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Psycho Women and Bisexual Men


Madness, it's something else, ladies and gentlemen. Do people who are stark raving mad know they're mad? Now that's a good question, from someone who's on the edge of madness. I have made many mistakes, and sometimes I wonder if it's too late for redemption. I choose to believe it's not too late. I hope I'm right. The alternative is unthinkable...

Oh, um, before we go any further, ladies and gentlemen, I guess introductions are in order. Samuel Antenor is the name, and I'm a young Haitian man living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. These days, I study business administration at the University of Toronto. And I'm dangerously close to losing my damn mind thanks to the insidious machinations of a certain woman...

Prior to these life-changing events, I led a fairly normal life. I'm a deacon at Temple Bethel, an Adventist church with a predominantly Afro-Caribbean congregation. The church leader, Pastor Marcel Philemon, is a good friend of my family. Yeah, I had it all planned out. I would graduate from the University of Toronto, get a good job, marry a wonderful lady, buy a house and start a family. Unfortunately, that's not how things worked out...

I made the choice of getting involved with Mara Onyx, a tall, attractive Black transsexual escort operating in the G.T.A. What can I say? My relationship with my longtime girlfriend Nancy Duchene was on the outs, and I was lonely, depressed and horny. A most dangerous combination for any man, let me tell you. When you're alone and feel like you've got nothing to lose, you are a danger to yourself and others, seriously.

Nancy Duchene and I had been together ever since we both graduated from Excelsior Magnus Academy, an elite private school in the east end of Toronto founded in 1980 by a wealthy Jamaican-Canadian politician and businessman, Jonathan Magnus. I miss those halcyon days because life seemed so much simpler then. Oh well, we all have to grow up sometime, right?

After graduating from Excelsior Magnus Academy in 2013, I went to the University of Toronto and Nancy Duchene went to study computer programming at Ryerson University. We moved in together last year, and life has been hell ever since. After our latest spat, Nancy moved out and to be honest, I was relieved. The first few days of tranquility went by fine. Then I got horny. Since I'm the adventurous type, I went looking for fun, and found Mara Onyx...

"I knew you'd come back," Mara Onyx said to me, a smirk on her lovely face, and I nodded and sighed. Five feet ten inches tall, curvy and very seductive, with dark brown skin and long black hair, Mara is exotically beautiful, and tantalizing like only one of those black transsexual porn stars can be. Mara used to work in the adult film industry and now works as an escort full-time.

"Couldn't help myself, Mara, I think I'm addicted to your goodies," I replied, and Mara Onyx smiled triumphantly. I began to undress, and Mara fixed her amber gaze on me. I stand six feet tall, a bit on the chubby side, and people say that I remind them of the rapper Sean Kingston, something which annoys the hell out of me. Seriously, I'm much better-looking than that dude...

"I bet," Mara said, licking her sweet lips, and not for the first time I was awestruck by her beauty. Mara is quite lovely, and looks like the kind of fine sister you might spot at the club and try to run game on, praying she'd go home with you. Yeah, Mara is fine as hell. Imagine, if you will, a black woman with the face of singer/actress Alicia Keys, the curvaceous yet athletic body and thick, mesmerizing ass of Tennis legend Serena Williams...and the titanic dick of African-American porn star Lexington Steele. That's Mara Onyx in a nutshell, folks.

"Come here sexy," I said, and Mara came to me, and she locked eyes with me while her sleek yet strong hands roamed all over my body. I winced as Mara grabbed my ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze, and then she grabbed my dick and stroked it. I felt myself harden, and Mara massaged my balls gently, effortlessly getting me all worked up.

"Let's go to bed," Mara said, and she led me by my dick to her plush bedroom. We tumbled on the bed, and just like that, the fun began. Mara lay there, stark naked, looking glorious, her rapturous dark brown skin glistening, her large breasts and thick thighs calling for my attention. The long, dark dick in her hand caused a stir within me. Hot damn, the myriad memories I have of her tool...

"Let me taste you," I pleaded, and Mara grinned as I took her dick and stroked it with both hands, and then I began sucking on it. The gorgeous black transsexual stroked my head as I sucked her off. I took my sweet time fellating Mara, and she smiled with contentment, for I knew what she liked. In no time, I had Mara harder than a rock, and she winked at me.

"I'm going to tap that ass so damn hard," Mara Onyx whispered in my ear, and I smiled and assumed the position. Mara got behind me, and rolled a condom on her long, dark dick while I reached for the bottle of Aloe cream on her nightstand and tossed it to her. Mara told me to spread my cheeks, and I held my breath as she applied the cold lubricant on my anus. Let the fun begin...

"Oh fuck, your dick is so big," I cried out, and I barely stopped myself from squealing as Mara Onyx worked her ten-inch dick up my ass. Laughing, Mara slapped my ass and bucked her hips, driving that dick of hers even deeper into my ass. The gorgeous transsexual had me right where she wanted me, with her dick so far up my ass you couldn't tell where she ended and I began...and I loved it.

"Sam, stop being a bitch and take this dick like a man," Mara said, laughing, and I complied as best I could. Mara's dick went so far up my ass that I felt it tickle my prostate. The feeling was wicked and wonderful, and I didn't want it to end. Furiously I stroked my already hard dick, and as Mara fucked with slow, deep strokes, I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum. Mara worked me over till I tapped out, and I cried out as I came. It was absolutely fantastic...

