tagNonConsent/ReluctancePsychological Payback Pt. 02

Psychological Payback Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

45 year old Vanessa has been married to William, 47, for 10 years and they have a son, Anthony. William's out-of-control gambling addiction has driven them from being home owners to renters and pushed them into debt. It has torn at their marriage so much that Vanessa has just cheated on her husband by having sex with the principal of Anthony's school, Colin Wilson. Was it the attraction of a more caring man or Vanessa's simple attempt to repay Colin's generosity for giving Anthony a scholarship to wipe out their school fees debt?

Vanessa has arrived home, her body still warm from Colin's loving.

Chapter Four

She parked her car on the driveway at home and walked to the front door. She put the key to the lock, but the door was already open. Stunned and nervous, she pushed at the door, letting it swing forward and calling out "William, are you home early?" As fearful as this was, she really hoped William wasn't home. She wanted to be able to clean another man's cum from her body and her panties before she saw her husband.

She took a step inside. Suddenly, an arm came from behind the front door, a hand grasping her arm securely and pulling her into the front room so the intruder could slam the front door behind her.

"What? Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" She turned to look at the intruder in sheer panic.

"Shut up and get over there," the unshaven swarthy looking man told her, pushing her toward her own lounge chair.

As she flopped onto the lounge, her dress rode up, exposing half of her thighs. A second man appeared from deeper into her house. Vanessa scrambled to pull her dress down, to cover the large expanse of her legs, not wanting the men to see the sexy black stay-up stockings she still wore.

"Good looking piece of arse," observed the second man, walking around to stand in front of the lounge. "You must be Vanessa Wright, loyal and devoted wife of that dead-shit cunt, William."

"Yes I am, but I don't like you describing my husband in that way. He's a good man, he just has a problem." She had already guessed that these were not your everyday burglars or home invaders. Their appearance and the timing of the visit after yesterday's warning led her to assume that these two men were connected to the bookie.

"Do I look like I give a fuck what you think, honey. Your no-good husband has welched on a debt, my boss wants to be paid."

"We don't have it, I thought I made that clear to you on the phone yesterday. We don't have any money, we don't own this house. We have nothing to give you."

"That's up to my boss to decide, he told us to bring you in."

"What? Bring me in where … you can't just come into my house and take me away. Why me anyway? I'm not the one who owes you the money … what good will I be?"

"Your husband might get the message that we are serious about collecting."

"For God's sake, aren't you listening to me? We have nothing, there's nothing to collect."

"We'll let the boss decide that, you're coming with us."

"No, I won't, you can't make me."

He turned to look at his colleague, "Fiery little cunt, isn't she? I'll take her, you grab the bag I packed."

She looked across the room to see that one of her overnight bags was on the floor by the door. "What's in that?"

"A few of your things, you could be away a few days, depends how long your husband takes to get the money."

"I told you there's no way he can get the money." Tiring of making that protest and sensing that it was futile, her curiosity turned to why they would pack a bag for her. "What sort of things are in my bag?"

"I packed some of your make-up, couple of dresses, underwear. You got nice underwear, I liked the feel of it … I imagined how it would feel if it was around your skin."

She cringed at the thought of this thug's rough hands roaming over her soft intimate underwear. It was bad enough that he had touched it, it would be worse if she were in it.

"Get your arse up now, bitch!" he hollered at Vanessa, scaring her to respond.

She rose from the lounge, "Can I leave my husband a note, so he knows where I am?"

"I've already done that," said the thug, grabbing her arms and pushing her toward the front door.

"What's in the note, damn it?"

"Not for you to worry your pretty head about. We just told him that we were taking you as an advance against his debt and not to call the police."

"This is kidnapping, you can both go to prison for a long time."

"They'd have to catch us first, now come on." He dragged her out the front door and to her car, throwing her into the back seat and getting in the driver's seat himself. His colleague threw her bag in the back alongside her and moved to sit in the front passenger seat.

The number one thug stopped him, "You better ride back there with her, keep a hold of her just in case she gets any weird ideas to bolt when I stop at traffic lights. Throw her bag in the front alongside me."

