***Just to clarify this is a made up story, all characters are over the age of 18 and are fictional, please leave comments at the bottom otherwise I would not know where to improve. This story was painstakingly edited by RexBrookdale***

There Melanie sat, her head in her hands as she desperately tried to work out what she should do, flee or her follow her morals. How the hell did she get into this position? Well it is down to two 19 year old men, Dan and Jimmy and their devious minds. Since neither of them were blessed in the looks department they had trouble with the ladies, first at school then later when both of them sat jobless at home.

To say that both of them were bastards is probably being too kind to them. Dan tall, pale, spotty and had the most intense eyes ever seen outside of the reptile family. Jimmy on the other hand was shorter, and was average in pretty much every single way, save for his rather unsightly pot belly. Lacking in funds he wore hand-me-downs from his skinner taller brother, his hair was cut by his alcoholic mother he was lucky to have his ears still in tact, though his hair was dirty blonde he had a bright ginger beard in short he looked ridiculous, perfect fodder for bullies.

So they both became crafty in their ways to get close to woman way out of their league.

Quickly they realised that they could achieve accidental gropes in public areas. The busy crowds on the trains gave perfect opportunity for a pinch of an ass or a touch of a breast only to feign clumsiness. When people have two choices yet they see only one available is when they are most susceptible to be manipulated. This is the setup Dan and Jimmy strove to achieve.

Their minds worked overtime to find a good enough plan, not just to get laid but to get an attractive woman at the same time. The woman of choice in their mind, a shop owner that Dan had come across first and since that day he had been back every day since to look at her and start pointless conversations with.

The shop owner in question was Melanie: a fashion graduate and a rich daddy's girl meant that she had the perfect grounding to open her own ladies' fashion shop in a busy city.

Unlike some who design clothes Melanie was neither ugly nor plastic: thanks to her mother she had natural beauty. She had bright blonde hair, and big brown eyes that added to her beauty, sizeable breasts, and a soft curve to her buttocks. Like many in the fashion industry she was very eco-conscience, wanting no carbon footprint and organic clothes, all in all she just a very nice girl.

Melanie had never dreamed that Dan who came into her shop asking about clothes for his girlfriend was in fact just lusting after her body, whilst she explained the process of organic cotton. As she talked, Dan's mind wandered; he fantasized about bending her over the counter and pounding her from behind.

Getting Jimmy to agree to the target took little work after seeing her run to her shop in time to open it. Her bouncing breasts took Jimmy's breath away as he too had constant dreams in which he had her at his beck and call.

Their moment of genius came to them one day while watching a comedy for the umpteenth time; one they had seen several times as youngsters. They would never have dreamed of its impact on their lives. The particular scene that caught their attention was when the bumbling detective was accusing a funeral procession of hiding hidden treasure when in fact it was a funeral and as usual he was confused. It was up to the detective's assistant to get him out of trouble which he duly did by pretending that his superior was insane and thus had no control over his actions.

A touch offensive, maybe, but very effective. If it could work on film why not in real life? Jimmy was the first to think about using this for their sex con game: find the right situation and make it look authentic. Hell they have hidden camera shows all the time, he reasoned. He told his plan to Dan, and after intense scrutiny they felt they could use it. The question of morality, of tricking a gullible woman, quickly flew out the window at the chance for a fuck.

Jimmy's plan was simple: one of them would enter the shop on a quiet day near closing time, then the other would call the store to 'warn' Melanie there was a mentally unstable man in her shop and it was her duty to keep him there until the cops could arrive to take him away. She would be told to do whatever it took to make sure he didn't leave. And that 'whatever' was the most attractive bit of the plan.

Jimmy had at first thought their plan was water tight: what could go wrong? But he realized there was indeed a lot of risk involved. He could see how fine the line was, between total success and complete failure. but if everything could slot into place then the rewards would be sky high for him.

Out of the two of them Dan was the unlucky one, he had been visiting her in the shop several times just to see her face yet this was his downfall. Melanie would recognize him, and though she was naïve, even she would not have bought it. So Dan reluctantly agreed that he would have to forego this encounter. Thus it fell to Jimmy, who'd barely spoken to a woman without his knees giving way, to try and trick a woman into fucking him.

