tagLoving WivesPsychological Payback Pt. 04

Psychological Payback Pt. 04

byThe Big Bopper©

Vanessa had been kidnapped Tuesday afternoon when she returned home after taking a lover for the first time. Nick the bookie and his bodyguards, Carlos and Manny, are holding her hostage to pay off her husband William's gambling debts. They are expecting her to give them sex on demand and already she has wiped out $3,250 of the $25,000 debt, based on supposed call girl rates.

Nick and Carlos are away on business and Vanessa has been left in the care of the over endowed Manny, who has been told to leave her alone so her vagina and anus can recover from the initial sex feast.

Again, it was another fitful night of sleep for Vanessa. When she woke Friday morning, she thought back on her reflections in bed last night and worried that she was becoming obsessed with Manny and his humungous cock. Nick would not be back until tomorrow – Saturday. She couldn't believe how eager she was to have him on top of her again, pumping his hard driving cock into her. 'What is happening to me?' she thought.

But that was at least 24 hours away. First, she had to get through another long day cooped up in this apartment with the non-communicative Manny. She was running out of clean clothes, she would have to wash some soon. She rummaged through her bag and found Nick's bodyguards had packed her tightest pair of shorts … she never wore them anymore. 'Hmm! Must be what they thought they'd like to see me in,' she thought as she drew them up her legs and just managed to get the button to close at the waist. She added a halter-top but went bra-less because all of her bras needed washing.

She stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. "I don't scrub up too badly for an old girl," she declared and went out into the living room to face the day.

Manny muttered his usual and abrupt "Good morning" but this time she saw him do a double take when he saw what she was wearing.

'Maybe he was the one that packed my clothes,' she mused as she prepared herself some breakfast, then took it across to the table and flopped down to next to the bodyguard. "So what are we doing today, Manny?"

"Same as yesterday … and the day before," he muttered.

"God Manny, that's so boring. Can't we liven things up a bit?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know, play some games or something."

"What sort of games," asked Manny, seeming to show some interest.

"I don't know, card games or something … do you know any?" She gave him a cheeky smile, "Other than strip poker, of course."

"Never played that, how does it work?"

Vanessa was hesitant, she was moving into dangerous territory. Why was she taking this conversation there? Nevertheless, despite seeing the warning light in her head, she pressed on, "Just like normal poker, only you bet with items of clothing. When a player loses, they take off an item of clothing." She looked down at herself, again drawing his eyes to her body. "Probably not a good idea for me, I'm only wearing shorts, panties and this top. I would only last three hands and then I'd be naked."

She looked up to see his eyes staring at her breasts through the halter-top. After all, she had just told him the items of clothing she was wearing, and that didn't include a bra. She thought that he was probably imagining her naked after telling him that's how she would be after only three losing hands. 'My God, what am I doing?' she silently questioned herself. 'Am I that sexually frustrated that I would risk having another go with that cock of his. Good God woman, remember that you didn't want him ever again.'

She had to break the spell, she was teasing this man when his boss had told him that she was off limits while he was away. How strong would be his resolve, how scared would he be of Nick's wrath if he took her again when he'd been explicitly told not to. She scooped up her empty breakfast dish and retreated to the kitchen. She could feel Manny's eyes burning into her arse as she walked away from him in the tight shorts. She tried to stop her arse from wiggling from side to side as she walked, but she knew that was impossible … that was just how a woman was built.

"I found some cards," Manny called out to her as she cleaned up in the kitchen.

"Err, sorry Manny, that's not such a great idea now … maybe a bit later. I've got to clear up these dishes from last night's meal and then I have to do some washing."

She anxiously waited, hoping that he would accept her excuse, then she heard a mumbled "Okay!" and she breathed a sigh of relief.

'What am I?' she thought, 'I'm turning into what men call a prick teaser.'

Vanessa kept out of Manny's way all morning. About noon, the main phone rang. Vanessa looked around expectantly for Manny to answer it, but he was nowhere to be seen. "Manny, are you gonna get that?" she called out. His reply from behind the closed bathroom door told her that he was busy. She picked it up.

