Psychological Payback Pt. 03

byThe Big Bopper©

"You don't need to worry, I've told Manny not to touch you until I get back. I'll be back home Saturday morning. You will probably need that long for your body to recover after the workout we've given you since last night. Then, over the weekend, I can promise you, you're gonna get quite a workout again. Your husband still owes us big time and we're intent on collecting what he owes from you."

"Do you know how much the debt has gone down by me doing what I did with you guys overnight?" Vanessa even surprised herself by how comfortable she was talking about her prostituting herself to begin to erase William's debt.

"Ah, no … I haven't actually worked it out. Let me think, 500 each for Manny and me and 750 for Carlos because you took him up the arse. Then there was this morning, early … another 500 for me and then both of us together in the shower. Shit, that's got to be worth a grand probably … two cocks in you at once. Hey, that was good fun. So what are we up to?

"I work it out at $3,250," surprising herself at how coolly calculating she was being.

"Yeah, that sounds good, so your dead shit husband now only owes me $21,750. So do you think you'll be able to cope with fucking your way through the whole 25 grand."

She lowered her voice, not wanting Carlos or Manny to hear, "If it was only with you, Nick, I am sure I could. But I don't know if I could take Manny's monster cock or even Carlos putting it in my arse for several weeks."

"Yeah, you're right, it could be weeks. Hey, that's good, I could get to enjoy this."

"Don't you have a regular woman?"

"No, I haven't for about a year. Used to shag myself silly, decided I needed to cut back on it if I was gonna concentrate on making money."

"How can a handsome virile young man like yourself go for a year without it?"

"I didn't say that I hadn't had a good fuck in a year, I just said I didn't have a relationship with a woman."

"Don't you miss being able to cuddle up with a woman every night?"

"Where is this going … don't you go getting all romantic on me now, Vanessa."

She realised that Nick could have interpreted it that way. She wondered why she was quizzing him about his sex life and his relationships. This was so unlike her. She had previously taken so long to get to know a man before having sex with him. Of course, there had only been William for the past ten years. She was embarrassed to concede that she had only known Colin, the school principal, for a few weeks before going to bed with him. But then she justified that decision by needing to reward Colin for his generous financial gesture on the school fees.

Now here she was, having sex with three men that she had only known for mere hours. But she could justify these too because they had forced her to have sex with them as payment for her stupid husband's gambling debt. But just how much was she forced? Vanessa had to concede that none of the men had twisted her arms or physically assaulted her. No, they had simply told her that she was to give herself to them sexually … and she did so willingly. Stood up and walked into the bedroom each time. 'Was it too willingly,' she worried.

Vanessa wondered why she was so calm about having multiple sex sessions with these men, it was so out of character for her. And this weird fascination she was experiencing, of being with men who were criminals and who maybe even inflicted pain and suffering on people that did the wrong thing by them.

Her whole world was spinning out of control. She missed her son terribly, but as for William, she did not miss him at all. She should feel shame at that admission, but Vanessa had thought a lot about her marriage while these three men penetrated her body. She had concluded that William's time was up. For him to have left his wife so vulnerable … he had put her in this inescapable predicament over yet another gambling debt that he hadn't even admitted to her until it was too late. She had exhausted all sympathy and love for this man, William had used her more shamefully than Nick and Carlos and Manny had with their bodies.

Vanessa reflected that her sexual adventure with these men had been exciting and refreshing in what had become a dull married life. She doubted that she would be able to return to William as if nothing had happened when this adventure was over? She could only go back for the sake of their son, but she knew that William could never be a role model for Anthony and she needed to get him away from the bad influences of his father.

What about Colin … he was now single. Could she consider taking her son and moving in with Colin? She seemed to recall that she had enjoyed her day in Colin's bed, she had orgasmed with him … but just as she had feared when Nick, Carlos and Manny began inserting their cocks into her, the memories of Colin's lovemaking had faded fast. So would she in fact be happy and content sexually with Colin instead of William? Unfortunately, she couldn't answer that because the memories of Nick, Carlos and Manny fucking her had overridden every other recollection of the past few days.

Nick and Carlos packed their bags and Nick came over, leaned down and gave Vanessa a lingering kiss. "I'll be back Saturday morning, you and I are going to spend the whole weekend in bed, really getting to know each other's bodies. You're a good woman, Vanessa."

"Thank you," she said, giving him a warm smile.

"Don't you worry about Manny, I told him to leave you alone, give your body a chance to heal. But he does need to be here to make sure you don't leave … you are still kidnapped."

"Can I call home, I'm worried about what this is doing to my son … and how much William has told him?"