Jimmy was ready made for the part. He was fitted up to look like he had walked in from off the street: clothes that hadn't fit him five years ago, and shoes like flippers. His only flaw was his acting. Despite rehearsals, Jimmy constantly choked, fluffed his lines while blushing deeply. Dan was exasperated. Melanie would more than likely laugh rather than be intimidated.

They had targeted a day already, a national holiday, on which there was to be a parade through the city. In her infinite wisdom she'd decided to open up for the day. She would be lucky to get even a single customer come in to browse let alone buy anything, and as such it was the best day for a con to happen.

The day came racing around, and soon it was upon them. Early that morning, they met up outside of Dan's house. Jimmy sported a faded star wars shirt, his belly poking out underneath, jeans rolled up at the bottom and fastened around his hips with a tired belt. His sneakers had tape wrapped around the soles to keep them from falling apart. The only thing of worth was the video recorder hanging around his neck, which he had borrowed to record the occasion for viewing at a later date.

It was 11 am; the parade was in full swing. The happy crowds ignored the tramp and the sinister-looking sidekick as they walked and whispered urgently to one another. Jimmy was starting to get nervous. Sweat formed on his brow, his feet felt heavier with each passing step. Not only was he worried about his acting ability, but on a rather more serious issue even than that: he had serious misgivings about his ability to perform sexually.

But it was too late to turn back; their plan was in motion and the momentum carried Jimmy and Dan closer and closer. They walked up the hill toward the shop. At the top of the street, Dan wheeled away into the local library, phone in hand, whispering urgently to his friend and keeping up his spirits. Thus fortified, Jimmy kept on walking and all too soon found himself standing right outside the shop. He peered in. As predicted, the shop was completely empty. and the street empty too, the shop not being on the parade route. Swallowing hard, he stepped up and pushed forward on the door causing the bells above to jingle loudly.

Having watched several 'psycho' films, Jimmy copied the common stance, head down, hands together, fiddling his thumbs and shuffling his feet. He was greeted by a smiling Melanie. Her pale yellow blouse strained around her pouting breasts, and her floral skirt swayed as she bounced toward him.

"Welcome to my store, how can I help you?" her voice sang out. "I have gifts here for girlfriends, mothers, and sisters. Fashionable, eco-friendly, and reasonable prices, what more can you want?" She trilled out her well-practiced litany.

Jimmy slouched inside. He lifted his head to meet her gaze her warm brown eyes met with his squinted ones, glancing shiftily around. Acting the part, he wandered listlessly through the large space filled with racks of clothes. Knicknacks and other chick pleasing stuff rested on shelves and inside glass counters. He saw that the changing rooms were at the back, not for the first time Jimmy's voice failed him. Melanie's stare became more quizzical, she experienced a customer like him before.

"Sir, are you sure there is nothing I can do for you? I don't want to pressure you, if you need me just give a shout." With that she left Jimmy alone in the front of the shop. Jimmy badly needed this to help himself regain his composure for the coming con.

Several minutes later and Melanie came out of the backroom with the intent to remove Jimmy from her shop, his presence was making her uneasy. Her movement however was stopped short with the shrill noise of the shop phone. Jimmy knew that at this moment he could walk away quickly and quietly without causing a disturbance but his feet were stuck to the floor.

"Hello this is Melanie of...'

"Yes, I know who you are, listen this is urgent. My name is Dr. Korney of Bells Asylum we had a major breakout of patients today and I'm calling to let you know. Wait let me finish, many of them are harmless however I am faxing you over pictures and names of the most dangerous one. If you have any information on any of them it would be appreciated. My number is on the fax."

The line went silent as the fax machine started whirring letting her know that the phone call was indeed genuine. She ripped the printed sheet turning it over to be greeted by Jimmy's face starting blankly at her. If she wasn't so scared she would have fainted. Searching for the number she picked up the phone, dialling frantically wanting this ordeal over.

"He's in my shop... oh God, he's in my shop. What do I do?"

"Calm down, is this Melanie?"

"Yes, he came in about ten minutes ago and hasn't spoken. No he hasn't left yet. What should I do?"

"Right, take a deep breath. I have informed the police they should be there shortly. It is critical that you don't let him leave the shop. He is a danger to the public."