She recognised Nick's voice down the phone line, "What the fuck are you doing answering my phone?"

"Manny was busy," hurt at the anger in his voice directed at her. "I'm just helping out."

"What do you mean busy, where is the shit?"

"Probably having one, Nick … he's in the bathroom with the door closed."

"So you could just get up and walk out, he's supposed to be guarding you."

"Nick, don't you trust me by now? I am not about to try to escape. I respect that my husband owes you a lot of money. I don't like that I am now responsible for re-paying it, but I have to live with that. So what do you want?"

"I was just about to tell you both that Carlos and I will be delayed here."

"Oh no, Nick, so when are you getting back now?"

"Late tomorrow night instead of in the morning … that's all. Why are you so upset?"

"Nick, I am going up the wall here, I am so bored. I am being kept here so that you can use my body to reduce my husband's debt. I want to do that as soon as possible, so the quicker you get back, the quicker we can do it a lot more times."

"Wow, you have become the little sexpot, haven't you?"

"I do want to get it over with, and I'm not so fussed about having Carlos and Manny, but I do have to admit that I like the way you do it to me, so this coming week won't be too hard for me to take.."

"Good girl! Heck, I'm sorry I'm gonna be delayed now. Keep it warm for me, babe."

"It's hot already, Nick … try to get home sooner, eh."

"Yeah, I'll try," he told her, but not very convincingly. "Now go drag Manny out of the bathroom, I need to talk to him now."

Vanessa went up to the bathroom door and knocked, telling Manny through the door, "Nick's on the phone, he wants to talk to you now."

Manny hustled out and rushed across to answer the phone. Vanessa watched him idly as he talked to his boss on the phone. She looked at the bulge of his cock down his trouser leg, wondering if it was flaccid or erect. It was hard to tell with him, there wasn't that much difference. Vanessa thought that he would never be able to wear shorts or a swimming costume, his cock would slip out the bottom.

Vanessa made herself scarce by the time that Manny was off the phone. She drifted away into Nick's room, annoyed that she would have to spend another long day tomorrow (Saturday) before getting to reunite with Nick. She went through his clothes draw, taking out a pair of jocks and holding it up under her nose, trying to breathe in his masculine aroma. The jocks were clean so she went through his laundry hamper looking for a soiled pair. 'That's better,' she thought as she inhaled his musky male aroma.

She lay down on his bed, unsure if she wanted to sleep or masturbate. She loosened the tight shorts and her fingers foraged around inside her panties. But once again, the relief she sought would be denied. She tossed and turned for an hour or two without sleep.

About 4pm, her newfound carnal desire was raging within her body. She was again having visions of Manny's huge cock. She told herself that she would rather be picturing Nick's cock, but his was not available until tomorrow night. The taboo cock was just on the other side of that door.

Unable to deny herself any longer, at 5pm on Friday afternoon, Vanessa kicked off the too tight shorts and left Nick's room in only the halter-top and her panties that revealed a big wet spot in front. Manny was slumped on the lounge, watching sports on TV. She walked right up and stood in front of him, watching his eyes switch from the TV that she now obscured to staring at her panties and that wet spot.

"Manny, I don't really know how to play Poker, so let's just skip the first part and consider that I've already lost the first hand. My shorts are gone and I'm about to lose the second hand. Which will it be next, this top or my panties?" She ran a hand down and stroked two fingers across the wet spot, stunned that she could be so sexually blatant, but her raging need for sex was now out of control.

"What are you doing?" asked Manny, looking stunned.

"I am going up the wall in this apartment. I am bored stiff. I have been brought here to have sex with three men to pay off my husband's debts, so what are we waiting for?"

"No way, Nick told me to stay away from you until he gets back … besides, you were scared of my cock a few nights ago."

"That fear is gone now, Manny. I just need to feel a man inside me. Trouble is, if it's like last time, I probably won't cum with you, so do you do oral? Could you lick me first please, so I can get rid of this itch." She rubbed her fingers again provocatively, this time tracing the line of her pubic slit.