So began the drive downtown. At the first set of traffic lights they came to, the thug in the back with Vanessa used one hand to push her dress up, so he could place his hand high up on her thigh … restraining her in case she had ideas of jumping from the car.

Vanessa plucked up all of her courage, "Get your hand off my leg, mister."

"It's not your call, lady … I will put it where I want to, where I need to. Nice sexy stockings you got on, maybe you've been out doing a bit more than shopping. Have you got a man on the side?" His head leaned forward and bent over to a few inches above her lap. "You sure smell like sex."

"None of your business," she said defiantly, trying to prise his hand from her leg with her own.

"Quit fucking around, Manny," the number one thug bellowed from the front seat. "Better put a blindfold on her now, don't want her to see where she's gonna be staying."

The second thug did as he was told, totally covering Vanessa's eyes. She was unable to follow the path of the car with so many turns, but eventually she sensed they were driving into an underground car park.

After they got out of the car, she was led, still blindfolded into an elevator and they seemed to ride a long way up. She figured that wherever she was being taken, it was on one of the top floors of a high-rise building.

The two men led her from the elevator and they walked down a hallway. One of the thugs knocked on a door and, when it was silently opened, they pushed her along, removing the blindfold as she stumbled inside, hearing the door slam behind her. She blinked at the bright light, then scanned her surroundings to see that she appeared to be in a plushly furnished apartment with views over the entire city and beyond from the huge windows.

A man entered the vast living room, he was immaculately dressed, wearing an expensive suit, probably Italian designed, with crisp shirt and colourful tie. He looked to be in his late thirties, Vanessa's first impression was that he was quite handsome in a rugged sort of way. "So this would be the wife?" he checked with his number one henchman, one of the men who had brought her here.

"Yeah, this is Vanessa Wright, boss … good looking chick, don't you think?"

"As always, Carlos, you have fine judgement. She is indeed very good looking." The new arrival turned to face Vanessa directly, "One might even say beautiful. That sucker who owes me big money sure has good taste in a woman. Now honey, why can't he pay me my money?"

"You must be the bookie who called me yesterday?" The man nodded his agreement to Vanessa. "Well, as I told you yesterday, and as I told these two pieces of shit who brought me here, my husband has no money. I have no money, he has bled our savings dry. William is a sick man, sick with a gambling addiction. I have lived with this all my life and I have just about had enough of it. So I would suggest you let me go, because I can't do anything for you."

"Ah my sweet, but you can. You have now become my bargaining tool. Let's hope for your sake that he still values you highly, because if what you say is true and there is no money to pay me, then I want something to the value of $25,000. From where I'm standing, you look to be the best collateral he's got."

"What does that mean?"

"I'd say you might have a pretty fair idea of what that means, honey. Me and the boys here are gonna help ourselves to $25,000 worth of you."

"Are you talking sexual favours to that value?"

"Bingo, a light came on in her head. Did you see that light, boys?" he said sarcastically. "That's right, honey. If a guy welches on his debt to us, we can't just let him go scot-free. To make the point to all of our other customers, we have to collect something to the value of the debt. You could be here for a few weeks, paying off a sum that big."

"You have to be joking, there's no way I'd let you and your pair of thugs here have me."

"Hey babe, who said anything about letting us … we'll just be taking what's ours. Get used to the idea." He turned to his thugs, "Lock her in the second bedroom until her old man calls."

The two thugs stepped up from behind her and each grasped an arm firmly and pushed her away to one of the bedrooms. She was thrown onto a large queen size bed, her dress riding up again as she fell. This time, they ignored the tempting sight of her exposed thighs and quickly departed, locking the door.

Vanessa lay on the bed, contemplating her fate. Her mind whirled, what would William do when he got home and found the note. Would he ignore their threat and call in the police? She couldn't think of any way that he could raise that sort of money - and quickly. 'Are they serious, would they really use my body like I am a prostitute to recover their debt? If so, how can I cope with three men like this having me – and often?' Tears welled up in her eyes.

