Psychological Payback Pt. 03

byThe Big Bopper©

"What do you want?" she asked, somewhat annoyed from having her sleep disturbed.

"You, of course, I want you now."

"Can't you wait? It's still the middle of the night."

"No, come on, get up … come into my bed. If you're still here when Carlos wakes up, he'll want to have you up the arse again. Surely you don't want that, do you?"

Through the haze of sleep at this early hour, she was still able to recall that the anal experience with Carlos was not as bad as she had anticipated. "I never expected to be saying this, but it wasn't that bad."

Nick was becoming annoyed that he wasn't hearing Vanessa say what he wanted to hear her say. "Yeah well, plenty of time for that when I'm away over the weekend. As for now, I am here to rescue you, give you some real sex … so get your sore arse out of that bed and come with me."

Wearily, she threw back the bed covers and slid her feet over onto the floor. She heard Carlos stirring behind her, "Where you goin' babe?"

"I'm sorry, Carlos, your boss wants me to go to his bed now."

Carlos addressed his reply to his boss, "Ah shit man, I wanted her again."

"Maybe later in the day, Carlos."

Carlos rolled over, now awake and addressing Vanessa, "You know where I want you again?"

"Yeah, I think that will be okay, so long as I'm not too sore."

"You okay with it?"

"Yes Carlos, strangely I am."

"Good girl, we can have some good times together."

"Well, you'll have to clear that with your boss, he looks to me to be calling the shots." Vanessa rose and silently followed Nick who had already returned to his room. She was completely naked and never even considered searching for her nightie or a gown. She felt her way through the darkness to one side of Nick's huge bed and without hesitation, climbed in under the covers. She immediately felt him reach out for her, his hand closing on a breast, his mouth moving to kiss her deeply.

"I couldn't sleep, I kept recalling that I had a nude woman in my apartment and I wanted you."

"I thought that you had decided to share me with your bodyguards. Is it really your turn again already? I think that Manny and his gigantic cock might have missed a turn … but that's okay with me … I won't miss that." Vanessa had gained so much confidence from the way that she had handled the men's sexual demands that she had become quite cheeky.

The hand that had been massaging her breast roamed down across her hips and dove indiscreetly in between the tops of her thighs, forcing her legs apart, his fingers immediately peeling up her clitoral hood, searching out the emerging bud. "I'm beginning to wish I hadn't promised you to them, it's been a while since I've had a woman as hot as you."

It amused Vanessa to be labelled hot by a man who carried his suave self-assurance with such confidence. "That's nice for a woman of my age and with such limited sexual experience to be called hot."

"Don't sell yourself short, Vanessa. You may not have had many bed partners over the years, but you obviously know what to do when a man comes near you."

"Nick, I'm not sure if you're calling me a slut, or not."

"Babe, you're no slut … you're a classy and very fuckable woman. Now let's stop wasting time yapping and get hot and heavy. How about you go down on me?"

Vanessa stole a peek down at his semi-hard cock and debated silently whether she felt like sucking this man's cock. She wasn't a big fan of giving blow jobs, fortunately William did not ask her to do it often. She baulked on seeing again that his cock was uncut and she recalled friends telling her that some men with uncircumcised cocks were not always scrupulously clean.

Nick had laid back when he told her of his preference … now he lifted his head to see why she was taking so long. "So what's happening?"

"Nothing!" she told him, preparing to explain her hesitation.

"I can see that, nothing happening is why I asked. Do you have something against giving head?"

Vanessa did not want to cause a scene, she particularly did not want to accuse him of not washing himself properly. She recalled how fastidious he was when undressing the first time he was with her and she guessed – more like hoped - that neat and tidy streak would extend to his washing habits.

"My mouth was a bit dry, I'm just trying to build up some saliva … to make it nice for you, Nick," she lied.

"You're very thoughtful," he told her, his head falling back to the pillow and Vanessa leaned forward to bring her mouth up to his almost erect cock. Her hand slid the foreskin back and she made an 'O' of her lips and placed them over his rounded tip. Already, a clear drop of pre-cum lubrication was oozing from his tip. Her tongue swiped at it, scooping it into her mouth.

Her fingers gently held his cock upright while her mouth moved around the shaft, licking here and there, but finally devoting her full attention to the underside just below the head.