"But he's not a danger to me, is he? I haven't done anything to him, can't I just leave him in the shop and I leave?"

"He is not a danger to anyone as long as they don't refuse him, he can turn violent if someone says no to him. It's deep-rooted from childhood. Listen, I've just been told it will take up to half an hour for the police to get there, they need to get through the parade to you. So keep him in that shop otherwise you will have let loose a manic on society. The city is counting on you, can you be trusted?"

"I will make sure that he stays in this shop, you can count on me." Her voice became stronger with each word. Dan struggled to control his laughter as he practically signed her body away to Jimmy. He heard her put down the phone.

Melanie took a deep breath and made her way over to Jimmy.

Whilst she was on the phone Jimmy had been pacing the shop wondering where best to put the camera, he finally decided upon the best place. A shelf that overlooked the largest dressing room was just the ticket. If there was going to be fucking, the large bench in the dressing room would make a suitable place. He placed the video camera and set it on motion sensor. Just as he'd finished making sure all was in place and the view captured everything in the room, he turned around and spotted Melanie emerging anxiously out of the rear office.

Meeting her gaze, the nervousness in her wide eyes was plain to see as she walked toward him. She walked slowly, her mind in overdrive trying to work out how to keep him in the store for thirty minutes. Upon reaching him she found she still had no solution. She would have to trust her instincts.

"Do you see anything you like?" The usual singsong voice had faint signs of tremor betraying her confident demeanour. As her confidence ebbed from her body, it seemed to be soaked up by Jimmy, whose stance became more upright and aggressive.

"I like you." Had he just said that? He could scarcely believe it. What was more, maniacal laughter followed. He couldn't have hidden the mirth, even if he tried! His head fell back and he let his laughter boom out, echoing around the store.

The effect of the laughter on Melanie as she stared, was instantaneous. Her body froze. She felt petrified inside and lost most of her powers of reason. Her hands began to visibly shake, her eyes darted toward the door measuring the distance. Should she flee? Her legs were rooted to the floor.

The plan required that she'd willing submit; he did not want to force himself physically onto her. Jimmy continued his act, seeming blissfully unaware of her plight. In reality, he watched the biggest part of the whole scheme unfold. Well, maybe truth was better than fiction, he thought. Suddenly he stopped cackling.

"If you want me to go, I will. I don't mind, with looks like mine I can get any woman I want." Given the all-too-obvious joke, he still succeeded in maintaining his character. He glared at her, trying to arrange his features into a sort of crazed yet serious, cock-sure expression. As he struggled with his demeanour, he found it difficult to tell which way the few turning cogs in her brain were turning: if negative, of course all was lost. But if her response was a positive reply he would be getting the ride of his life! He waited and glared, fish-eyed, at her. Jimmy found himself wishing he had Dan's eyes, capable of effortless fish-eyed goggling.

Meanwhile Melanie stood stock still; her strong sense of civic pride battled with her pride. She loved helping out the community, wanting to help less fortunate people than herself. The cogs turned, the balance tipped.... Her mind was made up, the hero inside herself tipped the scales in the end.

"Um... well... that is ..." She unconsciously wrung her clasped hands. The hero inside herself sounded a bit un-hero-like, to her. No help at all. Kind of wimpy and hesitant. Why oh why had I not taken those lessons in karate, or self-defence back in college? Her mind whispered. She stopped thinking entirely, and turned to autopilot. "I think that you should possibly stay here, I mean there are loads of items here you haven't seen. And I do think your staying here would be best for both of us. Yes. Er... Yes!"

And, you know, you do have a certain, something about you, a je ne sais quoi shall we say... Something about you tickles me." Her confidence started to grow with every passing word. She pasted what she hoped looked to be a winning smile on her face. This was more like it; the courage to be ... a hero for her community.

Briskly, she stepped around Jimmy toward the door. He turned and watched her fasten the bolts. Click. Ker-chunk. Done.

She turned to face him once more, hands slowly rising to her blouse, undoing one then two buttons. Soon her blouse was undone, her white bra peeking out to meet Jimmy's lustful gaze. His breath caught; he gulped ... or was that some sort of burp, giddily watching her shrug off the blouse and reach down to undo the knot that held her skirt together. She stood there just in her bra and panties.