Chapter Five

There was a clock on the bedside table, two hours had gone by and it was now dusk over the city when the door was unlocked and one of the thugs appeared. He came over to the bed and placed a hand on her stockinged leg at about the knee. She tried to kick his hand free, but it hung on and slid upward over her stockings, progressing up her thighs until his hand passed over the elasticised black band and on to bare skin at the very top of her thigh.

The man stared down into her eyes, as if looking for a signal that she wasn't about to protest. But she was, "Get your filthy hand off my leg, you bastard."

His hand let her leg go and instead he reached out and tugged on her arm, half dragging her off the bed. She was pulled back into the living room where the bookie was standing over by the picture window, talking on the phone. "Ah, here she is now," she heard him say.

Vanessa assumed he must be talking to her husband. "If that's William, I want to talk to him," she told the bookie defiantly.

"All in good time, my pet," the bookie told her, using his hand as a signal to her to stay back away from the phone. She stood several feet from the bookie, listening as he returned to talking to her husband, "Now William, we have been very good to you, gave you good odds, extended you credit. But now, we seem to have a problem. Your wife says you can't pay us, you say you can't pay us … that's not good honest business dealings. Now I've sent out my debt collectors, they went through your house and frankly you don't have too much that I could use. So they've brought me back the most valuable thing of yours as collateral. So if you don't have the cash, we'll just have to take what you owe us in kind."

The bookie's voice became sterner, "Do you get my drift, William? Your beautiful wife is going to have to pay off your cash debt with her body. Now 25 grand is a pretty big sum of money. What do you think a fuck with your wife is worth? She's not a street hooker, they would want about $100 … $150, wouldn't you think? No, she looks far classier than that. Are you up on such matters, William? Perhaps not, your wife probably gives you all the sex you want. Is she any good in bed, William, is she a bit of a wildcat when she gets a man's cock up inside her … are me and my boys gonna enjoy having her?"

He paused, obviously listening to William responding in some way. Vanessa wished she could hear what her husband was telling the bookie. The bookie appeared to ignore whatever William had said in reply, "She would need some training to become a top level call girl who could get, what … say 5 grand a night. No William, she's somewhere in between. I'd say horny guys would pay about $400 for a solid hard-driving fuck with your wife … maybe a bit more if we got her to do something different. You know, like do her up the arse or piss on her." Vanessa cringed at his words.

"William, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do … in a few minutes, when I get off the phone from talking to you, you dip shit, I'm gonna take your wife to my bed and give her the best drilling she's ever had. Then I'll assess what that fuck was worth and I will take that off your bill. I've got a couple of my boys here – I guess you might call them bodyguards – big guys, you know, well hung. After I've had her, I'll let them each have a go at her and they can tell me what they reckon the fuck was worth. I'm a fair man, I'll take that off your bill too. Now William, we're gonna have to keep doing that every day until she's paid off your 25 grand. Do you get the message? What sort of a man are you to let your wife go through that … to pay off your bills for you because you're such a low-life creep that can't manage his own money?"

In spite of her fear at what she had just heard the bookie tell her husband he was going to do to her, Vanessa lashed out verbally. "That was harsh, you're a cruel bastard," Vanessa told him, anxious for what William's reaction might be. "Will you let me talk to him please?"

"I don't know if you'll get much sense out of him at the moment, sweetheart … he seems to have lost it, sounds like he's sobbing like a baby. Hey William, give me a call back when you stop crying. I'll hold off fucking your wife until I hear from you … just in case you decide to front up with the cash."

The bookie pressed the button to disconnect the call and threw the handset on a nearby couch. "Now, let's have a good look at what you got … take your dress off."

"Go to hell," she said defiantly, standing her ground a few feet in front of the bookie.

"Feisty bitch, aren't you? Carlos, help the lady remove her dress, will you?"