"Unngghhh!" Nick grunted and she felt his hands reach for her hips, dragging her body around until he had positioned her pubis directly above his face, her legs bent and straddling his head.

Her succulent lips closed tightly around the head of his cock and sucked an inch or two of him into her wet mouth. He moaned again and then she felt Nick's fingers foraging around at her stretched labia lips. It was her turn to voice a sound of approval, "Oooh yesss!"

But Vanessa saved her most expressive sigh for when his hands on her arse cheeks pulled her abdomen down closer to Nick's face and she felt his tongue slickly licking along the inner edge of her labia. So began a classic well executed '69' with heaps of tongue action by Nick on Vanessa's budding clit, and by her on his rapidly stiffening cock, drawing more and more of his cock head and shaft into her mouth.

It was powerful and frenetic for both, each pursuing nothing less than a heaving, panting climax from the other. Nick won out, his proficiency at cunnilingus quickly bringing Vanessa to a gasping, shrieking, don't-hold-back orgasm, her thighs clamping Nick's head like it was in a vice.

For a moment or two, as a pulsing, throbbing finish ravaged her body, Vanessa temporarily lost the plot, forgetting to lick and suck on his cock. But as the waves of her own pleasure slowly washed away and she sensed the twitching of the hard firm cock that occupied most of the available space in her mouth, almost to her tonsils … Vanessa resumed.

With a steady strumming by her tongue along the underside of his shaft, coupled with powerful sucking slurps by her whole mouth, Vanessa knew that she would soon be further rewarded by an injection of his juices into her mouth and throat and digestive tract. She heard Nick's breathing become ragged, she felt his hand lightly holding the back of her head to ensure that she did not escape when the magic moment arrived. But best of all, she felt his cum erupt from the tip that she held so deeply inside her mouth. With jerking spasms, his cock delivered not once, but two, three, even four spurts of jism that slid on down her throat.

Neither cared to move, they were both so satisfied from their mutual finishes. Vanessa let her head rest on the top of one of Nick's thighs, his now deflating cock still laying against her cheek, a thin trail of his cum leaking down to her chin. Her belly rested on his chest, her legs still doubled up, her knees pressing against his ears while her wet pubis lay on his chin. They even dropped asleep that way.

In spite of their cramped position, it was 8.30am before Vanessa stirred. Her movements, disentangling her body from Nick's, brought him awake too. She moved so that she could look at his face and not his cock. He suggested that they go in to shower together before having breakfast. She happily agreed, her body feeling relaxed and contented after another orgasm had washed over her during their oral coupling.

The warm water felt good on Vanessa's body … Nick's soapy hands felt even better. Her own hands were busy and she soon had him aroused and stiff once more. He bent his knees and placed his hard-on under her body, between her spread thighs. She giggled happily as she felt his erection probing between her labia lips and then a gasp of surprise as it penetrated her body once more. His hands cupped her arse cheeks and Vanessa felt herself propelled upward as his legs straightened.

Her arms flew around Nick's neck to hold herself implanted on his hard cock and her legs wrapped around his body, locking her ankles behind his arse. "Ooh, this is exciting," she told him, "I've never done it standing up in the shower before."

Her arms and legs maintained their firm hold on Nick, leaving her responsible for remaining atop his shaft … it completely filled her clutching vagina. She could feel his soapy hands all over her back, then pushing the cake of soap down between her arse cheeks, his fingers lathering her up there too.

She thought that she heard the bathroom door open, not that she was bothered by that. To her surprise, privacy had ceased to be an issue with her. She had her eyes closed as Nick moved their joined bodies in and out of the shower spray. It was only when she heard Nick telling a third person, "Here, you'll need the soap," that Vanessa tried to turn around to see to whom he was talking.

Nick's mouth found hers and his passionate shower-soaked kiss quelled any interest she may have had in seeing who had joined them in the shower. She felt another set of hands using the soap again on her bottom … that person would find her arse already slippery and lathered up. Her arms and legs still clung to Nick as she felt his hands go back down to cup her arse cheeks. He seemed to be pulling at them, stretching her cheeks as wide as possible.