"I don't know, maybe I should call Nick to see if it's alright. I don't want to get into trouble."

"Believe me, Manny, you'll be in worse trouble if you don't get that friggin' cock of yours out – and quick."

His eyes darted around nervously. She could see how much control Nick had over him. Despite his arousal, he might still not help her. She pressed again, "I won't tell, Nick … this is just between you and me, Manny," she told him as she scooped the halter-top up off her body, exposing those pert bare breasts. His gaze switched from her panties to her now naked breasts. It looked like she was getting to him.

She was amazed at how sexually driven she had become. Quite brazenly for this previously demure married woman, she lifted her other hand and tweaked a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, emitting a cheeky little squeal when she felt it pinch. Vanessa saw Manny's hand drop and he adjusted the huge bulge in his trousers, obviously trying to make his enlarging hard-on more comfortable in its confinement. She decided that this was looking promising.

"Only you and me will know what happens here now," she reiterated to Manny, sensing that his resolve was weakening. "Manny, I won't lie to you. I know I was scared of it the other night … I'll probably be scared of it again when you take it out. But I won't stop you until you've cum. You do want to cum, don't you?"

His mouth was open now, his eyes ogling Vanessa's firm breasts. "If I let you inside me, Manny, promise me that you'll lick me till I cum first. I so need to cum, Manny. That's why I'm being so forward with you. If you knew me, you'd know this is so unlike me. I've never begged a man for sex before, but I just have this craving and I can't stop it."

He stood up so that he was right in front of her and she knew that she was going to get what she wanted as soon as he put his hands in the waist of his trackie pants and shucked them down. He was bare below the waist and there it was, that dreaded thick 12-inch monster. She recalled from her experience with him on Tuesday night that it was hard to determine whether it was erect or not, because the difference was only thickness, not length. As she stepped back and looked down assessing it, she determined that he was erect, seeing that it had now pushed outward away from between his thighs.

She reached a hand out to touch him and stroked down the topside of his solid shaft, "Where do you want to do it?"

"I don't care," he told her.

"We'll be more comfortable in bed," she said, reaching out for his hand and leading him toward the second bedroom. She would not have him in Nick's bed. As she went through the doorway, shutting out the bright lights of the sun-drenched living room, Vanessa experienced a moment of dread where she hesitated, puzzled at how her sexual needs had driven her to this.

She had reached the side of the bed and she turned to face him, only to see him removing his tee shirt. She admired those muscular arms, the abs, the six pack chest and then her eyes drifted downward and she again marvelled at how one man could be blessed – or was it burdened – with so much cock. 'I can't believe I'm responding to beefcake. Whatever happened to my ideal man having a good sense of humour and an intelligent, inquiring mind?' This man had neither, but he did have what she needed at this very moment.

Vanessa pushed her panties down over her hips, her thighs and let them fall to her feet. She was now as naked as he. She sat down on the bed and then lay down, her nudity exposed to Manny's gaze. "Remember the deal, you have to suck me first … please."

His knees came onto the bed and he shuffled into position between her wantonly spread thighs, all of her moist pinkish inner linings spread wide in front of his lowering head. She anxiously watched his face approaching and pondered, 'God, I hope he's good at it. What if he's a dud and he can't get me off, what will I do then? I have to cum.'

But Manny wasn't a dud. Vanessa almost lifted clear off the bed when his wet tongue stretched out and painted a sloppy wet swipe all along her parted labia from the vagina entrance to her all important clitoris. "Yes!" she moaned with enthusiasm and she grasped handfuls of his hair and pulled his head in tight to her pubic mound, almost suffocating him.

Yes, Manny was good. Everything about this man was big and his tongue seemed as out of proportion as his cock did. It could have been the best oral Vanessa had ever had, she wasn't that experienced to be able to tell. She just knew that Manny's tongue was very good and he delivered the most powerful orgasm to her body. She had needed this release badly … but now Vanessa felt more than satisfied. She thought that she might even ask him to do it again later. But the moment of truth had arrived. His large body loomed up above her and her vision seemed to be dominated by that thick man muscle that hung down between his thighs. She stared at it in awe, unconvinced that all of could disappear inside her despite already having done it once.