Jimmy hadn't blinked since she'd started to disrobe. His fears about getting his little man rigid were unfounded as it sprung to full attention. He'd at least remembered to brush and gargle, he'd taken extra care washing his dick that morning. He felt sexier.

Melanie was now in her comfort zone. Back at University, she had seduced more men than she could remember, and now she was back there again. She remembered the come hither moves, sway hypnotically as she moved toward him. Her perfume intoxicated his senses, as she came close until all that was in his view was her lovely gorgeous face framed with all of that golden hair....

He held his breath.

Awkwardly, she manoeuvred around his potbelly; after bumping into it, he grunted but just kept staring in wonder, fixated on her sexy loveliness. She stepped a little to the side and leaned forward, craning her neck till her soft, spongy lips pressed against his.

Using all of her powers from her seduction games, she held the kiss, and then he felt her mouth open slightly to take in his bottom lip, biting it gently before releasing him.

She moved back into to kiss him full-on. They kissed for several minutes, their tongues and lips fighting each other for supremacy within each others' mouth. Jimmy pulled away from her, he had never experienced a woman's lips before!

But he knew that if he wanted more this was his perfect opportunity. To back up his point his right hand moved to her bra-covered tit, fondling it, feeling the large weighty orb in his hand.

The disgust in her eyes was evident as the Jimmy moved from one breast to the other, his hands enjoying the feel of her silky bra to his hand. "You know what I think? I think that we should move this up a level, I can tell you're gushing for it. Or I can still leave ... but god help the next woman I meet, and the one after that, and even after that. I've got a load of lovin' in these balls waiting for release and you're gonna miss out."

He released his hands, snarling to embellish his repudiation of her disgust; and made for the door.

"Oh no you don't big boy, I want everything you've got. I'm gonna make you as exhausted as ... as Lady Gaga's jockstrap!" And there it was, the steely determination in her eyes once more.

The final hurdle between Jimmy and his virginity was finally cleared. He pulled her to him, sucked in his gut and gyrated his hips, pressing his groin against hers. His boner jutted out, straining painfully.

"Ohhh yeahhh...." He kissed her deeply his tongue darting out into her mouth as he groaned in lust.

She moved slightly away, freeing his contact with her groin yet keeping their lips intact.

In his sudden spurt of lustful energy he reached for her bra and tried inexpertly to pull it apart. He couldn't get the clasp to budge! He pulled on her bra, practically oinking and snorting in frustration. He twisted the resisting cloth and pulled at her bra painfully in his brutish attempts. Finally, with a squeal from his latest fruitless try, her hands jumped to replace his and she undid her clasp for him.

Unleashed from their confines her breasts stood proudly on top of her chest, her little nipples capped each great orb. His hand moved to her now bare boob, the flesh overflowed around his outstretched hand. He raised his other hand to join cupping the tit, feeling the warmth pass to his own hand. Opening his mouth he took in her nipple, sucking hard on it feeling the nub swell under his assault, his other hand continued to knead her other breast.

When his mouth dropped to her nipple, his tongue darting out to swirl around her areola, he felt his blood rush to his cock, and began to go with his instincts.

Melanie started to feel lightheaded, she looked out onto the street as the thought of someone walking by made her blush. Jimmy, completely lost in her boobs and skin and tongue and his own throbbing meat, could care less how he looked to the outside world. His main priority was keeping himself from exploding in his pants.

She pushed his groping hands and outstretched tongue away and, taking his hand, in she lead him straight to the largest dressing room.

Once he'd stepped inside, she pushed him down onto the bench and kneeled in front of him. Her hands dropped to his crotch. Popping open his flies she took the top of his jeans and leaned down to pulled them off. As usual he was going commando; his cock popped out hitting her in her face.

Melanie had never liked giving head but the hero inside her told her she had no choice in the matter now, so begrudgingly she opened her mouth. Her lips moved to suck his cock, gently, her tongue laving the top of his mushroom head as she slowly guided him into her warm cavern. Before she could take further control, Jimmy thrust his whole shaft deep into her; and she gagged and spluttered in surprise and protest.

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