Then, Vanessa felt something hard, pushing in between her arse cheeks, the smooth head of it lodging against her tight anus. "What's that?" she sounded naive, surely she could guess by now. "What's going on?"

She broke away from Nick's kiss, managed to turn her head enough to see Carlos standing behind her in the shower … he was grinning at her. "Don't tell me you don't know what it is … it's time again, babe."

"No Carlos, not yet. Can't you see I'm busy with Nick? Come back later, we can do it then … there's no rush."

"No, I want to do it now, babe."

"But I'm already with Nick, honey … he's up inside me. I can't do it with both of you."

"Yes you can," Carlos told her.

Nick echoed his comment, "Sure you can, honey. You can have us both, right here, right now."

Vanessa turned back to look into Nick's eyes, "No honey, I'm with you now. I can only do it with one man at a time."

She felt hands on her hips, she guessed they belonged to Carlos. They seemed to be holding her body steady. She felt that hard cock-head that was lodged at her tiny anal opening applying discreet pressure, pushing inward.

"That's nonsense and you know it. Carlos and I use different holes."

"Nick, don't be so vulgar. I know where Carlos wants to put it … it's just that I can't have you both at once."

"Who says you can't?"

"I do, it's not right."

"It's perfectly okay for lots of couples, honey. Have you never heard of double teaming?"

"No I never have." Even as she answered, her head spun around again to address the Latin American man who by now had his cock-head exerting tremendous pressure against her tight sphincter. "Oh my God … no, it hurts … please stop, Carlos."

Vanessa squealed loudly as the head of Carlos' cock was swallowed up inside her tight anus.

"I'd say that request was a bit too late, Vanessa," Nick told her, tightening his hold under her arse cheeks as Carlos stretched his broad arms around both Vanessa and his boss.

"I don't believe this … we can't do it this way."

"Of course we can, honey. You're already doing it, you're a clever girl. Welcome to the art of double-teaming. It's not that rare, plenty of couples do it, just go with the flow, honey. Actually, you don't need to do anything more now, just hang on for the ride and accept two lots of cum when we're finished."

"Oh no, I can't do this," she moaned her protest one more time.

"Come on, get serious, honey. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just enjoy it."

Vanessa whimpered and moaned some more as Nick held her body steady atop his hard cock while Carlos steadily drove his erection deeper into her rectum, holding it there for a full minute or maybe two. Both of the men's rock hard cocks were in her respective passages, each all the way to the hilt. Vanessa felt so hopelessly overfilled with hard flesh that she thought her lower body might burst. Sex for her had never felt like this before.

The water from the shower tumbled down over the three of them as Vanessa relaxed her body, now realising that there was no way she would fall. She was squashed between two firm male bodies and her torso was suspended on the two hard cocks that were jammed inside her. The men had thoughtfully given her a few moments to adjust to this weird feeling, one that she had never previously experienced.

Then ever so slowly, she felt Carlos' cock easing out of her arse … but then not quite. Just the head of his hard cock remained lodged inside her, held tightly in place by her sphincter that clamped and seemed to pulse around him. She felt it pushing into her tender arse once more. But as it started back up inside her, she detected Nick's cock slowly withdrawing from her vagina. One was replacing the other high up inside her, although they were in different holes.

Vanessa let her body sag back against Carlos' hairy chest. At the same time, she was able to relax her arms that clung around Nick's neck, knowing that she was now suspended firmly between the two men. Not just held up by the two cocks lodged within her, but also secured between the six-pack bellies and firm muscular chests of the men.

A rhythm was now developing. As Nick would drive his hard cock up into her vagina, Carlos would be pulling his from her tight rectum. Her insides were being pushed and pulled in every direction. All that movement of her pubis was having a wonderful effect on her erecting clitoris that was responding well to the attention. She had a momentary fear that the ferocity of the in and out movements of the men's stiff erections might cause some lasting damage to her vital parts. But then the pulsing sensations beginning deep inside her groin seemed to assure her that everything seemed to be working normally.

'As normal as it could be with two men inside me at once,' thought Vanessa with a smirk of satisfaction as the pleasure rose within her. "Oh my God, Nick, I think I'm gonna cum," she whispered in his ear as he buried his face into her neck, his lips working at that magic erogenous spot in her neck.