Vanessa felt movement behind her and the main thug stepped forward, taking a firm hold of one arm while his fingers fumbled at the zipper at the back of her neck. He yanked the zip all the way down to her waist and the dress fell forward, revealing her black bra holding her well proportioned breasts. Then she felt the man's hands pushing the dress over her hips and it fell to the floor in a pool around her feet.

For the second time today, she stood facing a man she hardly knew, clad only in her black underwear ensemble - bra, panties and stockings. Only this time was not as romantic as the earlier occasion … that magic time with Colin, the school principal, seemed so long ago now.

"Wow, good body for… what would you be? Forty maybe?"

"I'm 45," she answered proudly.

"You've certainly looked after yourself." The bookie stepped toward her, closing the gap so that he was now standing directly in front of her. She saw one of his hands drop down and she braced herself for his touch that she guessed would be somewhere low on her body and in an intimate place. It was, his fingers ran across the front of her panties, right at her pubis. "Umm, I thought I saw that, you've got a wet spot there. Is it the prospect of having all three of us that turns you on or is it simply from standing there in your underwear in front of three horny men that does it?"

"It's nothing like that," she said, trying to keep her voice steady.

His fingers slipped in to the front of the waistband of her black panties and pulled them out and away from her body so that he could peer down into her pubic region. "There's some white spots in your panties, that's a man's cum you've got in your panties, that's what the wet spot was. I'm guessing it's not your husband's, he was at work today. You little slut, are you having an affair?"

"No, I'm not!"

"If you've got some sugar daddy on the side, he might like to pay hubby's debt just to keep your cunt tight for him, stop it from being ravaged by my boys and me. What do you think, honey?"

"I'm not having an affair … I was with a man today, but it was a one time thing. I was paying off my son's school fees."

"So you're already accustomed to this, how long have you been putting out to pay off your hubbie's debts?"

"Today was the first time … please don't tell my husband, it would destroy him. I'll … err, I'll do what you want and I won't complain, if it has to be … although I would really prefer if you could wait. Let me go now so that I can help William get the money for you. He can't do it on his own."

The bookie let the waistband go and it snapped back against her belly. He walked around behind her, silently appraising her body from all angles. Carlos had to move back to give his boss room to fit behind her. "Isn't this a great arse, Carlos? Shit, I'm not gonna be able to hold you back, am I?" The bookie leaned forward from close behind her to whisper in Vanessa's ear, "Ever been fucked up the arse, sweetie, that's Carlos' favourite way, must be a bit of homo in him. Ah well, every man has his favourite holes in women. Personally honey, I can't wait to feel that sweet cunt of yours gripping my cock. I wish your husband would hurry up and call back."

Vanessa shivered as she listened to the man talk, not so much from standing half-naked in the living room with three male strangers, but from hearing him talk about how they were going to have sex with her. 'My God, I have a monogamous relationship with William for ten years … and in one day, I break out to try a new partner and look like ending up with three more. What have I done to deserve this treatment? William's the gambler, I just tried to make a home for us and Anthony.' She felt the tears forming in her eyes again.

She felt the bookie's fully clothed body press up against her back, his arms came around her and his hands grabbed a palm full of each breast. He tried to pull her back against his body, but she resisted, keeping herself very upright. Despite her resistance and the bra that still covered her breasts, his hands felt accomplished in the way that he massaged her breasts. A fear hit her that her body might respond to these men.

The shrill sound of the phone ringing brought a temporary stop. The bookie let Vanessa go and walked briskly to the phone, picking it up. "Ah William, so good to hear from you again, I was just getting to know your woman a little better … great tits man, can't wait to suck on those nipples. So, what have you got for me?"

Vanessa couldn't hear William's side of the conversation, so she had to wait for the bookie's answers to work out what was being said. "So you can't get your hands on that sort of money this quickly. William, I am a very understanding man … you know, you might be surprised, but I'm not exactly shattered by that news. Because I've convinced myself that we're gonna enjoy having at least a couple of days of fun with your little wifey here. The boys and I can work off some of your debt for you. Now I'm a generous man, so what say we make it $400 a straight fuck and $600 when she takes it up the arse. She ever done that for you, William?"

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