"Thanks for a wonderful time, Mara, I'll see you next week, ma'am," I said as I gave Mara Onyx a hug, plus an envelope containing three hundred and fifty dollars. Mara nodded, and watched as I put my clothes back on, and then I exited her boudoir. No need to shower and all that jazz before going home, because I no longer have a girlfriend to go home to.

"Holy shit, what are you doing here?" I said, gasping in shock as I stepped into my house in Mississauga, and realized I wasn't alone. Smiling faintly, my ex-girlfriend Nancy Duchene leaned against the kitchen wall, clad in a pink bra, pink panties and for some reason, a pair of pink socks. What the fuck was she doing in my place? Damn it, I should have taken her key back!

"Hello Sam, I've missed you, and I'm sorry for the way things went down, let me show you how sorry I am," Nancy said as she stepped forward, a sly smile on her pretty face. Standing five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, with large breasts, wide hips, thick thighs and a big, round ass, Nancy is lovely the way only an Afro-Caribbean woman can be. Too bad she's crazy as hell...

Last time I saw Nancy, the crazy bitch threw something at my head and chased me around the house with something sharp. All because she didn't like the fact that I went out with my buddies and neglected to tell her in advance. Nancy is a control freak, and I don't like that. Sure, we've known each other since high school, the sex is great and attend the same church, but that doesn't make up for Nancy's craziness. Oh, and the dozens of angry messages Nancy left on my phone? Not cool. The three weeks since Nancy moved out have been anything but peaceful...

"No, Nancy, that's not cool," I said, and Nancy smiled, and then fell to her knees before me. I was about to say something else when Nancy patted my dick through my pants which she unzipped. Nancy freed my dick from my underwear, and it stood at attention like a soldier saluting the commander of his army. Nancy ran her hands all over my long and hard dick, and I held my breath as she took me into her mouth...

"I've really missed you," Nancy paused to say, and with a wink, she resumed sucking my dick. I stood there, hapless, as Nancy sucked my dick with gusto. In no time I was harder than a rock. I don't remember going from the kitchen to the living room, but somehow I found myself lying on the carpeted floor while Nancy sucked my dick and massaged my balls. Damn her.

"Oh yeah," I heard myself say as Nancy made me cum, and when she did, she sucked every last drop of manly cum from my fuck stick. Nancy got on all fours, face down and ass up, and shook that big ass of hers at me. Is there any booty out there like Haitian booty? Don't answer that. I got behind Nancy and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I wormed my tongue into Nancy's butthole while fingering her pussy. Soon Nancy was moaning in delight...

"Eat my ass papi," Nancy squealed, and I slapped her thick derriere while eating her ass. Afterwards, I rolled a condom on my dick and eased it into Nancy's pussy. Hard and fast I fucked her. I gripped Nancy's long dark hair and pulled on it while fucking her. Hell, I went to town on her and slapped her big ass while drilling my hard dick into her pussy. I didn't let up until Nancy begged for mercy. I wanted to make her big, beautiful ass pay for being so damn tempting, I guess.

"I've missed you," Nancy said, smiling as she lay next to me. I smiled at her and said nothing. If only Nancy knew all the things I'd done since she moved out. Alright, folks, confession time. I've always felt attracted to both women and men, and kept it to myself. I told myself the best choice was to lead a straight life. That's why I stuck with Nancy. Well, that was before I met Mara Onyx, and at last reckoned with the fact that I am a bisexual black man, the world's most loathed entity...

"I missed you too, Nancy, but you're mean as hell sometimes, and a lot has happened since you left," I said, cautiously, and Nancy smiled and told me she didn't care if I fucked someone while she was gone. I looked at her, wondering what was going on through that brain of hers. When women say they don't care what you do, it should always raise some red flags. Nancy's next words chilled me to the bone...

"Sam, I know you're a switch-hitter, and I don't care, I have always loved you, and will always cherish you, I know that you and I are going to be together till the day one of us dies," Nancy said, and in the dark, I swear I saw her smile. Nancy pressed her voluptuous body against mine and gently kissed me on the lips. My mind raced. What's going on here? Nancy knows my secret? Seriously? Oh shit. What am I going to do?

"Nancy, sometimes I think you're the devil incarnate but I like you," I replied, once I mustered the courage to speak. Nancy laughed and rolled on top of me, and just like that, we began round two. Nancy sat on my face and I licked her pussy while she sucked my dick and fingered my ass. Noticing that I enjoyed it, Nancy worked two fingers up my ass.

"Remind me to buy a strap-on for your sweet ass, next time I go shopping," Nancy said, as she impaled herself on my hard dick, a little while later. My hands went to her breasts which I caressed, and I smacked her big ass. Nancy laughed and rode me hard, and I bucked my hips, thrusting upward and sliding my dick deep inside of her. We went at it until exhaustion claimed us both.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, so I'm whipped. Sue me. I, Samuel Antenor of Haiti, am a bisexual man living in Toronto, Ontario, with my beautiful, big-booty, wonderful, yet at times sadistic and decidedly bipolar girlfriend Nancy Duchene. Apparently, my favorite psycho knows that I'm a switch-hitter, and it doesn't bother her. Sure, one day I might end up on the news in obituaries thanks to her mood swings, but for now, life is good. That's how it is between Nancy and I. Everything is wonderful...until it isn't. Wish us luck. Peace.

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