He pulled his head up to tell her, "That's okay, honey, just let it cum." He nuzzled her neck a little more and then when he heard her breathing reaching a crescendo, he added, "Don't hold it back, there's probably more where that's coming from."

The men had increased their respective pace inside her tender body, pushing and pulling inside her with wonderful abandon. Vanessa was temporarily out of it, panting and moaning her climax as the throbbing waves of sensual pleasure washed over her. The waves seemed to ebb as they normally would on the downside of an emotional orgasm … only this time, to Vanessa's amazement, they suddenly peaked again under the frenzied activity in her pelvis.

Vanessa began to wonder if she would keep slipping from one orgasm to the next indefinitely until she heard Carlos' voice behind one ear, "Oh no, not yet … never so soon." That was followed by an extra strong push by Carlos with his cock wedging even tighter in her arse and holding there. She felt the heat of his wet discharge filling her arse from his now spasming cock, even while Nick's cock continued driving into her vagina unabated.

For a moment, Vanessa feared she might fall as she felt Carlos's body sag behind her. She threw her arms back around Nick's neck to hang on as he continued to pound her vital insides with his hard-on. Carlos managed to steady his trembling legs that had wavered for a moment under the sensations of his release inside the woman's tight arse.

It seemed that Nick managed to hang on to his control for about an extra minute, allowing Vanessa one further intense wave of pleasure through her lower body before she felt his hot blast too. His cum came surging from his tip, his sperm seeking out her vital but aging life-generating eggs.

Vanessa desperately hung on to Nick, now feeling his body shaking too as he attempted to hold her up while his legs trembled under their combined weights and through his release. All this time, the water tumbled down over the three of them.

Carlos' cock had halved in thickness and he was able to extricate it from her arse in spite of her sphincter seeking to hold him inside her. She unhooked her ankles from around Nick's arse and lowered them carefully to the floor of the shower stall. At her age, she felt stiffness everywhere, all of her muscles complaining from the prolonged cramped position that she had been taken in.

Nick had bent his knees to lower her to the floor and she almost felt sad at the separation as she felt his cock slipping from her vagina. As both men pulled their bodies away from hers, Vanessa reached out with both hands to steady herself against the shower walls, her legs trembling and weak. For a moment, she had eased out of the flow of the shower water. Without water cascading down over her body, she felt the rush of male cum – some of it mixed with her own vaginal juices - pouring from both holes, the openings gaping still from the pounding they had received from these two virile younger men.

"Are you okay?" asked Nick, a look of concern on his face as he watched Vanessa's fingers tenderly checking the sensitive openings of her body.

"Yes, I think so. God, that was quite a workout! I never knew that was possible … I mean, two men inside me at once. I didn't think I was that ignorant about sex, but I was mistaken."

"You're a strong woman, I figured you could take it."

"So you and Carlos planned it, did you?"

Nick looked quite sheepish, "Well, sort of…"

She gave him a smile, "That's okay, it was sort of exciting, in a weird kind of way. I don't know if I could do it too often." She winced as her fingers tested her anal opening, "Ooh, I'm gonna be sore back there for awhile."

Nick picked up the soap, "Here, you might need to wash all over again."

"I think you're right," she said, taking the soap from him and applying it to her genitals.

Nick stepped out of the shower, leaving Vanessa to finish off alone.

Chapter Eight

After her very long shower, Vanessa dried off and dressed, putting on some shapeless trackie pants and top, not wanting to appeal sexually to the three guys for a while. She figured that she needed some time for her body to recover. After the solid workout overnight, both her vaginal entrance and her anal ring were tender to the touch, even downright sore without even touching. So were her large nipples that had enjoyed quite a sucking.

She joined the guys at about 9.30am and Nick offered her breakfast. "Honey, I've got to go out of town for a few days. I have to tell you that I'm actually gonna miss having your body there at the ready, but I've got a good chance to get a couple of new clients … high rollers that can bring me a lot of bucks. Carlos will be coming with me as my protection, just in case. But you'll be safe here with Manny."

Vanessa looked over at Manny and saw more than his face … her immediate recall was of that monster cock that he had stuffed inside her early yesterday evening. Nick must have read her mind, maybe her face blanched at the thought of Manny shoving it in her again unrestricted for a few days without Nick around to protect her.

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