There was no doubt that she was wet enough, his tongue had seen to that. She pulled her own thighs back tightly, pressing her knees down till they touched her breasts, her mound now spread open as widely and lewdly as she could get it. She felt him touch the round bulbous head of his cock at her tight vaginal opening and she flinched in fright.

"This is my turn now," he told her, giving her a strange look, almost as if he didn't trust her and expected resistance now. But she was not about to try to talk him out of it … Manny had kept his side of the deal, having delivered a wonderful release to her body. She was intent on ensuring that she would not renege on this deal, no matter how uncomfortable this experience might become for her.

"Go for it," she told him, attempting to sound confident, but all the while bracing herself for the bludgeoning she anticipated when he forced his thick cock into the narrow confines of her vagina. She felt his thick head push again at her tiny opening … he saw her face scrunch up in fear and she knew that he saw it. She felt the need to reassure him, "It's okay, Manny, I know I can do this. You just do what comes naturally to you and I'll do my best to keep up."

"Thanks," he said and he looked down between their bodies, saw her fingers readjusting his mammoth size, trying to spread her lower lips enough to fit around his bulbous cock-head … saw that she was helping make this happen.

"Okay, try now," she told him, seeming to be more compliant this time than she had been on Tuesday night. He pushed firmly again and his whole cock-head was sucked into the opening of her vagina. She gasped out loud, marvelling at its incredible girth … and she watched the look of exquisite pleasure register across his face as her wet velvety lining grasped his cock-head and hung on to it. Although he felt massive inside her and its size scared her for how it could rearrange her internally, she liked the power of him, liked that his cock was about to dominate her submissive body.

He leaned down and kissed her quite passionately and she appreciated a seemingly romantic gesture from a man with few social skills … one that she assumed would prefer wham bam – thank you mam. As he pushed in some more of his shaft, claiming territory within her inch by inch, she wondered if he had ever used this cock as a weapon. Had he raped any women who would not agree to sex on his terms?

Vanessa's thought pattern puzzled her these days. How had she gone from being a demure suburban wife to an aroused sexually aware woman constantly thinking about these men who were on the wrong side of the law … and their sexual tools? Now she was even dwelling on thoughts of this man, who was pushing his thick hard cock into her body, and whether he had been a sexual predator with other women. Surely she did not want him to exert such sexual aggression against her.

Vanessa shuffled her arse around on the bed trying to get more comfortable as Manny pushed more and more of his solid core into her body. She felt that she needed to manoeuvre her body into a comfortable position for when his hard driving thrusts began. She recalled from her experience with him the other night that she would be flattened into the mattress, her lower body and pelvic region expected to withstand the weight and power of his hard thrusts as he strove to bury all of his 12 inches into her again and again.

She felt his hard cock bottom out, pushing against her uterus with its tip. He was fully in and she felt so utterly stuffed inside with his thickness and his length. She brought her hands up to wrap around his back … as a sign to him that she was ready and willing for the action to start. Manny took the cue from her and began withdrawing slowly until only the tip was held by her clutching vaginal lips … only to pause before driving it home again in one long unending powerful thrust. As he seated it home again inside her, she could not hold back a whimper then a long sigh.

Manny fucked her hard … and he fucked her long. Recollecting her first experience with him, Vanessa did not expect any specific pleasure for her. This was his repayment for relieving that needy sexual itch in her that his tongue had accomplished so well. She couldn't tell if she was better prepared for him today or if having already had him once had made her more receptive, but part way through his long long fuck, she began to feel a tingle from deep within her lower body. 'It can't be,' she told herself.

But sure enough, gradually the tingle became a gentle pulsing and Vanessa hooked her legs up over his, attempting to increase the stimulation that his cock was delivering to her erogenous zones. She began to make little purring sounds on each thrust, "Ummm! Ummm!" to let him know how she was feeling. Her fingers started to move on his back, her fingernails scratching his smooth tanned skin.

"You liking this?" he asked her, actually smiling as he looked down from above her.

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