"Yeah, I guess so, that should be all right." He raised his voice so that Manny could hear him across the room, "Hey Manny, let her call home if she wants to, okay."

After Nick and Carlos left the apartment, Vanessa eyed off Manny nervously, wondering how disciplined he was. 'I wonder if he will respect what he's been told by Nick and not come near me for the next few days. Will that be hard for him?'

It was a Wednesday morning and she picked up the phone. She contemplated calling work to explain that she wouldn't be in tomorrow (Thursday). In fact, the way it now looked, she would miss her Mondays and Thursdays at work for perhaps the next two weeks. Instead, she called William first, to find out how many people knew about her predicament, and what they knew. She called him at work.

"William Wright," her husband answered the phone extension brusquely.

"William, it's Vanessa," she said softly into the phone, not wanting Manny to hear her conversation.

His interest level rose immediately, "Vanessa darling, how are you, what's happening?"

"I'm okay…" she said, shifting in the lounge chair, the move bringing a twinge of soreness in both of her essential pelvic region openings. "…well sort of!"

"What do you mean, what have they done to you, I'll kill them if they've hurt you, darling."

"They did everything that they told you they would do to me last night … they didn't hold back."

"Oh my God no, I thought they were only bluffing."

"William, these are serious criminals, they're not into bluffing. They've obviously been chasing you for the 25 thousand for a while now. You're such a wimp that you just ignored them, thought they couldn't hurt you. Well, they're smart enough to know by getting to me, they can hurt you more."

"What did they do to you?"

"Do you really want me to describe it, man by man, entry by entry? Let's just say it was all night long."

"How many did you have to go with?"

"Three, William … does the number really matter? One would have been bad enough."

"Did you have to let one of them … err, you know?"

"What, William? What are you trying to ask?"

"On the phone last night, Nick said that one of his men only ever did it with women in their arse. Did you have to let him do that?"

"Yes I did, William … I lay there and let him do it in my arse, all because of you, William … putting me in this predicament."

"You've never had anal sex before, have you? I mean, even before we met, I don't think you ever did it with any of your previous boyfriends."

"You're right, William, I never did … until now!"

"Did it hurt, Vanessa?"

"It's sore, but I'll live … actually he's done it in my arse twice now."

"Vanessa, what can I say … I am so sorry for getting you involved in this. So what's happening now, are they gonna let you come home?"

"William, you are in some kind of fairy land. These guys didn't take such a huge risk kidnapping me, only to let me go with a pat on my sore arse. They are in this for the long haul, until they recover their 25 grand."

"Are they expecting you to stay until it's all paid off?"

"What are you on, William … I was sitting here listening to Nick tell you that last night. We just worked out how much my body has worked off so far, in just over 12 hours. Your debt is down to just over 21 thousand. That's a long way to go, William … I could be here for weeks."

"Are they going to give you a break anytime … or do they just keep coming at you, hour after hour, day after day … like a gang bang?"

"No, I've got a break for a few days now, which is just as well because both my vagina and my arse are very sore. Nick's gone away for a few days and taken one of his bodyguards with him. But they left the other bodyguard here to make sure I don't escape before Nick gets back."

"Are you gonna be expected to let him have sex with you while Nick's gone?"

"No, Nick told him to leave me alone while he's gone, hopefully he does what his boss tells him." Vanessa turned around to see if Manny was listening to her phone call with her husband. He appeared not to be, she lowered her voice, "William, this guy has the biggest cock I've ever seen. Honestly William, it's about three times the thickness of yours, without a doubt … and longer too."

"Did you get all of him inside you, Vanessa?"

"With great difficulty, William … I hope I don't have to have him too many more times." She wondered why she had bothered to tell her husband about Manny's huge cock, 'Was it some way of making William sweat more for putting her in this position.' She thought that might be a possibility.

"I've been trying all morning to get the money, I can't get it from anyone."

"I am not surprised, William … you are so far gone that if there was anyone who still trusted you, you'd have hit 'em up for funds before this just to have another bet."

"This is going to cure me, Vanessa … I'm finished with gambling. I couldn't spend another dollar, knowing what I've got you into."

"It may already be too late for us, William. While I've been lying here having these men pummelling their cocks into me, I'm doing a lot of thinking. I don't think I can stay with you any longer … I just can't take your gambling with our money any more."

"Don't say that, darling … it will be okay, I promise."

"Oh you reckon. After they've used my body for another $21,000 worth, everything will be just peachy when they let me come home to you. William, I'll be damaged goods by then. With whatever number of fucks it will take to erase your $25,000 of debt, you wouldn't want me back even if I could stand being around you any longer."

