey, but it was fun while it lasted.

"Okay, I'm off to fill Freddie's prescriptions," said Victoria. I'll be back in a while. I have to go to the bank and I want to pick up some things we need at the market. Oh, and I have to gas up the car."

Apparently, the opportunity for Wade to be alone with Gabriella was what precipitated what happened next between the two of them. When Victoria left for the pharmacy, Gabriella left Wade alone in the house with me to take her shower. Why not, it was safe. Wade was a trusted family friend. He wouldn't do anything to her, would he?

Only, Gabriella continued the game of flashing not realizing that it was not a game any longer. She was aroused, no doubt, after having seen Wade's entire erect cock for the first time and after having had her hand wrapped around it. I know my wife. If Wade's cock hadn't aroused her, she never would have returned with her sister to stare at it. Moreover, she never would have wrapped her hand around it, in the first place, on the pretense of helping to free him from his zipper, if the sight of his snake had not aroused her.

Only, as it turns out, Wade was just as aroused if not more so, than she was. Wade would not take no for an answer. He wanted her. Maybe, he thought that she wanted him, too. She did have her hand around his cock and now she is exposing her naked body to him.

I could see from my vantage point that she left the bedroom door partially open while she removed her housecoat and wrapped a towel around her naked body. She thought I was still sleeping and I pretended to still be. Yet, I imagine, at this point of the flashing game that she knew that if Wade was looking and wanted to see her naked, that he could and, of course, he was looking.

She walked around the room naked with her back and side turned to him. Still, he had a great view of her ass and the side of her big tits. Then, a couple times, she turned to walk the other way and he had a clear view of her tits and pussy, if even only for a second at a time. Probably, she wanted him to see her naked. With me out of commission, not giving her the sexual attention that she needed, I am sure that she had plans of masturbating over that image of Wade's cock while taking a shower and over the fact that she had just exposed her naked body to him.

Wade walked into the master bedroom. Gabriella was already in the shower. I could see his reflection in the bedroom mirror as he stood by the shower glass enclosure watching Gabriella shower. He stripped off his clothes and entered the shower with her. His cock was standing straight out and glistening hard.

"Wade! Get out! How dare you? Don't! No! Oh, God!"

Unable to see them, I imagined the rest. He grabbed her and touched her everywhere. He felt her tits and fingered her pussy. He kissed her and when she pulled away and refused to return his kiss, he held her head in place with his hand while forcing his tongue in her mouth.

I imagined Wade bending Gabriella over and inserting his big cock in her pussy and fucking her like a dog. I imagined him pounding away, pounding her so hard that her head bounced off the shower wall and she had to raise the angle of her back, so as not to be knocked unconscious by his forceful humping action. The slapping sound of his torso pounding her naked ass was erotically loud and I could hear it from where I was in bed.

It had been a while since she had a good fuck and Wade was giving her what she obviously wanted. I pretended to still be sleeping. I heard her moan, but not with pain, with pleasure. After a while, I heard her scream, but not with anger, with pleasure. I recognized the differences in her moan and in her scream, he had made her cum.

Victoria returned abruptly. She had forgotten to bring my prescriptions. It suddenly occurred to me that I wasn't imaging what was going on, but seeing it in my mind, as if seeing it with my eyes closed. My mind was able to see through the bedroom and bathroom wall. The power of the brain is amazing.

Victoria stood there watching Wade standing in the shower stall with Gabriella and fucking her. She started feeling her breasts through her clothes and fingering her nipples. She hasn't had any sexual action in a while either being here caring for me. Apparently, the sight of Wade's big cock had aroused her; too, otherwise, she wouldn't have wrapped her hand around it either. She was on her knees after all, as was Gabriella when they were trying to free Wade from his zipper. Their mouths were so close to his cock. Probably, one would have taken him in her mouth had the other not been there.

When Wade turned and spotted her, Victoria watching, he rushed from the shower and grabbed her. She feigned reluctance, but I could tell that she wanted him. In one forceful rip, he tore off her clothes, another rip and another and her panties and bra was off, too. Now, naked he pushed her back on the bed and mounted her and fucked her like a wild animal.

Briefly, she tried resisting him, but he was too much for him. Besides, her feigned reluctance was to show him that she was not easy. Still in the shower with the water running, Gabriella was unaware what was happening with her sister. When she emerged, she came to her rescue, but in vain. Wade was as big as he was strong and he easily overpowered the two women tying them up with drapery sashes. Now, he was free to continue his sexual assault on not only one, but both.

To be continued...

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