"Oh darling, don't say that, we'll work on it, okay."

"No, not okay. Listen anyway, it's not all about you, William. How is Anthony coping without me, what does he know, what did you tell him?"

"I haven't told him where you are … I just said that there was a medical emergency with some of your interstate relatives and you had to go to them."

"Do you think he bought it, William?"

"Yeah, he seemed to … don't forget he's only eight."

"That's good, I gotta go, William … I'll try to call again."

She didn't really have to go … Manny was preoccupied playing computer games and Vanessa had nothing else to do for the rest of the day. It's just that she didn't have anything meaningful to say to her husband despite all she had just been through on his behalf.

The day dragged on, Vanessa watched some TV, had an afternoon sleep to try to catch up after being awake with Nick and Carlos for a good part of the night. When she adjourned to have that nap in the second bedroom, she worried that Manny may come in while she was sleeping. The prospect of Manny and his massive cock ran through her mind, keeping her awake. She could picture it just like she was looking at it live all over again. She recalled how proud the man seemed to be of his trophy cock.

That evening, Vanessa went into the kitchen and cooked dinner for Manny and her. He seemed to appreciate her gesture. She was sure that if she hadn't cooked, Manny would have called up to order takeaway for them both. She thought that she had done a good thing by serving him a nutritional meal. He was nice and polite to her, but he was generally a man of few words.

She was pleased that Manny was respecting her in accordance with his boss Nick's final instructions. He had not come near her other than to sit at the table to eat dinner. She went to bed around nine, again she had this nagging fear that Manny might come to her bed through the night. But he didn't! What was worse was that it took her over an hour to get to sleep. Despite her professed dislike of Manny's cock, she lay awake with visions of its erect size playing across her mind. She had a vivid memory of how it had first looked when Manny unveiled it for her from across the bed only 24 hours ago.

'Why am I thinking about his gigantic cock, for God's sake, it's not like I want to go through that again? My time with Manny was the least desirable of the three men,' thought Vanessa. She kept trying to remind herself how uncomfortable it had felt having him wedged up inside her compact body. She recalled too that she had not been able to orgasm with him. But was she harbouring some secret desire to have him again? At last, sleep came, but it was fitful.

Thursday dawned and she faced the prospect of another long drawn out day with little or no conversation from Manny. The day dragged on … again an afternoon nap to catch up on sleep she couldn't get when she was tossing and turning the night before. She cooked dinner again.

To bed again about nine and once more, her thoughts were plagued by visions of Manny's cock. Some times she just thought of it hanging there, allegedly limp, although his limp cock was bigger than any erect one she had ever seen. Other times, it had solidified to erection, not much longer, but decidedly thicker. As a curious thought, she wondered what it would weigh on its own … but then tried to rub that thought from her mind.

Vanessa began to wonder whether all of the thoughts of Manny's cock were just an indication that she was horny. She let her fingers roam down to her pubis. The entrance to her vagina was not as sore now, but somehow she couldn't get any action going with her clitoris. 'But why would I be horny,' puzzled Vanessa. 'On Tuesday, I had Colin through the day, Nick, Manny and Carlos progressively through the night, and then Nick and Carlos together on Wednesday morning. Good God, that's more sex in 24 hours than I've had in six months.'

"Oh shit, don't tell me I'm developing a need for it … becoming a … what do they call it … a nymphomaniac." She had said these words aloud and she surprised herself with the sound of her own voice as she lay in the dark in bed. 'Oh God no, I hope Manny didn't hear that, what if he's listening at the door?'

Again, it was another fitful night of sleep for Vanessa. When she woke Friday morning, she thought back on her reflections in bed last night and worried that she was becoming obsessed with Manny and his humungous cock. Nick would not be back until tomorrow – Saturday. She amazed herself at how keen she was to have him on top of her again, pumping his hard driving cock into her. 'What is happening to me?' she thought, 'I'm becoming sex crazed.'

But that was at least 24 hours away. First, she had to get through another long day cooped up in this apartment with the non-communicative Manny. She was running out of clean clothes, she would have to wash some soon. She rummaged through her bag and found Nick's bodyguards had packed her tightest pair of shorts, she never wore them any more. 'Hmm! Must be what they thought they'd like to see me in,' she thought as she drew them up her legs and just managed to get the button to close at the waist. The tight shorts emphasised the curve of her arse. She added a halter-top but went bra-less because all of her bras needed washing.

Will Vanessa be expected to continue to accept the three men until the $25,000 has been covered?

To be continued...

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